What bad beauty habit were you able to ditch?

What bad beauty habit were you able to ditch? Share!

Bite my nails! Picking my face! Touching my face!

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cristina Avatar

I have the horrible skin picking habit, too. It helps if I keep my nails with several layers of enamel, cause it makes it harder to use them for picking.

ilovemakeup Avatar

Using too many drying products for my oily skin. I realized a constant barrage of drying agents was making me red and irritated in addition to oily, so why have three problems when you can stick to one?

Jane Avatar

I was able to stop it by developing a ritual of painting my nails with super bright or dark colors once a week. Having eye-catching colors made me more aware of when my fingers were up near my face and it was really obvious when I chewed off a chunk of polish, so if I wanted to keep my nails looking smooth through the end of the week I had to be more conscious of keeping my nails out of my mouth.

Jiggly Puff Avatar

That is the exact same thing I do now! I nibble my cuticles off constantly if I don’t have on nail polish. I focus on keeping my nails and the polish looking nice and neat instead.

Leo Avatar

I was wondering how did you stop picking the face? or touching your face?

I come home from work and I find myself just exhausted so I end up laying in bed in front of the tv and going over my face with my back of hands and finger tips feeling for bumps.. it is nasty. I end up feeling black heads or something and of course clear them out with my fingers….I end up later noticing acne and end up getting cystic acne as well.. it’s like how do you stop?? any advice? anyone?

renee Avatar

this is gross but not washing my face at night. Took me a long time and it was my shameful secret. it took me a lot of dedication to make it a routine every single night. face wipes aren’t enough. I wear foundation every day. I kept telling myself I was noticing a diffrence (truthfully there is, so much softer skin, less blotchy, less red). anyways I just kept forcing myself every night no matter what and now it’s pretty much habit now. I don’t bite my nails and I’m pretty good with not touching my face. but I do peel my nail polish (terrible) and that is still something I work on. as soon as I see a chip I cant help but want to make it worse… now I just remove all the nail polish and do my nails again. thank god nail polishes have gotten better over the years.

Leo Avatar

me too!! although I set up a goal every Sunday night I start off with this week everyday and night I will nurture my face.. by washing, moisturizing and pampering other ways….like massaging or exfoliating. I love that part of it so it makes me do it more. I also watch you tube videos for some additional advice to cut the lazy habit. =)

Amber Avatar

I used to buy a makeup item every time I walked into the drugstore. I had a very overwhelming stash for years. I didn’t even use or like most of the items after purchase! Now I do my research and weigh each purchase carefully.

Tatum Avatar

I research my items now too. I hate coming home and playing with the product, to find out, I really can’t find a positive in it. And I wasted my money.

Denise Avatar

Yipes! You’ve just reminded me of something I’m bad at too: Not washing my brushes enough. Gah! better go put that on my list of things to do today!

Christine Avatar

Just knowing how much damage I was doing helped me a lot! But otherwise, paint your nails, pet a dog… lol, basically, don’t let yourself get into a situation where all you’re doing is sitting there with idle hands, since I find that is when we do the damage!

Rachel B Avatar

Not washing my face or even removing my makeup before bed. My skin improved as soon as I started doing this (and stopped picking at it).

Marilyn Avatar

I still struggle with touching my face – I actually do it in my sleep. However, I find that if I keep my hands busy, for me it’s knitting, they can’t pick. If you have problems biting your nails, this tip might work too.

Denise Avatar

Not drinking enough water. Sometimes I’m really good and will drink the old 6-8 glasses a day but normally its a real struggle and I end up drinking only two. Time goes so fast plus I get busy or I’m out and about that before you know its nearly the end of the day. Bottom line: its my own fault and I must try harder!

Rachel R. Avatar

Not falling asleep in my makeup. I used to do it way too often. Now, I make sure I clean my face no matter how exhausted I am.

Also, I used to never stick to my skin care regimens for more than a few weeks. Now I am using a consistent, regular routine for more than a year, and it’s made a big difference. I’ve even added in some products.

zFashionizta Avatar

I ditched exfoliating my face several times a week, it was causing me more damage than good.

I also stopped washing my hair everyday because it is not good for my curly, dry, unruly hair.

Johnna Quick Owens Avatar

Picking at my cuticles or compulsively pulling out my eyebrows when I am stressed. I keep my nails done all the time now and try to make sure I moisturize and oil my cuticles, because any dry or rough area will get me picking at it in no time flat. But I really had to learn to pay attention to the eyebrows, I didn’t even realize that I was pulling out my eyebrow hairs when I was over-stressed, and now if I catch myself I immediately find something else to do with my hands.

Chantal Avatar

Gotta agree with you there – picking and touching my face are definitely super bad habits of mine 🙁 Also I’m so bad when I put on eyeliner, I tug my eyelid to get it on and I know that’s gonna come back to bite me in the future!

Quinctia Avatar

In general, I don’t need lotion, so I thought I didn’t need moisturizer for my face. But if I put stuff on my face and then wash it off thoroughly, I’m drying things out, so I need moisturizer!

…I don’t really need heavy moisturizer, but applying any at all is a definite improvement.

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