Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipsticks to be Discontinued

Bite Beauty just announced that the Luminous Creme Lipstick range will be discontinued as on February 12th.  One of those few times where at least the brand gives you a heads up, but I know I’ll be sad to see the formula go (one of the more pigmented and hydrating formulas out there).  Stock up on your favorite shades at Sephora. Here’s hoping the replacement formula is at least as good.


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Mariella Avatar

Shoot! Two of my favourite lipsticks (Zin and Vigne) are Luminous Creme lipsticks. I sure hope that what replaces them is at least as good as, if not better than the original. I find that as these lipsticks are formulated with fewer chemicals, they don’t last as long so stocking up in those 2 colours isn’t really an option as they’re likely to go “off” long before I can use them.

Fran Avatar

Yes, here’s hoping the replacement is at least as good! Although, while the Luminous Creme Lipsticks are one of the most comfortable formulas I’ve ever worn, they bleed/feather a tiny bit at the corners of my mouth, which means I need to wear them with primer and lip liner (because that look is seriously NOT GOOD on me, makes me look at least ten years older and angry to boot), which is a bit fussy and interferes a bit with that comfortableness. So, if they manage to fix that problem while keeping them comfortable and hydrating, and not raising the price a whole bunch, I’ll be happy.

Dione Avatar

That’s too bad! I love this lipstick too (and everything else they make that I’ve tried). I’m sure they will come out with something even better though. Here’s hoping anyways!

NeoNails Avatar

I saw this on Instagram earlier. Im really trying not to panic right now, because this is my favorite lipstick formula.

But I also feel like I need to order every last one of their lipsticks before they’re gone.

This will be an interesting weekend…

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

I hope they come out with a better formula. I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t like the shades I picked up. In fact, I have a few I’ve never even worn because I find the formula drying on me. The only one I even use is the LE one that’s dusky lavender (which is also drying but I love the shade). I’m actually giving all of mine away since they take up room in my lipstick caddies that could be used by new ones that I’ll actually wear (i.e. 2 new ones I ordered from MAC this week).

KJH Avatar

As the adage goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I get this is makeup, where new, revolutionary, improved formula are the watchwords, but this formula is a proven winner, nearly across the board. I am much more mistrustful of Bite’s ventures into other textures/ formulas. Maybe this will be like Old Coke, be brought back by popular demand. Will certainly have to cruise it, but I’m pretty loaded up with Bites. This is the most consistent formula in their line, and no one can tell me that Luminous Creme is not making them $. This kind of move can alienate a customer base. Booooo!

Asche Avatar

I totally agree with you KJH. I don’t see why they’d do away with such an amazing and well-loved formula. If they were to re-do anything, I’d want it to be the Butter Cream lipsticks (stop cutting the tips off for crying out loud! They’re so much harder to apply with a flat end).

Bonnie Avatar

I 100% agree with you KJH. I said the exact same thing to them on their IG last night too – “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” When Christine touts something as one of her all time favorite formulas, you’d be a fool to mess with it! I think they should’ve gotten rid of the hand cut lipsticks or the lush fruit lipgloss to “make room” for their new formula. Anything but these. What a mistake.

Asche Avatar

Nooooooooooooooooo, I am so upset about this. These are by far my favourite lipsticks. Thanks for the head’s up! I’ll have to stock up while I can. ๐Ÿ™

Ashleigh Avatar

I saw that they were launching a new formula on IG and it looked like some of the shades (like Fig) were carrying over. But I’m still snagging Cin Cin! Thanks for the heads up Christine!

SusanG Avatar

I wonder if this will affect the Opal Crรจme Lipstick? I love that thing! If so, I’d better consider getting a backup, something I’ve never done in my life!

LC Avatar

I have a complicated relationship with Opal… I love the idea of it, but wearing it on its own looks crazy (white settling into lip lines..), and wearing it over another color diminishes its opalescence. Just ranting haha.

Katherine T. Avatar

WTH???? NO WAY!!!! Shiraz was my HG MLBB shade, oh no, sob, sob, sob……please, please make it come back. And the formula was so good, I’m skeptical that any “re-formulation” is going to make it any better. If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it!!!

Kat Avatar

NO! This is the only glossy/luminous/super hydrating formula that actually lasts on me! I’m going to pick up a few shades that I’ve wanted to try online now, and Saturday I can go to the store and see if they still have Pepper in stock (my favorite shade, already out of stock online!). This is very sad, it’s a lovely formula.

Jessica Avatar

I am trying so had not to freak out. This formula is my HG. The new replacement better be at least as good and have dupes for Musk and Tannin!

Tracy Avatar

I loved many of the colors in this line but these would bleed all the time for me, even with a lip liner, so I’m looking forward to see what they do with the new formula and if it works better for me in terms of wear.

Bonnie Avatar

Such a bummer!!! This is their BEST product!!!! SMH. Christine which are your very favorite shades from this line? I want to try and snag a couple more before their gone for good. I see a lot of them are sold out already. Ugh.

Nancy T Avatar

Oh, this is not good news. I only have tried, and now own one full-size in Kir Royale. Had really wanted to try a few other shades like Pepper and Pomegranate. Then again, I am already up to my eyeballs in red and nude lipsticks, I guess.
My daughter is bound to be rather upset at this news, as she absolutely adores this formula. She tried for years to get me to try it, I finally did, loved it, and now this.

LMH454 Avatar

This is such a bummer to me ๐Ÿ™ I not only love the formula, but Cava was my perfect cool-toned lip color (and not very dupable!) I saw swatches of the new formula on TrendMood, but none of them looked close to it. It did look like they are keeping a few though, such as Fig and Pepper

Reema Avatar

OH NO! This makes me so sad! My favorite shade is already sold out online!!! I will be running to a store as soon as possible to stock up on these!

O Avatar

Really? This is the second HG product of theirs that they’ve discontinued (the first being their BB formula). Gettin’ real tired of your shenanigans, Bite. The shade Zin had better carry over into the new range, whatever it may be…

Michou Avatar

I’m so with you on this! I LOVED the BB formula (Tawny was such a perfect color!) and am both annoyed and intrigued at what else they come out with.

Erica Avatar

I bought a backup to my favorite Bite luminous creme shade last summer, so I’m good. If I had a dollar for every great color/formula that was discontinued by a company, I’d be very rich. This is the bane of every makeup lover, smh.

Michou Avatar

So, considering this is my favorite formula of all time, I immediately went to Sephora and bought backups to my three fave shades (I swear, I was panic shopping). So glad that they gave a head’s up instead of just letting them fade away like so many brands do.

However, I’ve loved pretty much everything they’ve ever come out with… so I’m pretty excited for what’s going to replace them!

Michou Avatar

I’m SUCH a sucker for the reds. My faves are Tannin, Apricot, Pomegranate. I also bought a few of the limited monthly colors, which were fun but a bit harder to wear whenever I want.

Pepper is such an easy every day color, too. I just ordered Mimosa, and can’t wait to give that a whirl! What about you? What are your faves?

Nicole Avatar

I love Tannin and Pomegranate as well. I’ve not tried Apricot. I may have to snag it up if it’s still in stock! I love the all of them just about! But my faves are probably Mimosa, Kir Royal, and I adore Pomegranate. I love the way it brightens my face. I’m so bummed Pepper sold out. I’m traveling now. As soon as I get home, I’m heading to Sephora! Oh man, I hope they don’t mess the come back up and/or jack the price up! Since they stopped doing the monthly lab release, I have a feeling, the new LC may be in that price range. Hopefully not!

Michou Avatar

I was heartbroken when I couldn’t order Zivoli but then it went back in stock today …. and right after I bought it was back out of stock. I would def check in store to see what you can get and am crossing my fingers for you!

Now I just wish they would release what they’re going to put out to replace it! I’m dying to know! As for a price increase… I don’t know. The matte and other lippies haven’t gone up yet. The LE monthly lipsticks may have been a higher price because they only made a small amount of each shade. Less quantity can mean higher prices to produce. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Jenn Avatar

This pretty much sucks. I love bite lipsticks. I have a ton full sized and too many too count of the mini holiday dual sided ones. This formula has been in my top 3 for a few years now. I really wish this wasn’t happening.

BonnieBBon Avatar

I’ll give you this one random beauty bummers but I swear to the big G if you touch my Audacious formula it’s ON! I’m going ??Lol I hope I’m not voted off the island for that.

CatherineM Avatar

What? Why? I love their lipsticks. Since I discovered them, I basically replaced most of my other lipsticks with this formula, because they are so incredibly pigmented and are extremely comfortable to wear. Let’s hope that the replacement is just as good, but without raising the price to $30 or more, please.

Fitz Avatar

GAH! I’m so glad I saw this. I’m usually anti-backups but Cin Cin was my wedding lipstick and has since become my favorite everyday bright. I knew I’d regret not picking up another tube.

This is the second time Bite has done this to me. My HG MLBB was their lip BB in tawny. I went through it faster than a typical lipstick so I got 2 backups. Finished my last backup 6 months ago, still salty about it. Good for you Bite for consistently making deeply loved products but boo for breaking hearts.

I was really loving their recent direction where they had a core permanent line of wearable shades while doing LE releases of more on-trend or experimental shades. I’m side-eyeing the colors in the new amuse bouche line.

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