Creme de la Mer – Introduction & Reviews of Creme de la Mer, Lotions, Hand Treatment

I recently had the opportunity to check out and try several La Mer products over the past few weeks. Since La Mer focuses on skincare, I wanted to test everything for awhile, so I could really give you a true blue review on them! You’ll find a review on eight different La Mer products: Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream, Moisturizing lotion, Moisturizing gel, Eye Balm, Concentrate, Cleansing Gel, Refining Facial, and Hand Treatment.

Overall, La Mer products are luxurious against the skin — there is no doubt about it — soft, silky, and deliciously moisturized and well-balanced skin results from using their products over a matter of days. I love that they’ve come out with several versions of their most popular item, Creme de la Mer, so they can provide products that can really cater to a customer’s individual skin. They have lightweight versions of it, which I found was great for days when the weather was just too hot for anything remotely thick.

Creme de la Mer — I can see why this product is raved about, because it made my skin soft and supple, and I swear there was a touch of glow to it after using Creme de la Mer for a few weeks. It has a very light scent, which is a definite plus for me, as I prefer my facial products with minimal scents. The cream itself is rich and thick, and you have to make sure you warm it up between your palm or fingers before applying in order to achieve the best results.

Moisturizing Lotion — This is the lightweight version of Creme de la Mer, which I just adore for days on the go, hot days, or when I know I’ll be running around like a chicken without a head. Sometimes the original formula is too rich for my skin, so I really find that this is a great alternative. Also, in the winter months, a lot of people experience drier skin, while in the summer months find their skin is more normalized in moisture, so being able to alternate between the two formulas is excellent. Moisturizing Gel Cream is very similar in the results that are yielded as Creme de la Mer and the Moisturizing lotion! Just pick your favorite texture and thickness.

Eye Balm — I’ll have to admit that I was probably not the best reviewer for this, as I’m still young enough where I haven’t been plagued by an abundance of eye wrinkles (though I see them starting, trust me!), but after a few days of use, I noticed my eyes were less puffy and the skin seemed tighter.

Concentrate — I didn’t have a chance to use this yet (probably a good thing?) as it is meant to be used over post-trauma skin to improve and aid in the healing process. This is ideal for use to reduce the scarring and redness from recent surgery, microdermabrasion, etc.

Cleansing Gel — If you want a clean and fresh feeling, this product definitely does it for you. It does a decent job of removing all excess dirt, makeup, etc. off of your face (though I’d recommend using a separate eye makeup remover prior to this cleanser for the ultimate clean). It does leave your skin feeling a bit tight, and I know some people love that feeling, while others prefer cleansers without it. I like that the gel is thick, not loose at all, so you don’t need too much for an individual application.

Refining Facial — Oh, I loved this! My skin felt so soft after I used it – it’s meant to help exfoliate by sloughing off dead skin and really getting into your pores and bringing out the glow and healthy sheen your skin should have. I adore this product for sure! They describe it as your skin feeling awakened, and I have to nod my head in agreement.

Hand Treatment — Let me tell you, my hands thanked me after just a few days of using La Mer’s fabulous hand cream. They literally said, “Where have you been all my life?” to the tube of cream! I’m an obsessive handwasher, which unfortunately results inn dry hands (though I’ve lucked out and they’re not as dry as they could be), so this lotion definitely came in handy. I also used the cream on the heels of my feet on occasion, and it worked great!