Clarisonic for Better Overall Skincare and Appearance

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Clarisonic ($195.00) is one of those products you tend to hear raves about, but you take one look at the price tag and run in the other direction. But you’re always wondering, “Does it actually work? Is it worth it?”

Yes, and yes. Most definitely.

The Clarisonic Skin Care System was developed by the creators of the Sonicare toothbrush. I look at this in a similar way–the Sonicare toothbrush price tag shocked people, but it does give you a great clean. It’s a purchase that saves you money elsewhere in your life. The toothbrush kept you from going to the dentist as often for problems (or minimized problems found during your regular visits), and the Clarisonic does the same. You get a better clean, which lets other skincare products absorb better–you know, that pricey serum you purchased may have better results because of the increased absorption.

Here’s the other big reason why both sonic systems work: the timer. You’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes (30 seconds per side), and because the Sonicare lets you know when to switch sides, you actually brush for that length of time. Same idea on the Clarisonic; you can choose between one minute and two minutes cleansing times, and it will beep approximately every thirty seconds. We are all busy, busy people, so we often don’t think about whether we are properly cleansing. A few weeks ago, I read about a study where people who washed their hands properly with regular soap had the same amount of bacteria leftover as those who washed properly with antibacterial soap–because the key was washing your hands properly, getting underneath the nails and giving yourself enough time.

So, let me tell you how my skin has changed as a result of using this product for the past four weeks!

The Clarisonic is a beast when it comes to totally removing my face makeup. In the past, I have found most cleansers still require toner or a makeup wipe afterward to get rid of the last vestiges of foundation. This is not the case with the Clarisonic–I take a makeup wipe and it picks up nothing. It’s not scientific but that’s my little test for how effective a cleanser is.

My skin has also normalized more in the past few weeks–it is more normal, less combo, less dry. It’s just normal. I’ve always had skin that bordered on normal, but it would get a bit oily at the end of the day or I’d have some drier patches. Since I’ve started using Clarisonic, my skin is smoother and softer. I wear less foundation as a result, because I only need a sheer amount for evenness for a polished look.

I use the Clarisonic twice daily on the two minute setting; once in the shower in the AM, and then over the sink in the PM. It’s completely sealed, so it’s safe to use in the shower (it says so in the instructions!), which I think is fantastic! I usually start using the Clarisonic while I wait for the shower water to heat up, and then I finish the job in the shower. It’s easy on the skin, and it’s even easier to use.

We all know tugging, pulling, and rubbing the skin can lead to increased wrinkles. Clarisonic is a gentle cleanser that eliminates the tug and pull of your finger tips and hands. This is a huge thing for me, because I try to be gentle, but I’m never sure if I am, or if I’m still too tough on my skin! Clarisonic doesn’t make me question that; you hardly need any pressure to get the cleanser working. It’s more about connecting it to the skin’s surface than pressing or rubbing.

It has a cradle charger, much like a cordless phone (do people still have those? or are we all on cell phones now?), so you just set it inside to charge up. I find I get at least two weeks worth of twice daily usage before I need to recharge. The brush head should be replaced every three months, and they have three brush heads to choose from Normal, Sensitive, and Delicate. Again, like a toothbrush, the bristles do get worn and used, and then need to be replaced. At the same time, because you can easily replace brush heads (since you need to periodically), you can share this! You just need each person to have their own brush head, and everybody can try it. Take a permanent marker and write your initials on it so you can identify yours from his or hers.

I have always believed good skin comes from good skin care, not necessarily about using preventative creams and serums. This is a product that gets to the heart of a lot of skin care problems–cleansing–and it takes out the guesswork and makes it easy to get clean skin within minutes.