Clinique – All About the Brows – Superfine Liner for Brows vs. Brow Keeper

Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows ($12.50) is an automatic, self-sharpening precision pencil to fill in brows (pictured on the bottom).  I actually found that the shade Deep Brown was quite perfect for my brow color/fill-in color.  I used to use Spike/Stud brow pencil by MAC for awhile, but then I moved onto using a shadow to fill in brows because it looks more natural and last longer.  With Superfine Liner for Brows, I feel that I still need to use an angled brush to make it more natural, but only a little bit.  Basically, using a clean mascara wand to brush brows (which I do anyway, since mine are ridiculously unruly) does the same thing to ensure neat brows without any harsh lines.  Pencils are great for getting precision down to a fine art–you can really define the brow and its shape with this product.  The wearing time for Superfine Liner for Brows is incredible — lasted ten hours on me!

Clinique Brow Keeper ($14.50) in Warm Brown is a kind of brow pencil I like, because it comes with a shaping end (like a mascara wand) to keep brows in place and determine how exactly they should be groomed (pictured on top).  However, unlike Superfine Liner for Brows, this only comes in two shades–Honey or Warm Brown–which means less people can use it.  I found Warm Brown too warm for me, too red-brown versus black-brown (which is more my shade), and Honey is too cool-toned and ashy.  I also can appreciate a self-sharpening pencil, so while I love the brush end of the Brow Keeper, I prefer the Superfine Liner for Brows instead!

Both are available at, and Clinique counters/locations.