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Over plucking my brows! Started doing that as a teen, was able to regrow them when I was around 20, was good about that until thin became “in” again, didn’t intend to pluck that many, but then slowly but surely…and now because I’m way older, they will NOT grow in properly or evenly! I may try castor oil on them at this point I think. Lol!

Not going to bed earlier because I’m surfing the internet –reading beauty blogs, looking at swatches, researching new products. Time just flies and next thing you know, it’s 12 midnight!

I do my own makeup no one elses… this is something I do on myself (only) wanted to make that clear before I state my bad beauty habit. Eye pencil! If the pencil is too dry or not giving enough pigment I lick the tip of the pencil to soften it and give the pencil a better colour pay off! Oh come on I know many of you do the same LOL!

I still occasionally fall asleep in my makeup, although much less than I used to. I also still sometimes find myself rubbing my eyes. I’ve worked hard this year to stop, as it’s damaged the lashes on my left eye. They are growing back longer again, so I’m trying really hard to keep the rubbing in check.

I’m also an obsessive nail biter, but the acrylic nails keep me from doing it.

I’d say my worst habits are not washing my brushes regularly enough (except for my face brushes) and not removing my eye makeup as thoroughly as I should – those last bits of mascara! Also, touching and picking at my face – so hard because I have cystic acne 🙁 I have gotten better at not touching though!

I rub my eyes, pick at spots, and scratch my eczema. These are all dumb ideas, for multiple reasons, and yet I do them anyway… T_T I can usually convince myself not to do so much of the first two, but forcing myself not to scratch makes me want to go chew the walls with itchy frustration ^_^.

Totally understand where you’re coming from as a fellow eczema sufferer! I recently got a bout of it everywhere – stomach, shoulder blades, the sides of and under my breasts! It’s awful! After my showers I would literally spend 15 minutes just itching at my body, during and after lotioning myself! 🙁 it’s calming down for me, I hope yours feels better too!

It can be so hard not to scratch with the eczema. I get it, too. My last flair-up had it on the back of my knees, and I thought I’d go nuts! I have to constantly battle “crocodile skin” on my elbows, too, or I end up with big gray patches.

I had really terrible eczema and dermatitis on and off for years. After countless doctors, I finally went to see a naturopathic doctor and my skin has been all the better for it. I do get the odd flare up (usually on my face or hands) but it’s much more liveable/ manageable. I’ve even found that First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream has worked well on the flare ups (I know it won’t necessarily work for everyone though).

I always accidentally touch or scratch my face while I’m asleep, and if I have nail cream on I ALWAYS end up breaking out on the spot I touch.

I tear up my lips…so an neverending cycle of flaky lip skin continues. Sometimes I’m too lazy to cleanse when i wake up, so I delay a few hours.

Also eye rubbing (though I don’t often do it; my eye doctor cautioned me against it because of retina issues I’ve had). Also, touching my face. Oh, and the worst is probably picking my lips. It’s my equivalent of nail-biting and if my lips get the least bit chapped, I start to pick, not even aware I’m doing it. It’s one reason I like to wear a fairly heavy application of lipstick – the colour and thickness both work to help me keep my hands off my lips!

Nail bitter here…. I go in phases because if they feel smooth I won’t bite them.

Also rubbing my eyes but I try to be good about that and only rub the itchy part with the pad of my finger around the eyelid. If my eyeballs are really irritating I keep eye drops on hand.

I had a lot of trouble resisting rubbing my eyes until I started wearing eye makeup daily. Now, even after I take it off, the habit seems to be mostly broken, thank goodness, my skin is saggy enough there already!

I’ve also been guilty of overly plucking my brows, in a misguided effort to try to make them look even. Now I try to pluck only the strays, the long saggy tails, and bright white hairs that resist colored brow get, and just trim the rest when they get long and straggly.

My worst beauty habit recently has been taking off my makeup with a wipe, makeup remover, and cotton pads while sitting on the side of my bed at night when I’m exhausted (which happens a lot), instead of washing my face properly before slathering on moisturizer. The funny thing is that I get compliments on my skin anyway. In an effort to break this habit I’m starting to apply retinol nightly, so I’m motivated to wash my face first so that it can really sink in. I hope this works! I’m getting to the age where I’ll regret it later if I don’t start some preventive measures (in addition to sunscreen, which I’m religious about) now.

I have a habit of picking the mascara off my lashes when I’m nervous. It was especially bad in high school, to the point where I almost did away with my lashes because I was pulling out so many of them! I’ve gotten better about it; I’m now very conscious of when I reach up to touch my face.

I guess rubbing my eyes, not washing my brushes enough, and occasionally blemish picking but I rarely get those now.

I hardly ever wash my face at night, even when I’m not wearing makeup :(. If I am wearing makeup, I usually take it off with a Simple Face Wipe. Caroline Hirons would definitely yell at me for this lol.

I also don’t drink nearly enough water

Last but not least, I still pick at blemishes

Yes! I touch my face with my hands all the time, I’ll pick at blemishes, I’ll bite at flaky lips or hangnails… I’ll cut off split ends with regular scissors. I did manage to kick biting my nails a few years ago, and I’ve settled very nicely into a make up removing/ skin cleansing routine so I never go to bed with make up on (thank you, Caroline Hirons!) so blemishes are minimal. And I quit smoking nearly 3 years ago! Lots of bad habits still, but a few biggies done with! Maybe breaking those habits should be my resolution this year! I don’t usually make any 🙂

Same and same. Even though my skin is only mildly acne prone, I pick at things I shouldn’t like sebaceous filaments, which are apparently a normal part of healthy skin. It’s an obsessive/anxiety thing unfortunately. It helps to know that i’m not the only one who struggles with this.

Yayyy my question was posted!! My bad habit is pulling my eyelids to apply eyeliner, and bitting the skin off my lips. I also pick my hangnails and cut my cuticles with a cuticle cutter which is stated to be a no no

Bite my nails. As a result of being a life time nail biter, I find it hard to grow my nails. Even when I put on nail polish to deter me – it does, my nails are thinish and the polish chips very easily (despite everything I do). With a new granddaughter around I am always washing my hands which makes the problem worse. I am just sticking to bare nails at the moment.

Bad habits….hmmm. I used cleansing wipes instead of a true double wash much too often and I pick also. Not too much to pick because I’m older. Also tend to not wash brushes often enough but am getting better at that.

Like a lot of people said, I don’t wash my makeup brushes nearly as often as I should! Another one is that I tend to skip most of my skincare routine when I’m really tired – I always remove my makeup, but I often skip toner and serum and just go for night cream or an overnight mask. Gets me to sleep quicker!

I have this bad habits of picking up on spots occasionally. i know I shouldnt be doing this but sometimes it is hard to resist! 😛

I am guilty of rubbing my eyes lately (toddler and newborn = exhausted, tired itchy eyes!). I am also guilty of:
– still separating my eyelashes with a pin if they are too clumpy. It’s so bad, I know.
– picking at my dry lips
– picking at my super dry, eczema prone fingers

Ugh, i’m awful!

Sleeping with makeup on. I know it’s awful. My life is so hectic a lot of the time I’m to tired to do this before bed. I’m working on it thought. Very bad habit.

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