Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Pre-order Exclusive Access for Temptalia Readers

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury is making her U.S. debut on September 2nd! One of her best-selling products is her Magic Cream, which Temptalia readers can pre-order through Beautylish (and avoid the mad dash of trying to get this on launch day–it was quick to sell out when she launched in the UK). AND if you’re new to Beautylish, you’ll get a $10 credit to your account to spend on your next purchase. Pre-order access is available first come, first available until 8/27 midnight PST or until the limited quantity is no longer available. Pre-orders will start shipping out September 15th.

You can also sign up for early access to shop the full Charlotte Tilbury line here!


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Laurie Avatar

No thanks. You might as well burn your money if you’re going to buy anything in a jar. Any beneficial ingredients — like antioxidants — degrade every time you open the jar and expose it to air. By the time you’ve used a quarter of the product, you might as well throw it out for all the good it will do.

JBoogie Avatar

I agree. It may well still function as a good moisturizer/primer, but in terms of antioxidants, both light and air are the absolute enemy. For the $95 price tag, I’d want to know I’m benefiting from all of the above.

Rhonda Avatar

That’s true..heard it from a licensed esthetholigist who did lots of research on cosmetic skincare ingredients.
She recommended anything in a tube for skincare to preserve the ingredients. If you think about it, the Rx brands of skincare, etc., are in tubes and sometimes even metal tubes.

Wednesday Avatar

No mad dash here: I’m skeptical.. I guess I feel healthy diet and a good skin care regimen (plain old vitamin C serum is my holy grail) sets the canvas and the name “Magic” cream just irks me. I wonder if this is supposed to be a primer? moisturizer? double duty?? I’ll read up on it a bit more. Anyhow, I stopped wearing primer quite awhile ago because I do not like the way it feels on my face. Yes, I get longer wear from foundation with than without, but I feel my makeup it sitting on top of my skin. Could be interesting, but I will definitely wait to hear more anecdotal feedback and I’m not convinced this necessary for me.

Irene Avatar

I believe Charlotte uses this as both moisturizer and primer to give a “glow” to the skin, although I’ve read some reviews of this cream from people with oily skin and the “glow” translated more as “oil” for them. I suppose it might be good for people with dry skin in need of dewiness.

Gilbert Avatar

$95 big ones?! I was hoping for the price range to be along Kevyn Acoin’s line…. But damn! I was looking to try a few things from this brand….looks like I’ll probably try a couple less (a lot less lol)..ugh wtf Charlotte!!

MakeupTray Avatar

This line looks beautiful! Goss Makeup Artist, used the foundation or something in a recent tutorial and it was gorgeous! Ugh! I knew this was going to be an expensive line

Gina Avatar

I have to agree with the poster who said jars are bad juju for this sort of thing. I’ve also read very mixed reviews about this cream in general. Both points are worth doing some research on.

Christine Avatar

I have heard a lot against jars, and then I also have read that it’s stabilized or preserved through other ingredients for the time it takes to use it up, etc. but I haven’t done my own research into it enough myself. (And even if the latter was true or partially true, it would depend on the ingredients in that particular product.)

Andrea Avatar

This cream is anything but magic. No cream is, unless we are talking about retinol. And I find disgusting how Beautylish, Wayne Goss and Tilbury did all this theatre to boost the sales. Beautylish CEO is talking about a stampede, as if we were cows. They made us believe there was little amount of products so people would rush to buy it without thinking. Find it just sad and disgusting.

Helene Avatar

I’m not sure, but I think it did. I’ve heard mixed revies on this, I have oily/mixed skin, so I don’t think it’s for me. However the products i have tried from CT are really good.
I think it’s a nice deal if you are interested in trying it. Unfortunately Beautylish doesn’t ship to my country, I think they ship to the UK, but ordering CT from the US if you live in the UK would be rather silly 🙂
CT’s online store ships worldwide, that much I know.
Her line isn’t cheap, but $95 is a medium price for me. (All skincare and make up is expensive here.)

Gina Avatar

Christine that does make sense, but do I really want stabilizers in my facial cream, just for the sake of having it in a jar? Granted, from what I’ve researched about this cream it started as a DIY product, so I’m sure she did truly need some sort of preservative, but it’s history, mixed reviews, and “secret” ingredient list make the $95 price tag all the more iffy. Heck, you can replicate Creme de la Mer with a trip to CVS.

Gina Avatar

I think I’d still give it a try if Beautylish had a longer return policy. 30 days isn’t enough IMO, sometimes my skin takes a bit to react either well or badly, which is why I love shopping at Sephora. Or if they made a smaller size- I love how Hourglass sells an $18 bottle of their Mineral Veil primer!

Christine Avatar

Hi Andrea,

Totally understand that you don’t like the product or think it’s an effective product, and do not like how the launch is being handled. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts! Just to be clear, this is a pre-order – you order, they ship, you receive product — just like any pre-order that’s been done by retailers like Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. 🙂

Andrea Avatar

Yes, I know…what bothers me is all that ‘campaign of terror’ conducted by Beautylish. I was going to purchase it, but got fed up with the lack of straightforwardness. Like…oh…hurry up…oh, is sold out…oh, we have some more but hurry up cause it is going to get sold out…oh…we have some left! Pft! I wrote to Nils Johnson.. Isn’t that his name? I really don’t appreciate that and much less to be referred as ‘stampede’. So I thought…you know what? Forget about it. My Vitamin C plus Ferulic Acid does the brightening quite well, with the Retinol. Regardless how curious I was, I cam live without.
I like more straightforward sale. Here is the product…you pay ..there you have it. All those emails from Nils were just unfortunate, I think.

Mietta Avatar

Didn’t she make this ‘magic cream’ in the first place? Which means that the ingredients aren’t probably anything special. And $95?? What a ludicrous price for something where the ingredients are probably from your local pharmacy for cheap!! Definite pass.

Anna Fantasia Avatar

Oh my gosh Christine. I feel like you are getting beaten up! Thanks for bringing us this opportunity, but I will have to pass. I dont think it’s too expensive. My two moisturizers are in a similar price range (especially considering the $10 credit deal), being the Korres Black Pine line and a beautiful brand called InFiore from San Francisco. Their creams are even pricier, but oh so good. Interesting that Charlotte is getting such a bad reception in the US. Another blogger featured this same item and also had many negative responses. Thank you and take care.

Anna Fantasia Avatar

Its a small local to SF brand that uses many natural plants and extracts. I love their oils- particularly their Calme Face oil. I have very sensitive skin and this just prevents skin reactions while it balances. Sits beautifully under makeup too. I also use the Creme de Fleur which is such a lovely moisturizer. As you can see, its pretty pricey but for what little is used daily and the effects on the skin, its pretty great! Thanks Christine
website if you want to check it out:

LT Avatar

I can not believe these comments, guess I was brought up with if you don’t have anything nice to say then keep quiet – constructive critism is one thing but these posters are not being polite to you for all the hard work you do – I have looked up each and every ingredient and it seems quite amazing to me especially at this price point! perhaps some have not be to m/u counters recently but this is buy no means out of line with many other brands – buying from drugstore is fine if one feels that works! I would much rather spend on skin care thus reducing the need for m/u! I have tried both wonder glow + multi miricle cream and both are fantastic! would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to review magic cream + thank you for all your dedication + hard work!

Amalia Avatar

It is just an overpriced piece of marketing! There is nothing magical in this cream , that we haven’t seen before , there is no secret ingredients because is against European regulation . The jar packaging is a big no no because once that jar opens , immediately compromise the stability of the anti-aging superstars it contains. Sorry.

sonia Avatar

I really don’t know why ppl are getting so worked up by this post… thanks Christine for sharing! I personally am pumped for this release for my super dull/dry skin in fall/winter in spite of all my skincare efforts!
if you’re not interested, just don’t buy it!! i’m sure no one will be personally offended. As if this is the most hyped beauty product out there… Please!

Meiya Avatar

I’m looking forward to a review of this product that lists its ingredients and assesses its effectiveness based on what those ingredients are proven to do. Without that, it’s all snake oil. I’m frankly surprised that I’ve seen no reviews anywhere so far from its European launch that list its ingredients.

Also, I’m another who is turned off by the jar packaging.

All that said, I’m excited to see the rest of the line in person.

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