Are there any gaps in your beauty stash?

Are there any gaps in your beauty stash? Example: are you such an eyeshadow fiend that you have hardly any glosses?

When I first fell in love with makeup, I was all about eyeshadow! It was eye makeup to the max and then nothing elsewhere.  After that, then I really got into layering glosses over lipstick (you would very rarely catch me only wearing one!).  I don’t use self-tanner much myself so that’s an area of product that I don’t have much of, though I may be trying some out for review soon.

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The most glaring is lipgloss – because I’m not a fan in general, I much prefer lipstick – but aside from that I’d say my most lacking area is bronzers and highlighters. I have a couple of both but neither is something that I use every day, so I just haven’t spent the time or money on that part of my stash.

I have a ton of blushes, perfumes, and nailpolishes. I recently counted over 100 nail polishes, 25 perfumes, and 15 blushes *hoarder*.

I don’t have a lot of mascara or foundation because I have found my HG (buxom lash && revlon/mufe depending on skin color) and I don’t really wear lipstick.

I had a phase where I was mega into eyeshadow until I sadly realized my eyes cannot handle a lot of color 🙁

Hmmm, highlighters/luminizers, I feel, I only have Benefit High Beam, which I don’t love. I haven’t got a finishing powder or setting spray, I’ve been meaning to pick up Fix + or something of the like. I want WAY more neutrals – eyeshadows, blushes and lip products. They’re what I feel like wearing the most. I think my stash needs some rounding out!

I don’t use lip liner, so there’s that. I also only use one mascara at a time, and I have very few blushes (maybe 3; most girls I know have 6+). I have way too many lipsticks/glosses and eyeshadows though!

I don’t own brow gel or any products for eyebrows in general. My brows aren’t very sparse so on the rare occasion that I do fill them in, I just use MAC Espresso eyeshadow.

Foundation! I don’t use it every day and a little goes such a long way that I currently own only one. I mix it with samples I receive with other beauty purchases so I can make it a bit darker/lighter depending on the tan I have.

Gosh, I think mascara?? I buy & collect eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, foundations, lip gloss, concealer, nail polishes, lashes etc etc. Mascara is about the only product I don’t go all head over heals for.

Maybe bronzers. I have 2 and don’t use either. I’m not keen on the bronzed look but got them to contour and contouring just doesn’t look natural on me. Mascara and lip gloss are 2 other areas. I have a few glosses (I do love Clarins glosses) but I don’t need more than 2 or 3. Mascara is something I wear so rarely and so long as it’s black and doesn’t smudge, that’s all I care about.

– contour products: I much prefer a bronzed face than a contoured one.

– eyeshadows: I prefer having a bright blush than a full makeup eye.

– lipglosses : I don’t like them.

– Nails polishes : I don’t own any. Just not my thing.

I don’t own any bronzers. I don’t really like the bronze look for myself so that’s why.

I also don’t own any brow products. I don’t think my brows need much in the way of filling in and I’m too lazy to spend my precious morning minutes on them when they look okay.

Lipgloss. I own two but one is on the other end of another lip products and the other came in a gift set. And I never use them since I’m not a big gloss person.

There isn’t much that I own literally NONE of, but I do only have one bronzer and my gloss to lipstick ratio is very off (I really don’t like gloss… like really don’t like it)

I have a whole boat load of holes that I’m trying to gradually fill.

I used to be all about the eyes too, I had a large scar round my mouth from a dog bit so I didn’t want to draw attention to it. After that was somewhat fixed I started to enjoy lips too. It took me ages to get into blush and I’m still not adventurous there, just enough to pull the look together. I’ve not got bronzer as I prefer to be pale.

Current holes : Contouring / Luminizer powders, brightly Coloured eye-liners, brighter blushes, A really good red lipstick and still searching for MLBB that is not a LE.

I dislike the way I look strongly tanned (the sun just doesn’t take to my skin well), so I’ve never tried nor do I own any self-tanner. I also only own one bronzer, which I use sparingly for when I want to give a touch of warmth to my face.

I also don’t own an exceptional amount of colorful eyeshadow. It’s not that I don’t like it, but since I have hooded eyes, I have less room to work with dramatic looks. I prefer playing up my mouth with a strong lip shade, which requires neutral shadows on my face for balance.

A few, actually!

At the moment, I’m direly lacking a face primer. I don’t know why. I finished both of mine and never found one I wanted as a replacement.
Always lacking concealers because I never feel they look natural or conceal anything. IDK. I have two. They rarely get used.
And probably proper contouring items. I have bronzers but bleck countouring looks horrible on my cheeks.

I do have more shadows than anything else but I do have quite the well rounded collection lol. There are certain things that I tend to buy one at a time like mascara, black liner, setting powder, liquid foundation, concealer…but I have lots of everything else.

I was going to say gloss because I’m not such a gloss girl but I counted last night and I have 57 glosses, so maybe not so much a hole? Even things I don’t really like, such as bronzers, I have multiples of. THAT, my friend, is a compulsion 😉

I don’t have foundation in my collection. I have a bb cream and a tinted moisturizer.I always feel like I’m wearing a mask with foundation ( even though it makes my complexion look soooo much better ) I have a lot of eye and lip products-I like color 🙂

This is funny. I’m very pale and whilst it doesn’t bother me, I do prefer to have slightly tanned legs in the summer when I wear skirts and dresses without tights. Last night I was online trying to find a good self-tanner that doesn’t give you the typical orange or yellow skin, and it was so difficult to find something! And I caught myself thinking “I wish Christine would review self-tanners” – then I just saw this and it feels a bit unreal!

It’s eyeshadow for me! I have a couple of small palettes (mostly gifts), but it’s only recently that I’ve started learning how to properly put eyeshadow on my teensy eyelids. I’d love to pick up a good neutral palette within this year, depending on my budget.

I’ve also started playing with shimmery highlighters, and I think I *might* invest in Benefit’s Watt’s up in the future.

I personally HATE self tanner and bronzer falls under that category as well, I’ve tried using it as just contour but it really doesn’t work on my skin so I haven’t bothered to invest in any. (I’m around NW10, and I like keeping it that way lol) I think I may have 1 or 2 but they both came in sets/palettes I bought.

I have a really large gap in my lip-product collection right now! I pretty much only like red lipsticks, so I should expand out to some berries and plums… I weirdly have highlighter and bronzer, but it seems like a hassle for me to use. So I guess that means I have “enough”.

I’m currently on the prowl for a matte taupe blush & a matte pinky-beige blush with grey undertones. I also still need to pick up a few NARS shadows & lipsticks, but aside from those few items, my stash is fairly complete.

Finishing powders. I’ve got one loose powder that I never use, and one powder foundation (in case some drastic emergency happens, I guess, and I need to hide my face behind something), but I prefer a dewy finish to my skin, and don’t set it.

On that note, if any of the lovely ladies also like dewy finish skin, maybe someone could throw in suggestions for a best dewy foundation? I’d love some new ideas, I’ve been looking.

My gaps would be in foundations and probably blushes/bronzers. Mascara may count too, but I figure if I’ve found my two grails, there’s really no point in amassing a bunch of others.

I barely have any brow products, and almost no cheek products. My only brow product is the ELF Clear Brow Mascara, and the only cheek product I use is Smashbox Baked Sunlight. Love them both, but I really do need to branch out into some other stuff.

I have wayyyy too many lip products, lol.

I can honestly say I have no gaps >.< I think my collection is well rounded. I do have an abundance of eyeshadow. If I had to think of something I jus dont have, I guess, I don't have a lighter application face product like a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer though. I might buy one when summer comes around (though I have been into mineral makeup. My skin has been looking decent but who knows how much the heat will change that. I have been eyeballing the Rachael K CC Cream for awhile, might use that in conjunction with a mineral powder for the summer!

Hmmm, I just recently got hooked on makeup, so I guess there’s lot of gaps in my collection. I’ve used makeup daily since I was 16, but I’ve had one foundation, one powder, one blush, a few eyeliners, a few mascaras, a few old lipsticks, some lipglosses, an eyebrow pencil and quite a few eyeshadow sets.

I’ve got a lot more now (hauling!), but there’s still lots I want. More eyeshadows, more lipsticks, glosses, foundations, powders, blushes. 😛

Id say i dont have enough blush. i have alot of bronzer, and a couple of highlighters but only one actual colored brush which is this frosty berry color by mac. i also dont have any foundation, just bb cream

I am happy with my pale skin. I would not use a self-tanner because I don’t want to be tanned so I have none. I have one bronzer that is quite pale and use it as a blush sometimes. I don’t have much eyebrow products but that is mainly due to thickness and blackness of my eyebrows. It looks weird with products in them. I do have a product to keep the eyebrows in place though.

Yes, very much so. I have a TON of eyeshadow, plenty of liners and mascaras, but nothing for my brows, (I don’t do anything to them; they look fine already) no bronzer, one blush, and no lipsticks. (Though I have around 20 lipglosses and lip balms) And I only have one foundation, but I really don’t *need* to wear foundation since my skin looks fine with just concealer, cover stick, and a bit of powder.

I have a huge collection of lipsticks about 40 and still adding more to this collection lol, two lip liners, one mascara which I have to say is an excelent one at least, two blushes, one gloss, one concelear for undereye circles and about seven nail polishes and thats it. Lol eye liners and eyeshadows are non existent lol, as for foundation I would never use it so never going to buy it. But I should probably get an eyeliner, maybe a bronze one, an emerald green, a gold one…maybe I should stop a little bit my love for lipsticks I have too many 😀 .

I have no bronzers or contouring products; I have plenty of everything else except self-tanners but I like being pale 🙂 I keep meaning to try a bronzer, but I’m just never sure how to use them and as I said, I like being pale so I’m not sure it’s really necessary. Plus finding one to match my ghostly skintone is difficult.

The majority of my makeup collection are eyeshadows. I love love love eye makeup more than other cosmetic products, and it really doesn’t bother me at all. I would say a good 50 plus percent are eyeshadows, the rest are the usual lipsticks, gel liners, foundations, etc but zero bronzers. So far I don’t like bronzers and not planning on changing that a bit

I’m at the all-eyeshadow stage right now! Lol it’s just what I’m comfortable working with. Although I think I want to start investing in an array of blushes. My skin is just SO light, I think adding some color would flatter me. And I’m definitely going to try self-tanners in the warmer months. All my friends tell me I need to tan, and I really don’t want to purposely fry my skin out in the sun. 😛

Blush used to be my gap. But as I have matured, (I am 45) I find that my skin sometimes look dull and sallow. So I have added blush to my regular routine. Very, very light if wearing a bold statement lipstick.

FWIW I love that there is so much beautiful variety in skin tone, I fail to understand any desire to darken or lighten it (outside of blush and contouring for effect). Therefore I don’t understand why your friends would tell you to get a tan?!? I spent summers at the Jersey Shore tanning and now desperately wished I had just embraced my uber paleness. I understand the fun of playing with bronzers but please don’t feel the *need* to bronze. It’s gone so overboard with the creepy spray tans and orange lotions. Makeup should always be fun! Please don’t feel compelled to bronze though if you aren’t so inclined, your friends seem misguided in their suggestions. Sorry for the rant- I’m a little sensitive on the issue.

That sounds just like me! Right now I have a TON of eyeshadow, like 60 eyeliners and 10 mascaras. I’m kind of obsessed with eye makeup. But in the last few months I’ve started to expand to other things. I bought the Bare Minerals luminzer powder to brighten my face a bit (I never use blush) and I finally just bought my first MAC lipstick (Plumful!). I never really wear lipstick, but I like that it doesn’t feel as thick or goopy as lipgloss. Plus it had way better staying power.

I don’t have a highlighter/illuminating powder and I want one! I am extremely fair with pink-cool undertones. I’m trying to decide between the two that Chanel currently offer and Chantecaille’s Les Petales de Rose. They are so expensive and I don’t want to make a mistake. Recommendations?!? I’ve tried NARS Nico and Benefit Dandelion and didn’t love either of those.

In comparison with the number of eyeshadows and lipsticks in my stash, blush is definitely the product I buy less. I am not much into bronzer either, I only have one :)!

Until recently I was not really into blushes. NARS has made it really easy to fall in love with blushes. Since December I have bought 3 blushes (1 Mac, 2 Nars) as well as a highlighter (Nars again). My other gap is in transparent powders, face/ mascara primers, contour products and bronzers. I just use my MAC skinfinish natural mineralizer to set my foundation. I would like to invest in these products. I consider them “make up accessories” – they’re not mandatory, but they make you look more polished.

I’m a lipstick hoarder! I think I have plenty of everything else but I don’t have any bronzer because I don’t ever wear it, even though I’m very fair .

No liquid foundation, no brow products, no traditional lipstick, and no mascara. Don’t and won’t use them so I don’t buy them. Did finally buy a bronzer though…..UD Naked Flushed. I usually mix the blush and bonzer for my everyday makeup. It gets used a lot!

I have a good number of eyeshadows and lip products but very few of other things
1 ea – bb cream, bronzer, highlighter, powder
0 ea – foundation, brow products

I don’t have a bronzer.. I bought a burberry one on ebay a month ago and probably it got lost in the mail. I bought a lancome one before and swatched it, it was too orange! It’s sitting there unused. I don’t have any brow products either, I tend to just fill in my brows with the not-pigmented-enough kohl pencils that I don’t like for the eyes because they aren’t dark enough. Lip pencils and nail polishes i hardly have 3-4 each. i need to get lip pencils though. The rest I got plenty, 25 foundation,6 setting powders, 25 glosses, 60+ lipsticks, 10 kohl pencils, 7 mascarsas, 30+ blushes, 20+ highlighters.

Hmmm… I started off with eyeshadows as well. Then it became eyeshadows and lip products. Then I moved onto blushes. I guess I’d have to say I have gaps in mascara, contouring products, bronzers, face/lash/eye primers. I have only 3 mascara tubes (all the same kind since I found what I like and am sticking to it), and the rest listed I don’t have any of. I’m interested in contouring though, so I might get hold of some items soon. 🙂

Even I’ve a thing for eye-shadow. If it is without eye-shadow, then it won’t be called ‘make-up’ for me. My favourite here is By Marcel Make-up Palette. I love the shades in this palette. Just a combination of right shades make your look perfect.

I have eyeshadows and lipsticks, but I have only one unused blush from a Tokidoki palette and no bronzer. I doubt my ability to apply blush properly and I figure that since I have NW35/40 skin, I do not need a bronzer to enhance my “built-in tan”.

I could pull off blush. If I do, I am thinking of purchasing NARS’ Seduction or even one of LMDB’s face Kaleidoscopes.

I, like you Christina, have a LOT of eyeshadows. Oops, just bought more with the UD F&F sale. I have enough lipsticks and lip products (although I need a new nude lipstick). But what I would say I’m “missing” most would be blush. I have a few blushes: a coral, a baby pink, a dusty pink, and a few creams. But that’s it. I just don’t like a bold cheek and IF I do it’s always a bold pink or coral so I’ve never seen the need to buy more. About half the time I skip blush because I feel it’s too much.

I’m a lipstick hoarder, probably have like 100+. I also have plenty of blushes because for some reason I look really pale without it ( and I am a medium tan complexion!). I have plenty of mascaras and eyeliners. I have a couple bronzers, a couple lip glosses, and very few eyeshadows. I only buy DS eye shadows since I don’t use them often, but I have been buying more cream eyeshadows because they are easy to use. I have one tinted moisturizer, and one foundation that is only mine because it didn’t matched my sister’s skin tone. I am lacking a little bit in the highlighter department but this past weekend I finally got my Dior Amber Diamond and I have been loving it 😀 Now all I need are a couple of brushes, both for eyes and face, any kind suggestions please?

Gap in my stash is nail polish. I just have never been into polish. I have maybe 5 colors tops. I constantly work with my hands so as soon as it chips I just take it off.

I’ve got my skincare routine for the summer and winter down to a science so I don’t consider there to be any gaps there.

I would say that considering I am a liquid liner lover, I don’t have many. I stick to what I trust. I just recently started wearing false lashes and even then, I have one pair. A couple years ago, I was rearranging and binning some old stuff, and realized I don’t have many blushes. I am a bronzer girl.

I’d say the biggest gap in my make up collection is colorful eyeshadow. I LOVE the look of browns and neutral shades for the eye and bold lips and/or cheeks, so I never intentionally buy anything colorful for my lids. The only colored eyeshadows I own came in premade palettes, and I rarely use them so most of them are still brand new!

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