Is there a blush color you dream of but haven’t found?

Is there a blush color you dream of but haven’t found? Share!
I need more brown and rosy-brown blushes in the world, as there aren’t nearly enough, though I’ve found some good ones in the form of Tarte Exposed, Burberry Earthy, and Korres Natural (which I think is discontinued).

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of course..I hate most colors because they are always too dark! I’m causasian so I want like white blush!! lol just kidding. 😉 Seriously my skin is pale-medium and I can never find a blush that I CAN use!

A dupe for Neutragena’s Healthy Skin Blends Sheer Highlighting Blush in the pink shade. It is so pretty!! The blush has been discontinued 🙁

Before I finished reading, I thought about tarte exposed as well.
There’s a theBalm instain (?) cheek color that is similar, but I can’t think of the name.

I need to find out what shade Megyn Kelly uses to contour… MAC Brit Wit seems to be a close match, but I want to find a dupe in powder form. Also, Chanel needs to bring back Notorious, or someone needs to dupe it.

I do have to thank you again, Christine, for your spot-on swatches, as I have never come across NARS Douceur in-store, and I never would have chanced it without your photos. It’s really become my “go-to” blush when I don’t have time to think, and it is such an amazing color.

I tried tarte Exposed, but it comes off far to pink on me, but I love the formula, and looks great on so many others.

BTW, have you tried NARS Zen? It is a brown, but has rosy undertones. I initially bought it to try as a contour, but it pulls too pink on me for that. However, I’ve come to love it as a blush (with a very light touch), or to contour when I use a blush.

A lavender blush with some pink that would work on an NC20-25 skin tone. I missed out on MAC Azalea Blossom and MAC Unconventional–hopefully something similar will show up soon.

Yes. There was I limited edition Mac blush called Happy together. And I LOVE it. It was the perfect brown toned pinkish beige color. Ibeen seeking a dupe for that color and haven’t found one.

Oh man, yes!! I’m on the (ever ongoing) hunt for a really brightening light purple blush — sort of a light lavender with a touch of pink. Everything I’ve found so far has either been too pink, too dark, or packed full of shimmer! 🙁

Hi have you tried wild flower heaven from they ship free samples of everything to most countries so you can order any shade from them.

Not a blush, but an iridescent highlighter would be cool. I’d also love it I had some way to wear blush at its maximum intensity (without looking clownish)- too often something that looks great in the pan looks meh on my skin because I am pale and many blushes look the same when applied lightly.

I was at a harvest festival last month and ran into two women wearing similar blushes that looked absolutely incredible on them. They were, however, in the NC 35 range, and I’m darker toned. I wanted to walk up to them and ask what blush each was wearing.

Translating the effect to my skin color (NC42-44), I need a golden rose with a brown undertone that provides the softest glow when looked at from an angle but which provides definition and almost matte appearance when looked at straight on. Definitely more of a daytime blush. It needs to last 12 hours and hide pores too.

I actually think Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in M Soft Mauve 225 would fit that bill perfectly. The name isn’t as indicative as the color payoff/swatches are. Very blue toned lilac blush. Google image some swatches maybe and see if you think it may work? Hope it helps!

A golden rose where the gold is the overtone and the rose is the undertone. I usually achieve that by layering a gold pigment over a light coral or rose blush, but I’d love it if I could get my hands on one blush that does the job! Haha.

I’ve been looking for a true purple blush color. The only thing I’ve come across that’s close is Mac Evening Stroll cream blush but it was Limited Edition. I’ve found a few lavender blushes but nothing that’s more of a medium, true purple 🙁

I can’t think of a color that’s not somehow available – I use blush as blush, but I also use eyeshadow as blush & lipstick as blush, so there are a lot of options!

Korres discontinued Natural? That makes me so sad, it was one of the best natural blushes out there along with Tarte Exposed. 🙁 I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as they also discontinued Orange, one of my favorite blushes ever.

*The right shade of burgundy/plum that isn’t too brown or dark and has a satiny cool-toned glow, but no shimmer.

*A nice satiny peach that doesn’t look muddy or orange on my skin. Maybe something like MAC Style, but without the extreme frost finish.

*A nice watermelon color that isn’t too red, pink or coral.

*Something like Tarte Exposed, but a bit cooler toned and with a subtle glow.

Oh, and I kinda want every shade possible with a texture and finish similar to Tom Ford Lovelust, lol.

My blush dreams were answered by Chanel Accent. I have four of those babies in my stash and pray I will never run out. The first day I wore it someone said “you look different really fresh and well rested” yeap the blush is a keeper!

I agree with needing more rosy brown shades! That’s the color I always look for but I can never find just the right balance of pink and brown. Also, must be matte or a satin finish. I’ve come across some possible “perfect shades” over the years but the amount of shimmer is the reason I’ve left them on the shelf.

OMG, I so agree with you Christine! I’ve been searching for that perfect neutral blush without much success. A rosy brown color are the perfect nudes for me, but all the blushes I find are either too brown (muddy looking), too pink (not neutral enough), or too orangey (fake tan looking cheeks on a pale face, ick). I recently got one from Avon,the Ideal Luminous Blush in Earthen Rose. Perfect color but with a serious lack of pigmentation. I was dying to get the Korres Natural (which looks lovely on you!) but was discontinued by the time I decided to purchase it.

I’ve been looking for years for a brown/pink blush that can serve as a neutral for my face. I finally found it in Cargo’s Prague, which has a combination of brown, pink, and mauve undertones. And then I visited the website and found out it’s been discontinued. *sob*

(I’ve heard Cargo’s Tonga is a great rosy-brown blush if you wanted to try it, Christine! It’s warmer than Prague and a touch pinker. It’s apparently Jennifer Anniston’s go-to blush.)

I would love a red blush that gave a beautiful flush to my cheeks. Nars Exhibit A is too orange and Dior in New Red is too Pink. I would love any suggestions someone might have. Thank you!

Julie I hope I have an answer for you. I adore red blusher and have a few suggestions for you. Of course I don’t know your skin tone, I’m about a MAC N15 (right between C and W really) but I do like experimenting with different undertones.

I’m guessing you want the wintery red flush for your cheeks and I agree that NARS Exhibit A is too orange for that (great in summer with warmer/more tanned skin though). From what I do have in my collection, I love YSL Blush Radiance in 5 (there are no names for this line). It’s red that’s slightly on the cooler side, but definitely not pink. In the same family is the once ultra-limited edition Chanel Joues Contraste in Rouge (no number, boutique release) that has since been released in Australia and parts of Europe (sadly not in UK) as a permanent addition to the range as 79 Rouge. Yes it’s baked, but the colour payoff is insane! I’ve had mine two years and it’s still going strong, you only need the lightest tap of the brush.

Another YSL lovely is Crème de Blush in 6 Passionate Red, a cream-to-powder formula. Not pinky at all, but also not orangey. I don’t have it yet, but every time I’ve swatched, I love it. I own Dolce & Gabbana in Sole but it’s slightly on the orange side although not as orange as Exhibit A (stiff texture too). Of the new Dior’s, they also have another reddish colour that is less pink than New Red called 896 Redissimo. Shiseido has Luminizing Satin Face Colour in RD401 Orchid, slightly muted, on the pink side. Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P Medium Red 175, slightly pink.

For some others I haven’t tried and others I don’t own but would love to:
– NYX powder blush simply called Red.
– Tarte Amazon Clay Blush in Natural Beauty
– Beauty is Life blush in Opera, I would love to get my hands on this, but no access for me, I think it’s available in Barney’s in US (I’m not willing to buy from overseas, customes is too much).
– Besame Creme Rouge in Crimson (again no access for me, but you might be able to get it).
– MAC Frankly Scarlet, it’s on the slightly pinker side and is matte.
– Illamasqua have a few red shades (Panic is nice), both powder and cream. Their website is good for swatches.
– Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in Poppy Passion. Lovely texture, this one has a slightly brickish tone to it.

Cream and liquid blushes tend to have a better range for bright colours and more specifically reds. If Benetint works for you, then that’s the obvious one. Armani Blushing Fabric in 2 (slightly pink). Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in 3 or 4. Becca Beach Tint in Papaya (slightly orange).

I won’t include other limited edition and discontinued shades, but they are out there. Also, these are what I know is available in the UK. Who knew I had so much to write about red blush? This is a little embarrassing! Well I hope here are some ideas for you for some fun research!

Leila, do you have a blog? OMGosh, if you don’t you should!!!!! You’ve given me so many wonderful suggestions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I made notes and put the ones Sephora and Nordstrom carry on my wishlists. I’m on a mission to find the NXY blush too. I was kinda of surprised to find the quality not bad on those blushes. Thank you again for your kindness and time Leila! ~Julie

You’re welcome, it was my pleasure. No I don’t have a blog, I’m just a bit too obsessed with finding the perfect colours. As I mentioned above, red is one of my favourite blushes and I’m always looking for new ones, so I have a little list of some I might like (with all the makeup actually), but a few things have their own category. A few I looked for in my collection (not as many as you would think, not even enough for the fingers on one hand!)

Oh one I forgot to add, it’s technically an eyeshadow, but in France, Sephora brand had a true red eyeshadow that would work wonderfully as a blush, very neutral undertones. I don’t have the name as I didn’t buy it, although I wish I did, but if you see it in store, you can’t miss it.

I had fun making the list, somewhere in there, I hope you find the blush you’re looking for. It’s nice to help someone find their perfect colours ^-~

I have the same problem. It can’t be too orange, but it can’t be too cool-toned, either, because it’ll pull fuschia. I’ve heard great things about YSL’s Creme de Blush in Red Passion, though. I’m not a huge cream blush person, but I might have to give it a look.

Oh you have to check the Creme de Blush. It doesn’t feel like a cream at all, it isn’t even mildly sticky! It feels very silky when you swipe over it with your finger and goes into a powder finish on the cheeks. Very pretty. If things tend to pull fuchsia on you, this might be good as it’s ever so slightly on the warm side that it’ll be very neutral on.

A clean, pure, deep red. I have bright reds, pinky reds, orangey reds, dusky muted reds, but one that is a pure deep red with no competing undertones has proven elusive. Besides that, a lovely lilac would be nice.

Christine, try Kevyn Aucoin Natura blush. It’s a brown/rosy brown that I like to put on lots of clients when they have a more bold eye or lip going on.

My favourite blush of all time is Sleek’s Sunrise, which is the rosy-brown colour you say you are looking for. It’s also shimmery, but I love shimmery blushes, so that is a plus for me.

I keep hoping you will do reviews of Sleek products; it’s probably my favourite brand. I have a lot of Sleek and NARS blushes, and for me they surpass the NARS blushes. For me, the price doesn’t affect the subjective value of the blushes. The NARS blushes are good quality of course, but they don’t make me feel all that special. When I wear the Sleek ones, even though they were objectively cheap, they make me feel like a million dollars.

I am always on the lookout for vibrant orange blushes, because I think they look best on my skin-tone. If they have gold shimmer, that’s perfect. I have Taj Mahal but I hope a cheaper dupe will become available for it before mine runs out. Sleek does some good dupes of NARS so I know they can do a Taj Mahal dupe that’s better than the original.

A powder blush same color as MAC cream blush uncommon (discontinued) or Bobbie Brown’s tawny stick blush (discontinued) the powder version is not the same.

NUDE NUANCE blush by ESTEE LAUDER anyone have a dupe ?
This is the perfect nude blush for my pale skin and I cannot find anything else like it !!
I agree with the need for more true nude blushes.

My favorite blush formula of the moment is Make up for ever sculpting blush, which is a pain to get where I’m from, but it’s just gorgeous. Silky, pigmented and buildable. I which I could find a good pinky beige with that formula

I found the perfect blush for my skintone but i droped it and it broke 🙁
it’s wet n wild color icon blush in “heather silk”
Also,they don’t sell that brand anymore here in Mexico so i REALLY want to find a dupe (i don’t mind if it’s high end) if anyone knows please let me know i’d love you (:

I almost always wear a strong eye, so it’s important to me to have a neutral blush. Back in my early 20’s Mary Kay Cosmetics carried THE perfect neutral pink blush that was my HG neutral. Since they discontinued it, I’ve yet to find my HG neutral pink. There’s either too much blue, yellow or orange in it.

BUT . . . I did, by happenstance, run across a swatch of YSL CRÈME DE BLUSH in Powdery Rose during Sephora’s 20% VIB event. I haven’t used it in a look yet, but I swatched it, and it looks almost exactly like MK’s Azalea but in cream-to-powder form. I think it’s true love — FINALLY!

Through Christine (and I truly mean this), I have found the following HG products:
Foundation (MUFE HD Liquid Foundation)
Best everyday Lipstick (MAC Hold the Pose)
Best Brow filler (Benefit Gimme Brow)
Best (no budge) cream eyeshadow (MUFE Aqua Cream)
Best Concealer (MUFE Concealer palette #1)
THE most EXCELLENT purple eyeshadow on the PLANET (MUFE #92)
Best overall nail polish (Zoya)
Illamasqua Raindrops!
Best eyeliner UD 24/7 eyeliners
Best eyeshadow (Guerlain)
Best finishing powder (Guerlain pressed Meteorites)
Best primer (MAC Strobe Cream)
Best everyday blush (Benefit Sugarbomb)
Best Mascara (toss up between Givenchy and Chanel Inimitable)
Best Luxury L/S (Guerlain)
My perfect red L/S (Guerlain #70 Gigolo)

Mary Kay Cosmetics used to be my HG line, but when she died her son started messing with the formulas, and I became allergic to the whole skincare line, so I gave up on the brand as a whole. Christine helped me find my way through the myriad of cosmetics available to us now.

I now have a HG hookup for all things cosmetics for the past 4 years — Christine! <3 😀

I’m truly honored and humbled, Melissa! 🙂 I am so happy to have been able to help you find so many favorites! Really… I am just… in awe, speechless a bit. Saving this comment for sure!

Well, ever since I watched the movie Wreck it Ralph, I’ve been waiting for a blush to be called “honeyglow” I’d imagine it to be a warm golden honey-peachy-pink color. It actually drives me crazy because I think it’s such a perfect name!

i just bought tarte exposed!!! i’m so in love.. i use it and then go over with the darker ambient light powder from the hourglass palette and it’s one of my favorite looks by far.

Since I have a natural red flush going on unless I wear foundation I rarely think of anything but a red or a pink blush. However, once I do put on a base I appreciate and gravitate toward the paler colors. Have you tried Estee Lauder for a rosy brown? I just saw their holidays kit and it looked to have a blush quad you might like.

A sheen-y lilac is the only thing I can think of. I guess I’m not too picky about blushes because I can get by with MAC Blushbaby, MAC Breath of Plum, Benefit Coralista, Benefit Dallas, NYX Red and the new mini Tarte Thankful, as well as Stila Rose Convertible Color and NYX Boho Chic cream blush, they all come close enough to the right shades to make lots and lots of looks work. I end up in Breath of Plum most of the time in the winter and Coralista or Dallas in the summer with the others as special occasion blushes (but I am loving the Tarte one that I just got, it’s a less “dirty” shade than I normally wear.

I went on the hunt yesterday, for a cool purple/pink blush yesterday and thought I’d never find it… Went to Sephora, but because high end makeup is sooo expensive I try to stick with the lesser expensive brands. I found myself looking at Marc Jacobs… found it!!!! 212 Outspoken – cool lilac pink… it was $30 but I just had to have it!!! It comes in this adorable little bag with a brush and a mirror.

Tarte’s Exposed is such a lovely color, and I’ve never found anything else exactly like it. Have you ever tried NYX’s Powder Blush in Raisin?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in the U.S. (the Natural blush) – there are only four shades available but Natural isn’t one!

yes i agree we need more rost brown blushes!

christine, has “santa rose” by rimmel been discontinued in the US? its discontinued in canada, and it was one of my favourites!

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