Beautiful Beginnings with Dior

Beautiful Beginnings with Dior

What was the first Dior product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Dior product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  One of the first Dior products I ever tried was a pretty spring highlighter/blush from the Flower Blossom collection. It was very pretty! I think the first product I fell in love with were the Dior Skin Shimmers. Absolutely gorgeous highlighters for the skin–always glowy and delicate, never overdone or frosty.

Share your first time experiences with Dior in the comments! 🙂

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My first products were the Incognito 5 couleurs palette, and their bronzer in light tan. I am still in love with the eyeshadows nearly ten years later and have repurchased the palette 2 times. Though I did like the bronzer I soon after found my current HG in that department and did not buy another one.

Unfortunately Incognito seems to be discontinued… I received it in a mini 5 couleurs palette as a GWP once, and I loved it so much I promised myself I would buy the full size one, but I waited too long! It was my HG nude palette…

The first thing I tried from Dior is the Diorshow Iconic Mascara. It was very expensive, even more expensive than most of you are used to, since I live in Sweden – about 45 dollars. It wasn’t bad, but dried really quickly and the most important thing that put me off – it’s a mascara. There are loads of good mascaras for 10 dollars. I then bought a red lipstick from them, and all I can say is that my lipstick from MaxFactor was way better. 
The only thing that would make me buy from Dior again is their pretty packaging – like the eyeshadow palette with floral pattern in the eyeshadows and the palette looking like a cute cluth. 

 @paneradfisk Diorshow Iconic is my favorite mascara on the market as of today, although I’ve been trying for years to find a cheaper alternative… I guess it really depends what you’re looking for in your mascara. What I need is curl, definition, and a little volume, and it works wonders for me!

I only have one makeup item by Dior, and that is a cake liner duo in cerise/violet that I bought several years ago. I still have it, and love it, but I’ve not seen anything while passing a dior counter/display that was unique or special enough to merit the price. I do like J’adore, alot, however I usually stick with my HG perfume, Lou Lou, by Cacharel.

The first time I tried dior was last year, the airflash foundation is AMAZING! So the diorshow mascara and the shadows, I LOVE DIOR!

I started with a very good loose powder, and the ready-to-wear smokeys and then the 5 Colours. I don’t have many Dior makeu-up but I really love it !

The first product I tried was a Dior mascara but now Im loving their Lipsticks & glosses. Bought a palette for a blog giveaway last month and Im wishing I bought 2 now:) xx

Christian Dior as is was called back in those days is a very old old brand.  I cannot remember what was the first item I got, but I think it was a white highlighter with three different tones of white.  I got gift lipsticks from them.  I like the original Dior addict lipstick.  I like the original lipsticks.  I have a duo blusher/ face powder….Unlike most brands I dip into it when it is new, I still revisit Dior.  Dior lipsticks do not turn bad when you dont use them for a long time unlike Chanel or Nars.

I tried press powder foundation years ago and didn’t like it but
bought first dior 5 colours eyeshadow (night dust) in 2010 and until now, it is still one of my favorite palette.
if I am ever able to finish one palette, this is probably the one. 🙂 

The first things I bought from Dior were two kohl liners and a mascara.  This was years ago, when I wore make up sparingly (meaning, not often).  The eyeliners were fine, but the mascara bothered my contacts.  Recenlty I’ve purchased the Forever Extreme foundation.  Although it’s not HG, I like it a lot, and it’s in my small rotation of foundations.  I’ve heard so much about their eyeshadow pallettes, and I’d really like to try one, but I usually prefer to buy individual shades, so not sure if I’ll get around to it.

My first experience was a long time ago – mid 1980s!  It was a 5 shadow palette I think – in a compact that was about the length of a 6 inch ruler.  The shadows looked all white, but each one had a different opalescent shade – one was pink, one was blue, etc.  I remember the sales person had to order it for me special.  I don’t still have this and I’m sure I only used it sparingly but it was gorgeous.  I think it was many years later that I bought any more Dior, and currently love the nail polishes, mascara and eyeshadows (although the quality of the shadows varies!).  Oh, and another memory – when Dior’s Poison first came out with teaser test strips in magazines – I remember ordering that without having really tried it – it was a very unusual scent then but I loved it because it was so different.  

I’ve always gravitated to Dior for Foundation and Nail enamel.  They have really solid quality products for both.  My favourite foundation used to be Dior Capture Totale foundation in 030 and it was very nice on my skin until my skin changed dramatically in texture and colour because of my medication.  This shade is far too dark for me now, but looks really nice on a MAC NC30-35 complexion for maturing skin if you do not like all the yellow/orange oxidation in the MAC formulas.  I still use MAC nail enamel and it is one of my most favourite formulas.  It has incredible staying power on me and I know that can be entirely subjective depending on nail type, etc..  For me, it’s one of the best~  My favourite Dior Nail enamel right now if a toss-up between “Gris Montagne” (more appropriate for fall and winter) and a shade I had to buy on eBay since it was only released in asia “Glacier”  a pale icy blue.  

I think the first Dior product I bought was a lipstick, but it might have been a nail polish… can’t remember ! Anyway, I loved the quality and Dior has been one of my favorite brands since I started with makeup. I haven’t been buying much of it lately because I just don’t have the money to indulge, but I’m always excited by their new launches. I don’t think I’ve ever been really disappointed by any of their products.

My first experiences with Dior were mascara and lip gloss.  I love their mascaras still; I’m currently using a LE shade of the original DiorShow, but I love Iconic and Extase too.  They have really nice lipstuff as well.  I”m tempted by their eyeshadow palettes, but I can never justify buying them!

 @Nicoco Chanel Those look so shiny and nice! Are they very opaque/or as true to color as they look online? I really want to try as they have so many beautiful colors and the formula looks so moist.

Some of them are true to color, but others lean semi-opaque and will vary based on the person’s skin tone.  (Rose Shocking wears like a pinky red on my cool tone skin – on the warmed toned MUA I was working with, it pulled much darker and redder!)  They’re pretty close in my experience, but I do recommend swatching them in person, in part because the formula contains a lot of shimmer that doesn’t translate well in photographs.
I do find the formula more moisturizing than most (they do mean weightless!), and it’s also one of the few brands I’ve found where the redder shades don’t require lip pencil underneath to keep from bleeding around the edges of my lips.  (A major plus!)  The flip side to this is that I do find it wears down a little faster than some of my other high-end lipsticks, but wearing a primer underneath will counteract that somewhat.

A friend of mine loves Dior Diorshow mascara and bought me one in Azure Blue. I thought that was a very 80’s color; I didn’t know anyone still made blue mascara…let alone a classy brand like Dior! But I tried it anyway and was not impressed. The formula was thick and clumpy and did not apply evenly. I had heard so many good things about this one and I really wanted to like it! The color was awful, but I would have repurchased in the brown had the formula been better. Sadly I haven’t purchased any other Dior item although the eyeshadow quads and lipsticks are tempting!

I started using Dior probably back when I started using MAC…so a long time ago! I think the first products I tried were the loose and pressed face powders, which are excellent and though expensive, they lasted me close to two years a piece! I also from very early on started buying their 5 color eye shadow palettes. I probably have close to 40 palettes from the last decade and a half.
I will say the one product of theirs that does not work for me is the Diorshow mascara. I know everyone loves it but it takes the curl out of my lashes.

I used to buy a lot of Dior perfumes and I still really like them for that. My first experience was with their eyeshadows and it didn’t leave much of an impression one way or another. Over the years, I’ve bought eyeshadows, powder compacts and lipsticks but I truly cannot recall the last time I pulled one of them out. Nowadays, I like them for their perfume and then, perhaps, for their nail varnishes (though I haven’t bought one in a long time as I find they chip as compared to NARS). I never seem to consider them for makeup and, out of the high-end brands, Chanel, Guerlain, YSL or Armani would always come first.

OMG. Dior. DIOR! I could wax poetic about this brand for days. The first Dior item I ever tried was Diorskin Nude. I ordered it in October last year for Sephora’s Friends & Family sale. I have extremely sensitive, dry skin and was super scared to experiment much with liquid foundations. Also, I have a hard time finding a color match, thanks to my stupid rosacea and pale skin! (Grrr.) Dior was a PERFECT color match, and the finish was beautiful. Eventually, I switched to Diorskin Forever, as the Nude liquid left my skin slightly tight. But I was hooked and began wearing the Forever powder over the Forever liquid. I will wear Diorskin Forever as long as Dior makes it (which will hopefully be FOREVER.) (Couldn’t resist!)
Then I bought their Extase Pinks eyeshadow palette, which is now my go-to quint for parties/nights out. It’s just so much fun, and the purple shade has become my signature color. Eventually I bought Amber Diamond, and I cannot rave enough about it. Their lipsticks are divine, and I have a growing collection of both Dior Rouge and Dior Addict shades. The original Diorshow is my hands-down favorite for every day; I have never achieved such sexy, sophisticated lashes using anything else. And Diorshow Blackout is my HG mascara all around; I save it for special occasions, but the effect is scarily amazing – false lashes in a tube is the only real way to describe it.
I also have a love affair going with the Diorskin Hydrating loose powder. As I’ve said, my skin is SO dry, it’s easy for loose and pressed powders to make my skin look worse than it already is. Never in my life have I tried a loose powder that is so silky and delicate. The texture is inexplicable; it really DOES feel hydrating, but it also feels like nothing is on my skin. It gives me perfect coverage but it never looks powdery or cakey. It’s really a miracle in a container.
The only duds for me out of the Dior line have been their eyeshadow trios and perfume. I loved Smoky Khaki in swatches but felt like I couldn’t justify keeping it.  It was pretty but the shadows were drier than the ones in the quints, so I returned it to Sephora. And as much as I long for one of their perfumes to work for me, none of them smell good on my skin. Bummer!
Last rambly note: My next Dior purchases will be Dior Addict Extreme in Lucky and the Eye Gloss in Sunset. Can’t wait to add to my collection!

The first Dior product I owned was predictably DiorShow mascara, which I did indeed like but was not blown away by. The next product I purchased from Dior was a blush/bronzer, Harmonie de Blush in Coral Riviera, because I was looking for a warm coral shade during the heyday of coral-mania – and I absolutely adore and wear it all the time and it has become my go to glowy blush. I also have three lip products: DiorAddict Extreme in Riviera, one of their glosses which name escapes me in Evening Rose (which is ah-mazing), and their wildly expensive Lip Glow balm (which I also really, really love.). D’Adore Dior!

The first product from Dior I tried was a sample of Diorskin Nude. It was a beautiful light weight foundation that made my skin glow, but had no staying power my combo/oily skin.
The only products I’ve bought from them are the Incognito 5 color eyeshdaow palette and I LOVE it. It’s a staple for neutral eyes, but it has a mix of cool and warm colors so I can get quite a few different looks from it.
I have also purchased (and repurchased) the Addict Glow Lip Balm which is amazing and a staple for my purse. This balm, over MAC’s Hue is what I wore on my lips for my wedding day and I’m still happy with the way it cam out when I look at those pictures.
I’m dying to try a lipgloss from them and some more eyeshdows, but Dior is expensive, so it’ll have to wait for now. 

My first foray into Dior was with their Pink Veil Dior Addict Lipgloss. I then quickly p icked up Apricot Cloche as well. By far, these glosses are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! They feel like silk on the lips and never go scummy. I also got their Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Nocturne from their Holiday collection this past year. Its a gorgeous rosy red that I just love! I’m interested in some of their eyeshadow quints as well, just haven’t got around to purchasing one yet.

I haven’t bought anything from Dior, but I did get a sample of Diorshow Next mascara with a Sephora order. I really like it, and am considering purchasing a full size when I run out, except I really want to try the Noir G mascara from Guerlain and I can’t buy both! Decisions, decisions. 

Christian Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Cream. It made me look like I had 12 hours of sleep even if I stayed up all night with a newborn.

Yeaaah, I think the only thing I’ve bought and loved from Dior is Amber Diamond. I’ve liked some of the fragrances, but overall, I’m not too interested in many of their makeup products.

I recently got a nail polish of theirs from an outlet site, it’s a very pretty gold, but I’d never pay Dior prices for nail polish, it’s one of the items where even the luxury lines don’t seem to have much on the cheaper lines.

My first Dior product was the Addict Lipglow Balm a friend gave me for Christmas.  It’s by far one of my most-used and beloved products (it pulls out the pink in your lips, while imparting a sheen on par with a good gloss!), so much so that I went out and picked up another lipstick shade – Rose Shocking – from them.  It’s now my go-to shade, always tucked in my purse for emergencies. 🙂
Most of their eye products don’t really hold much appeal for me, but I have their foundations on my recommendation list to try when I get through my current batch.  🙂

I got my first taste of Dior for my birthday this year. It never really appealed to me, but my boyfriend saw me admiring the Amber Diamond powder a few weeks ago and picked it up for me along with a few other things. Honestly nothing impressed me except for the Amber Diamond highlighter. None of it is bad, per se, it’s just nothing special. Amber Diamond, on the other hand, is lovely! I’ll definitely keep that in my collection, but I don’t really have that “love affair” feeling for Dior.

My first Dior item is a Dior lipstick in Aimee. It is a red with tinge of orange, and it’s beautiful. It totally convinced me that lipstick is good, and better than Chanel Rouge Coco. I always check out Dior ever since, and have been loving the brand.

Before being a makeup junkie, I was a skincare junkie 😛 I believe I used Dior’s Hydralife moisturizer for oily skin it was good but not a phenomenon and it was way to expensive (even more expensive than States because of taxes).. It’s been a few years before I leaned over to Dior again (still the reason is price!) I was looking for a good foundation for my oily skin and bought Dior Nude foundation (030) and it was great!! It is my HG foundation for now and I recommend it to everyone.. Also I remembered now I bought a Dior mascara for Duty Free shop (I am not sure but I believe it was the basic Diorshow) it was ok but not a product which I will be willing to buy since there are loads of other good mascaras.. 

My first Dior product was J’ador Dior prefume a long time ago.   My first and only makeup product was waterproof Diorshow Blackout Mascara.  It was an amazing dark color.  When the tube got a little older, I nototiced that I would lose lashes every time I used it.  I’m assuming that’s because it was waterproof.  I may try the washable version someday because the color was incredible.  The formula was thin enough that I could put it over other mascaras.  

Diorshow mascara was probably my first purchase from the brand, which I still like. I haven’t been overly impressed with their lipsticks and glosses, although to be fare I haven’t tested them in a long time. At the time I found them too shimmery and gritty without enough color payoff. They might have changed since then.

I was lucky to win one of $250 gift cards from Sephora from the ColorWash contest and I bought all Dior (and 1 Geurlain) this past Thursday. So exciting! Anyway – love what I got ..Diorskin Forever foundation (#30), Blush – Rosebud, 5 eyeshadow Rosy Tan * I think these last two are limited editions, could be wrong … 2 Addict Lipsticks – 525 and 612. From lovely poweder from Geurlain … would I have purchased these brands if I had to pay for them? Never would have before. Now that I have them – and LOVE them, would buy again.

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