Are there any products you dislike due to the texture?

Liquid matte lipsticks aren’t my favorite. While I enjoy the long-wear, transfer-free-wear, many formulations feel too clingy for me to be comfortable – I feel like I get fidgety with some on. Thinner, more bendable formulas I can do, though.

— Christine
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The only product that comes to mind is MAC lipstick. I admittedly haven’t tried every formula, but of the 3 I’ve experienced, I find they have too much “slip”, and are too lightweight, almost “filmy”. This may be a “plus” for many, but I just don’t care for it. It’s too bad, as there are sooo many shades I really like! Maybe I’ll give them another go if I can find a compatible lip primer…

I immediately thought of MAC lipsticks as well! I have tried a multitude of MAC lipstick formulas and have been disappointed every single time. No matter what formula I try they all dry my lips out terribly, so bad to the point that I almost gave up on finding a good lipstick period! I hate that my lips don’t like them because they have so many great shades, but I really don’t feel like the quality is there for them to be such a cult favorite.

I’m not a fan of most lipglosses because they’re too tacky. Some are okay and more are getting better, but I don’t want to feel like I have flypaper on my lips…

Also really chalky powders, aside from being generally poor quality and poor wear, just GRATE on me as if I have nails going down a chalkboard (this is unsurprising to me as I can’t stand to hold actual chalk).

Yes, I don’t like liquid lipsticks at all, or nail polish on my fingernails (toenails is okay) because I don’t like how it feels.

I don’t like liquid lipsticks that dry down, especially matte ones. Compared to traditional lipsticks, they feel really dry and tight. And I hate face primers that are heavy on silicone, it’s like my skin can’t breathe, and my pores are so clogged with silicone that pimples are are going to erupt any second.

Lipgloss, and I’m also not a big fan of really creamy or thick lipsticks. I don’t like being aware that there’s something on my lips. It’s why I didn’t wear lipstick at all for a really long time.

so funny – I am the opposite! If there is nothing on my lips they feel too dry, so I reapply balm and gloss all day long 🙂

I felt this way too until I tried It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye. It is totally weightless. A little goes a very long way and it works equally well under the eyes or on the face. It doesn’t settle in lines,either. If you do decide to try it, I would suggest buying it from It usually comes with one of their amazing brushes for about the same price elsewhere for just the product(and they have a 30 day unconditional return policy even on used products). As with most concealers,you do need to set it with a bit of powder.

Liquid eyeshadows AND liquid matte lipsticks that totally dry down to oblivion!
I’ll start with the eyeshadows first. They are terrible for my watery eyes, because if one or both start tearing it becomes an ugly, creasey mess with that formula! Even though they have dried down into the perfect finish, it won’t outlast a powder or cream.
Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels fidgety when wearing one of those dry, clingy liquid matte lipsticks! They drive me nuts because they feel so uncomfortable! But, I can wear the ones that have at least a little tackiness and are not 100% dry, like Ofra’s, or Colourpop’s Ultimate Satin.

In general, most face primers. They are either sticky or slippery and I hate how they feel on my skin. I swear by an eye primer for my eyeshadow but no can do for facial primers.

Specifically, I hate MAC lipglass lipglosses. Too thick, sticky and heavy. Also loathed Garnier BB cream. I don’t get the hype about it. So gritty in texture. Yuck!

MAC lipglasses – I don’t like the stickiness -and just about any brand’s matte lipsticks (liquid or bullet).

Oh yes! I’m not a fan of liquid matte lipsticks either. I also stay away from glittery eyeshadows. For powder products I try to avoid anything that feels hard and dry, and with foundations or cream products anything that feels too heavy.

Uh, this is a long list because I’m a bit fussy:
Primers that contain dimethicone/silicones irritate my skin or make it feel itchy or greasy. Even if they don’t contain silicones, they still might irritate my skin. Just had a terrible reaction to the new Hard Candy pore-reducing primer. I was so hopeful, too, because it advertised not containing any silicones!
Sticky lipgloss because I don’t like feeling sticky or getting stuff stuck on my lips.
Heavy or waxy lipsticks. I can barely stand anything on my lips as it is.
Cream eyeshadows that don’t dry down quickly. Again, I don’t like feeling sticky and I don’t like when my eyelids stick together!
Anything with glitter, especially eyeshadows, but that’s because it falls in my eyes and irritates my contacts.

Oh, and most hand lotions and creams because I hate that greasy feeling!

Ok, I think I’m done. Whew! Opened a can of worms with that question!

I hate the feeling of lotions and creams on my palms and fingers but they don’t bother me on the backs of my hands. When I apply a hand lotion or cream, I put it directly on the back of my hand, then rub the back of my other hand against it. I’ve gotten weird looks doing this… but I get those anyway! 😉

Oh, I do that, too! Yeah, the backs of the hands are ok. 🙂

I also used to have my best friend put lotion on my hands so I wouldn’t have to touch it. Alas, now she lives across the country, so I have to do it myself. Haha! Now, I mostly put it on at night, so I don’t have to feel it while I sleep. 🙂

Matte liquid lipsticks even though some colours are gorgeous.. The brand doesn’t matter, they all leave my lips looking dry and wrinkled (very textured). I prefer smooth and full looking lips, so I’m sticking to lipsticks and glosses. *SAD*

when a transfer-free-wear liquid liptick is too thick I’m starting dislike as I’ve been trying more formulas I know that other brands have nailed the thin texture to pigment ratio.

The Tarte liquid lipstick formula also drove me nut. So mosey and thick but patchy as the same time it just didn’t work for me.

Liquid lipsticks (they make my lips feel desert-dry), gritty glitter in lipgloss that I can feel when I press my lips, and heavy face products like high spf sunscreens, because i feel like they are sitting on my skin like a greasy blanket.

Matte lipsticks in general ever work for me, regardless of whether they are liquid or not. I thinks it’s because my lips are so small, they end up making my looks look sad and even smaller. I also feel really fidgety when wearing them!! Which is a shame because I love the long wear.

Agreed on the liquid lipstick. I really hate the feel of every one I’ve tried, although the Anastasia bothers me the least. I own the color Kathryn, which I think looks really nice on me, and it does last. I cannot stand it without a gloss over for more than 10 minutes. It kind of cuts down the the long-wearing purpose when you do that.

Extremely tacky/sticky lip glosses and also very glittery lip glosses.

Also primers that go on and your skin feels instantly dry and papery (wonder if I’m the only one with that problem..)

I LOVE the colours of all the COLOURPOP Matte Liquid Lipsticks but as soon as they dry they go all powdery and it looks horrible but there is soooo much hype about them and sooo many youtubers rave about them which makes me wonder if it’s just me. I’m 33yrs old and am not sure if the age of my lips matter so I just don’t wear them. I have tried lip primers. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m fine with the Stila and Kat von d ones though.

ColourPop Ultra Mattes because they’re so drying, and some make my lips look shriveled. Most ultra matte bullet lipsticks such as Melt’s, or the old formula for UD 714. They drag when applying. Chunky, gritty glitter in lip products. Really chalky or dusty powder products, especially eye shadows. The worst for me was Kat von D’s Star Studded Eyeshadow Book. Anything glossy or sticky on my eyes. No eyeglosses for me! I hate Chapstick, because it’s so incredibly waxy. I also don’t care for super-oily liquid/cream lip balms, either.

I forgot about some of the glittery lip products! One of the lip products I recently purchased felt more like e.l.f.’s lip exfoliator than a lipstick. I really thought it was either UD’s Mad Hatter or KVD’s Mercy, but I just tried both and neither felt the least bit abrasive. Perhaps it only happened during the initial application of one of them?

Anything glossy or sticky on my lids would also be a definite no. In fact, I can’t even think of a cream eye product I could wear on my lids without using a powder shadow over. (This excludes formulas that don’t remain creamy/sticky/wet/glossy.)

Anything thick unless it’s body butter or something. Liquid lipsticks usually don’t feel good to me in any way.

The first to come to my mind is lip gloss. I can’t stand that sticky feeling. I love the feeling of a good lipstick, though. And then comes liquid lipsticks that dry right down. I feel like my lips have shriveled right up into raisins. There is nothing else I have found over the decades that bothers me.

Lip gloss and any eyeliner that isn’t Urban Decay or a similarly soft and creamy formula. I can’t stand a lot of pencil liners and I’m even really picky about liquid liner applicators as well for that reason. Also, not that I don’t use it, but the texture of Smashbox BB Water/MAC Waterweight (they’re literally the exact same thing) makes them hard to work with. Still, I use it nearly every day mixed with Smashbox BB cream in a different shade to get it the perfect color and consistency, because on the skin it’s amazing. Cream eyeshadow is another tricky one because I’ve only tried drugstore and they have all been way way hard and dry and nearly impossible to blend. I’d rather use a creamy eyeliner pencil as a cream shadow.

Yes yes yes yes yes. I hate eyeliners that drag. NYX and Maybelline both make eyeliners similar to the creamy UD but less expensive, if like me, you like collecting colors. And yes, I love creamy eyeshadow pencils too. (easier than the liner pencils to get color all over your lid).

Lip gloss, liquid lipstick, and matte lipstick. I like plain old lipstick – cream, shimmer, whatever – but it’s getting harder and harder to find. I’ll be glad when these matte and liquid fads are through.

Some lipsticks which ones I don’t remember but they just didn’t feel or smell right. Lipstick needs to look nice and wear well but it definitely has to feel and smell nice. I hate when a lipstick smells like wax or is grainy. I think that is why I like Tom Fords Moisture Core so much the feel and the smell is really nice. The price I don’t like so much.

Like many who have commented here previously, I have trouble with liquid lipsticks that dry down too matte. I love the colors, non-transfer and wear time but the feeling on my lips is just more than I can handle. So, I usually apply a little lip gloss before applying them and sort of buff it into my lips and then apply the liquid lipstick. Of course this defeats the purpose of the liquid lipstick but I would rather apply more frequently than deal with the feeling. On a tangential note, I have a pretty small upper lip and for that reason even the most long wearing liquid lipstick seems to break down on my upper lip, (pills and wears off quickly), resulting in less than great wear time anyway so another reason for my just doctoring the lipstick for comfort.

I have a problem with matte liquid lipsticks. The occasional ones that I do like are few and far between.

I still use it because it’s the best I have found for my redness without being greasy is Etude House Baby Choux Mint color correcting base. It feels gritty and if didn’t have so much redness to deal with, I wouldn’t use it.

The Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé. It’s terrible formula so sticky and when it dries it balls up. Really unfortunate since the raspberry color is gorgeous. Would love to find a dupe that isn’t sticky.

I dislike really emollient moisturizers/sunscreens/bb creams as I have oily/combo skin and just can’t deal with feeling like a grease slick. I also hate really wet mascaras, I prefer a moussey texture, and I dislike stiff, dry, powdery powder products (eyeshadows, blush, etc) but not too creamy or buttery either because I’m oily all over, including my eyelids. also stiff/dry pencil eyeliners. Man that’s a lot more than I thought I would think of! texture really matters to me I guess!

I don’t like liquid lipsticks either – I feel like I want to lick them off and they dehydrate my lips terribly. I also don’t like matte eyeshadows either.

I hate wearing Chapstick or any other type of waxy lip balm; they make my lips feel a thousand times drier. I’m obsessed with lip products, but not in that form.

Liquid lipsticks that dry down matte
Matte lipsticks that are so dry you can barely apply them
Silicone-loaded primers (Smashbox PhotoFinish) – hate that plastic slip feel on my face
Lip glosses that feel thin and oily and aren’t really glossy (and I’m a lip-gloss LOVER)

Not in love with lip stains for their uber thin texture, and I’ve yet to find a formula that doesn’t make my lips feel super dry during and after wear. Bring on the matte liquid lippies and M.A.C lipglass everyone else doesn’t like.

I strongly dislike the liquid lipsticks that are extremely drying, matte eyeshadows that are chalky, and highlighters that are overly glittery. Also mascaras that give me clumpy spider leg lashes, yuck!

♪♫Where do I begin…
to tell the story of how great a…♫♪

a… an… intolerance based on tactile sensitivity can be? Anything greasy/oily when it comes to skin care products. Most lipglosses. Eyeshadows with chunky glitter — because I can feel some of the worst of these scraping across my lids like Freddie Kruger’s blade-clad hands. Lipsticks that are so thick they feel like Ralph Macchio waxed on but forgot to wax off. Any makeup that feels more like a mud mask than a cosmetic. I’m certain there are others I can’t think of right now.

I really dislike the feel of matte lipsticks as well. Even comfort matters are too dry for me. Another thing I dislike is products that pill. That isn’t truly a texture issue but more of a compatibility issue. I dislike drag in anything I apply also.

I’m not a fan of MACs lip glass’ but love their lipsticks. Even the matte ones are comfortable.

I also hate Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream. It feels greasy, smells weird and looks like ear wax. Bluergh!!!

Cream eyeshadows and greasepaint products. I use some because they WORK but I’m really not a fan of the greasy texture most have before they are set. I use a flat brush with them because I especially don’t like that feel/slip on my fingers, ugh.

For me its GOT to be Loreal Infallable 24 hour foundation. The colour is so so perfect for me, but I just cant stand the feeling of it! Its tacky but drying, i feel like it just doesnt set at all… I love the True match by Loreal, but this one… no thank you!

Any cosmetics that has the word “matte” in it. I like to feel glowy and have that glow look, not that dry look & feel that I’m “made up”.

Super siliconey face primers, lipsticks that are too emollient or thin (I like feeling a slight tack on my lips if I’m wearing lipstick, not something slippery), and liquid lipsticks that are excessively dry (like the ColourPop ultra mattes).

First: liquid lipsticks, they are too drying. Second: lipgloss. Although I love how it looks, I do not like it being tacky. And I do not like that you have to reapply every hour or so. I do have quite a few, so I’d better start using them though, hahaha!

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