C’watre – Oceanic Skin Care? Yay or Nay?

C’watre is a brand that labels itself as “oceanic skin care,” which does make you think of spas, gentleness, and natural ingredients. They use “molecularly stimulated ocean water” as an essential ingredient in their products. They also mention that they are sure to only use ingredients in such amounts that they are effective. As an interesting aside, the nutrients and minerals found in sea water are incredibly similar to the molecular makeup of human blood plasma and spinal fluid (you learn something new everyday!).

C’watre as a brand embodies a fusion between Japanese traditions and American innovation to create an enjoyable line that is easy on the skin. Whenever I learn or try out a brand that often utilizes scientific terms or special ingredients, like sea water, I get a little nervous about the cost. C’watre isn’t cheap, and while some of their products are affordable, others are more of mid to high range in terms of skin care. They’re no La Mer, but they aren’t your Olay, either.

I tried the Kanreki Wash… was it worth it? 

Kanreki Wash ($25.00) is a deep cleanser meant to get into your pores and tissues to clean and detox the skin and help exfoliate the skin and stimulate cellular renewal. Their patented ingredient is Odoroki (modified seawater) that has 78 nanunutrients, minerals, & salts (this is that base ingredient I mentioned earlier). It also has sweet almond oil and aloe for moisturization, pinetree extract and salicylic acid, and white tea extract as its antioxidant of choice.

This is such a gentle cleanser, and it smells just clean and fresh (no real heavy fragrance or anything). I liked that it didn’t make my skin go haywire, nor was it harsh on my skin when it was more sensitive than usual. Plus, a little goes a long way, which stretches out the product to last you several months of daily usage.  This is a nice, gentle cleanser that works well with even sensitive skin, and on its face, it isn’t a pricey product.  Even if the cream and serum prices make your wallet cringe, the wash is affordable.

Other products from the Kanreki line are: the Tonic ($35.00), Cream ($65.00), and Serum ($75.00). Check C’watre products at www.cwatre.com.