Can you be too old to wear glitter?

Can you be too old to wear glitter? Whether in your eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, nail polish, and so on.

NO! I think it has more to do with how you feel in your makeup. And, of course, it can depend on where you are in life – e.g. if you have a career where makeup is expected to be very low-key, then of course glitter won’t play a large part in your life, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it ever!

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Rachel Avatar

I think there are certain things that perhaps you should be more careful about as you get older (like glittery lipstick) but in general it should be able what you feel you can wear! I see a lot of older women at the pharmacy I work at who seem to be stuck in this matte-finish rut, but they could definitely do at least shimmer if not full-on glitter.

blueraccoon Avatar

Absolutely not ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m fortunate enough to have a career where no one cares what I wear on my nails or really on my face, so I can wear all kinds of glitter and bright nail polish, and I love it! I don’t wear a lot of glitter on my face because I’m just not comfortable with it. But I think anyone can wear glitter at any age if they want to. There are a ton of ways to wear it, so you can be as subtle or not as you want to.

Miss J Avatar

No! People should wear what they like. I get not wearing it in a setting where it’s not appropriate. Otherwise, if you like it, wear it, and if you don’t like it then don’t. LOL. I’m not one to think that if you wear color, shimmer, or glitter that you’re somehow less mature or look less mature. IMO, that’s kind of a ridiculous thought process. It’s just makeup; it’s really not that serious.

Stephanie Avatar

I don’t think there’s a set age where you need to stop wearing glitter but I do think that you need to be aware of your audience if you’re wearing glitter on your face or body. I volunteer pretty much full time at my kids’ schools and while most days I wear what I want as far as makeup goes, if I know I’ll be addressing a group of parents or staff members that I hope take me seriously, I’ll skip too much sparkle and shine. I don’t think it *should* affect how people see you but I know that there are some judgy people out there so I tone it down when it fits the situation. I need you to hear me, not see my favorite green glitter liner.

Ultimately it depends on each individual and their situation. If you love it, rock that glitter girls! I smile anytime I see someone with creative makeup.

Caroline Avatar

I’m nearly 50 and I still love wearing glittery nail polishes and sparkly tops, so no, I don’t think you’re ever too old to shine! However, glittery eyeshadows and lipstick should be used with caution as they can settle into the fine lines around the eyes and mouth, which is definitely NOT a flattering look as you get older.

Sammychappers Avatar

You can never be too old to wear glitter but I do think that you need to use it in a more subtle way, the older you get. I’m 30 and I no longer feel comfortable wearing glitter on my eyes but I like to wear it (lightly) in blush. But I do like bold lipstick colors! I think you have to go what look will work with you and what feels comfortable!

Ruca Avatar

I second that emotion.

Not a fan of men who tell their wives and girlfriends what they should or shouldn’t be wearing, anyway, but that’s beside the point. Tell him you know a ton of ladies from ages 30 to 50 in a giant forum who all wear glitter. If we can, you can! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kelly B. Avatar

Hi Sarah! I was 22 when my boyfriend’s comments and behavior eliminated makeup, jewelry, hairstyles, clothing styles, friends and finally my smile. Over a decade later, I decided to leave my husband (same guy) and being controlled behind to go find my smile. Carreen Cole said it perfectly – I still regret every single thing I gave up…especially years of happiness.
By the way…one of my favorite eyeshadows is a purple pearl by Inglot…it looks great with my green eyes and my smile. And if anyone thinks I’m too old to wear glitter or anything else, they are more than entitled to THEIR own opinion.

Kelly B. Avatar

Thanks Carreen!!! I was tempted to keep my mouth shut but controlling and belittling behavior begins very subtly by suggesting you are too ___ for ___ and erodes your self confidence at best but becomea very dangerous too often. Reading your words made me grateful that while monitoring this, Christine is allowing us to speak something positive into Sarah’s life – and the countless others in the same scenario.
It is isolation that allows the lies to take root. I was working 3 jobs but still isolated because I was scared to speak.

Sarah, I think YOU are amazing for adding your comment. There is the possibility that he is saying you are too old for makeup because YOU look beautiful and HE is insecure. Just something to consider.

Silka Avatar

Keep the glitter, dump the boyfriend
And a word of advise from my mom, who is 72 and had been married for 51 years, never, never, ever, ask your husband if you should/can wear something….

Iliana Avatar

I’ve never been a fan of glitter, but if it’s shimmer, I guess not, depending on the state of your skin and where you place it. I can imagine my great grandma rocking a shimmery lipstick or even gloss, if she wanted to, just because her skin is in great condition.

Jax Avatar

I don’t think age is a barrier to anything, it’s always a question on how you do it. Glitter or skydiving!

I misses my younger skin but it does’t stop me using particular types of products.

Ruca Avatar

Goodness, Christine; I’m speechless. You answered for me perfectly.

No, never too old for glitter, especially if it’s something you love, or part of your job.

If you work in a conservative environment, then certainly–tone down or remove the glitter from your professional life, but if you enjoy it, then enjoy it on your weekends and holidays.

I think I might cry if anyone took my glitter away from me. Someone younger than me once said that she doesn’t wear full lid glitter because it’s not “sophisticated” at her age (ouch for me!), and all I could think was, “Oh dear, you must have the wrong glitter!” lol

I love it with bling-bling, and I love it finely cut and strategically applied, but most of all, I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mariella Avatar

Not on your life! While full on “MCRA” type glitter isn’t my thing, I love frosted, pearl products for my eyes. Something like MAC’s Naked Lunch or the pearl finishes from Inglot actually brighten my eyes and make them look more youthful, whereas matte products on my lids can look dull and dry (not always but in contrast to a pearly finish, this is often the case). I like blushes with a bit of shimmer to them too (again, not full-on frosty sparkle) because they impart a nice, moist looking sheen to my cheeks. And highlighers…bring ’em on!

helen Avatar

I have say that “shimmer” in moderation is acceptable, almost welcome to recreate a fresh, dewy (not sweaty!) look, but glitter….i think glitter is better left to the young. (and i’m an old(er) woman)…

Jennie Avatar

I wouldn’t put glitter eyeliner on my grandma, but I’d definitely encourage her to have fun with some glitter nail polish! But I do think it has a lot to do with personality. There are some mature ladies I know that would rock some serious glitter.

LC Avatar

Honestly, yes, I think you can be too old for glitter, at least in makeup. I think subtle glitter in nail polish is fine, but once you reach a certain age, I think glittery eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. just looks like you’re trying way too hard.

Patty Avatar

I used to say yes but now I say NO! My mom is an inspiration – she is almost 70 and he is the youngest almost 70 year old I know! And she love glitter and sparkle (but not too much) I swear it keeps her young!

IndianGlamPrincess Avatar

I think you are never too old to wear glitter! There is so much variety of products to choose from in the market- subtle, bold, finely milled… there’s something for everyone!!
There’s nothing like some glitter to sparkle things up a little bit!!

Danielle Avatar

Well first off, I think no one is too old to wear glitter around Christmas. As long as the glitter products are applied tastefully and not like a 12 year old, I think anyone can wear it and at any age.

Ruca Avatar

I’m with Careen! I’m 41 next month, and I rawk out the glitter with all my heart. It’s not an everyday thing, but you’re never too old to be fabulous!

I also love that two other ladies have said they are 50 & 53, and they love their glitter, too. My 74-year-old mother is obsessed with glitter eyeliner! No, never too old, and never a need to “slow your roll” if you love it. ๐Ÿ˜€

VickyM Avatar

People in their 20s and 30s look the same, entirely the same. Iยดm 23 and I refuse to be considered old for anything when I become 40, 50, 60 etc. You are never to old for anything, much less at 30!

Suselew Avatar

The older you are, the more judicious you need to be in using glitter. At 56, I wear it for special parties or occasions ONLY. Where a younger person (and I mean “younger”) can get away with it for every day, maturer women simply look (IMHO) like they are having a mid-life crisis.

EvilStepQueen Avatar

I just became serious about skincare and makeup in the past year and a half or so. And I have come to two realizations. 1, I love color!! Not a fan of neutrals, but they have their place. 2, I love glitter and from the day I discovered my love from glitter until the day I die, I shall always wear it! It makes me happy. It makes me feel fun, carefree, and youthful. My only New Year’s resolution is to wear glitter on me, somewhere, every day of the year! Whether it’s nail polish, a headband, eye shadow, whatever!!

Liza Avatar

Christine, I agree with you. I used to think differently, but honestly I truly believe that people should wear what makes them happy. I look at makeup as a way to express yourself. If you love a glittery lid then go for it! It’s your face!

Ani_BEE Avatar

I’m loving the new trend with rhinestones eyelids and glitter. When I say rhinestones just last year just one on the tear duct looked strange (and some time stupid with a nude eye) but using them that way all over the lid or liner is really funky.

Eileen Avatar

Here! Here! I’m 68 and love shimmer and finely milled glitter–the so-called “adult glitter”. If anything, a bit of shimmer or sparkle enlivens my look. I’d also like to add that placement is important as well as creating a balance of textures, but that is true at any age. Who said geezers can’t rock glitter? ๐Ÿ™‚

Catherine (@bcrueltyfree) Avatar

I agree completely – a resounding NO. I would be thrilled if I never heard another “beauty rule” about “no shimmer after a certain age” etc. At the risk of sounding overly emotional about makeup, it’s honestly sad to me when I hear people say things like “I’m 32 so I can’t use shimmer”… this is an area where I believe beauty blogs and beauty communities online have lots of power and potential to change the social norms/rules/etc in a more positive, empowering way and I definitely think they already have influenced it a lot.

VickyM Avatar

And the funny part is that people in their 30s look the same as people in their 20s, at least to me. I can never tell them apart, never.

Monica P Avatar

Nope! I’m in my 40’s and yes .. I LOVE glitter liner! I don’t wear it often and only wear hints of it .. maybe at the outer corner of my eye, but I still wear it – and LOVE IT!


Ani_BEE Avatar

I’ve found myself in the past 4 years loving glitter more and more. With brands like Lit and Eye Kandy will in the huge gap in shades and texture. When I want bold I’ve been using more matte shadows with glitter over that, I’ve been getting some complaint on it or people asking me what “eyeshadow” I have one my lid over simple shimmer eyeshadows. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m fortunately in that I has my Dad’s skin with is less likely to get creepy on the skin of the lids but i love that fact I know this technique as it work with all skin texture beautifully.

Lorraine ER Avatar

Never ever. I don’t think you’re ever too old to express yourself through how you dress, your hair, makeup, body mods, whatever. Life is too damn short to worry about someone thinking you’re makeup isn’t age-appropriate, except maybe when it comes to young girls. We are talking about being too old though and young girls are a whole different issue.

Bella Avatar

I think that it has far more to do with your personal taste and circumstances than with your age. Personally, I stopped wearing actual glitter somewhere around the age of 27 because I now prefer a more natural, sophisticated and polished look. But I am 44 now, and I still love some subtly shimmery eyeshadow and gloss, and rock Nars Orgasm and even Albatross as well as the next person.
Individual choice!

Tamara Avatar

i thinks after age 15 a face full of glitter or shimmer just looks silly but besides that i think rock the bling if you want. i resent the “makeup rules”

Teri Avatar

I’m 28 (really in my 30’s, shhh) and I absolutely love glitter. I never go overboard or tacky when I wear glitter. I’m a MUA, I know better to not go overboard. I will never give up my glitters!

Susie Avatar

Oh Girlies
I feel so liberated reading all the remarks. Having turned 50 last year, Im bearing all the hang-ups that nature generously bestows upon us girls (always going to be a girl!)My ex for nearly 20yrs frowned upon make-up let alone glittery ranges. Im now with a wonderful guy who believes, if you enjoy it then so do I as it keeps you young at heart. Thus I recite, when I grow old I will wear purple!

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