What beauty brand would you love to takeover for a week?

What beauty brand would you love to takeover for a week? Share!

MAC! I want to be a fly on the wall of their forecasting meetings when deciding how much to create of each shade.

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Chanel. They have good quality eyeshadows and packaging but boring colors. I’d love to shake things up a bit with some vivid colors!

MAC could definitely use your expertise Christine! If they listened to you,they could save a lot of disappointments for their company and customers

Christine, please please *please* can you update the swatch gallery to include a swatch of Tom Ford’s lipstick in “Black Orchid”?! Can you please also include dupes for it since it’s discontinued? I just found out that it’s 1/2 of the the lip combo used in that ubiquitous picture on pinterest of the girl with the dark red lips who’s voguing with her hands. (I think you’d know the picture if you saw it). I’m dying trying to find the lipstick on ebay but it’s not available (although I did see some which sold in June for over $100!) Please, if you read these comments, add swatches of Black Orchid!

Alana- Don’t mean to stick my nose in here, but if you can order from Armani, Rouge d’Armani #609 is almost an exact dupe for Black Orchid. I haven’t seen the shade at counters up here, but it’s definitely available on line!

NARS, so I could bring back some DC’d eyeshadows I never got a chance to buy, like Santorini, Night Bird, Cancan, Moulin Rouge, Notorious, Belly Dance, & Arctic…

MAC could be one, as well; I’d bring back some of the more obviously poular LE items permanent! Like, why would they make sculpting products LE? Does anyone actually thinknonce someone runs out of a staple, everyday product, they’ll just stop? No, they’ll just move on to a different brand.

Ha, amen to that! I’d love to hear their reasoning behind making so few of the LE items, and see if it’s anything other than “oh it generates mystery and demand.”

Or maybe Urban Decay and bring back some of the odd & dark colored lipsticks in the Revolution formula like they did with Gash. I think opaque versions of Oil Slick, Apocalypse, and Confession, as well as some of the REALLY old ones (like the blue I can’t remember it’s name though) would be awesome.

OCC! I love all their products, and I love mixing my own colors. I would make a collection based on my favorite comic book icons, I think. ;>

MAC for me too. I would have done this Simpson collection so much better. First, I would have not made it an Urban Decay, Electirc Palette knock off. lol.

MAC instantly comes to mind for me too, but for figuring out a cool collection with them. Too Faced would be fun too, the owners seem really cool.

Can you please stop posting ads that automatically play video with sound? It’s 2AM right now and the car commercial was blasting out of my speakers because I forgot to turn them off earlier. It slows down my browser too. This deters me from checking your site as often as I used to

Do you remember what car? We don’t allow auto-play audio – it’s specifically DISABLED for us and has been forever, so if there are any, please let me know the brand/company so I can have it removed.

I’ll be sure to note it down, because I’ve had a couple from the site as well. Scares the daylights outa me! Expecially if I’m actually reading a different tab and I have to find where the audio is coming from.

They assured me that none of the ads are doing such as of last night, so definitely if you’re able to let me know the advertiser (as specifically as possible), it will help me get those campaigns removed from the site.

What a sensible answer. XD

I’d either takeover MAC and get them to streamline the collections (and be better about quantities produced) or I’d takeover Chanel and train their sales associates better.

Alternatively, I’d like to takeover a small/medium indie brand just so I can see how things work and learn!

I would love to takeover MAC as well. I get so mad when they do not make enough of their products. It is beyond frustrating and had made me turn to other brands lately.

Well, obviously MAC so I could make their international pricing less hilariously exploitative 😛

Otherwise, I’d love to take over Urban Decay and make ALL THE LINERS, heh! ^_^

(all that in a week, obviously ;-))

MAC doesn’t set the international pricing schedule; in order to bring the price down, they’d have to lower the MSRP, which would be unfair to them, and ultimately raise prices for other countries, which would be unfair to the consumers. Illamasqua did that a couple of years ago, and immediately after that, the prices here jumped $2-3 on each item, and I’ve never seen any brand raise the price so dramatically at one time. I don’t know for sure if thatbwas the reason, but considering that it happened pretty much simultaneously leads me to believe it was.

I suppose the thing that bothers me is that, at ~$50 a lipstick, MAC is more expensive than Estee Lauder ($50 – MAC mineralize lipsticks are $56) and Clinique ($40), and almost as expensive as Chanel ($60) and YSL ($65). Although these markets are not mutually exclusive, I feel like MAC’s campaigns target a younger/’edgier’ audience generally, which is an audience that is less likely to have $50 lying around to spend on one lipstick (especially with no returns here), but might be more likely to buy a bunch of different items at once and chase after LEs and special editions and unconventional shades, which MAC makes lots of. Their prices here are kind of directly at odds with their method of releasing a new collection every month!

Obviously, it’s all a luxury anyway, but I think the additional amount they’d sell if they lowered the prices just a bit (obviously, I’m not asking for NZ prices to equal US prices or anything zany) would make up for the ‘loss’ in the MSRP balance. Given how well-established and popular MAC are here anyway, I feel like they would just get even more sales *and* good PR.

I guess I just don’t see why when a host of other brands both above *and* below MAC on the US price scale are only ~2x here, MAC has to be 3x…that’s the core of my problem.

I find it intersting that all but one of the brands you listed expressly are all under the Lauder parent company… It seems maybe the retailers are jacking up the price on MAC, due to the popularity of the brand? I can’t see MAC or Lauder upping the pricing schedule on just the one brand… With Lauder owning such a large percentage of the cosmetic brands available to you (from my understanding, your choices are limited), Lauder is really upping the competition among itself. When Proctor & Gamble took over Max Factor, they pulled it out of the US to take competition away from CoverGirl, which they then “revamped” and tripled the prices.

Even at US prices, I can’t keep up with the rate of new collections!

Hi! I’m so with you on MAC’s pricing. Granted it’s not as ridiculous as in NZ here, but still pretty steep and, as they never have sales or discounts you can get Bobby Brown or EL stuff at almost the same price when the store selling it has a good sale. Very strange pricing policy.

MAC! I´d slow down the limited edition releases and work on the permanent line, especially by making the PRO products available everywhere (I know this is impossible due to lack of space/space restrictions in counters and stores, but let me have my fantasy).

I would discontinue Lustre finish eyeshadows and generally some of the grittier shadows, cut down the Frost finish lipsticks by half and make some of the awesome LE products and some discontinued products permanently available.

And most of all, I’d make the prices in Europe cheaper!

Nars! I love so much of their stuff, I’d love to help create new blush shades in their fabulous formula. (Also, I’d like to encourage them to make their eyeshadow formula more consistent! Haha.)

Ditto what Christine said. I actually have stopped purchasing MAC, because it’s very annoying when things sell out the instant they are released.

Take over as in be in charge, or take over as in steal one of everything? Lol.

I’d take over Clinique because their “hypoallergenic” products contain an ingredient I’m allergic to and it drives me bonkers. Or maybe Inglot to make their web site more user-friendly.

But if I can get into Guerlain I’m just gonna nick one of everything.

I’d take over all of the high end brands the week they meet with their Board of Directors and their largest stakeholders (percentage wise). I’d ask them why they don’t expand the range of colors for foundations, powders, concealers and eyeshadows. I understand exclusivity and brand image. However they are minimizing their profit margin by restricting the range of colors pertaining to customer complexions ( very pale – very dark). I’d start with Cle de Peau for one week and work my way through Chantereille, etc.

Definitely MAC. I’d love to bring back some old collections and create some new products. I have so many ideas lol

Too Faced, so I could force them to make a “Very Fair” version of the Cocoa Powder Foundation, and collaborate on some fun eyeshadow palettes. I’d also reformulate their mascaras so I wasn’t allergic to them.

Great question! I thought of two answers immediately (which is probably cheating):

1. Le Metier de Beaute, because I would want to have a serious talk on how to expand distribution and media coverage before they become entirely lost. I feel like they’ve put so much effort into doing specific items for certain retail locations and nothing into making new customers aware of their existence. I love their products, but in Canada, I really can’t get many of them.

2. Chanel, because as much as I think of them as a leading prestige brand, I feel like they’ve lost their way recently. The new shadow palettes look great, but it seems like they are becoming the “safe” brand, with nothing really exciting or surprising to offer. Guerlain, Armani, YSL and Dior all look more innovative and more modern. As one of the only major cosmetic brands that’s not owned by a larger conglomerate (Shiseido, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, LVMH), Chanel should be revelling in its freedom and independence. Instead, it seems to be going in the opposite direction.

MAC for sure because I want to bring back some of the most popular, HTF lipsticks and make them part of the permanent range as well as some HTF eyeshadows, MSFs, EDSFs, dazzleglasses and blushes.

I’m going to be the odd ball here and say Urban Decay. Not only do I love their products, but from a business perspective I would love to be a part of their behind the scenes process.

Dior – I would definitely improve their ability to deliver shades of blue and green to a consistently high standard worthy of the price. They have way too many quints that are so alike that is so confusing.

MAC here too – I’d immediately re-promote and make permanent all my favourites (Jardin Aires, Moth Brown, Subtle Breeze, to name just 3) and make other products more widely available (starting with Yield to Love and the 231 brush!). Then I would reign in on all the collections on top of collections on top of collections and make them wait and release products that all were up to the standards of their BEST products. Oh, and I’d reintroduce Starflash AND Mega Metal shadows and make those formulations permanent. Oooooh, I’ve got lots of plans for MAC (and I’d add GWP items too and also make the products on the “good-byes” section of the website discounted by maybe 20% or perhaps more!). Wouldn’t I be good????

I would love to take over MAC!!! I get very frustrated at the limited amount of lipstick shades released in a promotion. For example: Party Parrot!!!! I would love to spearhead a campaign to bring it back into their permanent collection!

I’d love to say Urban Decay or NARS (the things I could do), but I’ll go with MAC just so I can repromote every single sold-out popular LE item (Kelly Osbourne collection!!!!!!!!!).

Definitely MAC!
I would make all of my favorite limited edition items permanent.
I would also create a line of semi-matte nudes, browns & green shadows because I can’t find a line that makes this texture and redesign the empty palette (I dislike that new one).

Wouldn’t even take over. Would just love to be a fly on the wall for OCC. The inspiration behind each collection is reason enough.

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