Are you more comfortable in bright/bold or more neutral lips?

Are you more comfortable in bright/bold or more neutral lips? Equally comfortable in both? Share!

I’m equally comfortable with both, except when it comes to the real extremes–like very, very pale shades and extremely deep, near-black shades, then I’m less comfortable. The former never looks good on me, so I look awful and know it, and the latter is often more high maintenance.

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I’ve always been more comfortable with bold/darker shades, because pale lipsticks have the tendency to wash me out and make me look sick. 🙂

I’ve learned these last months to use a bright lip, but I hated my lips so much (they are a little too big) that I always hid them, even under concealer.

Daniel, If that picture is of you, your lips are beautiful. Women pay a fortune in plumpers to get that look. Just my opinion.

Bright/bold. Purple lipstick is my lifeblood. I’m also into experimenting with more “out there” colors like aqua, navy, teal, indigo…

I’m comfortable with both albeit I have to agree with Christine. I know very pale shades look terrible on me. However, really, really dark shades or unconventional ones — like say, blue or something — I don’t feel comfortable in because of personal preference. But overall, I would always rather prefer to wear a bold lipstick!

I’m more comfortable wearing bolds! pinks, fuchsias, reds, burgundy.. I like softer lips too but I need more makeup on my face to put on neutral lips or I’d look so dead.

I can’t pull off bold colors. I feel like they bring out all my skin’s imperfections; and they’re too high maintenance for me, too.

I balance out my makeup, so I am comfortable with both. I never go for a complete nude lip tho. I need some color. I’ve worn bright orange, red and incredibly vampy colors out. I have a lipstick problem tho.

I’m more comfortable in brights/bolds. When I wear a nude, it makes me look ill. I will NEVER wear beige/brown/light pink lips…my ‘nude’ will always have some undertone of pink or red in it…as my lips have that pigmentation.

I think I’m equally comfortable in both, although regardless of shade or boldness, I tend to favor something with a bit of red in it. I don’t usually go for VERY bright colors, either, and I steer clear from thick, dry textures, regardless of color. If I wore MAC Impassioned, for instance, I might pat the color down a bit so it’s toned down and not as thick, then perhaps add a little clear gloss on top.

Actually, I feel uncomfortable with neutrals. I tried some nudes but they don´t look good on me. They wash me out completely as I am already very fair. I´d take a vampy shade anytime over nude lips 🙂

I like wearing both nudes and brights. When I wear bright, I mean reds, fuchsia, bright pinks, etc. though. I don’t think I could get away with wearing blacks, greens, or colors like that.

I think I’ve pretty much gone on record as detesting the “nude lip” in all its forms! I think everyone looks better with a bit of colour on their lips and while I wouldn’t go out in something like Candy Yum Yum because it just doesn’t suit me or my style, I like bright lips that impart colour and liveliness to the face.

I’m definitely comfortable in both! I love making a statement with my makeup, but I don’t mind toning it down either.

Although I wear both neutrals and brights, I feel most comfortable in colors that are more mid-range. It’s an age thing and a skin tone issue with me. Too pale washes me out and vampy just makes me look severe and older. I don’t need to look older! I need color to brighten my look, but I have to be careful. It’s the same thing with eye makeup. I can wear bright eyeliners, but I’ll let the young women rock the bright eyeshadow.

Im comfortable with both but prefer bright and bold lip colors…I haven’t found a decent neutral to go with my deep skin and neutral lips is too simple and “blah” for me. My favorite lip colors right now are viva glam nicki riri woo and all the milani lip intense Colors. I even like dark vampy Colors as well and blue lips. But I dont like orange lips at all on me

I wear a nude lip a lot because it works very well on me and I can get away with a paler lip too. I absolutely love bright and vampy lips, but just seem to wear less often.. probably because they are higher maintenance. Summer finds me sporting a brighter mouth a lot more often. Winter I get lazy and struggle with keeping my lips in good shape so I am less inclined.

I’m probably more comfortable in bright, bold lips, because I just love how they pick up my whole complexion. I wear a bold lip most days by choice. I have yet to find a nude that I really like, though I do like MAC Please Me, though it’s not really a “nude” as it pulls quite pink on me.

Same as you, Christine! I love rocking some neon lips, but yeah, odd lip colors like green, blue, white or black are not necessarily something I’d go for unless it’s a costume party! 😀

I’m comfortable with both – any sort of bold lip and neutrals. That being said, for me neutrals are rosy tones, etc. I don’t think I could leave the house in a pale, nude lipstick.

I’m comfortable with both. In fact, not much with really bright colors, but I love wearing bold lipstick. I like the contrast of my pale skin with my dark hair and a vampy lip. So, I’m usually wearing something neutral if I’m going to focus the make up on my eyes, but many days I’m wearing some dark red, dark pink, burgundy, something a little purple, mauve… I feel happy that I get used to these colors, because I thing they are very flattering to me!

I’m fine with brights, nudes, or your-lip-but-better shades. Vampy shades (wine shades and darker) intimidate the hell out of me, though (because some formulas end up in streaks on my cheeks/my lips are so big sometimes lipstick ends up atop my chin, hah!)

I’m same as you. Anything too pale makes me look dead as well as anything super vampy. I feel good about bright colors in the pink, red, coral, and brown range.

netural shades i pretty much stick to low maintenance tinted lip balms like honey from fresh sugar and i where em’s miss moneybags which is like a warmer nars dolce vida

Warm toned bold colors. Brown based reds, burgundy and berry tones are my go to shades (Mac Studded Kiss, Endless Drama Viva Glam I) I do wear bright lippies in the summer (the Vivids were my HG last summer)

I feel more comfortable in bright colors and/or a baby pink lip color. I’ve grown slowly more fond of nude lips in recent years, but I often feel like I look boring with a nude lip… unless I’m wearing a bright and colorful eye, of course! It’s silly, but it’s how I am.

I’m very comfortable in neutrals (my lips but better type shades), brights, and vamps. I’m not comfortable at all in pale nudes, though.

I like everything, except bright shades. I favor extreme, pale nudes, or deep, dark vampy shades, but reds & MLBB shades have their places in my stash. I just don’t care for bright, vivid shades like orange, pink, coral, etc…; they just don’t “fit” me, and end up looking cheap.

I really like bold bright lip colors, I feel under dressed in neutrals.. But I usually wear ones that work with my skin, the extremes of very cool or very warm look kinda garish on me.

I look best and feel most comfortable in in-between colors…soft corals and warm pinks and MLBB colors. My new favorite is BobbiBrown’s Italian Rose. I have some lovely nudes but they wash me out. I am always drawn to them in Sephora or Ulta though. I have a few reds but I rarely wear them as they just seem too bright and tend to make my lips look small. I don’t have a very big mouth to begin with, so I shy away from anything that can make them look even smaller. I love the concept of red lips though!

I´m more confortable with bold lipsticks.
I´m just the opposite, I like very neutral eyes and stand out with a very bold lip.
Bright pinks, dark and vampys, and red, ahhhhh the red, I just love.. <3
I rarely use nude colors, and when I use, if I don´t wear a dark smokey eyes to complement, I feel myself like a ghost. It´s kinda weird!

I’ll wear just about anything if the mood strikes me, but I’m definitely more comfortable in the bolder end of the spectrum. Anything from medium-deep pinks and berries to brilliant reds and fuchsia to the darkest vampy shades. Pale and nude colours tend to wash me out.

I’m more comfortable with brights and peachy nudes, I think brown nudes make me look tired and older unless i use a colored gloss to boost it.

I live for the bright lip! I have nearly forty shades of red alone, and that’s not counting all the vampy and fuschia/magenta lipsticks I have on hand. I find that it’s the way I prefer my looks, and despite being an NW10 right now, I find that I get the most compliments the vampier I go. At this point, it’s become something of my calling card – my coworkers are always teasing me when I wear a new color in! 🙂 I do like a nude or pink lip, but it’s my “lazy” day shade for when I’m in a rush and want to throw on something light. Even on the days I wear very little, I still have tinted balm or the like. To me, bold lips are a way of advertising that you’re the kind of person who won’t be overlooked and doesn’t give a damn if you don’t like it, and that works just fine with my personality. 😀

Bright, Bold!

I’m SO happy that bright colors are the big trend right now. I can’t stand nude/pastel pink lips and if I’m doing a MLBB, I still like it to have a little ‘oomph’ to it. But I love the bright, candy colors! I think I own most of the ColorSensational Vivids line now. I love them!

I’m more comfortable in bright/bold colors. I think nude lips are gross. They look dead. But that’s just personal opinion.

As I have matured, I find myself more drawn to vivid and bold lip shades like magenta, red, orange, and purple. I have a medium to dark complexion and I love a beautiful and strong pop of colour.

Definitely more comfortable in bright/bold shades, such as corals, oranges, reds, pinks, and any combination of these shades. Neutrals/nudes don’t flatter me as much, IMO.

Being an SLP, always had to draw attention to the lips. Still love NARS Fire Down Below, Shanghai Empress, TransSiberian, Heat Wave, Times Sq, etc, but most are darker than they are bold. NYX Snow White….they pull a bit brown. Chanel Rouge Coromandel + Infrarouge. Poppy’s original 7 deadly sins. OCC NSFW. Virtually anything deep in Bite. Then I got OLD + the lips got deestrogenized. Yuck! Being a Libra, I guess I swing to the extremes. Nudes are fine, too, but if they venture towards pinky coral, it looks ghastly/ sallow. Nudes can go too yellow, too, like Nars Honolulu Honey + s.t. Belle de Jour. Bite nudes are good, as is Nars Last Tango. Some days Tarte Exposed is fine, others not. Nudes seem to look better with a bit of a tan, or as a sheer, but pale, pale saturated lips + a deep tan look like a lizard baking on a rock. What I really just don’t get into is the midrange, especially warm pinks + pinky corals. Gimme a hot orange coral any day! Or a deadly blackened red. And puce! Love the purply browns. I would look like a total fool in most pinks, like Candy Yum Yum or VG Nikki. Bring on the Marrakesh + Santiago! But, one can wear a sheer color one could NEVER swing as a saturated lipstick, Nars Turkish Delight being a good example.

I personally prefer myself with bolder lips! Definitely feel more confident that way. I don’t mind nudes or other colors as well, but feel a bit more special when I have an awesome red on.

For years and years I only wore pale/nude lip shades or my lips, but better. I still wear low-key shades a lot since I am fair complected and look like a kid playing with her Mommy’s make-up if I try to vamp it up and go dark.

Sigh. How I would love to mix it up! But I have to go with the looks my complexion can rock, not whatever is the Color du Jour!

Lately, I am finding I can get some pop with lip color that I never dared venture towards before. Loving how Lucky from Dior Addict Extreme brightens my face up! Also purchased Chanel Hyde Park last year. Used to think you needed a tan or medium to dark skin to handle color, but learning that color is my friend!

I’ve always been pretty comfortable with bright lips, ever since I tried on my very first lipstick love that is MAC Russian Red. I do feel a bit uneasy once it starts veering into neon territory. But I’m actually more uncomfortable with eyeshadow because I’m such a noob at applying it. It doesn’t help that my eyes are a bit uneven and their shape somewhat difficult to work with. I’m always a bit worried that my eyeshadow looks wrong or something. So I’ve defaulted to bright lips and bare/neutral eyes.

Neutral lips are ok with me as long as it’s an MLBB or a near-MLBB shade. I can’t pull off concealer lips at all.

I like medium to lighter shades in berries and neutrals but have to avoid any with white bases because it looks “dead” on me. I’m’ fair with cool pink tones. Blonde highlights in my hair and grey blue eyes.. I’m 64 but few wrinkles. (No sun-always burned)

I am much more comfortable with bold lips – especially reds, orange-reds and browns. I think nude lips make a person look ill and in photos it looks like they are not wearing lipstick at all.
Very dark to black lipsticks are confronting and tend to look overdone.

I would say I’m comfortable with both as well – but bold lips hands-down if I have to choose. Main reason is I am not very talented with eye makeup so I’ve committed to embracing lipcolors. I feel most bolder colors agree with me versus paler ones e.g. I have a love-hate relationship with peach on my lips but I am (very) good friends with blue-reds, fuchsias, magentas and corals.

I definitely look better in the bolder shades of lipstick; currently my two favorites are by Tom Ford – Rouge Fatale, which is a deep red orange and Vampire Kiss, a fabulous fuschia shade.

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