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Sometimes you paid more for the good packaging that w the product to be kept at its best condition. And I think that is well-spent.

I just had this question myself. It actually depends. Normally I’d go for pretty packaging because I’m just a sucker for anything nice but it’s actually a bit more than that. Mac is releasing Making Pretty here (I know, we are incredibly behind, it’s ridic!) and everyone is going nuts over the packaging. It comes with a higher price and in all honesty, in that case I’d say no. I am not going to pay more for a mac lipstick in a pretty tube. I guess it depends on the brand tho, if you ask me the same question with Guerlain I’m probably already drooling! :p

In regards to drugstore vs. high-end makeup. I hate to admit it but, yes, I am willing to pay more for packaging. This does not apply to every product that I buy. I enjoy getting some of my eye palettes in glass opposed to plastic and my lipsticks in shiny metal opposed to plastic. It looks good.

Not really! Like you, I sometimes fork out the cash because I want the product inside, though. (Guerlain Pressed Meteorite, anyone?)

I have considered paying the premium for Zoya “Remove +” for the pump bottle. I could reuse the bottle.

I would like to say that I don’t care about packaging, but I do. Luxe packaging makes a product feel special and more valuable. Cool packaging makes me feel cool to own it. I’m sure that has influenced my decisions, even if it isn’t a conscious process.

As a Graphic Designer, packaging really excites me! I appreciate the work put into a good design and I am totally willing to pay more for it.

Ha Ha. Packaging. Design. Boxes. The informational slips inside the box. I want it all. These days I dont even throw the boxes away. So retentive. Made in France and Made in Japan have the best packaging. Cle de Peau has a plastic wrap container. Guerlain….the packaging is so so meticulous and so is Suquu….and what I can I say about MAC…the ultimate packaging design… I buy for the packaging and the brand.

Yes definitely if a small amount is devoted to environmental issues ( green packagings, environmental causes, animal testing etc… ).
Otherwise clearly no !

I hate huge chanky packaging – yes i am talking to you DIOR and BURBERRY !!!!
I always prefer slimmer compact packaging that i can carry around in my bag like CHANEL blushes, GUERLAIN Meteorites Compact Powder, MAC etc.

Only if there’s no other option. I might buy a more expensive version if the packaging is more sturdy if I plan on traveling with it, but for the most part I feel like it’s what’s inside the packaging that counts, and not the design of the packaging.

Not at all. I have a strict “only buy the product for it’s quality and usage” policy! Paying for packaging seems like a waste to me.

If it’s more functional, yes.
If it’s better quality, maybe.
If it’s pretty… I hate to admit it, but yes, I have. Not very often though and I try not to! 😉

Agreed – I’ll pay more for awesome, special products that happen to come in fancier packaging, but I don’t set out to pay for the packaging itself.

Probably not. If I was obsessed with a character like Hello Kitty, for example, then I can see why someone would pay extra for a Hello Kitty themed collection. But I haven’t yet haha.

I was just pondering this very question last night! ESP when Loreal now produces their own line of items that are dupes of their high end brands like YSL, Etc. I don’t know if more luxe packaging creates an illusion but somehow I just find the dupes are not of the same quality. Obviously all else equal, I’d go for the cheaper product!

I could care less for outer packaging because I never keep it. Usually not for product packaging but I have been tempted (usually more for LE perfume bottles).

I don’t remember if UD charged more after changing the Primer Potion from the genie bottle, but if they did, I think that was a logical and justified price increase. It’s so much easier to use now!

I’d like to think I don’t, but if you were to look at my collection, it’s apparent I do like premium brands and their packaging.

No. Terrible packaging (in terms of function) might deter me from re-purchasing a product I’m indecisive about, but more glamorous packaging won’t entice me to purchase a product. I actually prefer minimalist, clean, and functional packaging.

I would have to really, REALLY want something to pay extra for LE packaging, if there was no other choice. I’m the only one who sees the packaging and I’m fine with ordinary and functional! Plus, when something is used up, the container gets tossed or recycled.

Now, for a high-end, high-quality product, I would expect the packaging to be something special, like it is with Guerlain Meteorites, for example. That’s the kind of packaging I would want to keep on display and not tucked in a makeup drawer. Their jars are beautiful, and I would want to keep them even after the product is gone. On that note, has anyone every used up a jar of Meteorites? Is it even possible in one persons lifetime?

I appreciate good packaging, especially Retro inspired types like TheBalm and sometimes Benefit, but I dont know if I would fork over THAT much extra.
I will say that better packaging makes me choose that brand over others just in general.

As long as it’s a reasonable amount. I don’t mind paying a little extra for packaging that is both luxurious and functional. However, the more fabulous the product, the more expensive the packaging – it seems to be something that goes hand-in-hand, so I guess paying more for packaging is unavoidable!

I would pay for better packaging if it meant a significant improvement. As in, a flimsy plastic packaging changes over to a sturdy, metallic one. I was rather dissaponted by the plastic packaging of IIlamasqua’s lippies — I much prefer Inglot’s black metallic packaging.

Yes, if the product is good too! The packaging is part of the whole experience, and I want it to be just lovely! 🙂

Not sure what the definition for “packaging” is specifically, but it makes no difference to me if a product has fancy packaging or if it’s simple and plain. What matters is the product itself. But if the product’s effectiveness is inhibited by its container than I will pay more for something that will save the quality/quantity of the product. For instance if a face product comes in either a jar or a tube, I’ll pick the tube because it’s more hygienic and easier to avoid waste.

Depends on how ‘much more’ & how good the makeup quality itself is. (generally buy MAC & NARS) I do admit that when it comes 2 “Benefit” products (Hoola, etc),I don’t even consider them b/c I hate that BOX they come in!! So packaging matters in some cases.

No way, i loved some of the products gareth pugh collection and the marcel wanders collection, but the ridiculous amount of money for a bit of shaped plastic? it was like double the price. ridiculous

I won’t pay more for packaging unless it is out of this world. Anna Sui’s makeup line comes to mind. Her packaging is gorgeous! As for outer packaging, I think it is a waste of money and not environmentally friendly, so that won’t tempt me ever.

I love her colors but her website drives me crazy to navigate, too many opening butterfly’s of her name to sit through, lol I always end up leaving 🙂

No, that’s not necessary and a waste of money if it can be done in greener sense, recycled and biodegradable, why would you pay more for ink on a package you throw away?. They need to be like Aveda and care about the earth, all I need is the product delivered safely! 😀

Yes, if it means the packaging will last as long as I need (about 2 years) or has a mirror. But I’d only pay like $3 or at most $5 more…

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