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If I’m really sick, I usually skip makeup. But I when I’m sick with allergies/sinus, my face gets drier so I use a heavier moisturizer. Also definitely lip balm!

Lip balm of course to protect dry lips. A light refreshing moisturizer for the same reason. I don’t wear much other make up when sick because it will not stay in place or look good for any length time.

Not immediately, but if one gets tired of looking sickly, might put eyeliner and lip balm. Also, when I had a cold, I tried using Eucalyptus essential oil on a handkerchief.

Depends on how sick… If I have to stay home, absolutely not except moisturizer. Even if I have to go to the doctor I have to put mascara on or I look freakish hehe.

I don’t use anything but EOS soft mint lip balm when I’m sick. Keeps my lips from getting terribly chapped from all the super attractive mouth-breathing.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, so I’ve pretty much mastered the art of sick person makeup!
Concealer is a must, as is a powder (sick person shine is not a good look!). And I always make sure to wear blush (usually cream) and a sheer lipstick of some sort. Getting a little colour back into your cheeks and lips can make a crazy amount of difference! A nude pencil on your waterline, like Illamasqua’s Vow pencil, also makes you look more awake.

Oh gosh, I give up on the nose entirely because I know I’ll just be taking it off every time I blow it. I just stick with quick, minimal make up and waterproof mascara because my eyes water like no one’s business.

I use Benefit That Gal under my foundation, it breathes some life back into sick skin. I also use erase paste under my eyes, and a pink cheek color like Tarte Dollface to bring color back to my super pale skin.

If I’m feeling really awful I’ll nearly always wear a red lip to help minimise redness around my nose and eyes. I try and stick to a creamier formula than I normally wear; something like MAC Dubonnet or Revlon Crimson.

Honestly, I could care less about makeup or how I look when I’m sick. I don’t mind looking the way I feel. The most I will take the time to do is put on lip balm or gloss because I hate dry lips, but that’s it.

This question is quite timely, seeing as how I’ve been battling an ear and sinus infection for a week now XD

I get really lazy and apathetic when I’m sick, even if I have to leave the house, so I basically just put on lip balm with a clean finger because my lips tend to crack and leave it at that. Oops ><

I just had a cold that has now turned into a sinus infection. Ick! I tend to not wear makeup when I’m ill, particularly eye makeup because I always end up with itchy eyes. Yesterday I was out and about and didn’t want to look as miserable as I felt so settled for tinted moisturizer, a quick brow fix, lip butter and a truck load of MUD peach corrector for under my eyes. I topped everything off with my fav hourglass finishing powder which is always an instant pick me up. Nothing special, just far less effort.

I’m rarely sick (due at least to some degree to near-fanatical hand-washing habits), but if I am, I tend to go minimal with makeup, using the most flattering, minimal-effort products, and skipping, where possible, the primer steps.
I still use concealer, but only where baaadly needed, and dab on tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation, to even out my skin. On eyes, I’ll go for a product like UD 24/7 shadow pencil, in a neutral color like “Rehab” (taupe); I apply it most heavily right into and along my upper lashline, blending it out onto my upper lid, so that it fills in for liner and shadow simultaneously. Then it’s black mascara, sans primer if I can force myself. I do go ahead and curl my lashes; I feel like my face needs that extra “lift.” Then it’s MAC “Tippy” blush, a product that rarely fails to get me complimented on my “nice skin.” Then it’s lip gloss on a sheer, face-brightening shade, usually a vivid blue-pink.
And I always toss any mascara I use when I’m sick.
That’s probably not really necessary, but it soothes my Inner Germaphobe. 🙂

Yup, covering up the dark circles and the red nose would be the big ones for me….so I always use a bit of concealer. If I am pale, I use a bit of pink toned blush. No eye makeup for obvious reasons and plenty of lip balm. If I have to go out (you know, drug store, grocery store…doc’s office) often all I am up for is a hat, scarf and big dark glasses!

It depends. If I’m not doing anything important, or just going to work, I’ll just do some tinted moisturizer and maybe some concealer. If I need to really look presentable, I’ll add a bit of blush and mascara, and even a thin layer of cream eyeshadow.

if i need to go do something, lots of moisturizer and lip balm, tinted moisturizer or bb cream, mascara and i still do my brows with powder. haha

Josie Maran’s Argan Oil for sure. I start putting it on when I’m blowing/wiping my nose a lot. It’s soothing and does a lot of preventative maintenance for the cracked peeling skin around the nose.

Lots of concealer, and I also keep my favorite products away, so I switch to Wet n Wild lipgloss instead of Kat Von D lipstick or my nice BITE lipgloss, for example.

A funny aside is when I was a teen and working, and I knew I needed to call in to work a few days later I would take just a touch of brown and blue eyeshadow and dab it at the corners of my eyes a few days ahead, then the next day I would brush a little under my eye on the ‘bags’ and wear concealer lipstick. I would complain I didn’t feel well. I never got busted for taking a ‘me’ day if I did the prep work.

I wear TM & lip balm, and maybe a bit of concealer to reduce redness, if any. I don’t want to use any makeup that may be contaminated with any virus I may have, nor do I care for the way heavier makeup feels. I also don’t touch anything directly to my face/fingers, and always use a brush, even with lip balm.

It depends. If I am really sick & can’t leave the house, I won’t wear makeup. But otherwise I try to keep my skin makeup really light & keep my eye makeup super minimal.

I always moisturize and cleanse my face. But there’s also loads of bath products I use. Nothing is better than a hot bubble bath when you’re aching from head to toe…and to make myself feel even the slightest bit better I always use my most lush products on those occasions. <3

Well, it’s not really a beauty product, and I’m not really sick per se, but I use Tiger Balm when I have a migraine. I massage it into my temples. I like the scent and I think it really does help.

Homéoplasmine : the french equivalent of the 8 hour cream. No makeup can hold in place when I’m sick so I don’t even try.

just a heavier moisturiser all over face,neck,hands(don’t know but my hands are super dry) and a big sunglasses to hide my face under (if i have to go out)

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