Challenge: Felines – Corinne, Ashley, Jimena, Dana, Henry, Ina

Challenge: Felines — Corinne, Ashley, Jimena, Dana, Henry, Ina

Six more creative and fun looks based on various takes on the feline challenge!  Hope you enjoy!

Check out their looks!


CORINNE is a thirty-two USAF Veteran that works in IT and is currently working on getting her blog going.

INSPIRATION: “I was inspired to use our two cats for this look; Gypsie, a tortoise shell, mostly black with a “salt and peppering” of orange and white gold and Smoke, a Russian Blue, all grey with a very faint deeper grey tiger stripe. I wanted this look to showcase not only their unique coloring but also their bold independence and spirit. Their mystery and magic but also their protectiveness and territorial nature.” — Corinne

EYES: She used Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion, Urban Decay Cobra Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Polyester Bride Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Baked Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Blunt Eyeshadow, MAC Marked for Glamour Superslick Eyeliner, Urban Decay Gunmetal 24/7 Liner, and Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara.

LIPS: She wore NYX Medusa Lipstick.

FACE: She used Urban Decay Illusion Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation and Too Faced Candlelight Powder.


ASHLEY is a huge fan of makeup, and ever since she moved to Calgary, she’s had way more temptation from the high-end department stores!

INSPIRATION: “More or less a wild cat hunting. As a liner lover it was more or less a given with the feline theme but I love the intensity in the wild cat’s eyes, beautiful, and took notes from the white lining the black, as well as a strong cheek-bone structure.” — Ashley

EYES: She used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, Urban Decay Cherry Eyeshadow, RImmel Brown Eyeliner, Marcell Neutral Eyeshadow Quad, and Wet ‘n Wild White Eyeliner.

LIPS: She wore MAC Sub-culture Lip Liner and Too Faced Centerfold Lipstick.

FACE: She used MAC Harmony Bronzer and Make Up For Ever #13 HD Blush.


JIMENA is nineteen years old and from Monterrey, Mexico. She’s been loving makeup since she was sixteen! You can find her on YouTube.

INSPIRATION: “For this look I wanted to make like a cat eye shape with the black eyeshadow and use the liners too, so it wasn’t completely black and also because I like how the liners colors look with black.” — Jimena

EYES: She used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Carbon Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Binge and El Dorado 24/7 Liners, and Lancome Hypnose Mascara. She wore random false lashes.

LIPS: She wore Lancome NYX Eggplant Lipstick.


DANA is a hairstylist and also does makeup here and there. She loves watching RuPaul’s Drag Race for inspiration and make them more conservative (but not too conservative!).

INSPIRATION: “I always wanted to do a more extreme take on the traditional cat eye…really exaggerate it. This was perfect to test it out. I used some tiger colors with the extreme cat eye.” — Dana

EYES: She used Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion, Make Up For Ever Mat Bronze, Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow, Estee Lauder Pumpkin Eyeshadow, Sephora Pure White Nano Liner, Maybelline Blackest Black Cream Eyeliner, Urban Decay Perversion Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Polyester Bride Eyeshadow.

LIPS: She wore MAC Peachstock Lipstick.


HENRY lives in Las Vegas and attends UNLV, majoring in marketing. You can find him on YouTube!

INSPIRATION: “For this look, I wanted a simple background (my face) with a bold, pop of color (lips). The inspiration for this look came from a cat I once owned when I lived with my parents–the entire cat had white fur, but it had a black mouth and black paws that stood out.” — Henry

LIPS: He wore Revlon Persian Melon Moon Drops Creme Lipstick and MAC Pink Poodle Lipglass.

FACE: He used MAC Prep + Prime Skin, Benefit Porefessional, MAC Medium Studio Moisture Tint, and Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer.


INA love to experiment with makeup as they’re an endless fascination to her! She just started up a beauty blog.

INSPIRATION: “My inspiration is my cat, she is pictured in two of these shots together with me, I just love her so much and find her so beautiful and inspiring. I took most of the inspiration from her colouring and I was very happy to be able to also include a hot fall trend, the dark lips. I tried to make the inspiration for my look obvious, but to still make it wearable and pretty.” — Ina

EYES: She used NYX Neutral Eyeshadow Trio, NYX Walnut Pigment, Bourjois Brown Liquid Eyeliner, Seventeen Cosmetics Teal Eyeliner, and DiorShow Blackout Mascara.

LIPS: She used Oriflame Brown Jumbo Eyeliner.

FACE: She wore Bourjois Concealer, Revlon Photoready Foundation, and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer.