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Beautiful Beginnings with Tarte

Beautiful Beginnings with Tarte

What was the first Tarte product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Tarte product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  I had never tried Tarte before having the blog, so the first product I reviewed on the blog was Tarte’s Purse Your Lips Lipgloss Clutch back in 2008. I loved that you were able to get so many glosses to try, though they were fairly tiny! Next, I tried an eyeshadow palette which was so-so. I’m still kind of waiting to fall in love with Tarte you could say. I do like their new Amazonian Blushes, even if they don’t live up to their over-the-top 12-hour claim.

Share your first time experiences with Tarte in the comments! 🙂


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ManicureAddict Avatar

I bought a Tarte today special value from QVC Last year that had the Amazonian Clay foundation, and in fact that was my first QVC/tarte purchase ever. I have always had an issue with oily skin and have always looked for a foundation that would help combat that. I gotta say everything in the kit i got worked and it worked well. Since then I’ve gone tarte crazy and while there were a few products i tried that were a total miss it did not keep me away. I love knowing that the products are good for me to use daily and aren’t filled with harmful non natural ingredients. What can i say I’m a total Tarte Fan Girl! My top favs are: the foundation, brow mousse, and lipsurgence.  I use those on an almost daily basis

xamyx Avatar

I was at Sephora at Downtown Disney and saw the Femme Fatale pallette, and fell in love with it, and picked it up with 2 others. I now have 6 pallettes, the True Blood pallette, and a Holiday set. I absolutely love the shadows, although I have to use the more intense shades wet to get full impact (at least Tarte includes that instruction with the product). I don’t care for the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, as it’s really flaky & clumps, and it’s the only one that ever irritated my eyes. I also just picked up a Sephora 500 point perk dampler from Sephora, so I’m looking forward to trying some face & lip products.

xamyx Avatar

I was at Sephora at Downtown Disney and saw the Femme Fatale pallette, and fell in love with it, and picked it up with 2 others. I now have 6 pallettes, the True Blood pallette, and a Holiday set. I absolutely love the shadows, although I have to use the more intense shades wet to get full impact (at least Tarte includes that instruction with the product). I don’t care for the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, as it’s really flaky & clumps, and it’s the only one that ever irritated my eyes. I also just picked up a Sephora 500 point perk sampler from Sephora, so I’m looking forward to trying some face & lip products.

whooobie Avatar

My first Tarte product was their stain, back when there was only one color. I liked it, it lasted but for some reason I just never really went back to use it lol

Atanza Avatar

The first thing I ever bought from Tarte was the Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara.  I liked it for a couple weeks and then it started to dry out and not work as well, so I never bought it again.  Then I bought one of their Amazonian Clay blushes and fell in love!  They might not necessarily wear for 12 hours, but the colors are perfect and they do last a long time.  I also like their bronzer and have made a couple more blush purchases since then.

nina Avatar

My first experience with Tarte was redeeming 500 points at Sephora for a Tarte eye kit… it had a few different mascaras and the “EmphasEYES™ High Definition Eye Pencil” – I loved this eye pencil – loved the mascaras too, but they were super pricey, so never repurchased. Currently I am in love with their Amazonian Clay Blushes… love em, and def love the brand… I always check out their new products! 

Caitlin Mary Avatar

The first product I bought was the cheek stain in tipsy.  I loved it a lot, wore it on my lips and eyes too!  I love the smell and the look.  I have since moved onto their clay blushes and have tipsy and exposed.  Tarte makes incredible blushes.  That is all I have every used from them and that is probably all I ever will.

Cat G Avatar

It was just a few months ago, when someone on a beauty community I’m part of had just bought all the Tarte blushes and was raving about how great they were. Her blush looked GORGEOUS in all her photos from that entry, so that perked my interest. My first product was Tarte Exposed blush, probably the most flattering blush I own.

Lulubelle107 Avatar

Tarte cheek stains were my first introduction to the line, and are still one of my favorites.  I’m so so on the eye shadows, but have enjoyed Lipsurgence and the Amazonian clay blushes.  I do appreciate the emphasis on natural ingredients.

Quinctia Avatar

Well, I bought an Amazonian Clay blush about a month ago, and I like it.  I’m not huge on blush, so I don’t see myself going to collect them all or anything.  If they came out with a light golden bronzer in the formula, I might spring for it.

jeneyg Avatar

I recently bought Tarte’s tinted moisturizer and I LOVE it. I also got a sample of the new maracuja lip gloss which is also very nice and not sticky!

Jillian Avatar

My first Tarte product was the Exposed Amazonian Clay blush – I was looking for a natural blush that would work with pretty much anything, and I like the emphasis on natural products too. However I’m not a HUGE fan of the blush – I keep wearing it almost daily, but I find that I don’t even get the 6-8 hour (even 10 hours if I recall correctly) wear that Christine was getting with some of these. I remember Exposed not being one of the longer-lasting ones, but still… I was hoping for longer than 4 hours or so. At any rate, I do like the blush, just not in love with it. I’m eager to try Blissful (the peach/coral Amazonian Clay blush) or other Amazonian Clay products, because reviews say they seem to work well!

blueraccoon Avatar

My first Tarte product was a LipSurgence lip stain in a Sephora “Give Me Some Lip” sampler. I liked it, but not as much as some of the other products. But then I tried their tinted moisturizer and fell in love. Now I have that, the finishing powder, and the achiote color set from Sephora – I love the lip luster and the lip gloss in that set, but I’m so so on the blush. I also just picked up a Tarte lip sheer – I expected it to be a tinted lip balm, without much color payoff, but it’s really more like a gloss that feels like a balm. I love it.

Em Avatar

My first Tarte product was one of their matte lip tints in the bright red color. This came as a free gift at Sephora. The color of this one is a bit much for me, but I’m not a red lip kind of girl to begin with, but I loved the product enough that I bough two more of the matte lip tints in Lucky (light pink) and Hope (mlbb). I never thought I would like the matte lip look, but these proved me wrong.

Melissa Avatar

I love Tarte’s Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer in Agent 00…I’m very pale with pink undertones & this is the only tinted moisturizer I’ve found that doesn’t turn me yellow.

phillipsea20dc Avatar

My first experience with Tarte the True Blood palette – I had gone back and forth deciding whether or not to buy it what drew me into buying was the several reviews on the product (one of them being dustyohunter’s review) and some of the colors appeared to be beautiful. I also like how tarte products natural products. After receiving the palette I was impressed by some of the colors. I don’t think I would repurchase tarted eyeshadows. I decided to
Give tarte another chance since I saw tons of people rave about their Amazonian clay blush- I got Exposed I really love the color and I love
That it’s matte I’m very impressed with the color and although it doesn’t last 12 hours t does last long. I am also considering purchasing their smooth operator powder but as far as their eyeshadow goes I doubt I’d purchase any.

Lulle Avatar

My very first Tarte product was a “Lock & Roll” shadow, cream shadow with a brush applicator on one side and a roll on of powder shadow on the other. I wasn’t particularly impressed! However my second encounter was a lot better, as I purchased an Amazonian Clay Blush in Blushing Bride: I love it and I’d really like to get more shades!

Lauren13 Avatar

I’ve only used 2 tarte products – the Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer and concealer.  The tinted moisturizer  is a bit heavy feeling and doesn’t control my oil that well.  Plus the color isn’t right.  I got Agent 14 per the Ulta sales associate’s recommendation and it’s too dark for me (I’m roughly an NC30).  It would match my summer skin better BUT it leaves me feeling oily even when topped with powder (a must).  Since I got Smashbox BB cream, I’ve stopped bothering with it, as that product goes on feeling lighter and does a better job with oil control.  As for the concealer, it’s great on hyperpigmentation but when used as an undereye concealer, it settles into fine lines. 

kelly summers Avatar

The first and only (I think. Trying to rack my brain without being in front of my makeup) Tarte product I bought was one of their cheek stain in Natural Beauty. It is insanely pigmented and long-lasting. I got it for about $30 and will probably never finish it up. It’s a ton of product. I’ve wanted to try other products of theirs but some other brand always catches my eye.

John 3D Avatar

My first foray into Tarte was with their Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer. I quite liked it then and still do. It provides excellent coverage for a TM and contains good mineral-based UV protection, along with some antioxidants. The color range is great as well.
It’s pretty crazy how drastically my skin tone has changed. When I first when in to Sephora, I was matched to either Agent 12 or 14. Now, I wear Agent 00… Haha! That’s how big a difference sunscreen makes! Anyways, I tend to not grab for this anymore because I like more coverage. Pluis, this only lasts a couple of hours on me, even when set with powder. I just need more longevity than this can give me.
Since then, I’ve only tried the 12H foundation (which is good, but not my favorite. It’s not as elegant as the LM Silk Creme foundation), and the matte bronzer (which is my 3rd favorite contour powder, after MAC Sculpting Powder in Sculpt and the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer). Overall, Tarte has good “face makeup,” but there are more varied, consistent, and stronger options from other brands available at Sephora and the department stores in my opinion.
Finally, I don’t care for their whole “natural” slant because in reality, all those things that Tarte products avoid, really aren’t harmful. It’s just plain marketing and fear mongering.

xamyx Avatar

@John 3D I would have to respectfully disagree with you. Although some of the “unnatural” ingredients found in most cosmetics may not be “dangerous” or cause cancer, or whatever, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in the texture and condition of my skin since I stopped using facial products containing parabens.

John 3D Avatar

 @xamyx  @John
HI xamyx,
Since parabens are used almost ubiquitously, by switching over to a product that doesn’t contain parabens doesn’t prove or even suggest that it was the parabens that was causing your skin issues. You need to keep in mind the other ingredients present that may have caused any negative reactions. And if you have considered them, you still didn’t screen for lifestyle factors including stress, diet, hormones, etc… so you can’t say that parabens are the cause of your problems. Furthermore, the potential dangers of parabens that various sites, organizations, and companies claim have nothing to do with texture or condition of the skin. It’s about parabens exhibiting estrogenic and carcinogenic effects (which are untrue) through dermal absorption; not about rough or even skin tone and the like. Regardless to say, there is a plethora of scientific documentation confirming that the amount of parabens present in cosmetic products is nowhere near high enough to cause harm, if they even do.
In my opinion based on unbiased and well-designed studies and documentation, the pros of parabens far outweigh the potential cons. Their presence cuts down on the chances of having bacterial and fungal infections. Really, I’d rather have an infinitesimal risk of some weak estrogenic effect than a much larger risk of discovering mold or bacteria in my makeup. But to each his own, right? Even if my little rant here doesn’t change your opinion at all, my goal was to educate others and let you know that parabens can in no way affect the texture and condition of your skin, assuming you’re not allergic to them.
But thanks for voicing your thoughts! It’s a great platform to speak from. 🙂

xamyx Avatar

@John 3D @John I don’t know why the switch away from parabens has made a difference, but I can say it is a very noticable one. As for diet, stress, etc, everything has been a constant. I’m not advocating this will work for everyone, nor am I suggesting parabens are “bad”; I’m merely stating the observations I have made on my own complexion. Perhaps I do have a sensitivity to parabens; the only constant ingredient in all of the moisturizers I’ve used over the years has been one sort paraben or another. I’m not even saying that I have cut the out 100%, as I still use them regularly on my body (the “natural” body lotions are completely useless, for me), and I will *occasionally* stray from my mineral powder foundation, but I’m convinced, for whatever reason, cutting the parabens has worked for *me*.

simba498 Avatar

The first Tarte product I purchased was the Amazonian Clay Foundation.  I purchased it from QVC and I really liked it.  It also came with an awesome powder style foundation brush to blend your foundation for an airbrush finish.  I liked the look and feel of the foundation so I purchased it in a darker shade because the initial shade was a bit light.  Now I use both foundation shades and apply them using the, reverse contouring, Eve Pearl method of foundation application.  I am actually wearing it today.  I can’t say that I have a exclusive romance with Tarte because I am open to using all “good” products.  I can definitely say that I am not afraid to continue purchasing other tarte products.  I also have some of their eye shadows which go on smoothly with good pigmentation.  I have a cream blush, water proof eyeliner, maracuja oil and the maracuja oil lip gloss.  I am satisfied with it all.

Greenbergl Avatar

I can’t quite recall which Tarte item I tried first. I bought several Sephora favorites sets…among these were at least two cheek stains (not my thing), a Lock n roll eye product (did not like at all), a mascara (lights, camera…which I liked very much), a dry oil sample (smells divine, but I rarely use). Then, I purchased a set from QVC…but the only item I really liked was the brow mousse. Lastly, I purchased the holiday jewelry box…so not impressed at all. I’m still waiting to fall in love with Tarte because so far there have been too many fails and too few keepers. I do really want to try the Amazonian clay blushes though.

milegolas Avatar

The first and unfortunately the only one, was the true blood palette. I bought it only because I’m a big fan of the show, but I realy liked the eyeshadows..a good variety of colours, but I’d rather more matte finishes.

Emi at Project Swatch Avatar

The first Tarte product I tried was their tinted moisturizer, which I ended up returning when I realized that it was shimmery – I’m not a fan of shimmer in my face products! But, now I own a couple of the Amazonian Clay blushes, and I really like them. I also have one of the lipsurgence / lip tint pencil things (not sure exactly what the are called), and I like it a lot –  I’d buy another. 

GlitterSaves Avatar

I think my first Tarte product order was the Ready-to-Wear Dual Look palette, Tickled cheek stain, the French Tickler blush (LOL), the Brow Box and some kind of combo lip sealer/gloss. The lip sealer didn’t really work, but the gloss part was great, and the Brow Box was really handy for traveling. The palette had some pretty colors, although the lip colors were too dry for my liking and the shadows didn’t have a lot of pigment. It was the cheek stain, though, that really started my love for the brand. I still adore the cheek stains and also love their Double Dose glosses along with the new Lipsurgence pencils. The Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara is also great for holding a curl and is truly waterproof. I can generally leave the eyeshadows and liners though–they’re just so-so.

Ana Avatar

The first thing I bought from Tarte was a mini Park Av. bronzer & amazonian clay blush in Dollface duo for $10 @ Sephora 🙂 … IT’S AMAZIIING! My mom uses my bronzer as her blush all the time and I love both blush and bronzer… I’d love to try their lights, camera, lashes mascara and more amazonian clay blushes (like tipsy, blissful or exposed)

properlybright Avatar

for sure try that mascara. i use it all the time and it’s amazing. it adds so much length to my lashes. it’s not good if your looking for volume though. it’s perfect for an awake or doll eyed type look. it’s not waterproof but it doesn’t smudge and if i sweat or cry it’s easy clean up. i just wipe and its off my face.

Ivy Avatar

Sunkissed Cheek Stain was my first Tarte product. Unwisely, they no longer sell it. Maybe they’ll bring it out as a mini during summers as a bronzer. Now I only use their mascaras, but I’m looking forward to trying their liners, shadows, loose powder, and tinted moisturizer. I’m trying to keep my purchases as clean or green as possible. Unfortunately, they put mint oil in all of their lip products so have to look elsewhere for that.
Speaking of, Christine could you review a few more natural/organic/green lines? There are plenty out there but they don’t seem to get much play on the blogs. Ones to consider (besides Tarte): Vapour, 100% Pure, Colorganics/Hemp Organics, Gabriel/Zuzu Luxe, RMK Make Up, and Lavera. There are many others but those are the ones I could think of immediately. Some of them are pretty well known.

tduddie Avatar

The only thing I have bought from Tarte was the Radiant and Rested Volume 2 Collection.  I wasn’t pleased with the Amazonian clay illuminating serum that was apart of the set.  It was very oily and not very appealing on the skin. The bright side double-ended eye brightener on the other hand was AMAZING!  You put it in the inside of the eye and it brightens up your eyes tremendously.  The lip tint (lipstick) is such a cute color also with shimmer in it that I love.  The color is called “sweet.” Also included is a shimmering powder and blush that is a very appealing pink shade called “glisten.” All of these are exclusive colors but you can still buy the collection online at selected retailers.  Overall, a great buy!! 🙂

Tracy Avatar

My first Tarte product was their lip balm which was half balm half exfoliator. I forgot what the name was but I was not impressed. The only other Tarte product I own is the Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed. Love the color, but it doesn’t last as long as they claim it would… It’s still ok and I do want to try other blush colors.

wwendalynne Avatar

While I haven’t had a lot of experience with Tarte products, I do covet their Park Avenue Princess bronzing powder.  I received a sample from Sephora and turned around and immediately purchased the full sized product.  I have a very tough time with bronzing powders in general with most looking far too orangey fake on me or even making me look rather gaunt/haggard/older.  I don’t care for an overly bronzed look so  PA Princess hits exactly the right note on my skin and doesn’t make me look like Haggis Mcbaggis in the process.

properlybright Avatar

i haven’t used a lot of tarte products. the first thing i tried from them was their lip tint in fiery. i love it. i’ve tried their eyeshadows and i’m not really a fan. the thing i love the most from them is their lights camera lashes mascara. i love their lip tints as well. i also have their lip tint in amused that i got in my birchbox and i really like it. it’s moisturizing and the tint lasts quite a long time. they’re not my favorite brand but they’re my go to for mascara.

stacey Avatar

It was when Tarte came out in about 2000.  The packaging was this pleather violet/ lavender container.  I bought the cream and powder foundation compact.  I also bought the cheek stain.  They also had this duo lipgloss set with cute names of famous couples, but I never bought it.  Just havent been impressed with Tarte over all.

Reese Avatar

I’m pretty sure it was one of their push up cheek tints. I don’t love those particular items so much anymore, but I LOVE Tarte! LCL Mascara is my fave, love the amazonian clay blushes. Definitly a brand I’ll keep coming back to 🙂

Daniellenm30 Avatar

I’ve tried Tarte mascaras. I don’t know… they aren’t good. And because of that I’ve never had much desire to try other products. But I do hear good things about their blushes.

SallyR Avatar

I’ve only ever purchased one Tarte product, their Cheek Tint in the Tipsy shade and I had to get rid of it as it was too greasy on me. I have very oily skin and the sheen was just too much.

AnneSophie Avatar

Their lip surgence lip tints are so hydrating! And with the mint oil, it’s refreshing 🙂 I love their colors, I gotta say I’m in love with them.Also I tried the smooth operator amazonian clay illuminating serum as an highlighter and I used it under my foundation… I think it’s a pretty natural-looking highlighter. Not that “In your face goldy sparkly” hightlighter we all know.. I liked it 🙂 So far, I was satisfied with every product I’ve bought.

GenevievePaul Avatar

I love Tarte.  I bought two of their sets a couple of years ago, and the were really nice.  I liked everything in both sets except for the mascaras.  The amazonian clay bronzer and cream eyeliner were great.  The amazonian clay shadow Stick and blush were amazing.  It lead to me trying all varieties of their lip tints, all of which I love.  I also bought a few more of the clay blushes.

Jennifer Moreno Avatar

I recently bought my first Tarte products, they were the Park Ave Princess bronzer and the amazonian clay blush in dollface. I haven’t tried any other products but I do like the bronzer

Lianna Avatar

My first Tarte product was 2-3 years ago with their Aqua Gel Pencil liner.  It was awful! My eyes started stinging, watering and they turned bright red. I immediately took the liner off, and they stayed watery and red for the entire rest of the day!  Then Sephora gave me a hard time about returning the liner because I had thrown the box away… I’ve been scared of Tarte ever since.

Jolie92 Avatar

I hated Tarte, I ordered directly from the twice company and both times they sent me used products. The customer service lady was really rude to me as well.

Jolie92 Avatar

I hated Tarte, I ordered directly from the company twice and both times they sent me used products. The customer service sucked also. The people where nice, but they made me go out of my way to return the products to them and then wait almost a month for my refund.

Jay Avatar

I received one of their Lipsurgence Lip Tints in a sampler pack from Sephora about six months ago, and I really do love it a lot – super moisturizing formula, lasting color, smooth application, and the shade (Moody) was really flattering for a pale skinned brunette. Haven’t had the chance to pick up anything else from the company, but based on how much I like that product, I’d definitely try more from them! I’m considering scooping one of their kits if they come out with one that has shades I like in products I’ll use.

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