Challenge: Wear Colors You’re Afraid Of

Challenge: Wear Colors You’re Afraid Of

I’m actually not technically, technically afraid of any color, but I don’t usually reach for red eyeshadows because I don’t think they work well with me and take more effort than I usually can handle to work.  I’ve had the best success combining it with golds and oranges for a sunset-like eye.  I remember the first time I ever wore a pinky-red eyeshadow; my mom saw me not a minute after I had finished the look and asked if something was wrong and if I had been crying.

Is there a color you’re “afraid” of?  Maybe you can’t find a way to make it work or you really don’t think you can pull it off…

While I don’t think I look like I spent the past hour crying my eyes out, I didn’t love how it came out–the purple I picked for the lid color was too dark, and I think I’d opt for something with some shimmer to open up the eyes more (which is why I ended up adding a shimmery mauve to the inner tear duct area–there was just too much darkness on my eyes).  So, I’m still working on finding a way to wear red eyeshadow that’s not just gold/orange/red (because that combo I can do!).  I almost, almost tried green with Christmas just around the corner but held myself back! 😉

You will need the following…

For eyes, I applied a light layer of NARS Smudgeproof on the lid as an eyeshadow primer from lash line to brow bone with a firm, flat brush.  The first eyeshadow I applied was Inglot #450, and I used a fluffy crease brush to lay down the crease color to help provide a good blended background for the intense red I planned to use.  Next, I applied Inglot #325 onto the lid with a small eyeshadow brush.  With a firm, domed crease brush, I applied Inglot #382 into the crease and blended just slightly outwards so the red would also peek through with my eyes open.  Using a large eyeshadow brush, I softened the crease color with Inglot #353 and applied it to the brow bone.  To lighten the look, I applied Inglot #420 on the inner tear duct with a fluffy angled brush.  On the lower lash line, I first applied Make Up For Ever #7 and layered Tarina Tarantino Glitter Mist on top.  Finally, I applied a coat of Bare Escentuals Buxom to lengthen lashes and then thickened with Hourglass Film Noir.

For face, I applied Make Up For Ever HD with a circular foundation brush.  I blended Le Metier de Beaute Coral Nymph onto cheeks with fingertips and set with Guerlain Les Voilettes.  For lips, I applied Giorgio Armani #602.

Check out more photos!

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Hi Christine,

The eyeshadow combo looks really pretty on you! Heck, I like everything you come up with!

I second the red eyeshadows, and I’ll add the plums with strong red tones. They either make me look like I’m crying, or they make my look I bruised my eye area. Plus, I have an extremely pale yellow-olive complexion, so I find those tones clash with my colouring and make me look even more pale.

How about mustardy yellows? I find those take a fair amount of effort to work on me! Anything red-based can definitely be tricky, though!

I thought this look was stunning on you. Personally, I can’t ware certain pink like MAC cranberry as it looks like my eyes are irritated.

I’d love to wear green eye shadow, but my eyes are green so it probably wouldn’t look very good.

Love the glitter eye liner !!

You never know! 🙂 And sometimes, even though it may not be say, the MOST flattering look you’ve ever worn, doesn’t mean it can’t still look good. You know – like we have good, great, and greatest? IMO, I look my best in neutrals, but I still like the way I look with brighter colors so for a head shot, I might opt for my best look but can still do something that looks good but maybe doesn’t make me look the most beautiful ever on other days 🙂

Pfft, I wear green all the time, and I have green eyes. Part of the trick is to pick up on the differences between shades. And decide what you want to play up. My eyes lean green-gray, so I’m very fond of teal, can work a khaki sort of green (these sometimes have gold shimmer too, along the lines of UD’s mildew), or even going towards chartreuse.

I actually really like this look for you – it makes your eyes pop and you look somehow…how do I put it…lively, fun, a little pirat-y 😉 (you remind me of a hot pirate, don’t ask me why LOL).

But I really would have wanted to see the green and red Christmas eye-make-up 😀

Wow, I almost never comment, but I just had to.

This is just stunning on you!! I love the color in the inner corners – just gorgeous! I think this look really complements your skin tone really well.

So pretty!

I often reach for red-based colors, I used to get the “WTF happened to you?”, but then saw that changing base colors really made it different.
I’m actually afraid of a Dark Intense Black all over my eye, never done a classic smokey eye in public. When I do, it seems like I have two big holes in my face! So I only limit the black into my outer-v. 🙁
Other that, pretty much every color is in my everyday palette!

It can totally have that effect! If you can, false lashes can help minimize that effect or use something really shimmery on the lower lash line/above the crease to catch the light.

My most challenging e/s color is likely blue. I have icy blue eyes that are very striking and my favorite feature, and any time I wear a blue e/s it feels like it detracts from the natural beauty of my eyes. I’ve tried a few different ways, but just can’t seem to find anything that works to my tastes.

An all-red eye is one of my favorite daring looks to do, with Siren from Lime Crime (hoping to get Asylum from Sugarpill soon, too). I wore it grocery shopping a few months ago, and it caught the attention of a precious little boy who kept telling his mom, “that lady looks like a dragon, her eyes are so pretty, mommy!” 🙂

I wonder if maybe a green-blue or blue-purple might work better? It would provide a little more contrast. Or even a really dark navy blue? Maybe you could play on the icy feel and do silver + blue!

What a beautiful look! The close ups are scarily bright but the overall look is so “fresh with an edge” (if that makes sense, hahaha) The purple makes your eyes really pop!

I did a shoot for latinas and they looked great with white in the tearduct, a sheer white on the browbone, red on the lid and extended slightly on the crease and black on the outer corner fading to the middle in the crease with black liquid liner on top and black pencil on the bottom. Really pretty.

Nope, I like it, but you know that I believe in color, lol. Going light on the lid would be a cop out: you have the coloring and the shade you’ve used is good on you. I’d have taken a black liquid or gel liner and done a double flick: one at the inner and outer corner. Then I’d have set it with the same shadow that you used on the eye or a darker one. Your inner corner would take no work at all for that. Fade the liner into the glitter that’s on the bottom. Do the waterlines – top one with a graphite color to make your lashes look thicker and the lower one with something light to make your eyes look larger. These are only minor suggestions, though, because you look pretty as-is.

By the way, thanks for using the color on the lips. As long as your lipstick doesn’t compete, it does not have to be nude.

You should do bright colors more often! You may be trained as an attorney, but you work as a blogger – get lively with your color, Girl!

Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, wearing liner on my upper lash line tends to cause my lid to swell up and sometimes so much so that I can’t see out of it – I have tired 20-30 eyeliners over the years, including just using pencils, eyeshadows, etc. The problem seems to be the area itself, which is just very sensitive to anything (even applying my eyeshadow, I am careful not to get the bristles too close), so that is the reason I do not do upper eyeliner.

I have no problem with color and I’m not afraid of it – I actually just prefer natural colors now 🙂 It’s just a change in preferences over time. I like them but no longer gravitate towards them like before – it has nothing to do with being a blogger or not. I just wear the makeup I enjoy wearing, which is what I think makeup should be about – not pleasing others!

Thanks, Kathy!

Well if that’s the case, then I’m happy. Choosing colors based on your preference is the only way to go. I’m sorry about the liner thing. Like I said, the look is beautiful on its own!

I think it looks quite fabulous, actually.

You’re right about reds, though: they look best with golds/coppers. One reddish shadow I’ve been working a lot lately is Coppering by MAC.

I absolutely love this!!

I wore red eyeliner and I got asked if I had been crying too, so I’ve never worn red since, but maybe I’ll make a trip to Inglot for an affordable shot at red again!

I rarely wear bright blue, so maybe I’ll have a go this week 🙂

I went to a Christmas party with gold and green eyeshadow with red eyeliner (I used Shiro Cosmetics Unsatisfactory Mark wet) and it worked SO well. I think it really depends on the skintone. I’m fairly pale, but I have yellow undertones and brown/amber eyes.

Gorgeous!!!! I have almost green eyes (a mix between green and hazel) and I think these will make the green in it pop!!!
Thanks for the idea, Christine!!!

Hi Christine,
You did great! You is actually quite a common color for bridal makeup in India.. Specially for brides since our traditional outfit is supposed to be red..maybe tht can give u more ideas..we do a lot of red and gold , google indian bridal makeup !

See, I think that looks gorgeous on you. I’ve worn red and black before which sounds horrific but I think it looked ok. Ish. Maybe not haha. Reds are hard for me to do, even on the lips, because I have a lot of redness on my cheeks (damn you sensitive irritable skin!) and I’m deathly pale with pink undertones. Even blue based reds sometimes look a little wrong on me, though this season I’m determined to pull off a red lip. Other than reds which I’m not really afraid of, they just look ‘wrong’ most the time, I’m not afraid of any colour. I love bright oranges and corals for spring and summer and deep vibrant purples and blues for winter. Maybe a little green too! Neutrals however… I’m more afraid of those.

I might copy this look!

I shy away from reddish eyeshadows for the same reason. I don’t have the expertise — or the patience, for that matter — to make them work either.

By the way, your brows are incredible.
I’ve got brow envy as I sit here, about to fill in my sparse browlets. 🙂

I did that the other day, i wanted to make a kind of wintery look using blues and I used silver in the inner corner. I’m usually affraid of silver. I was affraid of blues before cause I have blue eyes but as you advised me to do after reply to my comment about it on a post ages ago, now i’m not affraid of them cause i can wear them with other colors. Though i was still affraid of silver. I tried to make a silver look for new year last year and I had to take off everything cause it made me look almost “dead” pale. So here I used it with blues and to mix the blue I used gold on the lower lash line. It was gorgeous and the silver didn’t look bad ! Do you have any other tips on how I could wear those silvery shadows without making me look awfully pale?

Thanks a lot ! 🙂

That’s so great!! I’m glad you tried finding a way to make silver work for you 🙂

Have you tried it with teals or even purples?

Christine it’s incredible how amazing you look all the time 🙂 this combo is so pretty and looks stunning on you!

I’m not a fan of red because I have a very pale skin tone and brown eyes so it makes look like I’m a demon or something lol. But it’s a color I like, so last summer I got a red shadow by Essence (44 “It’s Up To You!”), which is red but when applied it’s buildable and not vibrant so it looks like a pretty coral shade.
I’m also afraid of violets because they look like an eye bruise, but I love that color so I use it no matter what lol. I try to match it with colors that even out the bruise effect lol.
Last color I’m afraid of is acid green although I really like it. It makes my eyes look so tired lol. I’ve found the perfect combo for it so I can use it now.

Christine, what’s wrong with this look? It’s beautiful and gorgeous! I myself would wear a combo of purple/burgundy with red….except I haven’t found the red red like the one you are wearing. Or rather I don’t have such red color.

And I love the lilac glitter on your lower lash line!

OMG! Christine..that is GORGEOUS! I TRIED using MAC’s red pigment (got a whole bottle of the stuff) just looked WEIRD on me..but I love what you did with the Ingot and the cranberries and the purples! Totally works! also tried playing with MAC’s yellow pigment..ahh! ran for cover..maybe because they’re so matte?…

Hi Christine! I follow your blog daily, even though I rarely comment. Today, I just want to tell you how wonderful you look. You did a fantastic job with these colors. I would be afraid to try the look on me–since I have hooded eyes–but you look fabulous!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!! Hugs,~Moonchime

These colors look beautiful on you!
I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months now, and your daily
reviews/looks are something I look forward to every day.
Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your work!!!

I absolutely love how this looks! I love certain types of dark plums and purple browns even though they make me look like I’ve been punched in the face. It’s pink that I’m scared of! I just can’t find a way to make them look nice on me.

Personally, I think that this looks really lovely on you- no reason for you to have worried. You definitely don’t look like you’ve been crying! It’s funny, because reds never worry me, but I’m always uncomfortable with bright blues, which other people seem to be able to pull off so easily. I guess what scares us is highly individual… Great idea for a post, by the way. I know that the popular preference was to include fewer face-of-the-day kind of looks, but I always really like them 🙂

I can see what you mean about it being a little dark, but I thought it was pretty gorgeous! This definitely makes me want to play around with color a little more. 🙂 I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that the most fun thing about makeup is COLOR! Speaking of wearing colors you’re afraid of, I NEVER wear very cool colors (like light blues, for example) because I have a really warm tone to my skin and I’m worried I’ll look crazy… but a few days ago, I was bored, so I did a light blue lid with a purple crease and warmed it all up by adding a little bit of a warm reddish-brown to the crease to blend it all together… turned out soooo pretty! I love when experiments turn out really well. 🙂

I love love love playing with color! I used to do aerial acts for a circus so I got to wear all kinds of colors to match my costumes…Many of my costumes were red, and I liked to do silver+red, silver+various pinks+red, and a light peachy/orange+red+violet. It is a little tougher to work with but you can do really bold things with it!!!

I think this looks great on you! Very bold!

I am going to try pink eyeshadow for Xmas (I’m wearing a pink shirt)–I’ve never done outright PINK before, afraid I’ll look like I’ve been crying or have pinkeye lol. I’ve done very very light pink–almost sheer. But I have a trio of pink eyeshadows from My Pretty Zombie I’m dying to try…I may add a little green and either gold or silver. We’ll see 😉

Christine, I think this looks awesome on you! It’s bright, it’s punchy, and it’s such a fun party look. And the red on top of the purple works because I think if the colours had been reversed, not so much. Red too close to the waterline and lashline are really tough to pull off! You look beautiful and I adore the sparkly purple eyeliner.

For me, I don’t wear eyeshadow too often (I play more than I actually wear, haha, and I’m much more of a lip girl), but when I do I shy away from blues. I have a light complexion with natural rosy pink cheek and when I wear blue, I look like I have hypothermia! >_<

Love it! Ooh, I have to do this for my own blog– but with blue and copper/rust. Ugh, hate those colors on me.

I actually really love red eyeshadow. People always recommend purple to make green eyes pop, but red does a better job if you ask me 🙂

WOW!!! This look is amazing. Red eyeshadows are kind of a weakness of mine. I gotta have ’em all! LOL. I usually wear red with black or brown… and I do kinda get the irritated eye look, but I kinda like that because I’m strange and I like to look evil. Hahaha. I guess the colors I’m most afraid of are blue and green. I can never make them work out. =/ blues often turn out a little strange on my yellow-toned skin (once, a blended out blue looked a bit greenish o_O I’m not THAT yellow…). Green just scares me for some reason. What are some good blues and greens I can start with? Oh, and I noticed that you don’t often wear eyeliner in your looks, Christine. Why is that?

I don’t wear upper lash eyeliner because my upper lash line is really sensitive 🙁 If I put anything on it, it swells up!

You could try greens like MAC Sumptuous Olive, which may be more flattering on yellow undertones! Try a blue like Electric Eel!

The purple definitely blends out the red so it looks less like an eye infection, even from afar. It’s a very festive holiday look that will sure be a stunner at any party! Did you color coordinate your top to be purple as well? Or was it the other way around?

Also, what do you use to fill your brows? Do you also use a sealing gel or something?

Christine, you always look good with purple eyeshadows, as for the red, it really looks like an eyeshadow and not like a bruise/night of crying because it’s so bright that it’s clearly make-up 🙂 You’re pulling it off.

And as a response, I can’t wear orange or red. My face is very yellow-ish, and my hair is dark. Orange eyeshadow really makes me look weird. Red, I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure that there wouldn’t be much of a difference. But you’re right. Red based eyeshadows – tricky! But I’ve seen a blonde girl with pale skin and blue eyes wearing red on her eyes in a more retro way (one clear splash of matte red in an oval form), very cool, I loved it.

Hi Christine – my first thought when I saw the eyeshadow was not red, I saw it more as a dark pink. But either way, I love the look, love the whole face in fact. I think this look is one of your best ever, those colors really suit you. Have to say (and I’m giving my age away here) I used to love those colors on my eyes back in the 80s. Loved the whole fuchsia/purple makeup thing. Glad to see it sees to be coming back in, but with a bit more restraint!

The red is gorgeous on you, Christine. It brings out the warm, rich tones of your eyes.

I’m very pale with peachy/yellowish tones and blue eyes, so red would be utter fail on me. But maybe I’ll experiment with a teal or green…

DIVINE !!!! Absolutely Divine you are looking ….
I am out of words to praise how beautiful you are looking and considering the colors you used …. seriously …. WOW

okay can you measure how much I adore and love you n Temptalia ???

If I could I would add “Temptalia” in world’s dictionary

I quite like this look on you. I agree the purple could be a touch lighter when viewed up close, but seen from a personal distance, I think it would look just fine.

Color fears…as far as eyeshadow goes, I have quite a few I avoid. I’m daring with lipstick, but I tend to be very conservative where my eyes are concerned. Anything in the black-based spectrum intimidates me. I’m slowly breaking this barrier by working my way through darker browns and navies first. I also tend to avoid burgundies or reddish purples because they make my pale skin look bruised. (Urban Decay’s Last Call is a serial offender.) Also, bright colors in general tend to make me feel really washed out. I stick more to jewel tones and neutrals.

OKAY !!! Just read it again but still maintain

you are looking beautiful babes and I must say you have outdone once again with lovely lip and cheeks and thats why the whole look is absolutely adorable.

I have learned everything from you so I am not in a position to suggest you 😀 and guess what , you are perfect sweetie 😀 😀
My Christine is the Best 😀 😀

I think it looks really good on you 🙂

my color is bright blues and greens (i’m thinking of like clarity or newly minted) i’m really pale and look like i’m 15 years younger than i am so when i wear these colors, they say to everyone “hi, i’m a young adolescent who likes to have sex for drugs” 🙁

It’s actually a pretty good combo on you! I did a similar look a while back, but with a pink where you put the red. Not doing that again. I think it would have looked better if I had done the pink on the lid and the purple in the crease, or at least it would have been more flattering to my eye shape.

I especially love the glittery purple liner on the bottom. It would totally rock with a silver/grey/purple look, too!

I actually like this look the most out of all the ones on this page. The combination is quite unique, but still organic somehow – probably because it reminds me of a fuschia. I think sometimes the most daring combinations are also the most striking. Great work.

Blacks, reds, dark blues (not teals), and very dark shades in general are the hardest for me. I have very dark eyes and pretty bad dark circles, so those colors tend to make me look tired or drugged. ^^; Wrong choice of pink shades also make me look like I have pink eye. >:

Thank you for this post! I just bought a “Color Tattoo” eyeshadow in gold and work it and i was extremely underwhelmed. I did a natural eye because i thought it would look best and it looked bad on me so i planned on giving it to me sister who looks amazing with golds but after seeing this i went back and did my make up with the gold for an all over lid color a green eyeliner on my water line and a dark blue in the crease and wet as a liner on the bottom and it looked amazing! Thank you for “challenging” me to wear a color that i was more or less “afraid” of!

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