Beautiful Beginnings with Wet 'n' Wild

Beautiful Beginnings with Wet ‘n’ Wild

What was the first Wet ‘n’ Wild product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Wet ‘n’ Wild product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  Truthfully, I can’t rightly remember the first product I tried by Wet ‘n’ Wild–no doubt it was something prior to starting this blog.   The first product I reviewed on the blog were their MegaChrome Eyeliners, which I didn’t like at all, but then I tried and liked their Silky Finish Lipsticks and upgraded eyeshadow formula (Color Icon).  When they came out with the Color Icon eyeshadows, I really felt like they hit their stride.  It felt like a brand becoming more consistent.

Share your first time experiences with Wet ‘n’ Wild in the comments! 🙂


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Jacquelyn Avatar

i believe the first time i tried wet’n’wild was in middle school, and it was their white eyeliner! i was *new* to make-up, and heard that white liners just made your eyes look awake… so why not! it was only $1 or so. i believe they still make it. it was alright… eventually it became blue-tinged for some reason… it set an ok vibe for wet’n’wild, i didn’t know much about make-up then! but i think now i can safely say this brand really has some FANTASTIC products, but there are still the EH products.

Lee Avatar

It was probably a black lipstick or nail polish. Back when I was a young wannabe punk in the early 80’s, it was really hard to find interesting make-up. You had the classic boring drugstore brands like Revlon and Max Factor (L’Oreal was occasionally cool tho’) and then some $$ high-end stuff like Clinique and Ultima and the mall.
But Wet ‘n’ Wild had cool colors and was cheap – I think the lipsticks were 99 cents. In high school, I used to wear black lipstick with a lavender layered over it to get this unique dark purple. You youngsters are so spoiled these days with all the amazing make-up available to y’all. 🙂

Joanne Avatar

My first ever purchase from Wet n Wild would be their 3 pan Color Icon eyeshadow in Comfort Zone. 🙂 I love the neutral colours in it and they’re really pigmented too!

Alisonlou Avatar

I was a teenager in the 90’s, so if you wanted any alternative colored nail polish (read: black) WNW was just about your only option. When I became an adult I fell under the sway of MAC. However, last year I was trying to throw together a budget conscious look for Halloween and stumbled upon “I Dream of Greenie” at CVS and it was fabulous. Incredibly pigmented and had great staying power. It is NOT a color palette I would use outside of Halloween but it was a re-entry product for me. Since then I’ve picked up their newish “Panther” eye shadow single which I use as an eyeliner and it is also fantastically pigmented. I bought a few lip liners a few weeks ago when they were on sale at Rite Aid for $0.69 and while I was at it I bought the “Sweet as Candy” eye trio. Such a nice inexpensive way to upgrade a few of my looks now that I am back on the job market and don’t have the ability to shop at my local MAC store. I am a total convert and so grateful not to be scraping the bottom of my very old MAC eye shadows I have set aside to trade in for a new lipstick.

amy Avatar

It’s so funny that you would ask this, as I was just thionking about a week ago, if you would ask this, since you’ve been asking about HE brands.

Anyway, I can totally remember the first WnW product I ever tried-it was a lipstick in shade 508 (I don’t know if the lipstick formula had a name back then), as I was just getting into makeup and the Goth culture. I was about 12, and the year was 1985. Subsequently, I tried other products, but didn’t like any of them, until I discovered the white concealer stick. Since there were no primers back then, all the magazines suggested foundation or concealer on the lids to make eyeshadow stay, and the color more vibrant. However, the skin tones made the shadows look kind of muddy, so I decided to try the white. It was amazing! As the years went on, and I graduated to “grown up” brands, I always made sure I had, at all times, the white concealer & 508 (a dark black red creme). I still probably have them somewhere in my stash right now.

The shadows have improved immensely in the last few years, and I have a few pallettes. I never would have thought 5 years ago, that WnW eyeshadow would be nestled in my makeup cabinet alongside the likes of MAC, NARS, UD, etc.

stephanie Avatar

Since the 80’s in middle school. It was the only product line cheap for my lip gloss loving pockets! I is nice to see their quality blossom over the years.

hAppynote Avatar

I got their eyeliner in highschool but threw them out after a while cuz the formula was too waxy. I heard they reformulated their eyeliners to I got 2 and they’re not as waxy, but still fade at the end of the day.

I LOVE their nailpolishes though, I’ve been taking advantage of the sales at CVS recently. Got 5 nailpolishes and 2 lipsticks. Their gel liner is pigmented and long lasting but on some days it’ll give me really bad raccoon eyes, so I returned it.

I want to get their MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in Spotlight Peach but I haven’t seen it around!

Sharlie Gugel Avatar

My first makeup brand was wet n wild!! My first products were a bright blue eyeshadow, and a light blue nail polish with silver glitter. Totally 80’s!! But, I have never found a dupe for the polish color, which was amazing!!!!

Sandy Avatar

I borrowed my mom’s WnW black eyeliner in high school. I liked it, but quickly forgot about the brand until recently. So far, I’ve tried their Color Icon shadows, blushes, and some eyeliners, and I’ve loved them all.

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

Wet n’ Wild was the very first brand of makeup I got into, think around 1992. I was allowed to wear nail polish my whole life but everything else was on special occassions at that age. I remember using my allowance to buy W&W nail polish of course, but I can’t remember what other product came next between the mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, shadow, or the flavored lip gloss in the pots (I had all of them!)
With the exception of the lip gloss the products were awful in those days. The shadow had no pigment, mascara smeared, liner had to be tugged, lipstick was dry as a bone, and polish chipped the next day. Then again every single product they made was 99 cents at CVS so you get what you pay for. At $5 a week I didn’t have any other choice. I think I stopped buying W&W around 6th grade ’95-’96 (with the exception of np) and didn’t go back to it again until the Color Icon I Dream Of Greenie palette.

Fiaspice Avatar

My first Wet’n’wild product was the “Grey’s Anatomy” nail polish cause I saw the sawtch and review here! So far I have nothing from them.

Emi at Project Swatch Avatar

I’m pretty sure WnW was one of the first brands I tried when I was a teenager – waaaay back when. It was probably a nail polish, but I also had one of the old-school eyeshadow quads a very long time ago. I loved it so, so much – there was a gorgeous duochrome purple that I adored, and a very pretty grey as well. I’m sure the quality wasn’t great, but I adored it as a teenager!

These days, WnW is one of my very favorite brands. I absolutely love their eyeshadow, and they have some great lipsticks too – both the MegaLast and Silk Finish are good formulas, but the Silk Finish colors are quite hit and miss, as some are way frosty. And the nail polish, especially the newer colors, are still great!

amy Avatar

I was just going through a box of old makeup and I found that quad, too. In fact, I found all 4 of them. I can’t believe the packaging was so much better then, although the product was far inferior to what it is now.

Mariella Avatar

I never tried Wet n Wild when I was younger – I guess I was a bit of a makeup snob and would save my money for higher priced lines. In the past 2 years or so, though, I have tried quite a few of the Colour Icon individual shadows and their Vanity and Lust palettes and quite a few of the “trios” and I am absolutely amazed by how good they are – every bit as good as shadows from MAC, Nars, Too Faced, etc. Maybe the company needs a name change to disassociate from that image of poor quality, garish products that many of us have that come from how the company’s products used to be.

Esther Avatar

I don’t remember exactly what the first thing I bought was, but it used to be that half of what I had was WnW. it was a nice way to get my foot in the door with makeup without breaking the bank. I still pick up their stuff from time to time if I’ve got the urge to buy but my wallet disagrees 😛

Lynn Avatar

My first Wet ‘n’ Wild product was a white eyeliner back in the late 90’s. All the girls that I knew were wearing white eyeliners, so I wanted to give it a go for just a dollar. I was never able to wear it, because it was so dry and didn’t even show up on my skin. I haven’t even gone near the brand until late last year when a lot of bloggers were talking about their comfort palette and such. I’m still a skeptic, but I’m warming up to the idea of trying the brand again.

Em Avatar

I just got introduced to Wet and Wild in the past 6 months. I bought the Comfort Palett and the all matte palette as well as the Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment trios. I find I like the trios much better than the two palettes. The matte palette is chalky and difficult to blend. I find the trios quick easy colors to work with and they last on my eyes all day. I’m not really interested in trying anything else from this brand though to be honest.

Gretchen Avatar

My very first WnW product was the eyeshadow in Creme. It’s my go-to highlighter, and as a result, it’s the first shadow that I’ve hit pan on. It’s a shame that it’s been discontinued though.

Lark Avatar

Hahahahah! I think it was lipstick, but it would have been 1977 and I don’t remember. I had Estée Lauders Blockbuster every Christmas, and my older relatives kept me flush with make up from Lauder and Lancôme gift with purchase, which was very generously big and varied Back When. So no Wet and Wild- the brand has shifted enormously for the better lately, I don’t think they had eyeshadow until recently. I like the nail polish and lipstick I tried this winter.

dar Avatar

I am not sure if it was my first product, if not it was pretty close. I pretty much lived in Wet n Wild lipstick in shade 512 from 1982-1985. It was the frostiest beige color and totally 80s. I went though so many tubes. When I think back to my high school years, one of the first things that comes to mind is 512.

mayli Avatar

a brown shade lipstick which was pretty good quality and had an amazing staying power and that was hmm 16 years ago when I was a teenager. 1996
Oh my God it s been so long ago :)))
still love Wet n Wild, great eyeshadows but awul eyelines then and now 🙂

Christine Avatar

The information is posted to the public, so it is available for anyone to read – I have no idea whether Wet ‘n’ Wild reads the blog really or if this post will come up on their radar. I certainly don’t generate reports of all your responses and send them anywhere, LOL!

Donna Avatar

lmao! I love this comment. My first thought was “All bow down to the makeup goddess!” Unfortunately Christine busted our bubble…and we find out that she is just the makeup fairy princess. lol

Moonchime Avatar

I’ve used wet ‘n Wild products since the mid 90’s. My love affair began with their lips glosses–and moved on to their Brandywine lip pencil #666–AKA~The Beast. LOL. Now, I love their taupe eyeliner pencil to fill in my sparse eyebrows. I also love their color eyeshadow palettes in Vanity and Lust, as well as the I <3 Matte palette. To this day, I haven't found a better lipliner or eyeliner pencil.

Tish Avatar

Was mid 1980’s in Junior High School, Wet N Wild made a sea foam green liner that I wore every day. Thought it was awesome as it matched my Oakley Sunglasses :).

Seishin Avatar

In the late 90’s, Wet & Wild were one of the FEW companies putting out fun colours of nail polish in Canada (we didnt have Hard Candy). Had their black, blue, silver and white polishes. 😀

Jules Avatar

I remember needing a dark, vampy lipstick for halloween and picking up some WnW, since I only needed it for the once occasion. I thought it was okay. Then I really got into makeup and now I have so much WnW.

Julie P Avatar

I started wearing it as a teenager, so it was roughly in the late 80’s. My go to lip was the lipliner in 666 used all over the lip like a lipstick.

Megan Avatar

I think I got their lip glosses as a kid, but my first Wet N’ Wild had to be their nail polish when I was 5 or something. That was when their products weren’t very good. Of their new improved products my first one was their eye shadow.

Lissa Oliva Avatar

I think the first thing I tried was a lip pencil back in the 90’s, and I think it was called Raisin? I’m not sure but it was a dark red/plum-y color (for that grungy-pale-skin-dark-lip-look).

Lulu Avatar

In middle school, I went to the drugstore and with my own money bought an eyeliner and the pinkest, most sparkly lip gloss, both 99 cents! I snuck them home so my parents wouldn’t see that I was wearing makeup, and I would put it on at school. And then came the black and white nail polishes…

kate Avatar

I’m sure I must have been very young- just trying out makeup for the first time- so I can’t say for sure what my very first W&W product was. I do remember that they used to have a shade called “Blackest Red” (or something like that) which was my HG lipstick for a while. It was the only truly dark, vampy shade I could find.

Steph Avatar

Way before I ever wore makeup, I used to buy Wet n Wild nail polishes because they were so cheap and came in fun colours (this was in the mid to late 90s, I also remember loving Bon Bons in their teeny bottles and Sinful nail polishes in the old style bottle- I would beg my mom for them when she would take me along to Sally Beauty Supply haha). When I got a little older and wanted to experiment with cosmetics I used to buy Wet n Wild because, again, they were so cheap! Of course the quality was pretty horrible but when you’re a teenager with no job and limited pocket money 99 cents is pretty appealing! I still remember how much those hard eyeliners hurt to apply! When I saw people raving about the new Wet n Wild eyeshadows I was pretty surprised, but they’re really good- such a turnaround for the brand, I think. : )

Desiree Jones Avatar

My firs WnW product was their eyeliners. Those long ones that they have in different colors now. Their always 99 cents. Of course they werent the best eyeliners in the world but years ago it was the cheapest I could afford!

I still have like two of them but they’ve never been used and probably won’t ever be used. I should just throw them away or give ’em away

Rachael Avatar

I remember buying like 8 of their eyeliners at once because they’re just 99 cents, back when I was just getting into makeup. I have some of their older nail polishes that I think my mom originally bought. I never really tried their other products until just recently when I bought the Comfort Zone palette, and now I have a pretty purple palette by WnW called Lust as well. I’m growing to really like their products and everything is crazy good quality considering the price point. 🙂

Tracy Avatar

Wet n Wild was my go to brand when I was on a budget in high school ! I remember getting their lipsticks and concealers. I admit I stopped using their products now because it’s just difficult to find whatever I am looking for from the brand.

Ani_BEE Avatar

I remember buying Wet n Wild in middle and high school as well but I don’t remember what at all. lol

Currently I have a lot of WnW eyeshadows and lipsticks actually in the past year and a half and I love the formula and pigmentation of them.

Malia Avatar

My first (and I still love it!) WnW product was the Dream of Greenie palette, which I saw first here… and I was in love with chartreuse anything at that time. I really had to hunt it down! After that I bought so many of their palettes, two bronzers, and a few nail polishes, but nothing else really appealed to me. Now I am sad cause I dont live in the US anymore and no WnW or anything decent!

Miss J Avatar

I know I used the brand back in the 90s when I was a middle schooler. I couldn’t tell you my first product, but I know I had glitters, liners (eye and lip), glitters, and lipsticks. It was the go-to brand for more alternative lip colors. I believe I bought a green and black from them, and I’m recalling a product similar to that Smashbox product that’s clear, but turns pink. Does anyone else remember them having this in a stick form? I SWEAR they or some drugstore brand did way back then. WnW back then was basically known as cheap crap. It’s the brand people went to most for Halloween makeup since you could find more alternative products on the cheap.

I know they’ve basically redone their brand, but I still haven’t gone out on a limb to try anything. I was always so disappointed with most of the drugstore products I bought that I have a hard time trying it now as an adult, especially when it comes to eye shadows. I’m by no means a brand whore; I just much prefer to test stuff before purchasing when at all possible, and I loathe returning products.

Melanie Avatar

Looking back years ago, I think my first Wet n Wild product would probably have to be their Mega Slicks lip gloss in some bright pink ultra-glittery color(and prob NOT a color I would choose today haha)OR their white eye pencil!! Since becoming a total makeup/product junkie, I purchased the Silent Treatment Color Icon eyeshadow palette when they first came out, and it’s still an absolute favorite of mine today!!! Wet n Wild has come a long way in the last several years, and they are one of my all time favorite brands to go to for eyeshadows and eye pencils!!

Avril Avatar

A lip gloss- it was brownish with some shimmer, similar to my favourite avon one (I don’t know the names of either, nor do I know what happened to them). It was wayyy too sticky for my tastes, and I avoided the brand until I started seeing such great reviews of the shadows everywhere.

Junie Avatar

What was the first Wet ‘n’ Wild product you ever tried?
Their 3 pan Color Icon eyeshadow -Walking on Eggshells

Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?
I love those all 3 colors but I have many other brands with same color.

What was the first Wet ‘n’ Wild product you purchased?
Their 3 pan Color Icon eyeshadow -Walking on Eggshells

Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?
I love it… I just have too many eyeshadow to put on my face… kkkkk

Julie D Avatar

It was their lipsticks, in the 80’s. I convinced my sister to give me her allowance and I picked up a carnation pink lipstick and a bright blue-red lipstick, I tried them on and said how does this look? on the walk home. They were in the garbage before we made it home… I was only 11 and not allowed to wear makeup. lol

Ana Avatar

I’ve started last year and fell in love with the brand, my first purchase consisted of “vanity”, “greed” and “lust” palettes, till this day vanity is my most used palette of all I have (even more than my UD naked one) then I purchased the eight eyeshadow palettes, a white eyeliner and a concealer (which was awful to be honest) I also own a few trios and I want more haha! it’s my fave drugstore brand.

Donna Avatar

Back in the 90s I bought two eyeshadow quads and two blushes. I think I still have them somewhere around here too. I do know one of the blushes was super pigmented and gave me clown cheeks. I didn’t know what to do with it, tried it just the once and never again. Back then most drugstore products were lightly pigmented and I was used to applying heavily for it to even show up, so I never even thought to trying to apply with a light hand. Just gave up and thought it was a bad product! lol Now I know it was the opposite, a surprisingly good product for drugstore. So I think WnW has been great with powder products for a very long time, but the price lead everyone to believe otherwise.

Emily Amaro Avatar

When I first was allowed to wear makeup it was their eyeliners. I’m surprised I still have eyelids that are in tact! They were so hard and rough

Marisa Cree Avatar

lol..first thing I used was their eyeliner. A lighter was required to use it or else you would drag the skin off your lid. When I started earning money I didn’t look back on the brand. Not until lately. They have greatly improved!!!!

Leslie J. Almeida Avatar

I would say about four or five of us wore the same chocolate brown WnW lipstick in high school in 1994/95. I will have to look it up. Certainly brings back memories when I find one.

Nikki Avatar

I am late on the Wet n Wild bandwagon, but I am glad I finally discovered it through this very blog.  I am not the best at applying eye makeup and I love wearing bold lip colors and blushes, so I pretty much refuse to spend big bucks on expensive eye shadows that will rarely get used.  Wet n Wild palettes allow me to look great for less when I do want to indulge in eye makeup, and I appreciate the quality of their products for such a low price.  At the moment, I only own one of their products, which is the Silent Treatment trio palette (which I happen to be wearing today), and I do really like it.  Because I am not great with eye make up, I like that this palette takes all the guess work out of eyeshadow for me.  The pigmentation is lovely, and it last all day on me (with only minor creasing) when used with primer.  I definitely plan to try some other palettes by this brand.  The next one on my list is Comfort Zone.  I hope it doesn’t let me down!

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