Are there any products for eyes that you don't use?

Definitely! Here are a few things that I never or rarely use… false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner, cream eyeliner, and brow pencil. I don’t use eye primer that much either (since I’m usually testing without).

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

False lashes and chunky glitter are 2 things I don’t use. I only used one false eyelash after an embarrassing incident, but that was decades ago. Not sure about retrying? But as for glitter; nothing chunkier than UD Moondust or MAC Lustre e/s’s for me. Even then, I always press them on instead of sweeping on. Oh, and I don’t bother with brow kits, either.

Denise Avatar

SSSOOOOO true Nancy. I don’t wear the falsies or glitter. UGH too heavy and messy on the eyes. No creme eye shadows. Too messy and the creases. Oh and o makeup thats lasts more then 12 hours.

Stephanie Avatar

1. Brow products of any variety. I have thick brows that don’t need filling, and I’d rather spend the money on something else.

2. Waterproof mascara. Hate it, and I can never get it off without losing entire sections of lashes.

3. Cream eyeshadow, but this could change if I ever get around to buying Colourpop.

4. Certain cream eyeliners. Lately, I’ve had problems with some no longer being able to form a smooth line due to my eyelid texture.

5. False lashes, even though I have the world’s shortest real lashes.

Sandra Avatar

I don’t use brow pens or brow powders (I use an eyeshadow instead to fill in empty spots which is a perfect match colorwise), I don’t use lash curlers, I don’t use gel eyeliners, I don’t use BLACK eyeliners. Any color of the rainbow and glitter, but NOT black. XD

Cassandra Avatar

A few, but I love all things eyes.

I prefer liquid eyeliner to creme/gel. I do my makeup at a desk and I find it to be annoying to clean my brush after every use. And I haven’t found a creme/gel eyeliner that wears better than a liquid liner.

I used to be all about the falsies, but lately I find them to be more trouble. I can’t seem to find a lash glue that lasts all day either. Revlon worked, but it’s so hard to find in stores anymore where I’m at.

I won’t use any product that doesn’t last more than a solid 12 hours. I don’t have time to touch up my makeup throughout the day. It goes on early in the morning and I expect it to look fabulous in the evening.

C.B.-P. Avatar

I also don’t use false eyelashes, liquid eye liner, cream eye liner or brow products. I sometimes use regular pencil eye liner; more often as lip liners these days for my unusual lip colors. (Separate pencils for each facial area, of course.)

Anne Avatar

I’ve never used false lashes because they are scary, and I don’t often use brow products as I’ve already got quite full brows and I (usually) thread them regularly. I also don’t tightline with liner because ACK NO.

Mariella Avatar

I also don’t use false lashes (I really dislike how most of them look – the ones that are noticeable as false lashes always have me wondering WHY the women wearing them choose to wear them), eye “gloss” (didn’t MAC come out with some of those) and liquid liner. Most days, I don’t bother with mascara either.

Aj Avatar

False lashes, loose glitter, and brow products.
The only brow product I use are a clear brow gel and a tinted one – clear for everyday and tinted for special events. My brows definitely don’t need any other brow products.
Loose glitter – I like them, just don’t like the taking off part and I’m afraid of any pieces getting into my eye.

Carolann Avatar

I don’t use mascara, eyelash curlers, brow tint/powder/pencils, false eyelashes, or black eyeliner. I have pretty thick eyebrows and eyelashes so I just go natural (or lock down my brows with a clear gel). I also don’t use typical pencil eyeliners but instead opt for gel or liquid. I usually wear brown eyeliner because of my skin tone and eye color. My favorite right now is Smoky Taupe Shimmer by Julep.

Jess Avatar

I never use liquid liner and lashes, loose shadow, pigment or glitter, brow pencil or anything blue! I also don’t ever put anything in my waterline because honestly I might as well just smear it directly on to my under eye and save myself the time.

Sarah Avatar

Once I used liquid liner but not anymore. It’s not worth the effort and I enjoy my eye shape without a wing! I’ve never used falsies because I get enough lashes with mascara alone. Glitter–yikes! I refuse to use glitter just for the mess factor.

Madeline Avatar

Cream eyeshadow! I have three sticks in lovely colors, but I can’t stand the way all the formulas I’ve tried crease so badly. There probably is a nice formula out there I’ve been ignoring, but I just associate cream eyeshadow with gross lines and stickiness. I use brow pencils but shy away from any kind of wax or mascara-esque brow products. I don’t use any kind of eyeliner you would put on with your own brush, like gels, etc. I don’t like chunky glitters as a rule, so I shy away from those, but I still enjoy some sparkle!

Linda Avatar

Tom Ford cream shadows. Swipe and done. NO creasing. I think I’m finding the same with Elf, believe it or not (for $2.99). I need another week or so to be sure of that, but so far so good.

ShariP Avatar

I recently tried Revlon cream shadows. They are absolutely awesome. They dry down pretty quickly and stay put until removed and my days are routinely 14-15 hours. The purple is beautiful. It’s just the right shade.

Linda Avatar

Thanks, Shari! Absolutely will check out. I’m certainly no professional, but I think high quality is more easily replicated in cream shadow formulas than powders? So many powders are duds, but there are cream options out there that are totally affordable and work as well as very high end. That’s revealing itself to my experience, at least. The experiment continues. 🙂

Holly Avatar

False eyelashes, even though I would try a demi lash that was natural looking. My lashes are short and refuse to stay curled.

Glitter. It doesn’t matter if I use glitter glue and setting spray, I still end up with stray glitter on my face throughout the day. What am I doing wrong?

Rachel Avatar

I don’t wear false lashes or eyeliner of any kind. I feel like liner makes my eyes look smaller and it covers the hard work I’ve done on my lids since they are hooded.

chris Avatar

I find it hard to use eye shadow every day. I think because I apply my make-up in the car most days. I would say I definitely do not use a curler, liquid or cream eyeliner. I am not a fan of cat eyes or glitter for my almost 50 years face.

Astrild Avatar

I’ve never used fake lashes. I ‘ve tried liquid and cream eyeliner a couple of times but it was a total mess, so I don’t use them either. I’m a pencil eyeliner kind of person.

kjh Avatar

Falsies. Anything with aloe or manuka honey. (Aside, idk htf I can be allergic to that, when I am not allergic to tea tree or honey? But it’s true). Brow products. Not that mine are adequate; they are not. Docs ask me if I have a thyroid problem…none that they have found. I have a Chanel pencil and a benefit brow zings, but they just make the lack more noticeable. Big shimmer or metallic. The refined ones are ok, but some need to be toned down.

Jasmine Avatar

Honestly, I hardly use anything on my eyes. My make-up look is often a variation on the iconic, pin-up look with perfect skin, red lips, and perfect eyebrows. This means that I use a lot of color correcting products like primers, CC, EE, and BB creams, foundation, and concealers to perfect my skin all over my face and body. Of course, I use a brow pencil and brow mascara, along with a mascara primer and lengthening mascara, but I hardly ever reach for eye shadow, eye liner of any kind, or false lashes, to say nothing of cream eye shadows or glitter. Ever since adopting this make-up routine, I find that I use less of these products when doing other looks and buy them even less. Eye shadow is really over-used, and there’s so much to be said about the natural contour of your own eyes. Less is truly more when it comes to eye make-up.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I don’t use false eyelashes or brow anything. I also rarely highlight my brow bone. Additionally I don’t use under eye concealer. I really want to love cream eyeshadows but they never seem to work for me so I’ve given up on those.

Bonnie Avatar

Christine answered like I do…I don’t use false lashes at all, and only liquid liner if they send me one in a subscription, because I try to try everything they send. No primer either, or rarely, again, if I get one in a sampler box. And some mascaras – talkin to you, Great Lash – cause severe allergic reactions and I will never use them again if this happens, obviously.

Eileen Avatar

I don’t use eye primer. It’s a great product and I wish it had been around decades ago when I used to have oily lids. Nowadays, I simply don’t need it. I also don’t bother with false eyelashes (been there, seen that, done that in the 1960’s), and except for Tom Ford’s ultra fine glitter, I approach glitter shades with extreme caution. I also don’t use bright colors. I like a bit of color, but deeper jewel tones work better on me than the bold brights.

Glenda Avatar

Eyeliner. I ended up with eyeliner on my teeth and didn’t even notice until I looked in the mirror! How does that even happen? Well I guess I’m a goober so there it is!
Also, I like false lashes but just can’t cope, so no falsies. No glitter and I’m not even fond of shimmer but in very very small doses I’ll use a shimmer.

Alicia Avatar

I don’t use cream eyeshadows or false lashes. Cream eyeshadows crease horribly and don’t last long on me. I have just never mastered false eyelashes on myself (I can apply them to other people just fine though!).. Everything else is fair game. I prefer brow powders, they tend to work the best for me. I have patchy eyebrows so brow products are a must! I love me some glitter and I don’t have issues with it getting in my eyes and irritating them, so I’m lucky that way!

Bon Bon Avatar

False eye lashes and liquid eyeliner. I’m afraid to try false lashes as my natural lashes come out easily and removing them scares me. I don’t use liquid liner as my hands tend to shake a little. I’d be lined up all over the place, lol.

Natasha Avatar

GLITTER!! Because I wear contacts I am terrified to use it!! I love loose pigments but glitter is a no for me. I’m always in the rare 1% of anything so I’m too scared to try my luck. I’m trying to branch out to pressed glitters but as we have seen on Instagram, those have their problems as well.

Shannon. N Avatar

I thought about this all day, ahaha.

The only things I can THINK of, are:

pencil eye liners, (none tranfer to my waterlines?? even the ones you all rave about here, just don’t go onto my waterlines, and I have oily hooded eyes so pencil liners don’t stand a CHANCE on my lids!)

Liquid liners (I currently only own two, a shimmery green, and a the kvd tattoo liner,)

loose glitter (I’ll use glittery liquid liner on my lids/inner corners. But not loose glitter!!)

Brow pencils

Brow Pomades (too scary!! I have very full brows. I have ZERO sparse parts in my brows, so I just use a lightly tinted brow gel to comb them into place and to remove any powder/foundation that has gotten onto them!)

I wear eye primer, at least 5 eye shadows (that’s a quick not playing around eye look for me!), and mascara daily!!!

Ziwei Avatar

Glitter liners, glitter glue, loose eyeshadow, loose pigment, loose glitter… I think the pattern is clear here 🙂
Also I don’t use brow gels, brow mascaras, liquid brow pen and brow wax. I just don’t like the texture (I don’t use hair spray for the same reason, haha!)
I avoid using none waterproof mascaras because of my straight lashes. Wetter formula uncurls my lashes and defeats the purpose of curling my lashes.

Katy Avatar

This is exactly why I have always loved following your site, Christine. I don’t wear false lashes, I’m happy with my own, I like my eyebrows and don’t feel a need to use any products on them, I do own a couple of eyeliners, yet rarely wear them as well!

Donna E. Avatar

– No glitter eye shadow, I’ll use duochromes
-No liquid eyeliner no ‘cat eyes for me – hooded lids
– No false lashes
– No bright eyeshadows, except as accents
– No dark eyeshadow on lids

Tammy Avatar

False eyelashes are something I just can’t do no matter how hard I try. I dont wear liquid eyeliner, and very rarely wear black eyeliner. I’ve always been drawn to teal eyeliner but it doesn’t look good on me so I don’t wear it. No cat eyes- I have hooded eyelids.

Roxi Avatar

I don’t use cream (including stick and pots) or loose eyeshadows. The only glittery shadows I use are from Tom Ford Golden Mink palette (if that can be considered glitter).
No colored eyeliner for me either. The only ones I’ll ever buy are in black or brown.

Nora Kurdy Avatar

I never used brow products or cream shadows, but the sins of plucking and hitting the over 35 mark have changed my mind. I’m all about the brows (although I doubt anyone can tell, because the instagram brow is not for me). As for cream eyeshadows they are kinder, and don’t bring out texture like powder does. As for false lashes, why bother with a beautiful intricate eye look and then hide it behind big false lashes. If I have an event, and time; I do use individual short lashes (without the bulb). My aim is always for people to see me, not my makeup then me.

Silvia Avatar

Liquid liner unless an expert wearing it it can look a big mess
Primer have tried not great results
False eyelashes never but in young girls I think they do look beautiful if in modest size not the exaggerated ones unless a Victoria Secret Model or close. Lol!
Not too light nude shades don’t do S thing in me being pale. I prefer a lovely punch of color.
Prefer pencil liner over cream they smudge usually and don’t last.
No cat eye or heavy lining!

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