Contest – September “Swatch it!” Winner Allison K.

View Temptalia’s grand prize winner of the September 2007 “Swatch It!” contest! Her entry contained 590 products!

1st row: Cherche(creme), BritWit(creme), UnCommon(creme), SpringSheen, PeachTwist
2nd row: Fancy Ray(creme), SweetWilliam(creme), Soft, SunBasque, Pinch O Pink
3rd row: Cubic, mocha, Melba, ShyAngel, DollyMix
4th row: PeachTwist, Blush Baby, BloomsBerry/Golden Tigerlily

1st row: Flirt and Tease, Flush Naked, Dollymix, Spring Sheen
2nd row: Afterdusk, Overprint, Pinch Me, Peach Twist
3rd row: Dirty Plum-“P”, Housewine “P”, TraceGold, Primpin/Golden Kitty

Quad 1: Deep Truth, Knight Divine, Moons Reflection, NightTrain
Quad 2: Romping, Stars and Rockets, Passionate, Leisure Time
Quad 3: Green Smoke, Sumptious Olive, Fiction, Club
Quad 4: Parfait Amour, Cobalt “P”, Digit, Beautiful Iris
Quad 5: Velour, White Wheat, Inventive, Twillery
Quad 6: Vapour, Carbon, Llama, Nehru
Quad 7: Omega, Soft Brown, Cork, Wedge

Top row: Quarry,Mercurial,Ether,Techtonic,LoveStone,By Jupitar
Bottom: Gold Deposit Skin Finish, Light Skin Finish, Glissade Skin Finish, Aristocrat

Left to right Top: Fast response eye cream, Studio Moisture cream, Pro-Preferred White Intensified(skin lightner), Fix plus, Oil Control Lotion, Eyeliner Mixing Medium
Bottom: Tint Bronzer, MoistureGleam, Pro-Preferred White softening lotion, Water based mixing medium, Skin shimmer

1st row : Silver Dusk, Soft Yellow Set Powder, Peach Set Powder
2nd row: Invisible Set Powder, Golden Bronze

1st row: Enriched Bronze bronzing powder, Golden bronze powder, Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
2nd row: Sweet and Shy glimmer shimmer, On the Town Glimmer Shimmer, CB4 Hyper real foundation, 100 Hyperreal foundation.
3rd row: Gold Magic bronzing stick, Bronze ray bronzing stick, 100degrees Pearlizer, Quiver Pearlizer
4th row: Ramoneo glitz gloss, After Party Glitz gloss, Good as Gold Pearlizer

1st row: Phloof, Sketch, Black Tied, Idol eyes, Botanical
2nd row: French Grey, B-Rich, Oceanique, Vex, Turquatic
3rd row: Mink Pink, Soba, Light Ray, Electra, Filament
4th row: Stormwatch, Blue Azure, Naval “P”, Indian ink “P”, Soot “P”
5th row: Thunder, Bang on Blue, Symmetry “P”, Kelly “P”, Ground Brown “P”
6th row: Big T, Saturnal, Bio-Green “P”, Bottle Green “P”, Deep Damson “P”

1st row: Falling star, Romp, Rummy, Satin Taupe, Bateau
2nd row: Shag, Sable “P”, Wood winked, Mulch, Tempting
3rd row: Honesty, Honor, Malt, Patina, Retrospeck
4th row: Crystal Avalanche, Embark, Brun, Print, Texture
5th row: Bagatelle, Dazzlelight, Romantique, Sugar Plum, Antiqued
6th row: Elite, Twinks, Sensualize

1st row: Contrast, Flashtrack, Wait til Dark, Blue Edge, Fresh Water
2nd row: Fade, Tilt, Electro Sky, Electric Eel, Teal Blue “P”
3rd row: Dark Teal “P”, Shimmer Moss, Prose&Fancy, Aquadisiac, Sky Blue “P”
4th row: Aqua, Surreal, Meadowland, Steamy, Metamorph
5th row: Juxt, Bitter, Silly Goose, Lime, Swimming
6th row: Sprout, Humid, Meadow, FemmeNoir, Plumage

1st row: Mythology, Expensive Pink, D’Bohemia, Love Bud, coral “P”
2nd row: Paradisco, Gleam, Jest, Arena
3rd row: Naked Lunch, Hush, Shroom, Samoa silk, Amber Lights
4th row: Motif, Spring up, Ricepaper, Gorgeous Gold, Chrome Yellow
5th row: Sun-splosion, Gold Mine, Juiced, Burnt Orange “P”, Golden Rod “P”
6th row: Rule, Orange, Peppier, Orange Tangent, Coppering

1st row: BeautyMarked, Shadowy Lady, Intoxicate, Mystical Myst, Lavander Sky
2nd row: Blu-Noir, Smut, Moth Brown, Shale, Plum
3rd row: Midnight Blue, Jewel Tone, Trax, Mystery, Haux
4th row: Girlie, Petalescent, Seedy Pearl, SweetLust, Pink Venus
5th row: Pink Papillion, Swish, Rose “P”, Sushi Flower, Melton Mauve
6th row: Red Violet, Red Violet, Creme-de-Violet, Hepcat, StarViolet

1st row: Red Brick “P”,Beauty Burst, MagicDust, Lucky Green, Sea Myth, Quarry, Jewel Blue, Crystal
2nd row: Fire Spot, Cosmic, Going Bananas, Spring Time Skipper, Whistle, Pink Venus, Wonderfull, Nocturnelle
3rd row: Fab&Flashy, Claire De Lune, Eye Popping, WonderGrass, Playful, Crisp, Injenue Blue, Embark
4th row: Chill, Pollen, Vellum, Nylon, Mylar, Grain, Oceanique, Plum Dressing
5th row: White Frost, Goldbit, Orb, Malt, Bisque, Llama, Midnight Blue “P”
6th row: Vanilla, Vanilla, Yogert, Brule, Soft Brown

1st row: Endless Love, Zeal, Lavander Sky, Scene 1, Full Flame, Gesso
2nd row: Taupeless, Sunday Best, Slip Pink, PinkSource, Beauty Sleep, Crystal Avalanche
3rd Row: Vapor, Light Shade, Wishful, Mineralism, Relaxing, Charcoal Brown

Top 3: Improper copper, Fawntastic, Nude
Bottom 3: Shell, Too Darling, Pearl

1st row: Shade, New Weed, Sweet Sage, Black Track, Night fish, Blitz & Glitz, Penned
2nd row: Rich Ground, Graphic Brown, Dip Down, Ostentatious, Brassy, Delinate, MacroViolet
3rd row: Haunting, Frostlite, Waveline, Blue Peep, Silverstroke, Lithograph
4th row Paint Pot Greensmoke, Delft

1st row down: cool and aloof, Valentines, Dame in a Dress, Mega, Amber Russe, Slicked Pink, Sapalicious
2nd row: Glosspitality, Jelly Babe, Lil’ Sizzler, Saphoric, Golden Soft, Slicked Pink, Moonstone
Bottom: Who’s that Lady

Top: Warm Smile, Take a Hint, Tender Baby
Bottom: Hush,Hush, Pucker, Softnote

Shade sticks: Lucky Jade, Sharkskin, Overcase, Fresh Cement, SilverBleu, Beige-ing, Pink Couture, Gracious Me, Corn, Blurburry, Cedarrose, Royal Hue
Left-Right: Base light, Bamboom, Chiaroscuro, Graphito, Magrities, Pixel, Cotton Candy, Sublime Nature, Structural Brown, Artjam

1st row top to bottom: Star Nova, Lull, Chromaliving(chromeglass), Tres Cher, Metaphysical(chromeglass), En Pointe, Soft Edge, Spirited, Enchantress, Gaze, Beaute, Pink Lemonade,
2nd row:Glamoursun, Pinkarat, Bait, Pink Grapefruit, Oyster Girl, Night Affair, Rayathon, Viva Glam V, Luminary, Flash of Flesh, Coral Grade, Pas De Deux

Dark Flower, Damzel, Be In, Bountiful, Flusterose, Early Bloomer, Luxuriate

1st row: Moonbathe, Purr, Bare Fetish, Explicit, Crescent, Viva Glam V, Taupe Notch, Nice Buzz, Elaborate, Phosphorelle, Fashion Pack
2nd row: Power Supply, Happening Gal, Languish, Damzel, Love Nectar, Pink Clash, Nico, Wonderstruck, Sweetness, Ola Mango

1st row: Peacocky, Spunsilver, Pinkphonic, Oxidate, For the Boys, Divine Lime, Glamourgold, Mercuric
2nd row: Inkspill, Pop Iris, Molten Sol, Aqua Line, Fuchsia-ism, PinkCraft

136, 129, 187, 190, 168, 224, 212, 213, 231, 194, 252, 208, 266

Top: Reflects Gold, Grey, Light Blue, Chartreuse, 3D Copper, Pink
Bottom: Crystalled Purple, Gold, Blue, Fuchsia, Reflects Pearl, Reflects gold

1st row: Pinked Mauve, Apricot Pink, Lily White, Pure White, Kelly Green, Fuchsia, CoCo, Deck Chair
2nd row: Blue Steel, Pink Bronze, Naked, Whitegold, Ruby Red, Silver, Chartreuse, Dark Soul
3rd row: Golden Olive, Blue Brown, Golden Lemon, Reflects Red, Violet, Teal, CornFlower
4th row: Green Brown, Gold

Test Pattern, Slightly off, Stone, Whirl, Soar, Dervish, StripDown, Oak, Redd, Quartz, Plum, Subculture, Spice

Creamkiss, Honey B, PlumRoyale, Smoothberry, Beurre, Cream o Spice, Velvetella, Naked Rose, Sublime Culture, Gingeroot, Mother Pearl

Industry, Glided White, Heirloom, Ebony, Prussian, Buried Treasure, Navy Stain, Smolder, Tealo, Foxy Lady, Phone Number, Costa Riche, Raven, Taupe, Dig It!, Lichen, Out to Sea, Fascinating, Violet Underground, So there Jade, Rosemary&Thyme

1st row : Greenglo “P”, Pinkie “P”, Blue “P”, Iris Accent, Reflecto, Goldenair, Peacocked, Ultra Chill, Night sky, Mint&Olive, Indigo, Permaplum, Forever Green, Blooz, Orpheus, Tendered, Coffee, Bountiful Brown, Forever Green, Minted
2nd row: Feline, Light as Air, Jade Way, Blue Yonder, Silver plate, Teddy, Handforged, Graphicblack, Mystery, Auto-de- Blu, Duck