Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

New cream highlighter sticks, highlighting brush, and blush/highlight duos debut this July.

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The Details

Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duo, $38.00 (Limited Edition)

Contour with the color and shimmer infused into these bestselling highlighters and matte blushes. Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed spotlights your features, while Mineral Blush adds a vibrant pop of color. Mix and match to create endless looks with shimmering shades that add depth and matte shades that provide pigment-rich tones for a variety of radiant finishes. Each can be worn separately or layered for a sculpted, multidimensional glow of shimmer and color.

  • Champagne Pop/Flowerchild Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones / peachy pink, golden highlights
  • Champagne Pop/Hyacinth Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones / vibrant poppy pink
  • Prosecco Pop/Amaretto Medium warm gold / matte toasted almond
  • Prosecco Pop/Pamplemousse Medium warm gold / matte warm coral pink

Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight, $28.00 (New, Permanent)

BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector® Slimlight is perfect for precise highlighting. Each shade catches the light and highlights the features you love. Try applying the luxurious cream in the inner corners of the eyes to awaken the eye, down the bridge of the nose to straighten and define, the hollow of the chin, and on the Cupid’s bow to create the illusion of a plumper lip. Then wear it on top of each eyebrow to instantly lift the entire eye area and anywhere you want a swipe of light. It creates a touch of radiance and definition with a subtle and mattified, radiant finish. Formulated for all skintones and types, this easy-to-use, targeted highlighter comes in a twist up crayon applicator that is perfect for tiny areas you can’t easily reach with a big brush.

  • Champagne Pop Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones
  • Topaz Golden bronze pearl
  • Pearl Soft luminescent white

Angled Highlighting Brush, $28.00 (Limited Edition)

Designed to accentuate your favorite features, this angled brush is the perfect tool for applying blush and highlighter formulas. The angle is precise enough to contour with blush, while also being flat to perfectly place highlight. This brush is designed to hug the contours of your face, provide precise application, and sculpt your cheeks in a simple sweep.

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016
Becca Champagne Splits + Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights for July 2016

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These duos look amazing! And the Slimlights will def come in handy. Kerry Cole (the style director of Becca) posted on IG that these products are launching on 07/14 at

The Champagne Splits look great, but I can’t but not avoid them because of the whole controversy behind the Becca Jaclyn Hill products. She kept telling people that the Champagne Glow collection was limited edition, the shades are limited edition, you can’t get them anywhere else, and now she’s re-releasing the shades in separate palettes. I bought the original Champagne Glow when it first came out and was still “limited edition” because I loved the colour and I wanted to support a Youtuber who worked really hard to get here, but right now it just seems like they are overmilking the cow and taking advantage of people who purchase limited edition products. Any day now, I can see them announcing that the rest of the Champagne Pop collection is going to be permanent, because why not right.

Jaclyn Hill actually mentioned this in one of her videos. She said Champagne Pop was meant to be limited edition but that they chose to make it permanent. Jaclyn did emphasize that the eye shadows palette (before the controversy) was truly, limited edition. Then, of coarse, they ended up pulling them because of the inconsistency in the product.
Having read about everything behind the collection and the controversy, I see no true reason to feel like you have to avoid the Becca brand. Both Jaclyn and Becca seem to be very honest people. I don’t believe that they intentionally advertised it as limited addition, only to make it permanent later.

Anyways, I like the Champagne splits. Beautiful colors!

There is no way Becca didn’t have the “Splits” planned, especially given the packaging! As I stated above, I think they were planned for a later release, but given the drama, just decided to push them out, and move on. Jaclyn isn’t even mentioned in any PR for these, leading me to believe both parties severed ties. I wonder if Jaclyn will still be promoting Becca, or if she’ll move on to other brands…

In her video, she did say champagne pop was limited edition then ended up permanent, but she also did emphasize that the face palette was limited edition and the colors in the palette were made specifically for the palette and that it was never going to be permanent and that the only way to get the specific colors were from the palette. As for the champagne splits, it takes a while for companies to come up with a product ready for sale, she announced this the beginning of the month, released her champagne collection the end of May, that leaves 2 months to get the champagne splits ready with the added controversy of the eyeshadow palette. Needless to say, I agree with Sheila. These were ready to go.

Hi Sheila,

I agree with you. I have a bit of a love/hate with Becca. The whole JH thing I won’t weigh in on since it’s best not to delve into that bait-and-switch. Want to keep the convo polite. 🙂

I really like a lot of Becca products, but *for me*, speaking only for myself, I have sometimes felt ripped off. I loved her concealer, but it lasted, literally, three weeks before it was bone dry, empty. Champagne Pop broke into a million pieces, twice. It sat no where but my vanity. The product didn’t travel, nor did I drop it. The Ombre Rouge palette, again, is beautiful, but I hit pan faster than with any other shadow EVER. Plus the dust that stuff kicked up was legend.

So my push-pull with Becca goes on. I love her souffle blushes, but even though dry out pretty quick, and I am sure to keep them covered.

I purchased a single Becca palette – the Hill eyeshadow one (on the release date). It was delivered shattered into dust. Then I was told they couldn’t replace it since it was LE. It sort of soured me on purchasing their products.

I was thinking that too – there was a Rant and Rave post the other day about LE collections and I remember a few rants being that if an LE product is popular or fills a need/void, make it permanent! Seems like that is what the company is doing, so that’s good. Win-win for everyone.

Hi Sheila, I felt duped when JH said the shades where exclusive to the face palette and Prosecco pop wouldn’t come back, you cant produce compact that quickly or without her knowing. So I returned my facepalette and just wait for rose spritz.

I’m so with you Sheila.

I LOVE watching JH’s videos, I really do, but the second she said that the products in the palette were LE and you couldn’t get them anywhere else etc., I was counting down to see when they got released as individuals. Well, I was a tad off, but close enough.

I believe Champagne Pop was intended to be LE, but Becca realized it was popular, and brought new users to the brand. It was a brilliant move on the part of Becca, and I wish more brands would take note. Adding the shade to the full range of products, also wise. Doing the face palette was a good idea, as well, to get people to try the blush. I believe both time & effort were put into all the face products. However, the eyeshadow palette was a last minute idea, which was why it went to an unvetted lab in China… I also believe the “Splits” were already in the making, but planned for a much later release (perhaps Holiday?), but if you’ll notice, Jaclyn Hill is not even mentioned in the press release, which leads me to think Becca just wanted to hurry up and push these out, and both parties have severed ties. I’ll be curious to see how long Jaclyn continues to use Becca products…

I have champagne pop and bought it last Fall when it was “limited edition”. I’d buy presco pop in the splits if I needed another highlighter but I already have too many. She’s really talented and makes beautiful colors, but personally she isn’t a Youtuber that I trust or enjoy watching.

I’ve been wanting Prosecco & Pamplemousse ever since I saw them in the Jaclyn Hill palette, so this is absolutely perfect!! And I want to keep a Slimlight in my purse, for quick and easy touch ups.

Just keep in mind, the splits are teeny! The compacts are the size of the “Poured” formula, which are half the size of the “Pressed*. At $38, it’s a bit steep…

Sephora is showing the Splits as .28 oz total for $ 38, which is the same amount of product and price as their regular Pressed compact. I can’t finish an entire Pressed, so I don’t mind if they make it 1/2 Pressed and 1/2 Blush for $ 38, think will be great for touch ups and travel

In all honesty, I was only going by the photos I saw online. I’m glad it’s the “full” size compact, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to get a brush in there, LOL! The brush in the collection must be quite large…

Yes, I’m glad Becca wasn’t trying to gouge by drastically shrinking the compact and/or jacking up the price. Unfortunately, it’s something we consumers have to keep an eye on. Maybe they saw the outcry over Hourglass’s $ 80 ambient lights palette and took notes

Yeah, I think you must’ve misread that, xamyx. The splits are .13/.15, so together they equal the size of the pressed, not the poured. So they are priced as usual.

These are very clever! I think I’ll be picking up a few of these. I’ve had my eye on Champagne Pop but it seemed like there were some issues. I’m glad to see it will be permanent.

I’m absolutely dying to get the Champagne Splits!!! I think Champagne/Flowerchild and Champagne/Pamplemousse are the ones I want. I’ve never tried any Becca products, and I can’t wait to try these!

The name and format of the champagne splits are so cute! I think it’s an awesome idea. Unfortunately I have CP and don’t like PP, so I’ll skip these (phew!). Still holding out for a luminous blush palette at the holidays, fingers crossed!!

Where can we access holiday release info? I want to be an informed consumer and not an impulsive one. My family and I would appreciate that.

Disappointed with the colors! Why repeats. I already own a full size of champagne pop thankfully it was free from epic rewards. I got the face palette and the ulta afterglow palette. So basically I have all these colors except for one, hyacinth. I personally think these are a terrible value for almost $40. I’m thinking they will be the same size as a full size highlighter .28oz. So each split will only be .14oz of product. If you can find the face palette in store that is a way better value! Fingers crossed no cheap Chinese ingredients!

While these look very nice. Becca still hasn’t fixed the issue with Champagne Pop being so soft it crumbles even when not traveling.

i have a feeling, becca and jaclyn are doing this to just salvage their reputation. They don’t want this collaboration to come to end on a bitter note (referring to the eyeshadow controversy). There’s no new product here, just old products in new packaging, that too not a very cost optimal deal is being offered here.

this gives me a good reason to get the champagne pop and presecco pop, I’ve been looking at amaretto for a while and champagne pop and this is a good way to mix and match a couple colours. Definitely picking 2 shades for sure

The Pamplemousse blush is my favorite in the face palette. I would definitely pick up the split to travel with.

These are very nice but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing, the whole kerfuffle about Champagne Pop etc has put me off.

Prosecco & Pamplemousse looks awfully pretty, as does Champagne & Hyacinth. Curious to see how Hyacinth looks on, as that one is a new shade. And I’ve been yearning for a really good quality, vivid fuchsia or purplish shade for the longest!

Would have liked to try amaretto and pamplemousse, but they are both in a compact with prosecco pop. I’m unsure of how this highlighter will do on my skin and i’m not interested in the face palette since I already have Champagne Pop. Personally, I already have too much makeup to justify buying two of these with the same highlighter. I feel like Becca is limiting their purchasing on this one by repeating the highlighters in 2 out of 4 compacts. I wish they would release those two blushes individually.

Why couldn’t just one of the duos have the Pearl highlight? I was excited at first, thinking I might purchase my first Becca blush… but no. That’s okay, I’ve consoled myself with MJ. 🙂

If these would have come out before the Face Palette, I would have just gotten Prosecco Pop/Pamplemousse. Those are the stars of the show.

Wow I love the “splits” ones, hopefully they’ll release them with pearl or moonstone as champagne and prosecco pop are both too dark for me!

Maybe these companies should just chill on the limited edition thing. If a product is good and well loved it would be silly to keep it limited edition. It’s a business and point is to make money. It should just be permanent. I’m over limited edition and Jaclyn Hill.

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