Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes Review & Photos

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes
Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes ($12.00 for 10; $22.00 for 30) are supposed to “remove color, replenish, and mattify.” The moistened wipe says it will “soothe and hydrate while removing your old lip color.” Even if this was an amazing lip color remover, it’s a product that really only makes sense in a more in-case-of-emergencies situation where you just have to remove your lip color on the go, but you’re paying for the convenience. I didn’t like the feel of the product, its efficacy, the size of the wipe, or the way it left my lips feeling after removing the color.

Each wipe is about 4.15″ x 1.65″ — it really is a lip wipe! — but the size is awkward to hold/use, because there’s not a lot of free edge for you to hold while removing the lip color. To remove lip color, I needed a few swipes — I find removal easier and gentler with Neutrogena’s and MAC’s Wipes (both the ones I have at home). I use MAC Wipes for removing lip color when I’m swatching, and it’s the best for removing stubborn lip color with little effort (or wear/tear on the lips), whereas this felt like it required more work and wiping. My lips felt dry (almost puckered–very textured when I looked at them in the mirror), sticky, and a little raw, after using, so it absolutely didn’t soothe or hydrate for me. The wipe itself was well-moistened, but it seems like it has more slip and a smoother surface, so it doesn’t grip the lip color and lift it off as effectively as other remover wipes I’ve tried. I used five of the ten wipes on various lip products ranging from sheer gloss to more opaque, tacky gloss to beige lipstick to deep red lipstick, and I used one on bare lips.

I think there’s room for the convenience of makeup removing wipes, but I’m not sure why these are so much more expensive than even mid-end full-sized, makeup remover wipes (MAC at $0.44/wipe, though if you buy the 100-bulk pack they are $0.29/wipe, Estee Lauder at $0.44/wipe). Bite Beauty’s product pricing is mid to high-end, so it should be priced similarly. Instead, they’re $1.20/wipe or $0.73/wipe if you purchase the larger pack (the larger pack would be more comparable to the $0.44/wipe packs from MAC and Estee Lauder). I think that even considering the individual packaging costs, these still seem overpriced (relative to Bite Beauty’s price point on other products) given that Bite’s wipes are much, much smaller and yet they’re 66% more expensive. Even MAC has a 30-pack demi-sized option for $10 ($0.30/wipe) for travel. The pricing on these reflects a higher-end, luxury price point, e.g. Koh Gen Do’s wipes, which work out to be $1.30/wipe (full-sized, though), which makes the pricing inconsistent with Bite Beauty’s product range. Note, I’m not saying these should be priced like a mass market brand’s wipes, but they should be more in line with brand’s pricing range, and it seems these fall outside of it.

I really enjoy a lot of Bite Beauty’s products, but this was a flop for me as far as the actual product went. It just didn’t remove lip color that easily, and it didn’t make my lips feel better, hydrated, or soothed after using. There was also a weird, sweet but chemical-y taste.

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Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes
Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes
Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes
Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes
Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes
Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

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The price is downright baffling. The only appeal: smaller portable wipes for on-the-go. I won’t be buying these. I equate this price gaffe pretty much in line with the ridiculous Beauty Blender $48cad sur.face pro plastic makeup tray thingee.

Yeah, it just seems overpriced relative to the rest of their products… I don’t expect Bite Beauty to sell them for $0.10, but they just seem quite high. If they were more effective, I could see caving and buying just to have one in an emergency travel situation, even though I still think the pricing is out of sorts.

Oh my, at that price point I think I’ll stick with my regular make up wipes and put a little balm on my lips, seems from your review that would work better too. I’m surprised bite would have such an expensive flop, their products are generally pretty good in my experience.

I was surprised that these didn’t feel good after using, though to me it seems a lot like a cleanser – it’s not on your skin for long so you’re likely better off buying a great lip balm (hey! like Bite’s!) which will do more good.

This is definitely something you’d want to do the job and then go above and beyond at that price point. I really like the idea though, because I hate using a full makeup wipe when I’m experimenting with lipsticks.

That sweet flavor is probably from the vegetable glycerin. I find too much of that can be sticky by itself, so I am surprised they also added honey! The ingredients list reads very awkwardly for a lip wipe.

I love Bite Beauty, but I’ve been disappointed with recent releases. (Those BB For Lips contain oxybenzone, and that’s very unbecoming for a company that touts their brand as all natural, food grade, and good enough to eat. It’s the most allergenic chemical sunscreen available and a hormone disruptor besides, and I happen to be quite allergic to it!) I wonder if they have a new senior member in product development. Whatever is going on, I hope they sort it out soon!

Thanks for sharing, Andi! The ingredient stuff just gets so muddled in my brain, so it’s great to have someone share insight into them!

No problem! I actually have a bottle of vegetable glycerin for making a solution to clean my Cocker Spaniel’s ears, of all things! But the bottle says it can be used as an all natural sweetener also, so I had to taste it… LOL! It is a sort of strange sweet flavor, and it is thick too. Not as thick as honey, maybe closer to warm maple syrup. So I can definitely see it getting sticky if that is the third ingredient on the list! (I’ve actually stopped adding it to my dog’s ear cleaner because it gums up her fur. Go figure!)

It’s also antibacterial. I get why it is in there from a beneficial standpoint, but I don’t see a whole lot on that ingredients list to remove lipstick. It’s like they relied on the cloth to do that and the ingredients to add conditioning.

thanks so much for pointing this out. i finally figured out that i, too, have an allergy to chemical sunscreens. straight zinc + titanium from now on! My temperature dropped 3 degrees, I flushed, + had to lie down for ~3 hours. I could only tolerate the sun for 15-20 minutes. One day, i lay down outside with no sunscreen + was still reading 1/2 hour later, without thinking about imminent demise! Too bad it took me till august to figure it out. i doubt that the Bite reaction would be as bad as 4 chem screens all over the face + neck, but, we’re talking dangerously close to mucous membrane, so it actually could be worse, or more incipiently dangerous. never would have figured a Bite product to have chem sunscreen. oxybenzone was one of the 4 i had a problem with. thanks for reminding me how necessary it is to READ THE LABELS, even on lipstick.

Me too! THAT’S HORRIBLE! And precisely why I was so disappointed to see it in Bite’s ingredients list. When you have allergies like this (although, in the interest of full disclosure, I just break out in nasty, fluid-filled, itchy blisters with chemical sunscreen), you find brands that work, and then you start to trust them and stop reading their labels. This is so dangerous!! I know we have a responsibility to read labels as well, but they have a reputation to uphold too, in my opinion.

Frankly, when you posted a tease about these all I could think was that these are totally unnessary and gimmicky – unless they proved to be amazing quality. If I felt compelled to bring a makeup wipe with me to change my lip color I would just bring a little travel pack, or you could cut up your favorite kind in lip sized pieces – much better value. Usually a tissue and lip balm works just fine – unless it’s a red lip emergency.

If all you have is a clutch and really need something to remove your lip color, this might be that perfect product (assuming it is more effective for you than me!). If you have more room, travel-sized or trial-sized makeup wipes are probably better (more effective in my case, as well).

I also like Bite Beauty’s products overall, but when I first saw the press info that had come out about this, I immediately thought that this sounded a bit gimmicky and was way too expensive. I’ll stick to my trusty Neutrogena wipes!

I don’t know how much is actually getting left on the lips, since you are really wiping away product at the same time!

Not gonna lie, I eye rolled when you first announced them. I’d rather just scrub my lip colour off with some water and/or makeup remover.

The idea makes sense to me for someone on-the-go or who travels a lot, but if you have the luxury of being at home with your full arsenal of products, there are a slew of other ways to remove lip color for sure (and given how these are individually packaged, they seem to fit the idea of on-the-go).

It might work as a niche product for customers with a specific need, but I expect most will find makeup wipes to be all that’s necessary in that department!

Just the concept of having smaller separate wipes just for your lips is just silly – and you’re right. I would need multiple swipes and more cloth space to remove everything. I have used the MAC wipes and they are great – they leave my skin feeling soft after using them.

It feels small even just removing lip color. I feel like I don’t have enough space to work with, but I don’t know if it’s just because it doesn’t remove that well or not.

SO disappointing! I was excited when I hear about these because I’m tired of staining wash clothes and my lips are too sensitive to use some removing products. I was hoping this would be something gentle enough that would actually remove my lip color without stripping my lips.

If you’re looking for a solution for when you’re at home, have you considered using oil (coconut, olive, etc.) to remove?

I usually just use a bit of coconut oil and some toilet paper or kleenex.

Very moisturizing, doesn’t scratch or pull (usually the problem for me with regular wipes) and if you happen to ingest it, it’s good for your teeth.

I find my cleansing oil takes off most lip color for me (when I’m taking off the rest of my makeup), but I have used olive oil many times when I’m at someone else’s house and my makeup irritates me or if I end up staying over!

Huh! I thought this product is way pushing it! The size and price are baffling to me; I find that the Neutrogena wipes does as much of a good job as the high end ones, and the price does not justify this product at all!

The size does look a bit awkward to use. Too bad this didn’t work. Bite Beauty has mostly got fabulous reviews for their other products.

I really like the idea of this. I have had moments when I would have needed something like it. But they are too expesive and with that review it’s not anything I’d buy.
Lipbalm and a tissue of some kind does it for me when I’m on the go.

Speaking of pricing, despite my general reservations about MAC (in this country), I have tried their wipes, and I’ve gotta say that if I were paying that much per wipe, I’d just get MAC’s and have the large ones that smell nice 😀

MAC Wipes are still my favorite – most saturated, most effective, and one of the cheaper ones (if you buy the 100 bulk packs) overall. The only downside is that I can’t use them on eyes, haha. (They’re not supposed to be, though many do.)

Boo! I was hoping these would turn out better but I’ll stick with my regular wipes. I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with the nasty taste lol

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