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Yes, but I’m trying to be more organized with my makeup and that’s helping me to use (& experiment with) some of the neglected items. There are a few things like face powders and foundations that I don’t use and won’t use, but still have for some crazy reason.

Yes! I have a considerable amount of lipsticks that have a nice formula, but the colors look bad on me. They’re practically new so I can’t seem to toss them away. And I wouldn’t give someone a used product so I don’t know what to do with them. :/

Actually no… I don’t like hanging on to things that have no use or value to me, regardless if they are makeup or not. I feel like excess stuff is suffocating so I have no issues whatsoever getting rid of anything that I don’t use or ever forsee using again.

I have several MAC shadows (around 70) that I just don’t use. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with them, and there are some I do really like, but I kind of stopped due to them being singles, making it a bit overwhelming. I guess I got used to not using them even after I de-potted them & put them in palettes.

I also have some Lancome palettes that I bought without even swatch-ing first, and I realized the brand had really changed since I’d last used it. Still, the shadows are nice if I want a softer look, which is rare.

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation! Oh I just can’t get myself to get rid of it. Thought I liked it since its raved about and hyped but makes my face a cakey oil slick, but for the price I pad for it a while ago I can’t get myself to get rid of it 🙁

The Naked Palette. I’ve swatched it but I’ve never worn it. Not sure why I even bought it as I don’t wear eye makeup. Being a makeup addict, I just had to have it though. So I just display it. Crazy eh?? Lol

Good question! I had a clear out earlier in the year, so there were definitely some products that fit that description, but I tossed them.

I have a Ben Nye palette that I’ve nearly tossed so many times, but haven’t. It has 6 shadows; a bright white, a darkish silver, a dull gold, a bright blue, a primary yellow and a hot pink. I NEVER use them but they’re so pigmented and stunning that I can’t throw them out. I’m going to make an effort to use them now!

I have a pretty concise collection, but there are two lipsticks (one a bright fuchsia, the other a Tapatillo-orange) that just kind of sit there unused.

Yes High Beam from Benefit, i used it once and after the shimmer gets soggy and it looks very bad, like I’ve just slapped it on my face,i really wanna use it but i have oily skin, any tips anyone?

Yes High Beam by Benefit, after applyiing it and leaving it a while it looks like a big mess, i have oily skin, and i really don’t wanna give it away, any tips anyone?

My mom has given me a bunch of old products that she doesn’t use anymore. That is just the problem, though- they are indeterminitely old. I’m sure some of the glosses are 2+ years old, and the eyeshadow/lipstick palettes may even be approaching 5-6+ years. I’m too frightened to use them, but I know she was excited to be able to add to my collection, so I keep them.

Oh gosh, yes! Loads of stuff – NYX’s Lake Moss trio (I keep thinking I’ll find “some” use for it), Smashbox powder – that one in the “shaver” – ditto. About a hundred other things. It seems to be a fact of my life that, no sooner to I get rid of something than I suddenly really need it (this doesn’t just apply to makeup). I sort of worry that I might turn into one of those “hoarders” one day because of all the stuff I hang onto “just in case”.

i actually use all my makeup, but i have some “retired” that i don’t return to because i found something bigger and better. like i retired my hourglass tinted moisturizer and i use BB creams instead or just YSL touch eclat

No there aren’t ! I use all products I have. Today I tried the Vice Palette again ( wearing Chaos which is not so difficult to apply as Nars Outremer but not so easy to apply either ! ), every eyeshadow or lipstick or whatever means a lot to me. I threw away the Big Bounce shadows because they were really too liquid but most of the time I really use all my makeup products.

Yes – a some lipsticks, lipglosses and eyeshadows (MAC Freshwater, Electric Eel, Vibrant Grape, Cranberry to be specific) 😀 I keep thinking maybe I’d find some use for them but I don’t really wear colorful makeup. They’re very lovely to look at though.

Maybe you could subtly inject some Cranberry into a neutral eye? It’s a gorgeous colour, and probably wouldn’t be too obtrusive if you used a little of it in the crease with a dark brown.

Nope! As I only use foundation, powder, concealer, contour, and brow filler, every product that I use is a result of stringent and profilic testing and comparing. They’re some of the best products available on the market that are appropriate for my needs.

With that being said however, I do own a ton of deluxe samples and full size products of things like eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, lip products, etc… What I do with them is one, I never open them, and two, when I collect enough, I actually give them away as a “try me” set on my blog! I modelled these giveaways to be like the Sephora Favorites holiday sets like the Lash Stash this year, which includes a ton of full- and mini-sizes of mascaras for people who want to try them all, but don’t want to go out and purchase every one.

I figured, it’s not like I’m ever going to use these, and since no one close to me really wears makeup, why not give them away as big collections/sets?

So to answer this question, even though I own products I don’t use, I do NOT have ones that I can’t bring myself to return, give away, or toss! I’m too much of a minimalist. 🙂

And in a way, these big collection/set giveaways are kind of my way to encourage people to be more minimalistic; to try a bunch of products and then to only use the absolute best ones! No hoarding allowed. Lol!

Yes. I have lots of mineralized skin finishes from MAC that look absolutely beautiful in the pan but look like a glittery mess on my face, accentuate my pores and are not practical for my day to day corporate office look.

My MAC loose powder in Silver Dusk. It’s pretty and I like it, but I almost never use it–I just have so many other highlighters I like better!

I have a box full of lipsticks that I use maybe once a year and then wipe off a minute later! For some reason I just can’t part with any of them.

I guess because I love the look of lipstick and the polish of it (but I rarely wear anything but a lip balm or a nude lipstick if I’m going out)..I tell myself “I might need that someday!”

My Paint Pots. I have three of the LE ones in Imaginary, Half-Wild, and Genuine Treasure. I pretty much never wear them because they’re almost TOO pigmented and crazy, but since they’re colorful paint pots I’d feel like a traitor for trashing them.

unfortunately lots…. I have Chanel polishes from years ago that I love but used once… cant get rid of them cause they’re mad expensive now (like $200 each!)… I also got the entire Wonder Woman collection but just to collect it. Lots of Nars stuff I dont use either, keeping it cause its not available where I am now. And I have a teeny palette my ex husband gave me like 10 years ago, just cant throw it out for some odd reason.

I have an UD eyeshadow (a navy blue one or something. I find out after buying it that it got a D or something like that on Temptalia, which was well-deserved) which I bought because it was on SUPER sale an it looks so pretty in the pan, although there was no tester. I almost never ever wear because it’s so terrible (I actually tried it on again yesterday but alas, it was as messy as ever). I should give it away -provided someone would want it!-, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I just hate wasting things, so I’m still trying to find some ways to use it!

Of course! I have many from Givenchy which I don’t you use because they are so pretty (also the packaging) that I would be sorry to wear them…And when I see them, I think that one day, when I’ll have a great occasion, I would wear them…so crazy I am -.-

I’d say I wear most of what I own at least sometimes. I find that I might suddenly start using a product all the time after ignoring it for a long time. I have way too much makeup to use everything I own very often. I do tend to wear certain favorites a lot, but eventually favorites will be phased out and new products will be phased in. So unless I hated something the first or second time I wore it, I tend to hang on to the product. I have gotten rid of a few things recently. I gave my mom both of my tubes of Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I don’t really care for it and my mom wanted eyeshadow primer. I passed it on since most people seem to like TFSI. I also gave my Mom my Tarte Exposed blush. I like it but it doesn’t do much for me and I know she’d like it better. Plus, my Eye and Cheek palette has a version of Exposed that is nicer than the one I have as a single (same color name, but the blushes are a bit different). So, I passed that along.

I have a few things that aren’t that old but I haven’t used much (I’ve even moved them out of my ‘big’ makeup bag, so the odds are that I’ll forget they exist and never use them), but the two things that most fit the bill are my two Bourjois Paris baked eyeshadows- because I got them both while I was on holidays (one in France, one in Pakistan), so, even though they’re crap, I’d feel sad to toss them.

I don’t like to have makeup hanging around that I won’t use, but I have a number of MAC Paint Pots that NEVER get used. I got into collecting them, but just never ended up using most of them, so some of them have been sitting around since 2006. I feel like I should toss those because they are so old, but I talk myself out of it. They are slightly dried out, but barely, and other than that they all seem fine, so I think maybe I will spray them with alcohol and remove the top layer to start using them again, but realistically I know I won’t be able to bring myself to use a cream product that is that old, especially not on my eyes.

What is the oldest Paint Pot anyone has used?

I have 3 MAC Foundations…all of which the MUAs swore I was a NC 45 in (for whatever reason, that is what they ALWAYS color match me as…and it’s ALWAYS completely wrong…way too orange). Although I know none of them have worked for me I just can’t seem to toss them. I guess I could just dump the foundation out and use the bottles for the Back to MAC program…which I’ll eventually do since I don’t know of anyone that NC 45 would work for. With exception to Face & Body, I have finally accepted that MAC foundations just won’t work for me.

I also have 2 MAC pressed pigments (you know…the glitter factory explosion in a pot) that I have yet to successfully find a comfortable way to use them. I can’t get myself to toss or give those away either…I’m hoping I’ll eventually have an ah-ha moment and find the perfect use for them.

And of course…I have a ton of glosses and lipsticks that I rarely use…but hold on to just in case lol. And an ULTA eye shadow collection I bought on sale and hated the pigmentation of. I may have used it once or twice…it sits on a wall shelf as decoration lol (It came in a great quilted box). I’m actually not attached to keeping it…I just forget that it’s there. Actually, this list can probably go on if I really think about it.

Oh yes just a few things! I met a gorgeous MAC District Manager in 2006 and I fell in love with her lipstick. We connected so I asked and it was Wild ’bout You, limited edition, of course. I ordered 6 tubes asap. Eventhough my last tube standing is Old (with a capital O), and it’s starting to not smell *right anymore, I can’t bring myself to finish it, let alone toss it. I think it marked the start of my affair with MAC. I still have a love-hate relationship with Giorgio Armani Maestro Skin Fusion! It’s 50-60% love right now. And I continue to convince myself that the MAC Gold Deposit MSF wasn’t a mistake even when I dread getting dry patches on the cheeks (almost) whenever I use it. Sigh, what do you do!

I have few products in limited edition packaging that I just can’t throw away, like Hello Kitty Beauty Powder, Heatherette Beauty Powder and my only YSL lipstick. The compacts are too pretty and the YSL product is a great lipstick but I lost the cap ages ago so it makes it difficult to carry around. I have a ton of eye shadow I won’t throw away because I know it never really goes bad. Same with lipsticks too, although those do go bad sooner.

I’ve actually got an answer with a happy ending. About 5-6 years ago, an obscure British brand I adored was closing. I binge-bought including about 12 lipsticks, mostly in Burberry-type colors. Except one that was light bright orange. Very out of character for the brand. No one was seen sporting a color like that back then and the 2 times I tried wearing it over all these years, I scared my friends. Whenever I went through a reorg of my makeup, I’d look over that particular lipstick, try it on in front of my bathroom mirror, find it still to weird to wear but too sentimental to toss. Flash forward to now and with the orange craze in full swing, it’s one of the best colors in my makeup case. I wore it alot this past summer, plan on doing so this year. And regularly hear: “What a terrific color and it doesn’t look familiar. What brand…?”

THAT is one happy story. I think that’s the beauty of holding on to certain things when you *know they’re one of a kind. =)

I still have my first Mac lipstick, bought about 6 or 7 years ago, Creme de la Femme…it actually put me off the brand for quite a few years, one of my least liked lipsticks. But I still have it anyway even though I never use it.

Majolica Majorca mascaras. There’s a whole line of them in my stash and I just kind of hate them. But they are so pretty!

Shamefully, yes! As I’ve learned what works for me, many of the previous products I’ve tried have moved to the back burner in my collection. I do enjoy giving some to my sister, who is a college student new to make up, but even though I’ve given away/sold/thrown away so much, others I cannot bring myself to part with. The one product that comes to mind is my mini collection of Rock & Republic Blushes. They are excellent blushes, but since I met my Holy Grail blushes (La Femme Blush on Rouge), I rarely touch these if ever. I think I can’t part with them because I practically stalked the internet in search of them, got them for sale at $25 each, and adored them upon purchase! Not to mention they are limited edition! Every time I decide I’ll sale them to make room in my storage, I chicken out. I just love looking at them, even if I don’t wear them! 🙂

For some reason I hoard powders, which is comical because I rarely powder my face! I just looked in my drawer and I have 3 from physicians formula…I think they were on sale so I took advantage but clearly saving money = wasting money in this case. I feel guilty throwing things away so I’ll use them up or give them away eventually.

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