Archived Post MAC Bargains & Discounts!

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Okay, ladies and gents, you know that I love me some MAC, but I love it even more when it’s on SALE! Discounted, as a bargain… if it’s less than retail, I am so there! has some fantastic MAC products at slightly discounted prices (and even stuff you might not be able to find anymore!), and I’ve listed some products that I recommend 🙂 You can use coupon code ER10 to save 10% on your next order (they have tons of brands on slight discounts – some brands have better discounts than others). You also get free shipping on all orders of $25 right now, if that whets your appetite a bit. Check out! 😀

Products I Love & Are On Sale:

Antiqued Eye Shadow
Carbon eyeshadow (pan)
Fluidline Eye Liner (They have it in SO many choices – Blitz & Glitz, Blue Peep, Brassy, Non-Conformist, Royal Wink, Sweet Sage to name a few!)
Lychee Luxe Lip Glass
Poetique Lip Glass
Russian Red Lip Glass
Lil’ Sizzler Lip Gelee
Mega Lip Gelee
She Boom Lip Gelee
Sugar Shock Lip Gelee
Architecture Paint