Chikuhodo x Beautylish The Sakura Collection Brush Set for Summer 2015

Chikuhodo x Beautylish Brush Set
Chikuhodo x Beautylish Brush Set

Beautylish has partnered with Japan’s legendary brushmaker Chikuhodo to release the first ever Beautylish collaboration project called The Sakura Collection. The Sakura Collection is a five piece brush set designed by Beautylish and handcrafted by Chikuhodo’s team of artisans in Japan. Each brush is made of the softest natural hair and constructed with a makie handle featuring cherry blossom design inspired by the Japanese tradition of sakura. The set includes two face brushes and three smaller brushes for eye and detail work with everything you need to complete an entire look. This limited edition brush set will launch on July, 2nd. The brushes will be available to ship worldwide.


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Chaia Avatar

I googled and saw several sited say Beautylish will only have 200 sets and that the price will likely be just under $200. Gah. I’ve been fairly happy with my Wayne Goss brushes but I’ve always wanted to try Chikuhodo and these are just so pretty, too.

Tracy Avatar

I’ve had my eyes on these but have yet to make the move into luxury makeup brushes. Since I don’t own any what would your opinion be about this set? Sometimes sets aren’t the best way to go since the quality can be compromised. I’m also not a fan of purchasing things sight unseen but again this has me intrigued. Any thoughts?

Nicole Avatar

I heard the same on the two sets Chikuhodo put out at this past Holiday. So pretty to look at. but, some people had issues with the brush head coming almost apart from the handle. I think there were some rumors that they were actually machine made vs. hand made ( which is what they are supposed to be).

Chaia Avatar

There’s going to be a Sephora Hakuhodo collab and the brushes will be synthetic. I googled and found some info but didn’t know if I was allowed to link other bloggers.

Katherine T. Avatar

Ooh, SO pretty!! I love the cherry blossom design, so fitting for such a brand. Just worried how much this is going to cost, but if I have to ask, I probably can’t afford it !

Nancy T Avatar

These are stunningly gorgeous! I do wonder what the price will be, however. And also concerned about the “natural animal hair” because whatever animal hair has been used in MAC’s 217 irritates my eyes to no end! So, I am guessing that I’m allergic to the 217 animal?

Nancy T Avatar

Goats!!! Thank you for that info! Oh my, this would make sense. And might explain why I had such a rough time after making a Greek salad with Feta in it. Ate it 3 days straight for lunch, 3rd day: pain!!! Now I have to find out if I am allergic to goats.

Jade Avatar

My understanding of animal allergies is that you are allergic to the animals dander, which is shed from the skin and carried by the hair, as opposed to being allergic to the hair itself. So by the time you process the hair and turn it into a brush, all traces of the dander should be gone. Not to say you couldn’t still be reacting to the brush for some other reason!

Nancy T Avatar

That’s what I had always believed as well, dander, until I looked it up last night after reading Coley’s comment and found out that with goats it can be even, in some cases, so severe that some cannot even wear cashmere ( NEVER knew cashmere was from goats until yesterday!). Every single time a 217 got used on me, my whites of my eyes turned bloody looking, lids and surrounding skin itched like mad, too. Now I bring my own brushes. It’s just bizarre because I CAN wear cashmere! Although it does give me little red dots wherever it was rubbing more.

Ellen Avatar

I cannot wear cashmere is it is 100% cashmere, I can wear it when its mixed with silk or cottom or something diluted. I have no problems with the MAC 217, it was one of my favorite brushes for the crease, but it does get wider, and I have little eyes apparently. So I use 217 for crease and blending, and I could use recommendations for a great crease brush. But I do agree, that all the processing that goes into making a commercial product would probably remove the majority of dander in animal hair. Makeup brushes are probably processed far more for use on face than a clothing item would be. But everyone is different.

El Avatar

True for most – especially regarding cats, where the problem is often the saliva (that they deposit all over themselves grooming!) – but not all. I’m allergic to most animal fur and feathers, and I still have a reaction to fur that’s been cleansed of all dander, e.g., rabbit fur mittens. Down pillows are the worst!

I tend to prefer synthetic brushes for that reason. It’s just simpler to avoid than to test brushes individually.

Nancy T Avatar

Same here, probably 90% of my brushes are synthetic. The few older ones that I have must not be from goats I’m guessing. I do have allergies to cats, but take Zyrtec and Benadryl daily in order to keep my 3 furbabies!

Andrea K Avatar

So pretty!!! But my problem is that I really don’t trust Jaoan’s idea of ‘cruelty free’, when they poach whales without any measure, and butcher sharks only to get the fin, to make a dumb fin soup, eaving the bodies to decompose. Is why I don’t own any Japanese natural hair brush. I would love to, but that issue bothers me a lot. I don’t see them culturally interested in the well beimg of the animals.
Sigh… 🙁

Gaiya Avatar

There are various different people in each culture. I don’t think we should judge a culture based on what some people of that culture do.

Gaiya Avatar

But I must admit I’m not familiar with the standards of the Japanese brush makers. Is there a process that involves animal cruelty?

Elle Avatar

I absolutely LOVE the handles on these brushes. They look kind of like the MK-2 handle. I want to purchase this only if it isn’t an ungodly amount of money for the set and if the cheek brush is different from the Z-4. I can’t wait your hear your feedback on these Christine (if you choose to get them) 🙂

BonnieBBon Avatar

Is anyone else going to the launch party in S.F.? I just RSVP’d to the invite and am really hoping to meet some of the people who I know online only. I’m a little bit scared of losing my mind financially tho 🙂

Lotus Avatar

These are wonderful brushes but not for me. I prefer & only use synthetic. Some brands have really mastered them & after the way Japan falsely claims they are cruelty free.. I highly question any brushes made there now. I find the artwork beautiful & doable as a DIY project.. If you really need flowers on your handles! 🙂

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