Deal Alert! shu uemura 15% Off Fall Five Day Event

shu uemura 15% off Fall Five Day Event
shu uemura 15% off Fall Five Day Event

shu uemura is kicking off their Fall Five Day Event where you can get 15% off PLUS free shipping on all orders with code TEMPTALIA, now through 8/17. It’s even good for Canadian readers!

If you’re looking for product recommendations, you can check out some of my favorites from last year’s Editor’s Choice Awards. I’m a big fan of their Cleansing Oils (review from 2013) (I bought Ultim8 last sale, actually), and their Eyelash Curler. Β Any suggestions for products to try?Β I’d love to hear ’em.


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Lotus Avatar

Hey! πŸ™‚ So how did you think Ultim8 compared? I think it’s the only all natural sans mineral oil one which was why I went with it but I’m so bummed now. Not because of the oil but because acne decided to show up and I’m doing the with Paula’s choice and some oil in places but it’s flaked and BURNING. I’m terrified!!!!!!! I’ve NEVER been through this! La Roche Posay Cicaplast baume and all!! Please, any experienced in this, I beg kindly for your help. Thank you.

Christine Avatar

I like it! It’s just as effective. I think it may be a little thicker than some of the other formulations.

Oh no! Is it possible to see a doctor or derm? Even primary care might be able to help (and is often cheaper than a derm, depending on what coverage you have).

Lotus Avatar

I like it too. πŸ™‚ The green sample totally irritated me! πŸ™

Lol, doctors. Seriously? They do more harm than help, in my area and experience, so I’m molting. Haha. I’m touched you care though. πŸ™‚ I’m not leaving the house either. It’s just.. It’s just wrong. I’m pretty shrewd so I feel as if I’ll make it well on my own but I’m silently screaming in desperation. :O

Jamie Avatar

I tried the system for a while and ended up with horribly dry skin that flaked, the worst that I’ve ever seen, and my skin works well with benzoyl peroxide. So what I ended up doing is just using the treatment (benzoyl peroxide). I only use it at night and I don’t follow the given instructions. After washing my face I apply a face cream (my personal favorite is Origin’s Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom Skin Relief, but any cream you like will do) and then as soon as I rub that in I apply a vey thin layer of the treatment on top. I definitely don’t use a finger’s length, no where close to that because that will just dry my skin out completely. When I would apply the treatment first to bare skin, no matter how much or what type of face cream I piled on top, the next day my skin was still incredibly dry, and I tried it that way for a couple months. And I piled on so much face cream some nights that you could still see globs of it on my face. Now I don’t have to glob the face cream on, which is a big relief. Since I’ve been doing things this way, my skin has been very clear with no dry, flaky patches to be seen. Hope that helps!

Lotus Avatar

Hi Jamie! WOW! Right? I also have generic retin A but stopped, benzaclin didn’t work.. I TOTALLY feel you and appreciate your response! I like to go by instinct but since I’ve never had skin problems like this, I’ve been so scared about instructions and instincts! May I please ask how you felt about the cleanser and what cleanser you do use? Bless you for the hope I have now, from you. (It’s like I did something naughty that I didn’t wash off my face, plus acne, redness..if you know what I mean.)

Jamie Avatar

Yeah, the worst part for me when I used the system was that I was having rough, dry, flaky skin and I was still getting a ton of spots. It was a nightmare, and I just kept going back to their site because I couldn’t understand how it worked for so many and not at all for me. It was so frustrating.

“Eh” is probably the best way to describe how I felt about the cleanser. I didn’t feel like it was that incredible that I needed to purchase it again. In fact, I think I threw it out without finishing it.

For the longest time I used Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap. It never broke me out and it did a very good job of cleaning my skin, but it left my skin feeling tight right after which I’m not a fan of.

After years of being afraid of cleansing oils and then trying them and not liking the experience, I just recently got into them with a Shu Uemura sample. I really like the POREfinist one. The Boscia one is also good (if you have a Sephora near you I’m sure you could get a sample). If I’m wearing makeup, I’ll wash with a facial oil in the shower first and then wash my face with a regular Neutrogena cleanser. (If I don’t have makeup on, I’ll just use the Neutrogena cleanser or the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is nice but is not effective at removing makeup) But if cleansing oils aren’t your thing then I’d recommend really any Neutrogena cleanser geared toward acne. I’ve never had a problem with their cleansers. I currently use the face wash with salicylic acid that comes in a set of three products. It’s Neutrogena’s acne system (very much like except I find them all to be less harsh but the Neutrogena set is quite a bit more money in the long run because you go through the benzoyl peroxide so darn fast). Their grapefruit smelling face wash is also nice.

One other thing I’ll use after I wash my face and before I apply moisturizer is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment Pads with Salicylic Acid (orange label). It smells rather awful and will sting any open wounds, but it helps get rid of any remaining makeup, and the salicylic acid is a nice treatment to have at night along with the benzoyl peroxide.

Hope this all made sense and was a little helpful. Of course what worked for me may vey well not work for you since everyone’s skin reacts differently to products, but I wanted you to know you’re not alone with having a bad reaction to the system.

Feel free to ask me any other questions! For about a year I dealt with truly awful acne on my face, so I’d be very happy if I can help you not have to suffer that long. πŸ™‚

Lotus Avatar

You’re so kind. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I’m SO GLAD you found what works for you! I have plenty of things to work with now and hopefully find hat works for me as well! πŸ™‚ This is difficult at 34! I do love oils, and for my skin I’m learning that everything in moderation and rotation is my frustrating best! I only re-ordered the treatment as well, cleanser did not clean and left too much debris, so no thanks. I’m comforted that I’m not alone in this experience and because you made it swimmingly, the possibility is good. I also like using the clarisonic delicate brush to help. I do have a salicylic liquid from Paula’s choice that I can use after cleansing, the treatment 2.5, which you’re familiar with, retin a, gentle Avene cleanser, Paula’s choice moisture recovery cleanser, different options for day/night with or without makeup, Bioderma Sensibio cleansing water, la Roche posay dermo lotion fluid cleanser, various moisturizers and treatments but it’s frustrating. There was a time I had perfect skin and used la mer religiously.. The whole regime..until it turned devil on me. Then I tried going back to the Clinique 3 step BS and only made it worse. I use coconut oil here and there, but my skin is naturally oily so I’m all over! I’m hoping the Jurlique Skin Balancing Oil that I’ve been mixing drops of in my moisturizer, aren’t a culprit! It’s too lovely! I want it to work! It’s like some products work perfection on one part of the face and wreck others. Have you ever had that? I’m hoping face behaves and we move beyond it! I had perfect skin… It was the blessing I took care of and now I have to learn foundation and more skincare! It’s all tiring. This confirms I’m aging. Lol πŸ˜‰

Jamie Avatar

We seem to have fairly similar skin. I too find while my skin loves facial oils I do have to use them in moderation. I can only apply a facial oil once a day. I also rotate three moisturizers at night. I find changing it up every couple of days seems to work best for my skin.
I also can’t use the clarisonic. I’ve noticed that physical exfoliators irritate my skin, so I stick to the chemical ones.

There was a time I had perfect skin as well and took it for granted. I never even understood the point of foundation back then. Then when I turned 25 or so it freaked out on me and took a year to begin getting it under control again. I went back to basics, to the items I knew worked for me for years without any issues (like the Clinique face wash) and then built up from there. Of course now that I’m 29 I’m starting to deal with dullness and other fun stuff. Plus, my skin has decided to become dehydrated and oily, so that’s a bit of a nightmare to deal with.

It is a very exhausting process to figure out what works for the various skincare, foundations, concealers, and powders. It can feel like an endless task, but it’s totally worth it once you figure what works best for you. Good luck! I hope you find your perfect mixture of products soon. πŸ™‚

Lotus Avatar

You’re so right πŸ™‚ and you’ve helped me greatly in thought process as I choose what I do each time and I’m slowly healing wonderfully. I am so thankful for your sincerity and help as well wishing the best for me. Bless you immensely. I hope you continue to get along with your products and have happiness πŸ™‚ <3 Lotus

Kristina Avatar

Cleansing Oil Shampoo is a Favourite of Mine also their Essence Absolue Hair Oil… LOVE LOVE LOVE!

If you haven’t tried Shu hair products yet Christine you should. Especially with all that full gorgeous hair of yours. I love the fact that the system is light, weightless, fast drying but nourishing.

I jump around from a few different salon hair brands like phyto, aveda, kerastase etc but I keep coming back to shu.

Georgie Avatar

I can’t recommend the BB foam enough! I hate BB creams and foundation but that stuff is so wonderful. I’ve actually almost finished it so it’s a shame this 15% off code doesn’t work in Europe as I’ll definitely need to re-buy (forever and ever(

Sheila Avatar

The new Tint in Gelato!! So amazing, just like the YSL Baby Doll blush and lip tints but cheaper and I prefer the sleeker, longer packaging. The Lightbulb foundation is also great!

Lotus Avatar

I’ve only heard great things about the gel pencils, gelato and foundation! I’m too broke to try it during a sale where you can get 5 deluxe samples free RIGHT NOW.. I spend at the wrong times!!! D; Can I please request a yearly when to purchase calendar? Smh.. I’m such an idiot.

Anyway, to get the samples, which may have ended today, but TRY: use code BRAVEBEAUTY on orders $50+ and you get deluxe sample trials of Ultim8 cleansing oil, stage performer instant glow, mini gloss, and also a deep sea moisturizing cream sachet.

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