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Actually, no. I need to stop getting caught up in pretty swatches and LE collections and just put an end to the buying. I don’t wear makeup every day and when I do, I’m usually in a rush and don’t do very complicated looks, so what I have is unnecessary. To be honest, I’m not inspired like I was anymore either, and suddenly my skills aren’t that great.

I’ve pared down the stash several times, but it keeps growing because of MAC!!

I am in the same boat. It gets depressing sometimes when I look at the money I spent on it all, and I just don’t get the “high” I once did.

Hahaha…I get the “high” that comes from waiting for something to release…stalking it online, staring at pictures for hours, buying it, staring at it at home for a bit, taking pics and swatches…then….well then…it usually just sits, because I either don’t want to ruin something, or I just dont have enough time to do makeup before work/school….I still havent touched my UD bos 3 and I got it the day it came out! I actually sort of forgot about it sadly….its like that with most things… I do tend to reach to a few shadows regularly, but all the LE and kits and palettes dont get used as much as they should….I keep thinking “its OK! I have forever to use this” wow…that happened with venomous villains and a ton of other things…

I’m not quite happy yet, there are a whole lot of things I’m missing or would like to try. Right now I really would like more blush and eyeliner, along with brushes.

I have a very very small stash. I hope for it to grow more over years. I am still newer to this. I definitely need more face products and find a new foundation.

I agree – I have more than what I need but most are different textures so used to create different looks – lowkey or special occassions. BUT if I couldn’t buy anymore I am comfy with what I have

im pretty much content with my collection, i often find mylf trying to find something to buy!!! but i dont find anything thats not already like something i have 🙂

Yes, it’s 100% Urban Decay. I still have a mighty big wishlist (about a grand currently, but of course that fluctuates with every collection they release.) so i wish it was bigger, of course, but i love everything i have.

I have a well edited stash, but I’m always interested in new items because formulations, textures, colors, finishes, etc. are constantly evolving. Nothing dates a woman faster than clinging to a make-up look that has passed out of style.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I find that having a nice range will allow you to do both classic and trendy looks and I try to allow myself a free new items every season. Makes a big difference.

I am pretty happy with what I have. I’m trying to cut back on lip gloss and lipstick. I feel guilty because I have a few that I have only worn twice! But it is hard for me to resist when a new item comes out – for example, the new Chanel glossimer from the holiday collection – Pleasing. I didn’t need it but I got it because it was so pretty plus it is LE.

The only thing I am still on the search for is a good luminizer…something that will give me a nice glow. I got a sample of the Laura Mercier Illuminating TM and it’s okay but it fades quickly for me. I keep running into products that just give off glitter or tons of shimmer. Anyone have any suggestions?!!

Yeah I’m pretty happy with my stash. I could use more brushes because I love MAC brushes and I want the whole collection!

Yes I’m pretty satisfied with my stash. I have all the essentials plus stuff for a night out where I feel like being bold and daring!

I’m pretty satisfied, though I’ve been purchasing a lot more than ever. I’m hoping to stop till November or December. Trying to spend my extra money on other things!

I am. I am blessed to have what I have. My ‘stash’ makes me happy and I can’t wait to try more products and brands. I have learned that some purchases are mistakes, but thank goodness for a return policy!

I am lucky to have a job to buy the things I want!

i just started buying makeup with my own money a few months ago, but i had an okay stash before that. i am still trying to find what works for me and buy the essentials.
but i definitely know when to stop. i’m not the kind to buy 15 of the same colored eyeshadow or any two items that are “similar.” it’s just a waste of money. so when my stash is complete and i am satisfied, i will know.

I’m very happy. I have build up a fairly large collection of things to the point where I can definitely get creative and also work with other people. 😀
I’m amazed at how I can fill a little box full of lipsticks and lip products, when initially I had thought I wouldn’t really need or care for lipsticks; I was just in love with eyeshadows back then. And now I just looove blushes, powders and lip products, too!!!

No… I have such a tiny stash, and I’m on such a tight budget that I haven’t bought anything new recently 🙁

For the most part, yes, I am happy. I have a few MAC eyeshadows on my wish list right now, but they aren’t must-haves.

I can safely say that I am perfectly content with my current lipstick and lip gloss collection. After the VV collection, I’ve officially put myself on an lip product no-buy. I feel like I have a good enough range of colors. I’ll start buying lip stuff again once I use up what I have. 🙂

My stash is not complete. I’m still building my brush collection. Haven’t found the right foundation. Don’t have a face primer. Need the appropriate contouring and highlighting products. Have no idea of what should I use to define and groom my eyebrows… The list goes on and on. It is a work in progress indeed but it’s so much fun I can’t complain.

My stash is much larger than I really need. I get caught up in new items and LE collections, so I have a lot of things I’ve only really worn once or twice.

I really need to slow or stop buying, though my current wish list is a mile long.

AMEN to this. I have to say that I’m happy to have found some great foundations and concealers that really work though.

Yeah, pretty happy with my makeupstash. But honestly, I still cont to buy and collect whatever that is new on the market eventhough I have abundant of the necessary things 🙂 Could you do an effective and inexpensive way to store makeup entry please?

Of course i’m happy, but there always something missing…. All the time i’m looking for new things. Here in Israel we don’t have many brands, and cheap brands like NYX in the USA, we barley have brands like that. Revlon that I know I can by in the USA in 5$ for a lipstick, here in Israel I buy it in 30$….. Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder are very expensive….. I bought a bronzer from Dior recently in 70$… that’s why I want sooooo much to go to the USA to do some make up shopping.

You need to get yourself a buddy here in the US that will help you out. When I wanted to try Japanese cosmetics, I found a girl in Japan on MUA who did many CPs for me. It worked out great, and all I had to pay outside of retail was shipping and maybe a tax (can’t remember). It all worked out to be much less than if I’d bought it on ebay or somewhere.

Did you know the girl before hand? or did just find her online? i’m not really familiar with MUA. I would love to get some more japanese products!!!

I’m happy with my stash but at times I try to cut back as possible for MAC collections this year and my stash has been growing. Next year I’m cutting back on most MAC collections so that way I can rediscover/shop in my stash of itmes that I have not used in awhile.

What a great question for all those makeup addicts out there. I need some new makeup but I can wait until Christmas. I’m sure most of your readers will feel sorry for my pathetic makeup collection.

Not so much.I don’t wear makeup everyday since I’m a senior in high school and we’re not allowed to wear makeup so I don’t really complain but I have a wish list of products I want and I’m buying a little at a time…
It helps though that I love handbags so much so I spend money there,money I would probably spend on limited edition products,or products I would never use…

Yes, I am really going to go on a no buy with LE collections as an exception because going from a little bit to a huge amount of makeup in just one year wasn’t very financially responsible of me! But I do need some brushes, I only have drugstore ones so far 🙂

I remember the first time I ever started wearing full on makeup was in high school as a freshman and I started with Clinique. I kept my look very simple and natural, and I barely used anything but powder, mascara, blush and lipgloss. Then around my junior year, I started hearing about the one and only MAC and their products, and I remember falling deep in love with their foundations, eyeshadows, and lipglosses. I switched between MAC and Clinique for a long time during my senior year of high school. And when I graduated and began working part-time while going to school, I finally began venturing out deeper into the world of makeup since I was actually working and could afford it. I began to visit department stores regularly, as well as Sephora and Ulta, and I would have to say that ever since becoming an adult, my makeup collection has grown tremendously over the past few years. I’m 22 now and I have more makeup than I even know what to do with. MAC, Urban Decay, Clinique, Chanel, Dior, Nars, Smashbox, Too Faced, Bare Essentials, and those are the ones I can name off the top of my head. I’ll admit, I’ve become quite the cosmetics addict over the past few years, especially when it comes to eyeshadows/pigments and lipsticks. And don’t even get me started on LE products! My most recent LE purchase was the Book of Shadows III and I’m ecstatic about it. However, I would also have to say that as of the past year or so, I’ve been looking more into finding good quality drugstore products, such as NYX and a few others, just to save some money as of lately. All in all, I would have to say I’m highly content with my collection because I have just about everything you could possibly need and more. My advice for any new makeup collectors is to be patient and take your time building your collection. It will take a while, but when you get there, you’ll be very happy with. 🙂

very content. as it is it could last me years without requiring any additional purchases (minus mascara!).
I’m offically limiting myself to only new/improved formulations of products I like, and replacing something when it runs out. That is it!

i just started finally really building my stash but so far i feel really satisfied with my eyeshadows and lip products. i’ve always been a sucker for lipstick so thats quite a good stash to begin with. i do feel the need to buy more precise brushes for certain applications such as contouring, smudging and blending.

I’m pretty happy with my stash, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel like it’s complete, just because of how much I love makeup and keep buying stuff if it’s just a liiiiiittle different from what I already have 😉
Also, I’m always looking to try new brands or get more from

Woups, presset “submit comment” before I was done, haha 😛

…brands that I like but don’t have a lot from.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop buying makeup! 😉

My stash is ALWAYS growing, so I’d have to say NO. There is always something new to try and while I try to purge my stash every 6-12 months, I still want more!

i’m happy with all the things that i have.. but i want definitly more eyeshadows, because there was a long time where i only had one grey eyeshadow (MAC’s print), and i used this one every day.. but now my collection is growing..

im pretty happy with what i have, drugstore and high end brand. But i wouldnt object into it growing a bit more lol but then i always end up giving it away to my younger teen cousins who cant really splurge on makeup as i can. i think november will be MUFE haul time for me!

I am pretty happy with my stash cause it’s absolutely massive, lol. I have now managed to find pretty much all the rare LE items that I really wanted, but of course with every new collection I get tempted and buy more and more. I am trying to only buy from my very favourite brands now (Guerlain, Chantecaille, Urban Decay, Mac and Dior), but other high end brands seduce me with their LE collections too. I’ve just bought 3 LE Bobbi Brown and 4 LE Stila palettes for example! I can’t be trusted with my credit card, lol.

Great question! I have a sizable collection but I agree with some of the others here: The LE collections draw me in, I would love a good concealer, a couple of brushes, another foundation (I only have one and now it’s too dark). The holiday collections are so tempting!

No 🙁 I don’t even use about 2/3 of my stash. I’ve made too many compulsive buys based on ratings and reviews instead of going out to try it out. Now it’s just sitting there collecting dust and I can’t seem to throw it away because I think of the all the money I’ve wasted.

Hmmmmm only a little cause I still need to find my holy grail in terms of liquid foundation, pencil eyeliner and mascara

I am way happy with my stash… I have enough UD to last me thru 2099… But I need lip color. I always seem to focus on eyes, and I own like two glosses… It’s tough to make a decision about that 🙁

I haven’t bought “legit” makeup for a long time. I’ll buy the cheap lipstick here and there but I haven’t really bought anything.
I need to find my holy grail foundation, I need some good neutral shades and some quality good color shades. I also am in desperate need of new brushes.

I’m pretty happy with my stash, I only need to find a good concealer, more MAC brushes and I’m still on the hunt for a h/g mascara!

i dont have a ridiculous amount of makeup and i dont want to- i have essentials and when i use them up ill get others (or repurchase as the case may be). in terms of lip products i would like a few more bright lipsticks and i am yet to do a big drugstore luckout but the time will come. money isnt neverending for me so makeup wise i pace myself.

oh and i forgot to mention what i DO want to buy more of is brushes. essentials like the MAC 187 and a good eyeshadow brush are on my list.

My makeup collection is really way to heavy on lip products. Especially I have way too many lip glosses especially since I haven’t been into a shiny lip (been using matte lipsticks) for the last year. I also have no skin correcting products, mostly because I don’t need it. I definetly tend though to buy stuff that looks cool either in packaging or I try to get a little something from each company I’m interested in. Thus, i have lots of stuff that I don’t really use/like. Eh. it’s not really a “collection” just the stuff I’ve accumulated.

1) I haven’t been able to find my HG mascara yet. I’m hoping to try out the Korres rice bran one!
2) I only have a few mattes, everything else is shimmery/glittery. I also don’t have as many neutrals as I’d like. I like the look of combining different finishes and different colour intensities, but I don’t really have that option at the moment.
3) Not enough brushes, need duplicates.
4) Not enough liners, especially in liquid or gel form.
5) Not enough lip products, simply because they are almost all in the form of pink lipgloss lol.

I have a more than adequate stash. I have a bad habit that when I find a color I like I have to purchase it in every brand, regardless of quality. Is it necessary to own UD Lounge, Mac Blue Brown, L’Oreal Intrepid, Too Faced Label Whore, and Illamasqua Fervent? Absolutely not. And that’s just one of many examples. My friends and family have literally tried interventions to no avail.

For my budget I think I’ve done well and I’m reasonably happy with it atm…especially since I’ve been wearing makeup for less than a year! I’m still just a student after all and what I have does the trick. Once I graduate tho I’d probably buy more. I think I’ve done ok with my buying – there’s nothing that I’ve never used (except Marine Life haha) and I do cycle through most of my products.

I am happy with my makeup collection so far. I need to collect mac brushes, get a great bronzer and highlighter. I don’t think I will stop buying lip products.

No, I am looking for a long lasting medium coverage foundation. I’m NC or NW 15-20 with dry thin skin. My foundation always ends up making my skin look very dry. My day to day right now is Revlon colorstay or Bobby Brown tinted moisturizer. For evening or special occasions I wear Mac Moisture blend. I have 2 reddish birthmarks on my face, they are pretty subtle, but I prefer to cover them up.

Another product I would like to find is a mascara that doesn’t flake. I think it is because my eyelashes are very long and very blond. Because they are blond, I put lots of mascara on to darken them, and because they are long, the bottom lashes touch my face. I always end up with flakes of mascara under my eyes. I don’t like waterproof mascara because it is too difficult to remove.

Nope. I don’t have as big a colour variety as I would like, shadow-wise, I have very few lip products (or blush), and I need better brushes. So… nowhere near happy with it yet. My stash is pretty small, though, so there’s plenty of room to grow (I did a purge of a lot of drugstore stuff I used to have that wasn’t that great, and now I’m looking for better quality stuff instead).

There are always things that I want, but overall I am very happy with my stash. It’s funny to look it over and see how my makeup style has evolved. I used to be really into the colored eyeshadow and dramatic eye makeup, and now I NEVER wear that green or teal or purple eye makeup, it’s pretty much all neutral, and I love that look right now. I don’t regret buying all those colored shadows and liners cause I enjoyed it at the time.
Now I try to just use what I have and only buy if something is really unique or amazing. Still on the lookout for the perfect foundation, but nothing is measuring up to revlon colorstay, suprisingly!

I have all of the things that I need but i want more higher end products like mufe nars ysl and chanel.
Last night I went to sephora for the first time. the one nearby is 3 hours away 🙁 and I got ysl touche eclat and chanel mascara I was so happy but my pockets was not

For the most part, I am pretty content with my stash. I’ve come to learn to buy only products that complement my skintone/ features instead of shelling out for every pretty colored product that comes my way!

While I am, in general, content with what I have, there are some things my collection is lacking. I don’t feel I have enough brushes–I only have one MAC brush, and the rest just aren’t nearly as good. I have very few lip products, and I’m actually quite all right with that, although I could use a nude gloss or two. Eyeshadow is my love, though, and, while I know I have plenty, I absolutely want more. I don’t have many pinks/mauves, and I haven’t yet really delved into loose shadows/pigments.
Also, quite honestly, I don’t have any actual /face/ products (foundation, concealer…none of it), and, while I know eventually I’ll want and/or need them, the whole idea seems daunting–I wouldn’t know where to start.

I’m happy with my collection but I will always add more. As far as face makeup goes ie; foundation, concealor..etc I have found all my HG products and I tend not to stray from them. On occasion I will try something new. When it comes to shadows, blush, liners, lipstick and glosses I am always looking for new and beautiful colors to add to my collection and I don’t expect that to change.

I’m kind of happy with my collection. I love the lipsticks and glosses I have, but I could stand to have more stable products. I still haven’t found a foundation I love and adore. Plus I need good brushes, so I have room to grow.

I have established a nice collection of makeup, but I don’t feel done with it yet. I’m always eager to try new products and I’m a sucker for LE collections. Makeup is like art to me and I’m passionate about it. I don’t feel guilty for it. I’m a mom and proud to say that my responsibility is taking care of my family, but my makeup is my refuge, something that’s mine. I’m totally okay with that!

Yes I am! I think I might hit a plateau…there is nothing that I’m dying to have. There are a few things I’ll pick up a Sephora thanks to the F&F sale, but thats about it

I am pretty happy with my makeup collection. I have plenty of neutral eye shadows and way too many lipsticks and lip glosses. I am still looking for a HG tinted moisturizer.

I’m in college and am barely scraping by to have extra money for more makeup. I have a very nice size collection with everything I could possibly need, but I still have the impulse to buy every now and then when something really great comes out.

No. My family, however thinks I have too much makeup but it it’ll fit only 4 of your drawers, Christine!

I need more face brushes, face products (luminizers, powders, etc) and neutral eyeshadows. I’m pretty content with my colour selection in eyeshadow, blushes and lipstick – just missing a few shades here and there. I still haven’t found my absolute HG foundation yet but I won’t look until I finish the ones I have (3 but one is pretty much finished).

Not really- I only started building my collection less than a year ago and I’m on a budget. At first I was just buying random stuff because it was pretty but now I’m trying to build a basic kit so I can create a variety of looks from it. When I shop I try and buy something I feel I need and something I want for fun.

Nope, still need the perfect full coverage, non-drying concealer and a light,matte, nicely pigmented peachy-pink blush.

Yes, I am very happy with my stash.
I’ve definitely stopped buying nearly as much as I used to (and when I do it is mostly high end “want” items like Rouge G’s and Dior quints) and every Sunday I go through and pull out a range of things I haven’t used in ages and use them for the week. Good way to ensure rotation and that I don’t forget something I really like – though honestly, with colour items like blush and eyeshadows I could probably go an entire year without using the same thing twice!

Although I still wish that I had my HG foundation and my perfectly natural blush, I’m happy with what I have. I’ve learned how to make what I have work for me.

I’m pretty happy with it but I always feel like I need more even though I do have a lot of makeup. I especially buy foundations a lot because I struggle with finding the right one especially because my skin is such a light color. And of course I can’t keep my hands off new nude lipsticks even though I have dozens!!

Yes I love my modest stash. Of course it is modest in my eyes knowing that online beauty gurus make my stash seem teeny tiny, but to friends and family it is excessive. The biggest development I’ve come to terms with is to stop buying drugstore makeup because I am never satisfied by it. I need to play with makeup before I plunge and I like the security of a good hassle free return policy. This has freed up money for higher end cosmetics that really satisfy. Although I will always love adding another foundation to my stash no matter how big it gets!

Difficult question to me. On one hand, I really am – I have the basics I need in right quality and colour, but on the other I have to agree with some ladies here: I always think there could be something better. So I buy more things… Or I think that it would be a great colour or something like that and more than often it ends up only collecting dust in my bathroom. That really makes me sad sometimes – for the money I’ve spent and for the decadence of buying things I never use.

I’m happy with my stash, but in no way is it complete. I’m still collecting. I need to find a HG concealer for sure! I have really one blush, so I need/want more. I want more colors of eyeshadows so that I can experiment much more and have more fun with my makeup. I love my MAC mascara, but I’d love to have like three mascaras that each to different things (volumizing, lengthening, every day). And dont even get me STARTED on brushes… it’s so embarrassing. I love makeup so much that I get too distracted to get the necessary brushes. I use this AMAZING lip brush from Coastal Scents (sometimes) for lips, but really I use it for eyeshadow. Yikes! For blush, sigh, I use a cotton ball. I just get too into all of the other pretty makeup to spend my money on brushes! So for my birthday and Christmas, I’m asking for specific MAC and Coastal Scents brushes. Phew. I only got really into makeup a few months ago (MAC specifically) and so my stash is small, but growing at a fast rate. Also, I need to spend my $ more on must-haves, rather than the really pretty unique colors. For example, I’m spending my money on exotic collections with things I’ll use on special occasions, rather than the necessary items (gel liners, brushes, to name a few). But dont get me wrong; the search and growth of my stash is the most exciting and fun thing ever. I LOVE not having everthing, because it means I can research different products and test them out to find what I need! I never feel like I’m stuck and have nothing to buy. Amazing.

I loved this post/question so much that I SERIOUSLY read every comment. Haha! It was really interesting to see what everybody said. Thanks Christine!

My collection is way, way too huge. I used to have a problem with “collecting” – literally buying and never using the product. Thanks a lot, LE MAC items! I plan to sell most of it on eBay and only keep the small amount I use on a daily basis.

Almost, i still need to find my hg setting/blot powder!
And a couple of more eyeshadows couldn’t hurt.
And i dont have any nude glosses!


i have everything i need or want to have. But there’s still one thing tough, i’d love to get a powder foundation which will match my skintone and will be long lasting without breaking me out! that is my dream…

honestly i think i’m good for the next few years already! but my stash keeps growing because of MAC’s limited edition collections! i fall hard for their marketing schemes haha. the venomous villains collection got the best of me! lol

I like my stash and am noticing fewer gaps. That said, I’m a big fan of trial and error, so there’s few product types that I actually say “I don’t need more of.” I consider Buxom mascara my HG mascara, and Eve Pearl my HG foundation. But they aren’t really the ONLY ones I use, and I’d have a hard time talking myself out of trying other mascaras or foundations that look good as well.

Really really happy. This year I could make it a lot better. Stuff unused got sold/given/throwed out and a lot of incredible things joined the family!

Yes, I’ve built a beautiful collections of colors and neutrals, and appropriate for all occasions and all my moods. I do not have every color or every item, but I have enough that now I don’t feel like I am missing anything. In fact, the last few months I’ve spent quite heavily on make up and have decided that after the Sephora F&F sale, I’ll be ceasing the makeup purchases. I’m allowing myself some skin care buys, but that’s about it. I have enough to last me through next year and a few seasons.

No. I recently reorganized all of my eyeshadows and realized that I have a bunch of neutral colors and way too many shimmery shadows (shimmers are courtesy of my love/hate relationship with Urban Decay). I’m on the hunt for a few beautiful, bright, matte shadows that will enhance my current (tiny) stash.

I’m not thrilled with my current makeup stash. I’m still searching for the holy liquid foundation & liquid eyeliner grail. But aside from that, I could use some more brushes and eye shadows.

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