Ask Temptalia – Question & Answer Session #2

Q: I was just wondering if you work for MAC officially? Or are you just a make-up artist that loves their products?
A: Nope, I don’t work for MAC in the slightest! I’m just a fan of their products, and I don’t really consider myself a makeup artist, since it isn’t my profession or anything 😉

Q: So I was just wondering, could you do an article sometime about how you keep your makeup organized? I’m looking to start up my own collection, but I’m hesitant to buy very much since I won’t know how to keep it all nice and tidy so I’ll actually use different colors. Do you use a case from Mac or do you have any other recommendations that’ll keep everything organized?
A: If you look at my collection post, you can see how I store my makeup. I don’t use a case for MAC, if you mean a traincase. I do own a traincase, but I bought it at a random beauty supply store for $30 or so. I only use that when I travel, but generally not for storage when I’m at home. Silverware drawers make excellent holders of pigments and pots! You can also find small plastic drawer sets at Target or Walmart that work really well for storing larger items. I’m moving soon, so maybe I’ll do a new organization article when I get my stuff settled in!

Q: Do you know what is similar to Melody e/s?
A: There aren’t any colors very similar to it that are in the permanent line. Melody is nearly matte (or maybe it is, I can’t remember), and MAC’s permanent teal colors are shimmery. However, there is a collection coming out this Thursday that has a teal shadow called Big T that reminds me an awful lot of Melody – at least moreso than any of the existing colors.

Q: Where do you purchase the shadows and pigments that you use on your eyes? Do you just get things from
A: I purchase 90% of my items from freestanding MAC stores or MAC counters found in department stores. I very rarely purchase anything from! I prefer to see everything in person, I guess, which is why I go to check out new collections before making any purchases. Sometimes I’ll pick up items from other sellers on Livejournal or EBay, if the price is right!

Q: I was wondering why you usually don’t use pigments except as bases?
A: It has a lot to do with the fact that I just have so many eyeshadows to use, so I tend to use them on top of my base. I really do prefer my pigments wet compared to loose or dry, too. There’s nothing wrong with using pigments for actual dry color, though. I also love to use a few pigments on my lips or on my cheeks.

Q: I have two-toned lips and everybody says I should put foundation on my lips and use that as a base, but is that really good for you? Also, will you be doing tutorials with other brand besides MAC?
A: Putting foundation on lips is an old make-up trick, and I do it myself sometimes, though not heavily. I tend to make a quick sweep across my lips whenever I’m almost finished with applying foundation on my face, so there is just a thin layer of foundation on my lips. You can also try something like MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip which yields similar results to the foundation trick, but it is made for usage on the lips. I suppose if you lick your lips a lot, then perhaps you’ll be ingesting foundation a bit, but you’re also ingesting lipstick and gloss, which probably aren’t too yummy. Otherwise I can’t really think of how it would be bad. I can’t imagine doing tutorials for other brands as I own primarily MAC makeup. I have a couple of other non-MAC products, but not a whole lot!

Q: I’m gonna be wearing a lime green outfit this Saturday and was wondering if you could give me any suggestions on eye color. I was thinking maybe a gold and a bit of lime, but I’m not sure what colors or exactly how to do it.
A: I think gold would be an excellent choice! If it’s really lime green, your eyes should be more on the subtle side, since the dress pops on its own. I would think that a light gold wash with a touch of green or olive green in the crease might work out excellently. You could even get away with using no green and only focusing on gold toned hues, starting with a true gold on the crease (like Goldmine) and working to a richer, dark brown with gold reflects in the outer lid/crease (like Amber Lights).

Q: I have my prom on July 4 and I was wondering what make-up would suit me as my prom dress is black with a band of cream on the top with a little cream bow.
A: First, I definitely recommend reading my prom article, because that links to specific suggests for different types of dresses. I think you would look lovely in a very subtle eye and more dramatic lip (reds, dark berries, etc.), or you could do more dramatic eye like a smokey eye. You could do an eye with a touch of cream/beige or even cold on the inner lid or all over the lid, with just a subtle dark crease color and perhaps a bit of it on the outer portion of your lid.

Thanks for all the questions! Keep sending them in to [email protected]. If you have a time-sensitive question, please let me know so I can try and answer it on time. If you didn’t see your question, check for it in the next Ask Temptalia post.