How do you coordinate your makeup with your outfit?

How do you coordinate your makeup with your outfit? (Or outfit with your makeup?) Share!

Usually I’ll coordinate my makeup to work with what I’m wearing, though sometimes I’ll end up using colors that don’t work at all for what I’m wearing and then I’ll change! I like to tie-in a color from what I’m wearing to the makeup I’m wearing, though not everything will match!

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I don’t tend to wear colorful eyeshadows, so I just match the make up style to the clothes. When I’m going for a film noir look I’ll wear dark eyeshadow and deep red lipstick, or if for example I’m going for a 1950s summer look, then I might do a cat eye and a bright coral lip. Granted, except when I’m going for a very casual look, my make up style is always rather retro!

I wear a lot of black, so I usually do bold brows and bold lips, or else I look washed out. Same if I’m wearing a bright color, I do bold lips. Sometimes, I’ll matchy-match, like a a plum top with plum lipstick and blush. If I’m in casual athletic wear, I do neutral eyes and MLBB shades, because bright red lips seem overdone. If I wear more edgy-looking clothes, I do a smokey eye or more vampy lip.

most days i just make sure it doesn’t clash but some days i’ll match it from head to toe because my boyfriend likes it

I hate things to be “match-y match-y” so I don’t co-ordinate makeup to clothing. About the only thing I’ll do is make sure that my lips don’t seriously clash with whatever shirt or sweater I’m wearing – orange red lips with a purple top, for example. But that’s about it in the “co-ordinating” department for me.

If I know I want to wear a lot of color on my face, I’ll wear a neutral-ish outfit — maybe black with white or gray, or all dark blue. If I choose my clothes first, I’ll usually try to keep my makeup in the same color family, but, if I don’t, the addition of a printed scarf with complementary colors in it can often pull it all together. The main thing I really try to avoid are lipstick colors that don’t work with what I’m wearing. For example, I wouldn’t wear a coral lipstick with a blue-based red or purple top. Otherwise I’m relieved that the current aesthetic doesn’t call for everything to match perfectly. While it can be fun to try to get everything in the same exact shade of red, *having* to do that gets tedious and frustrating pretty fast.

When I did my work week bronze neutral lids I would go with a crease colour that would coordinate with my clothes, and would also coordinate the eyeliner. On the weekends anything goes, though in winter I go for darker looks while in summer if I’m wearing bright clothing I tend to wear brighter makeup colours.

I’ve been wondering about this a lot lately as I always like to match. Red sweater, red lips or if it’s a color like green or blue, use a similar eye shadow (not all over the eye, just subtle). But then I read that your eye shadow should be opposite from the color you are wearing? I do like to tie in my makeup to what I’m wearing as long as it’s subtle and not garish.

I do a neutral eye with a bold lip as a rule, so I coordinate outfits with lip color. I try to match either warm or cool, sometimes matching color if I have it.

Uh, mostly I don’t? Although I did do a monochrome plum makeup/clothing look, but that was in part out of an argument with my bff wherin I said I didn’t have enough purple clothing and somehow it escalated…

That’s should post a picture of that full look!. It brings images of that little girl in Willy Wonka who started to turn purple from eating to much purple gum or something like that,lol!

I do in the sense that I coordinate my “look”. I’ll do soft, simple makeup if my outfit is very feminine, and I’ll amp up my eyeliner or lipstick if my outfit is a little more intense.

Right now I’m wearing a sweater that makes me feel like a hippie, so I’m probably going to do grungy liner and Viva Glam Miley to make it a groupie hippie or something. Like 21st century Fleetwood Mac groupie.

The only way in which I coordinate my clothes to my makeup is in the “style”..idk if that is the right word or not. Like low key,or more dressed up. I don’t really match colors. I don’t tend to plan my outfits to much unless it’s a formal event or super special occasion. In which case, I would keep my face look classic,yet elegant. So, I just do my face the way I want and throw on what I feel like wearing and works. When I work in the hospital,I wear scrubs and minimal makeup. Most the time, I work from home lately. So, I guess I more or less match my clothes to my face,lol. I am way more of a make up gorl than a clothes girl. If I was equal in my love of makeup and clothing, i’d be broke!

I love clothes & makeup equally, so I just go through “cycles”, LOL! I’ll go through several months where I just buy makeup, then a “trend” I really like may come about, and I’ll add to my ever-expandimg wardrobe.

Don’t get me worn,I love clothes too! But, i tend to love more expensive clothes. So, I keep them longer and add a few pieces here and there as the seasons come. If it’s trendy, ill look for it at a lower price. I have been pretty sick for a couple of years now which limits my social life. I work from home mostly. I don’t need much of a wardrobe. When I was healthy, I was a total clothes/makeup/shoes/accessories whore( i use that word lightly..hope it doesn’t offend. But, I do makeup for me and I can sit and do it and it helps me feel god to put my face on when I otherwise feel like hell. I’m hoping to be back in the game soon:)

I have a very specific style, which I wear whether it’s “in”, or not, and every few years, it comes back around, so I can find inexpensive pieces, LOL! I look longingly at Free People & Urban Outfitters sites, and other similar ones, but I can’t bring myself to pay those prices, as my makeup tastes are a bit expensive… I was fortunate enough to catch some great sales from UO thos past Holiday season, so some of my makeup “wants” have beendelayed.

I have a daughter with special needs, so my social life isn’t what it was, either (although I wouldn’t change a thing!), but sometimes we just like dressing up and going out to lunch, and we even do matching outfits.

I believe that is called classic and classy and a good one to keep forever! Trends are trends. if I want a true trend piece. i will look at forever XXI usually (although Im almost 39!) . Hey, geus what is in there?..everthing I wore in high school and college, is such a trip..and the grungy eyes,matte liquid a flashback. Much more well done this go round. But in 15 years it will be even better.
That is really great that you match outfits with your daughter. my daughter is 9.She is catching me on height. but, not quite there yet. And thankfully, makeup has not come up yet. I’m not sure if she will be into it like I am or not. She is girly for sure. But just getting a lip balm on her paper dry lips is a struggle. Oh man, two of us. Im going to have to hi the lotto! Take care Xamyx and take care of your sweet angel..I know you wouldn’t trade your social life or anything for your daughter,special needs or not..a child is a gift for certain. I apologize if i sounded like I was griping earlier. I was having a moment. We all have a story.:)

The vast majority of my rather large wardrobe (95+%) is black, so I use my jewelry/accessories to tie in color. Sometimes I’ll have a piece of jewelry already, and I’ll buy an eyeshadow I wouldn’t normally be drawn to because it reminds me of that particular piece. Other times, I’ll buy a product because it’s pretty, then I’ll go out and come across a piece of jewelry I wouldn’t necessarily wear, but because I can tie it to the makeup, I’ll buy it.

Most days I just go with a simple neutral look though, because I typically dress for comfort & functionality, which means no statement pieces, leggings, and a sweater/t-shirt.

My makeup is typically the same day to day, eyeline, mascara, brow powder, concealer, corrector and foundation where needed. I keep four tubes of lipstick in my make up bag, red, berry, fuschia and a rose brown, the lipstick I wear is based on the outfit I’m wearing. Now my nails either match my outfit or a complimentary color it.

I don’t really coordinate my makeup with my outfit or vice versa. I do try not to clash though. I went through my bright eyeshadow phase years ago so as much as I love colour I tend to stick with a pop of colour on the lower lashline or I will sometimes wear either purple or teal eyeshadow, but that doesn’t happen too often. It’s normally neutral makeup that goes with anything. 🙂

I usually do my make up in my robe based on how I am feeling that day. After I do my makeup I decide what I’m wearing so I generally try not to coordinate makeup with my clothes but sometimes I’m just feelign ultra pink or purple and it’s very chromatic.

Sorta. I mostly wear greys and blacks and if I’m wearing grey, I usually keep everything cooler toned. If I’m wearing just black or black and white, I’ll use warmer colors. I feel like warm colors clash with greys.

Oh God, when I was just starting out with makeup I used to literally match my eyeshadow with my clothes (if I was wearing a red white and blue shirt, you could bet the same colors would be on my eyes). Now, I love wearing all black when I wear colorful eyeshadow to make it stand out. If I’m using something that leans towards a certain color but isn’t necessarily bright or very out there, I like it if there are accents of that color in my clothes. With neutrals, anything goes, honestly. I really love wearing black and white stripes and denim if I do red lipstick for a very classic look, though 🙂

Depends on the color scheme of the clothes. Pink, gray, black. blue, turquoise get gray eyeliner, pink and gray eyeshadows and a pink lip with pink blush. Browns, yellows, greens, beige require brown and ivory eyeshadows, brown eyeliner and peach lips and cheeks. I try to stay in the general color categories or my makeup. I don’t wear reds often, but when I do, I stay with brown shaded makeup and peach lips. If I go outside these categories, I look funny and feel extremely un-beautiful. I am fair, neutral skinned with white hair.

I wear a lot of black and gray, so usually anything goes for my makeup. When I wear color, I usually try to incorporate it into my eye and/or lip makeup in some way, without looking super matchy-matchy with everything.

For example: Yesterday I wore a burgundy sweater. So I wore a wine with purple shift shadow (Notoriously Morbid’s Autumn Flower), olive-gold eyeliner, and light, sheer berry lips with no liner (Be a Bombshell’s chubby lip pencil in Shameless).

Today I have on charcoal gray. Instead of going gray on my eyes and wearing a bright lip, I had fun and did the opposite. I used UD Urban on my lids, a violet-gray on my crease, white on the browbone, and UD Thrash on my lower lids. I used Nyx Wicked in Cold Hearted on my lips.

I tend to wear neutrals on my eyes, so it generally doesn’t matter. The only color I tie in are my lips and cheeks. In the fall, I tend to wear a lot of burgundy, plum and red, so I gravitate towards blushes that compliment those colors. If I know for sure that I’m going to wear burgundy or plum, I do tend to choose eyeshadows from the Lorac Unzipped or the Naked 3 palette.

I tend to coordinate my makeup with my accessories, and then fit the clothes around that. So I might wear, for example, a gold bracelet with blue and green beads, so I’ll use a teal eyeliner and wear my dark blue cardigan (that and the grey one get lots of wear this time of year as they’re the warmest ones I own!).

Sometimes I’ll dress head to toe in black and coordinate makeup to shoes as well as accessories. Interestingly, this seems to be the look that men notice as being coordinated, or at least the IT-types that I work with do.

I love co-ordinating my makeup to suit the colours of the clothes I am wearing. The dominant colour of my outfit will be the base colour of my eyeshadow. I work my lipsticks to suit the colours too.
For example if I am wearing olive green – I will use Dior’s three colours olive as the base, with neutral colours from my naked palette. I will use the Milani toffee lipstick to match.

If there’s a big event or party, I will plan the day ahead. i will normally match my hilight color to my jewelry, my crease color to my outfit unless it is a bright color (rarely is) if it is colorful then I will line my lash line in the more prominent color or if it’s pink, lavender, a wearable lip color I’ll do that. Mainly I just go for nudes, smokey, and sexy cat eyes. I may wear a bright pump and match my earrings, adding a sparkle or glitter on the inner corner.. My everyday freelance/stay at home mom outfit consists of heavy mascara, great peachy bronzed skin and Chapstick so no need to match there!

I decide what to wear first, then I try to coordinate my makeup to my outfit. Sometimes, I am trying out a new product and the match up may not be ideal…but usually, I am trying to be color coordinated as best I can.

I am purple lipstick addict but I don’t have anything purply in my wardrobe 🙂 So I tend to match the undertone of my makeup with what I wear: e.g. cooler shades when I wear black, more neutral/warm shades when I wear browns, etc.

I usually start off making sure my lipstick not so much “matches” my outfit but that it compliments it. Then I go from there…making sure my blush compliments my lipstick and then that shadow compliments my lipstick. So nothing ever really matches but definitely doesn’t throw anything off.

I often wear neutral browns, taupes and greys, so usually I don’t have problems matching my outfits, which often include blue, black, grey, pinks, taupes, which work together pretty well.

I usually dont color coordinate my makeup .. but If i am wearing something red.. I do plan to put on a red lip color in matching tones.. 🙂

I tend to wear lots of black and neutral colors during the week, work dress code is business casual, so matching my make up with an outfit is never really an issue there. Also neutrals are my go to for eye make-up so usually its just the lipstick or blush I have to worry about.

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