Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020

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Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020
Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

You think you know BITE? Just you wait. Your favorite lip brand is about to change the game with incredible new products so good you won’t believe they’re clean. Get your hands on this newness in stores and online on 1/10.

January 10th, 2020

Products in the Launch

Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation, $39.50 (New, Permanent)

Make the change to clean and high-performance. This creamy, long-wearing foundation perfects your skin with buildable, medium coverage. The secret? Bite Beauty uses antioxidant-rich superfood maqui berry and gentle micellar technology that works with—and feels good on—your skin, even if you’re sensitive.

  • L10 fair light with cool undertone
  • L15 fair light with neutral undertone
  • L20 fair light with warm undertone
  • L25 light with warm golden undertone
  • L30 light with neutral undertone
  • L35 light with warm peach undertone
  • L40 light with neutral undertone
  • L45 light with cool undertone
  • M55 light medium with warm undertone
  • M60 light medium with peachy warm undertone
  • M65 light medium with neutral undertone
  • M70 medium with neutral undertone
  • M75 medium with warm golden undertone
  • M80 medium with warm peach undertone
  • M85 medium with cool undertone
  • M90 medium with neutral undertone
  • T100 medium tan with neutral undertone
  • T105 medium tan with warm golden undertone
  • T110 medium tan with warm peach undertone
  • T115 medium tan with cool undertones
  • T120 tan with warm undertone
  • T125 tan with neutral undertone
  • T130 tan with warm golden undertone
  • T135 tan with warm peach undertone
  • D150 deep with warm bronze undertone
  • D155 deep with warm golden undertone
  • D160 deep with neutral olive undertone
  • D165 deep with neutral peach undertone
  • D170 deep with neutral golden undertone
  • D175 rich deep with neutral bronze undertone
  • D180 rich deep with cool undertone
  • D185 rich deep with neutral undertone

Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder, $36.00 (New, Permanent)

Clean beauty can be high performance, too. The proof is in the powder. This long-wearing, lightweight formula lets you boost coverage for a silky soft, matte finish that melds with your skin. Made to give you the put-together look you crave all day long, it creates a non-cakey, soft-focus finish.

  • L1 cool undertones for light skintones
  • L2 peachy undertones for light skintones
  • M1 warm peachy undertones for medium skintones
  • M2 cool undertones for medium skintones
  • T1 cool undertones for tan skintones
  • T2 warm golden undertone for tan skintones
  • D1 warm bronze undertone for deep skintones
  • D2 neutral golden undertone for deep skintones

Agave+ Intensive Lip Mask, $26.00 (New, Permanent)

Meet your new desert island essential for healthy lips: Bite Beauty’s most intensive lip treatment. Powered by agave nectar and packed with superfoods mangosteen and açaí for antioxidant-rich care, it creates a nurturing cocoon of hydration you can feel.

  • Agave clear
  • Buzzed rose gold pearl

Changemaker Skin-Optimizing Primer, $38.00 (New, Permanent)

Meet the perfect link between your clean skincare routine and your makeup. Choose your primer based on your skin type: Hydrate with the primer for normal to dry skin or mattify with the primer for normal to oily skin. Create the perfect canvas for foundation with a primer that’s optimized for you.

Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon, $24.00 (New, Permanent)

This high-performance crayon, supercharged with superfoods pomegranate oil and wild African mango, delivers bold, one-swipe color with a comfortable, creamy-matte finish. And, with its slim design and built-in sharpener, it’s super easy to apply.

  • Acai Smash rich orchid
  • Amaretto honey nude
  • Brandy deep wine rose
  • Calvados spiced toffee
  • Cava lilac beige
  • Cognac dark brown
  • Damson blackened plum
  • Glace dusty mauve
  • Hard Cider cool, medium brown
  • Honeycrisp coral pink
  • Leche pink nude
  • Midnight Rye rich, deep brown
  • Negroni candy apple
  • Nonino rosy mauve
  • Pastille antique rose
  • Pavlova rich raspberry
  • Red Velvet rich, deep red
  • Stinger electric coral
  • Sugarcane pale dusty rose
  • Tatin rose pink


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Valerie Avatar

I’m not a fan of the clean beauty trend. I’m basically paying more for something that won’t last even half as long for presumably “better” ingredients. God knows how much poison I take in daily but it’s certainly orders of magnitude more than the molecule of paraben in my makeup that keeps it bacterial and fungus free.

Glad I snagged some lippies before they switched.

Ana Maria Avatar

I simply can’t consider “clean” skincare and make-up the many products brands put out with bad alcohols and irritant essential oils. Sometimes a good old safe artificial ingredient is better and “cleaner”… I mean… it can be made in safe completely disinfected lab… it’s bound to be clean. 😆

Stacy Avatar

Wow how did I forget about good old essential oil lol. Let us just wait and see if Bite put their famous natural scent into their foundation and primer, sealing their “clean” deal.

Valerie Avatar

It probably is a hot take to some people.
But it’s a marketing gimmick, as someone else noted, and luckily there are a lot of informed and savvy consumers. How are silicones and alcohol “clean”? What makes parabens so “bad”? “Clean beauty” leverages the consumer’s desire for “healthy” things and to be “better” to the environment (which is what “clean” sounds like, even if untrue), for higher profit margins. It’s not like it costs more to make or if it does, it’s very marginal. Profits are higher, on the other hand – as the products don’t last as long and/or consumers will even pay a little extra for improved product perception.
On the other hand, once stuff starts to go bad and maybe even contaminate other products in the drawer, your average consumer will reconsider future “clean” purchases.

AJ Avatar

I agree 100%. This is really turning me off from Bite. Previously I found their focus on “food grade” ingredients to be a bit of a gimmick, but a fun one since they tied into it by mostly having food-based product names too. To me the important thing was that I REALLY liked how most of their products wore on me and they had a lot of colors I liked (and I found the matte grey packaging aesthetically pleasing too).

I’m not a fan of initiatives like “clean” beauty and “clean” eating that try to offer solutions to problems that don’t actually exist.

wren Avatar

honestly any company going with this ‘clean’ beauty trend I wouldn’t trust on my face. Also this company is pretty piss poor to Canadians anyways (make the products here but won’t ship to us)

Ive had better luck with nyx products. Though I don’t look towards my makeup to treat my skin haha (most acne fighting makeup is so drying )

Alecto Avatar

Hm. I guess ! can’t fault them for being as unable to accommodate my skin tone as the vast majority of brands, but I’m genuinely tired of brands thinking you can’t be fair with golden undertones. Also … the two undertone/overtone choices in pressed powder are cool and peachy? (at least until you get up to what I assume is a medium shade — tan) That won’t work for a whole heck of a lot people. Still, it’s fine — I already have a foundation that works for me, so I don’t need other brands to be there for me,

Alecto Avatar

I also wanted to mention that the lip crayons are interesting to me — creamy matte? Yes, please! I also prefer lip crayon format to lip bullet format (which you completely can’t tell from looking at my stash).

Ana Maria Avatar

I feel the same about the powders and I’m in the light-medium category; the light cool or peach wouldn’t work for me, and the warm medium would be more like a bronzer. In the end there are many other brands that have suitable shades for my complexion, I don’t care. I also find the shade selection odd, but I also give them the benefit of being the first launch… they could add more shades in the future.

Genevieve Avatar

I always wonder when a brand moves away from its most successful aspects. I wonder that the brand will be taking on more than it can cope with and then all their products lose integrity. I am not quite sure why Bite decided to go into the foundation market, as their are so many brands that do so at each price point.
Valerie above makes a good point – a little bit of paraben can extend the life of the foundation in a very real way.
The lip crayons are in an extensive array of shades, Calvados and Midnight Rye are the ones I have my eye on.

kjh Avatar

Or phenoxyethanol, which seems to be the go to at present. I think it’s less worrisome. Holy Snails (I think still) allows you to choose your preservative.

Cameron Avatar

I take it they are all going to have mango butter in them? Doesn’t that go rancid super quick? Guess I will no longer be able to buy their stuff in any month besides February. Their old formula would melt outside in the UPS truck in the summer/fall.

Dawn Avatar

Bite Beauty has always been a favorite brand for some time now. Their line is 90% of my lip product collection.

I will be bold and say that their new launch does cheapen the brand for me. They do not need to be everything to everyone, as there are enough brands doing just that. What has always set Bite apart from other lines is their niche appeal. They always did one thing very well.

I will likely try the new line, and I do suspect that the bullet lipsticks will re-launch in time, but I feel a little disappointed in their new direction.

kjh Avatar

Many readers are noting that Bite is going away from their core competency, which can backfire. Interesting. They could water down their pre-eminence in lip products by this venture. We’ll just have to see. ABH did well when they expanded beyond brows.

Valerie Avatar

That’s a really good point about ABH, kjh. I don’t remember how they pivoted, but they kept their signature products while adding new cosmetics to the range and it clearly worked well.
Ciate expanded from nails to makeup, which is an even bigger stretch IMO and it’s been a few years, so I assume it went well, even though they don’t get enough blogger/YouTuber love.
The difference is that, unlike ABH and Ciate, Bite removed their signature products, changed formulas, and added new cosmetics. It’s confusing to the devoted consumer.

We’ll have to see what happens but one can only assume they did their homework because otherwise, it’s a very costly mistake for the brand.

Carrie Avatar

I’m…whelmed by this launch. Aside from not being a huge fan of the clean trend, I don’t get how you relaunch a line without the product you’re literally most famous for. I was curious about trying them out once they relaunched but now? Meh.

Sarah Avatar

So Bite decided to pivot and do a little bit of everything, huh? I felt they were stronger when their focus was on only lip products – they have some of the best lip products. I foresee their quality suffering as they take on more and more product launches.

There is no shame in being a brand that focuses on one thing. If it’s strong, your brand will succeed.

Sandy Avatar

Happy to see they have some cool undertones in the foundation shades. I always have so much trouble finding a good one that doesn’t turn orange on me. Can’t wait for your reviews, Christine! Love medium coverage!

Alison Avatar

Since I am not in the market for foundations, powders, or primers, and am well stocked with Bite lip products, I don’t see myself as jumping at this. And while I enjoy earth-toned lipsticks, the colors of the lip crayons don’t seem like a Spring launch to me. I do try to avoid parabens and certain other ingredients which is why I mostly use natural or organic skin care, and avoid foundation and powder. The reason is that neither regulators nor doctors study or account for the accumulation of toxic exposures and what each one of us carries in our bodies. Therefore we are left to guess about that. And assume it’s minimal, which may or may not be the case due to a number of factors. This is a big gap in science and regulation. And although it is rife in a wide range of industrial products, the scientific gaps/negligence really bug me in beauty as so many women can be unknowingly affected, developing illnesses long after the fact without being able to trace the multi-factoral cause.

Kira Avatar

Well said!

It’s so interesting how little we actually know about the human body. We keep identifying new essential nutrients (hello lycopene!), and new carcinogens (substances capable of causing cancer). I was surprised to learn that we know nothing of 99% of the bacteria that permanently resides in us. Environmental factors can impact these potentially symbiotic life forms and affect us in detrimental ways when we interfere with our bodies self-regulation.

Our bodies remain so much a mystery that it’s really the most prudent course to avoid adding chemicals when they aren’t truly necessary. It’s a cost-benefit analysis for everyone, but I often feel the risks are understated!

Kira Avatar

I’m excited about the idea of a clean beauty foundation, but I have been buying foundation that comes in glass and not plastic packaging. I am surprised Bite went this route. I hope they used a clever lid that keeps the product from being exposed to air or too much bacteria during application.

Ana Maria Avatar

I would assume a brand like Bite (which leans so much on the natural and “clean” path) would eventually offer a recycling program either on their own or through programs like Terracycle.
Even if the plastic packaging was recyclable, most curbside recycling products simply ignore make-up / skincare plastic packaging because it’s so hard to clean.

Kira Avatar

Gosh I would love if they had a recycling program eventually! I do love to avoid supporting the fossil fuel industry when it’s not a necessity though and still would prefer glass packaging (though it’s heavier and has a higher footprint during transport). I’m not aware of any Kendo Holdings brand that has a recycling program. It honestly would make sense if Sephora had some easy program where they take all Kendo Holdings brands for recycling, or a program where you could use your VIB points to drop off items for terracycle in store. For right now, I have been collecting items for shipment in a box at home, and I would love it if I didn’t have to do this and could just immediately put it in a drop-off box somewhere for terracycle.

Ana Maria Avatar

Maybe I don’t actually understand the complexities of recycling (legal, infrastructure, storage), but there are some brands that do it… and with the expansion of Terracycle… I just don’t understand why brands / retailers that brag about `being clean` and `cruelty free` (plastic is cruelty to nature and animals, it’s not only animal testing that harms animals) don’t have a simple plastic bottle return bin / program. I also find cumbersome to store all the plastic to send later to Terracycle… but it’s also eye opening seeing the `trash` I generate, even if I’m quite a conscious consumer.

Z Avatar

Considering the silicones high up on the list of their foundation I’m curious how it makes their offering more “clean” than, say, Wet n’ Wild’s foundation?

Ana Maria Avatar

Personally I don’t care a little bit of parabens in my foundation and concealers, but I wouldn’t ignore a foundation for that since I open just one at a time and use it up in ~6 months (depends on quantity, formula), store it well… it won’t spoil on me.
But I’m just curiously waiting the YouTube declutters next year when all the Bite foundations received in PR will start separating, the powders maybe growing a little bit of mold (that might take more than a year)… watching make-up went bad is one of my guilty pleasures. 😆

AJ Avatar

I’m not feeling too impressed by this. I haven’t been thrilled with my minis from the “vegan but not the new vegan formula” Amuse Bouche holiday set so I am skeptical about their relaunch of their lip formulas.

I am not into the “clean beauty” trend so that bit of marketing is a huge turn-off for me. Not interested in complexion products from Bite, I’ve already got that covered from other brands.

It is nice to see that the crayon relaunch includes some of their classic colors. I’ve been a big fan of “Glace” as a neutral on me and I bought “Brandy” when the original formula went on clearance and have been pretty happy with it.

That said I really don’t need any more lipstick right now so I’m going to wait a while before buying anything from the new Bite line.

Z Avatar

I do not consider the use of silicones (fake oil) and acrylates (basically plastic) to be “clean beauty” ingredients. It’s fucking annoying how people who are afraid of science and using scientific words have driven this whole other level of bs marketing. It’s especially annoying as we don’t actually have a very strong definition on “clean beauty” or regulations of any type. I’m really disappointed to see this out of Bite Beauty as up until now I really held them as the highest on the “non-junk ingredients” list of cosmetic companies. Absolute bummer.

Anya Avatar

Although some of the foundation shades they consider to be “deep” look like they belong in the tan category, I’m excited to see how well they perform as I absolutely loved their lip products. I’m all for new endeavors as long as they don’t lose focus on what made them a strong brand to begin with.

Michele Avatar

I was so excited to hear of new products which I assumed would be either new lipstick colors or a new formula since their whole concept is all about lips and lip care. I’m very disappointed and underwhelmed to see that now they will be a me-too brand and do what everyone else is doing which is a huge departure from what they specialized in and did so well.

Valerie Avatar

Christine, do you remember when Tom Ford lippies turned bad quickly, it was something on the order of 1 year from purchase – was that a formula change and if so, what was the change? I wonder if they hopped on the clean beauty trend early, or whether they simply used a new oil that went rancid..

Christine Avatar

I’ve only had maybe a dozen change scent but some of mine have no scent or still smell like vanilla – about the same as I see in Estee Lauder lipsticks but it’s not a widespread issue in my experience. I’m not aware of a formula change by memory, but my memory is worthless, so don’t count on that at all – I just can’t keep a lot of that stuff in my memory any more. I don’t know why – massive failing on my end.

Zoe Avatar

VERY bummed the lip mask is reformulated without lanolin, in order to meet a “vegan” or “clean” beauty label. It’s one of the few ingredients that actively helps skin heal itself instead of just being an occlusive barrier. They are messing with something that, from what I understand, is a cult product. Why not just keep it with lanolin in the clear shade only, and on the website? Gonna try to stock up on it before it disappears, though the shelf life will mean it’s not a permanent solution.

(Yes I am aware of Lasinoh and Lanolips, but they smell bad and have a tackier feel.)

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