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What beauty advice would you give your younger self if you could?

What beauty advice would you give your younger self if you could? Share!

WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!!! Followed by, “Consider moisturizing and cleansing your face on a daily basis.” I got into beauty/makeup when I went to college, but before then, I didn’t have a skincare routine at all. I’m sure I had cleanser and the like, but it wasn’t a routine.

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Nancy T Avatar

1. STOP! Step away from the tweezers! 2. Chillax with that frosty white highlighter and frosty blue eyeshadow. No, really. 3. Do not broil yourself into a deep tan just because you can! You’ll regret that someday….oh, and use the sunscreen while you’re still young!

Anet Avatar

“Sort out why you are frowning so much and reduce it.

Perhaps it is just a bad habit, perhaps you should see your eye doctor, or try to change something in your life to feel like frowning less often. You can take care of those things also a bit later, but then the wrinkles will already be there and stay :-)”

Kat Avatar

Eyeliner is to line your eyes, not create an eye fortress.

Wash your face always, even if you’re tired, lazy, etc.

Yes, the ingredients matter, even if you don’t want to spend the money.

Your face isn’t flaky because it’s dry, it’s flaky because it’s oily. Stop with the creams and exfoliation! (Seriously, this one caused me pain for years.)

Mariella Avatar

Don’t use Biore strips, don’t use really hot water and don’t scrub so hard. Basically, be more gentle to my skin (fortunately, I’ve used sunscreen for ages and have never really liked sitting out in the sun and it has all paid off – visiting my mother in law the other day, she asked if I was wearing makeup – I wasn’t, except for moisturizer, concealer and lipstick – and commented once again on my skin!)

Grlnxdor Avatar

Don’t over tweeze! I wish that skinny eyebrows hadn’t been in style when I was younger. I never realized how much good eyebrows frame your face. Having spent my middle childhood years with a uni-brow( thanks to a Norwegian grandfather) I’ve always had issues with my brows. I’m finally at peace with them because of regular waxing and a good brow pencil.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Asked to try out makeup. I felt like a missed out a great opportunity for myself during high school to experiment, but I was always afraid to ask for anything from my parents. Not that I couldn’t, but I felt it wasn’t my place to ask for anything more then a roof over my head.

And in fact, my Mom regrets me not asking for anything when I was younger especially pets. lol She keeps saying to me, “It like pulling teeth to get you to say you want anything!”.

Barbara Avatar

Getting a deep tan isn’t worth the long-term harm to the skin. Thankfully, I wasn’t nearly as crazy as some of my friends and classmates when I was a teenager (never used a bed and I wore sunscreen), but there was that one summer when I used baby oil to “speed” things up and while it did work, and hindsight being 20/20, it was incredibly stupid.

Nicole Avatar

Yeah..Sunscreen and laying out in the sun for hours on end and tanning booths are not good! this was the 90’s though. I did start taking pretty good care of my skin probably junior year in high thanks to advise from “Seventeen” magazine 🙂 I have a young daughter(9 years old). i already have her washing her face 2x a day and wearing a moisturizer with spf ( it’s a light Neutrogena one). She complained at first and slacks sometime.But, My sister had a facial peel a few weeks ago for her “sun spots” and now she is on it,lol!
Also, do not shape you brows on your own! I had fairly full brows. But back then, pencil brows were in, so I way over did it. Never have come back. Go to a salon. Touch up if you need to. But let the pros do the heavy duty stuff.

xamyx Avatar

My 8 1/2 year old actually asked me to get her on a skincare regime about 2 years ago, LOL! She saw commercials for those acne treatment products, and started asking questions, so I told her the best thing (at this point) was to just make sure she washes her face regularly, stays hydrated/moisturized, and wears sunscreen-which she has since she was a baby. I also try to keep her skincare as “natural” as possible. She’s so diligent, she always nags me to wash off my makeup when she knows I’m really tired! When I get an occasional pimple, she tells me I need to do a better job at making sure my face is thoroughly clean.

And the eyebrows… I still haven’t recovered from the mid-90s. Even though I’m of Mediterranean descent, and hair removal is an uphill battle, my eyebrows apparently never got the memo, and have never gotten anywhere close to what they were. When the time comes, my daughter will have her brows done professionally, although if they stay like they are now, she won’t need to (her father & my mother both have *amazing* brows, naturally, and it seems she won the genetic lottery on that end!).

Nicole Avatar

LOl..That is awesome! I still have to “remind ” my daughter. But..she is better after watching my sister have a blazing,painful red face for weeks! Lucky on the brows too! Sounds like you’re going to have quite the beauty on you’re hands! 🙂

xamyx Avatar

She still despises having her hair washed, LOL! At least I can use the argument dirty hair can lead to blemishes. She had her first little blemish over the summer (due to the sunscreen & heat), and she *freaked*. It was sooo tiny, I didn’t even notice it until she pointed it out. Teeth brushing is another thing she needs to be “reminded” of, as well…

Nicole Avatar little girl was getting little bumps on her forehead over the summer from sweat and that kind of stuff too. I think I was more concerned than she was,lol. I thought the big P was coming already! I was not ready for that yet! She was at a day camp where she had w/p sunblock on all day and and we just had to get a oil based cleanser to wash with at night. Good thing these little ladies have cosmetic and skincare lovers like us to help them not make the silly mistake we did! I wish I did. My mom did nothing! lol. When I got my period, it scared the $*&( out of me. I was 10 at school. I literally thought I was dying. My finds did too! lol. I t was a mess literally. TMI..I apologize. Anyway, little girls are fun. I am sure boys are just as much of a joy as children are blessings. I have one though and as a single parent and as girly as I am, I am happy to have a girl! 🙂

Tigerlily Avatar

Lay off the tweezers and don’t start smoking… I quit years ago but my fine lines are more visible around my right eye, i.e. next to where I used to hold my cigarette (I am right handed)

Oh and also: YOGA! But it wasn’t as common then as it is now so it’d probably have been harder to find a class.

Eileen Avatar

Wear sunscreen every single day no matter the weather; no matter whether staying in or going out. Just make it a habit. Also, don’t forget to treat the neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, and feet as you would your face–gently exfoliate and use a good cream or lotion followed by sunscreen.

Eileen Avatar

After thought: When I was a teen, sunscreen wasn’t available so I guess this isn’t really advice that I could give to my younger self. LOL The first sunscreen I ever bought was when I was in my late twenties and it had to be ordered from a pharmacy. It contained PABA and was irritating. We’re so very lucky nowadays to have such an extensive variety of good sunscreens from which to choose. There is no excuse for anyone to not be wearing sunscreen on a regular basis.

Amanda Avatar

Your skin is not a stress ball. Stop pinching/squeezing/picking at it so much!
Also, more hair than beauty-related, but “STOP RELAXING YOUR HAIR” I had really thin shoulder-length hair for most of my teenage years. Once I stopped relaxing, my hair is so much thicker and healthier. It works for other people, for sure, but it was KILLING my poor hair!

Kuávsui Avatar

Mine would probably be the same as yours PLUS be very emphatic about not popping my zits or picking my face! I had mild acne and I wish I had known then what I know now about appropriate products for that plus generally about putting together a routine. There was no internet to help me with that back then so I really treasure the wealth of information people now have on their fingertips. I now have really enlargened pores and red marks from my more problematic skin days and at least the latter could have been prevented. Oh well… I have grown into my skin since puberty so they don’t bother me really, but I am gonna make sure my kids know at least the basics of skincare before puberty hits because so much adolescent pain can be avoided so easily.

IRockFaces Avatar

I would tell myself to start with drinking tons of water, keep your skincare on point, and have fun with it. Only buy what you have interest in, and keep what you love. Return the rest and don’t stress.

Genevieve Avatar

Make sure your daily moisturizer has sunscreen in it. Stay out of the sun – tans are not worth it.
Have a cleansing, moisturizing routine for morning and night
Find your right foundation shade
Don’t use hot water on your skin and don’t exfoliate all the time – it dries out your skin

Telesilla Avatar

“No one around you knows how bad it is for you, but seriously, do not slather on the tanning oil and lie around in the sun all summer. And for God’s sake, develop a decent skin care routine; just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean you don’t need to moisturize. Finally, even though Mom doesn’t wear makeup, you should still listen to her when she tells you to tone down the blue eye shadow.”

El Avatar

To be honest, nothing. I got into makeup and skincare very early. One aunt was an Avon rep, and another aunt had a friend who was an Alouette rep (Canadian company, similar format), thus I was aware of the products existing from when I was little. My mom was more of a tomboy so she enrolled me into beauty lessons at a local modelling school when I was a young teen because she thought I should learn how to do it properly. It’s kind of always been part of my life. And I was pretty good about sunscreen, too, except for the whole reapply after water immersion part, lol.

Lee Avatar

I used to use the harshest cleansers and really stong acne creams to try to get rid of my acne. As a result my face was always flaking and it never seemed to help my acne which is mostly hormonal anyway. WIsh I’d figured out that a mild cleanser like Cetaphil works much better.

Ditto on the sunscreen and being consistent about removing my make-up.

I’d also encourage myself to experiment more. I was so afraid of looking overly done that I only wore mascara and lipgloss for years. I thought unless you knew exactly which colors worked for you, you’d look ridiculous. Now I know that it’s not that hard to make almost any color work and that the only way to get better at make-up is to play with it.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I would wash my face gently,not scrub it so hard that I couldn’t wash it the next day. No picking and hands off face. Use sunscreen. We didn’t have much junk food when I was young so that wasn’t an issue.

Erica Avatar

Put down that soda and drink more water! Also stop using astringent. It’s only stripping your oily skin. Continue your skin care regimen and stop stressing over your acne. Tazorac will be on the market and you’ll be fine (lol).

Patrick Avatar

Stay away from harsh acne products that leave your skin painfully dry, don’t attack every pimple you see; especially around the mouth, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and looots of sunblock! Better to have bumpy skin instead stubborn discoloration. IMO. If I followed those steps back then; I wouldn’t be left with dark discoloration around my mouth, that accentuates my smile lines:(

Kristy Avatar

Stop tanning. Your natural skin color is beautiful. And lay off the tweezers. Both have been said but cannot be reiterated enough. Also, take it easy on the partying. It’s not worth it, and you’d be better off getting some sleep!

Alecto Avatar

1. Sunscreen always
2. Lots and lots of water
3. Oil cleanse! I killed my skin with harsh cleansers, toners, and treatments when I was younger … ish. Okay, that may have stretched into my 30’s. Anyway, I sometimes wonder how much nicer my skin would be if I hadn’t spent 25 years trying to soap, scrub, and burn (benzoyl peroxide) it off.

4. Also, not sure if it works as beauty advice (though it should, because I feel more attractive when I’m making the effort to stay fit!), but — keep walking, doing pushups, and crunches! — never stop!

doroffee Avatar

– have a skincare routine
– find out your skin type, and get products thatare good for it… and get dry shampoo!!!
– use products that deal with your hair problems, don’t just use whatever is at home
– don’t give up on using nail polish just because you sucked at it for the first time
– don’t start wearing makeup without knowing the basics – like you need eyeprimer, that you should use more colors on your lid for blending, or that if your skin looks not so good, don’t do heavy eye make-up without at least a little bit of concealing
-always look in the mirror before using tinted lipbalm, because it can look weird overrunning your liplines
-pure gold, silver, shimmery emerald green shadows are not necessarily the best for daytime wear

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