Ask Temptalia – Question & Answer Session #3

Q: I love love love MAC paints as eyeshadow bases, but my tubes always gush like crazy and i lose ALOT of product! Is there anything I can do? I squirted one into a screw top container like others do with pigment samples and it dried out! HELP
A: Here’s a tip I know has worked for a ton of people: unroll the bottom part! This should help minimize the gushing! Let me know if it does help.

Q: I like to apply a beige e/s over the entire lid, and then just a brown line in the upper and lower lash line for a very classic, understated look, but after 30 minutes my eyes look gray, tired, awful! SOS, which one do you recommend for this not to happen? I’m NC 25-30, yellow undertones, hazel eyes.
A: Perhaps try using a similar colored eyeshadow like Grain or Yogurt eyeshadows to help set the shadestick. Alternatively, you could invest in Untitled or Architecture paint and try it that way!

Q: I bought Seedling eye shadow from Strange Hybrid, but I dont know what I can use it with?
A: Seedling is a neutral color, so first off, it would be great in ANY combination of other neutral colors like Bisque or Ricepaper, Expresso or Amber Lights, and so on and so forth. For a different look, try using Seedling eyeshadow all over your lid and do a bold, dark crease like Shadowy Lady eyeshadow. You could also pair it with golds to brighten it or greens to tone them down.

Q: My first one is I thought you had to be a MAC Pro member in order to purchase from the store and online? My second is are you from NYC?
A: No, you do not have to be a PRO member to purchase from the store in-person or if you call up an actual PRO store to place a phone order. However, to be able to purchase online, you DO need to be a PRO member. Nope, I’m located in California, way far from NYC 😉

Q: I was wondering if you own or ever had the Strobe Cream and if you use it, do you use it as a highlight, primer, moisturizer, etc.?
A: I do own it, and I used to use it regularly. I’ve kind of forgotten about it (it’s a touch expensive IMO!), but when I was using it, I used it mostly as a moisturizer before putting on the rest of my makeup. It gives a great light shimmery glow, though.

Q: Could you please tell me where to find your eye diagram? The one where you drew the different regions… inner lid, outer lid, etc. I searched and couldn’t seem to relocate it. When you are not otherwise notating a pigment or creme color base, what can we assume you are using for your base? (ie. neutral 012)
A: You can find the diagram here: I generally list all products in the order I use them, so if the first product is a shadow, it means I didn’t use a base! 😉 In Neutral 012, for example, I didn’t use a base.

Q: Would you have recommendations for a substitute MAC eyeshadow for Say Yeah? I love how this color ties a look together but can’t find it in our counters, so any recs would be very helpful. Thanks!
A: Say Yeah is a flesh toned eyeshadow – it is similar to Ricepaper eyeshadow or Grain eyeshadow for me, but with more shimmer. I generally use it as a highlighter or brow color, so it’s very easy to swap out without affecting the look!

Thanks for all the questions! Keep sending them in to If you have a time-sensitive question, please let me know so I can try and answer it on time. If you didn’t see your question, check for it in the next Ask Temptalia post.