Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Now at Sephora

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

This palette gives you all the glow you could want—all in one place. This limited-edition, covetable BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette features five shades of highlighter and blush to illuminate all skintones, allowing you to customize your looks. Get the iconic Champagne Pop and new shades designed by Jaclyn Hill. It includes two Highlighter shades, two Mineral Blush shades, and a Luminous Blush hue in Rosé Spritz for a pop of color. Mix and match the shades to create endless layers of light and color for your perfect, custom glow. Just sweep the creamy powders across the face, or layer them to highlight your favorite features with universally flattering shades. This palette is perfect for achieving your own, glowing look.

Limited quantity now online; full release May 26th online, in-stores June 16th

The Details

Champagne Collection Face Palette, $52.00 (Limited Edition, Online Only, Sephora Exclusive)

  • Champagne Pop Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones (Shimmering Skin Perfector)
  • Prosecco Pop Medium warm gold (Shimmering Skin Perfector)
  • Amaretto Matte toasted almond (Mineral Blush)
  • Pamplemousse Matte warm coral pink (Mineral Blush)
  • Rose Spritz Soft peachy pink with pale gold shimmer (Luminous Blush)

Champagne Collection Eyeshadow Palette, $40.00 (Limited Edition, Sephora Exclusive)

This versatile palette of lustrous and matte shades allows you to enhance the eyes with layers of light and rich blendable colors to express, define, and transition your eyes from day to night so your features catch the perfect light. Create a variety of looks with shimmering shades that add depth and matte shades that provide pigment-rich tones. Wear each shade alone or layer them to achieve embellished eye looks that are stunning on every skintone.

  • Chardonnay Sheer gold with flashes of pink and soft yellow
  • Champagne Toast Reflective peach with a dash of cinnamon
  • Cordial Matte rose with warm undertones
  • Cognac Flattering matte coffee
  • Bordeaux Rich matte wine with chocolate undertones

Shimmering Skin Perfector -- Poured, $38.00 (Sephora Exclusive)

  • Champagne Pop Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones

Shimmering Skin Perfector, $41.00 (Sephora Exclusive)

  • Champagne Pop Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones

Thanks to user /u/smahoho on /r/makeupaddiction for the heads up!


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WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Also agree. I was excited when I heard about it like two days ago but now seeing the shades for my pale skin looks like a major “Nooooo” to me.

I’m surprising myself though that the CHAMPAGNE COLLECTION EYESHADOW PALETTE is catching my eye. Becca eyeshadows palette for me read too dark and this is the first one that I think i could use.

Dev Avatar

Agree, the LE hype machine is strong with this one. Champagne Pop is straight up orange on me and the new shade looks way too yellow gold.

Ray Avatar

Gorgeous palette, but I have to laugh at the “for all skin tones” descriptor. All skin tones…as long as you have warm undertones and are Jaclyn’s exact skin shade.

Mariella Avatar

Yep, I’m with you on this. I heard all the stuff about Champagne Pop being “for fairer skin types” and how she’d developed it for her cool toned, fair skinned sister. I tried it and it is NOT great for all fair, cool toned skins. Looked weird on me.

Lynda Avatar

I agree. And it’s hard to even say what her skintone is as she wears such dark, orange foundation. Champagne Pop is lovely though, looks nice on warm skintones.

Kelsey Avatar

This is so silly and nitpick-y, and not at all a criticism of the product itself, but it is driving me absolutely nuts that the bottom row isn’t centered, lol.

Mariella Avatar

Hands up to this too….rather than make the palette bigger, they could have made the bottom 2 pans rectangular and then they could have achieved balance without having to make a larger palette (can you tell I’ve been giving this way more thought than is normal or healthy?)

Mariella Avatar

We should all form a club for mildly OCD makeup lovers. Companies could send us their stuff ahead of time and we could declare “Yea” or “Nay” on the design balance/symmetry.

Mandy Avatar

Might have been tempted to get this if champagne pop wasn’t included. I own the full size and a back up isn’t necessary for me. Looks pretty though.

xamyx Avatar

I didn’t mind her earlier videos, when she was using what was in her stash, but once she started getting products sent free, the whole tone changed. Every product became her “ride-or-die”, until the next one came in the mail, and the previous never gets another mention… This became most apparent, ironically, when she began pushing Becca Opal. On more than one occasion she mentioned how horrible mineral oil was, and how her skin is so sensitive to it, yet Opal became her “ride-or-die”. Next thing you know, she’s collaborating with Becca, on a product that contains this “horrible” ingredient!

While I’m neutral on Jaclyn, I’m losing respect/interest in Becca as a brand…

Vicki Avatar

And that’s not even as bad as all the youtubers always in love with everything Morphe. It’s gotten hard to believe any reviews from them. That’s what I like about this site. I can trust reviews on here that they will be honest.

Mariella Avatar

She seems a very sweet young woman but her delivery – all those jerky hand gestures and the hyperbole – really get to me so if I watch a tutorial, I have to cut to the chase and skip all the intro stuff with the flailing hands and the “oh my gawwwds”. That’s just who she is though and I don’t mean this as a criticism. It’s just something I can only handle in small doses. She has done very well for herself, though – you have to hand it to her.

Asche Avatar

I’m not a fan of her either. Part of my soul dies a little any time I see/hear someone say “YAAAAAS” or “on fleek”.

Clare Avatar

It’s really pretty, but I wish the sizes were the other way around, with bigger blush pans! I really want that Rose Spritz!

KJH Avatar

Imprinted oh forget it, too much autocorrect to write the name in French …..that Chanel quad will be terrific on you, seriously. Please tell me you have held out, rather than are getting a replacement honeymoon!

Laura Avatar

Already gone but it’s on my wishlist. I love champagne pop and have warm tones in my skin. I’ve been pre-anti Sephora recently BUT I really want this + it’s an added bonus to support women in business. Good for her!

Brian Avatar

I was able to get Peach Goddess and Ice Cold at Drag Con, they are beautiful, I hope you both manage to get the ones you want!

Elena Avatar

It would be appropriate if Becca stated who this person is and what does she do to merit a collaboration. Is she a makeup artist? Actress? Celebutant? Internet famous? Just a chick who likes makeup? Why should I care? Do tell me Becca. Also, maybe it’s old age showing its colours, but people like Pat McGrath do not need an introduction. In Becca’s case, I do need at least a little introduction.

Lea Avatar

If this comes across bitchy, I don’t mean it to. If you don’t know who she is by now, you aren’t her demographic honestly and given your mention of Pat McGrath, you likely won’t take to her. I laughed at the comments above, because they are very true. Jaclyn – who is a make-up artist in FL – is very over the top with her look and personality. So if the comment trail from those who are turned off by her sound like someone who will annoy you, definitely don’t go looking for her stuff. She’s not my favorite, but she does know what she’s doing with make-up (at least on herself). No idea what her work on others is truly like. Again – not being rude in any way; just trying to save you from asking your computer “what the he#[email protected]&!!!”

Evvie Avatar


The merit is the almighty dollar. Companies have found they no longer have to pay top dollar to well known actresses or entertainers. At the moment the web is “king” in the makeup industry (for some companies). So because she has people who follow her on social media (and even worship her) Becca and many other companies (Benefit has sponsored a few lavish trips for some “MUAs” while give them AMAZING gifts as well. In turn these “MUAs” gush over the products…and BOOM…products sold out) making millions off the popularity of internet “famous” people. Even if they have questionable makeup talent. There are even folks who call themselves MUA who state “I don’t do makeup on other people” LOL. It’s an internet thing. I know who she is, but I don’t KNOW who she is, hope that makes sense.

Kristy Avatar

For the people complaining that it won’t work for all skin tones,I have fair skin with pink undertones and Champagne Pop looks just fine on me. I just don’t put it on heavy.

miekogirlie Avatar

i hope the new eyeshadow palette is good being that Jaclyn hill curated the collection. the previous becca eye shadow palette formula was so soft it just came out muddy on my eyes. didn’t build at all or blend.

Alice Avatar

According her twitter, she only designed one shade – Champagne Toast. You can find swatches on Instagram and sadly they look pretty bad.

Hex Avatar

I’ve been a fan of Jaclyn for a loooonngg time. I missed out on her Champagne Glow palette so this is tempting but I’ve come to realize the only reason I’m interested in Champagne Pop and these palettes is because SHE made them. I’ve realized these are not the kinds of colours I wear. I much prefer cooltones. golds and warm peaches don’t appeal to me. So I have to restrain myself on this one haha.

Alice Avatar

The thing I don’t like is Jaclyn only designed one shade in the eyeshadow palette, according to her twitter: “@jheartsjaclyn hahaha! I actually only designed the Champagne Toast shade! The other ones were created by Becca”. It seems like a cop out to only design one shade out of five and stamp your name on it. The swatches online look bad too. This is a definite skip for me.

The face palette looks really good and I will probably pick it up. I just wished they centered the bottom half.

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