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No contour, if that is still even a thing. I have blushes or eye shadows I could use in a pinch. I have one brow product (Benefit BrowZings) but that’s all I need.

I’m trying to do away with the notion of “gaps” because it leads me to buy things I wont really use. If I don’t have it already there’s probably a reason. That said, I don’t have a pink lipstick… but I’m not rushing to find one.

I’ve reached the same conclusion. If I don’t have it already, it’s probably because I’m not really going to reach for it. I do try things that I haven’t tried before (different format, different finish, etc.) to see if I like it but it turning into a HG is less likely than not.

Ahh I see. I’ve been making sure that I now only get makeup I don’t have or haven’t tried. I just got some of the new colour pop lipsticks. I want the Pat McGrath palette and really planning to buy more lipsticks since I have gaps in my stash just cause of purging unworn or outdated products.

I just picked up the Too-faced unicorn palette last night which I’m wearing to day and like so far. I’ve been more focused on skin care than anything else so making sure I have good skin care products has been a must.

I feel like nothing has really sparked my fire with makeup lately. I’m seeing far too many blush and highlight palettes. My goal now is to fill my makeup collection with items I want without worrying about the price so making better investments in my makeup stash.

Colorful eyeliners. I’m missing shades that aren’t black. I keep meaning to pick up a few pots of Inglot’s gel liner in other colors but…then I forget.

Which leads me to wonder if it’s truly a gap if I won’t reach for it?

I wondered the same thing at first, because there are shades I don’t have in my collection, such as green lipstick. But I would never wear green lipstick, so I don’t consider it a gap.

There aren’t really any gaps unless I wanted them there. I don’t really have a great bronzer, but that’s fine because I don’t really wear bronzer. The only thing that I wish I had a little more of is nude lip products (crazy, I know). I always gravitate towards more exciting colors and don’t really pick the basic everyday colors. Even so, I’m very happy with the products I do have. The Kylie x KKW creme liquid lipstick set, Too Faced Sugar Daddy, Fenty Gloss Bomb, and UD Morning After and Peyote lipsticks are all holygrails for me, and they pretty much color every formula/finish that I love.

Yes, I’m missing a lipstick shade between dusty rose mauve and rosy brown mauve. 😉 Ha!

Seriously, though, I think it’s all covered. I have no real excuse for buying anymore makeup for a very long time…not that that will stop me, of course!!!!

Love your comment there, Christine. Aside from the eye cream that makes my eyes look like I was 20, the only thing I can think of is the brow product that looks natural and wears like iron. The closest I have is the Cle de Peau — everything else seems to smudge off.

I have gaps in my lip product collection but that’s because I don’t often wear lippies. I could also do with more colourful eyeshadows but overall I think I have a pretty solid stash!

Sadly, huge gaps. Like Grand Canyon gaps. I am a relatively recent widow, having lost my dear husband of 23 years, in 2016. It was a cruel traumatic loss, and for a time just showering was an accomplishment.

For me, having been a former makeup addict, well, I just kind of lost interest in everything. I am slowly regaining interest in life again, and that includes makeup. My daughter, sweet girl, has been encouraging me to go shopping again. And when my sons see Mom with some makeup on they just about cheer! I need to do some serious cleaning out of my m/u drawers, and do some shopping. I’m especially needing some eyeliner, mascara and blush. Probably need some new foundation and primer as well.

First: I am so sorry for your loss. I’m still recovering from a heavy bout of depression, so I know something about how just going out for groceries can be an impossibly difficult task – and for me, taking an interest in life again coincided with my interest in makeup as well. I spent so much time not caring about my health, let alone my looks, but I’m doing better now and I’m really glad to hear that you’re taking steps as well. It’s such a long and often frustrating process, but each step, no matter how small, is a step forward.

Anyway, I have huge gaps in my collection as well, for reasons very similar to yours. I’ve been rebuilding it little by little while trying to be a little more mindful of what I spend my money on. I could still use some more neutral eyeshadows as well as everyday lipstick shades, and I still haven’t found the perfect foundation. Mostly I’m just happy that I’m making the effort again!

Renee and Yara – I know just how debilitating depression is, as I’m currently going through a bout myself. Sometimes all I can do is sit and stare out the window, but on a good day I can at least get my ‘face on’, even if I’m unable to leave the house. Stay strong, and take one day at a time x

Caroline and Yara, I have a close relative that has undergone bouts of depression, so I know how difficult life can be when in the midst of it. I hope you are receiving some professional help to overcome this debilitating illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Getting professional help was the best decision I’ve ever made – it’s difficult to save yourself from drowning. With the right therapist and the right medication, I’ve been doing a lot better lately!

That’s really good news Yara. As I have suggested to my relative, depression is a bit like a dodgy knee – it plays up – you go to a physio for several sessions and then its fine for a year or so. Every now and then you get a bout of depression (like the dodgy knee), you go on medication that works for you, see a therapist and then you are fine for awhile. You just need little top ups from time to time.
My relative is becoming really good at recognizing the signs that he is developing or in the midst of a bout and will now take himself off to the doctors and therapist. It has made the world of difference to him. I think you are on the right tract Yara – so very happy for you.

Same to you – stay strong! I hope you’ve been able to get the help you need and that you’ll feel better soon. It can feel like you’ll never get out of this, but give yourself time to recover.

I am so, so sorry to read about your loss and how painful it has been for you. Take one day at a time and I am so pleased to hear that you are recovering and starting to take an interest in yourself again. It’s a long process and if makeup can make you feel a bit better about yourself, well that’s fine. Give yourself some happy treats.

I’ve been working on filling in matte eyeshadows, and I think I’m pretty good on those now. I can’t think of anything else I’ve been lacking.

The only thing that comes to mind is a lippie of some sort in “Ultraviolet.” When I was going through my stash to collect products that I felt matched the Pantone Color of the Year, all my purple lip colors were too warm.

That said, I’m not sure how often I’d actually wear an Ultraviolet lip, so I haven’t gone out of my way to fill that gap.

Non-traditional “gaps” — I’ve been wanting a Kat Von D black liquid lipstick and a red cream color for eyes (for Japanese dance inspired looks). I’ve been so excited that Kat Von D will be releasing a red eyebrow cream! Other than that, and whatever other crazy idea that pops into my head, definitely no gaps haha.

Bronzer, but I’m not sure that counts. Between a) not contouring, b) playing up my paleness and c) the general difficulty of finding bronzers that work on my skin type I’ve just decided to forgo it.

Nude lippies also fall into this gap because I tend to like some pop when I wear them.

There are a couple shades of eyeshadow I want (a truly cool-toned purple-y taupe shimmer and some sage and moss greens come to mind first) and maybe a couple lip colors. But otherwise, I feel like my collection, while large, has everything I could want!

No real gaps — I’m just missing the “perfect one” in some categories — blush and bullet lipstick in color of NARS Risky Business gloss come to mind. So I keep an eye out but haven’t started a project to find anything lately.

A mostly matte, all cool-toned, reasonably priced eyeshadow palette of about 10-15 shades, because I don’t think one exists! No orange, no black, not mostly brown.

There are a few things I don’t have like contour stuff, but I don’t want any.

I don’t wear foundation or concealer because I have oily skin and they all look cake on me after an hour but it’s a gap that I’m ok with and don’t plan on filling.

Uhhhhh No. I just wouldn’t be able to tolerate a gap. Now are their gaps where I don’t have a “holy grail” product that I am still searching for? That would be a yes.

i think someone looking at my make up stash would say my gap is eyeliner. however it’s really not a gap for me, I pretty much stopped buying eyeliner a few years ago because i was not wearing them often enough and they would intern dry out. I do love to line my lower lash line but now I just use shadows so there is no gap.

1.) A setting powder that doesn’t make my undereye area look as if all of life’s moisture just got sucked out from there! Does such a thing even exist???
2.) This is my own stupid fault for not realizing in time that MUFE was indeed axing their Artist Shadows. Had the *perfect* green eyeshadow palette all planned out. Unfortunately, many if not most of the shades I was planning on getting, are either DC’d or dramatically altered. Sooo…now on to getting Viseart Absinthe. And Aquatic Khaki.

Hi Nancy —

Under eye powder that you’re looking for — I strongly suggest trying Sisley Poudre Libre. I use the color 01 Irisee. I use it to set my foundation and under eye, and have every damn day since I bought it in July 2016! I have not used one other product for those purposes in all of that time, and I still have the ORIGINAL purchase. Yes, it’s a $95 outlay, but I still have enough to see me through (at least) July 2018! Two years of happiness without even once looking for another option.

What has made all the difference is that I apply it the way Wayne Goss recommends using powder with a puff, THEN brush it off, and that is a game changer. Here is the vid. https://youtu.be/-9lyg9DNfsY

I’m late 50s and I never thought I could set my face again, but this powder is the key. xoxo

Thank you so much for your suggestion, LindaP! Definitely going to look in to the shade (or lack thereof) that would work on my undereye area year round, as I do get a shade darker during summer (even with sunscreen and near vampire hours).

Apparently the byTerry hyaluronic setting powder is quite good for what you look for as well as the new viseart setting powder. Both are priced between 30 en 40 dollars I think.

I laughed like the character, Guy, in the Croods when I saw the question! But that said…………
Yes, a Pat McGrath palette and lippies, a Tom Ford brush (I hear n° 14 is the one to have, but who knows), and La Mer face cream (everyone raves about it, but then I’m not a super fan of face creams, as in any one that’s that too easy will do).

After rereading a follow-up explanation of gaps however, the answer is no. I’m not “missing” anything, but hoping for super perfect eye shadow formula that gives intense color with both brush and finger (and no dipping required), matte, duo chrome or metallic, has no fallout, and costs no more than Colour Pop’s. (Let’s say A+ all the time!) Can’t really say that’s a gap though.

There are a few gaps that need to be filled, but also a few gaps that I won’t fill, since these products don’t flatter me.

The ones I still need to fill are a bright pink lipstick. Even though it was my most worn look while I’m at work, I don’t owe a good bright pink lipstick. Because I did work at a department store at the beauty department, I always would apply my lipstick at work. My go-to lipstick is Exotica from Tom Ford. Still need to buy it, since I don’t work there anymore. Really miss it in my life, so expensive though!
I also still need to buy a nice dark brown and bronze eye pencil, to put in my waterline when I’m wearing a nice bronze eye makeup.

The gaps I won’t fill are liquid eyeliner and orange lipsticks. I have hooded eyes and they are really uneven. Liquid liner only makes it look worse, so I always skip on that one. Orange lipstick just isn’t my style, doesn’t flatter me at all.

Contour. I’ve actually never owned one and since it’s not something I would use I won’t be filling that gap anytime soon. Also, I think I don’t own any lip glosses at the moment and I’m in no rush to go buy some since I have way too many lipsticks. I could use a green, navy and a purple eyeliner though.

Very few eyebrow products (one pencil, a powder, and a tinted gel) and very few liquid eyeliner . No “other” colored eyeliner. All I have are blacks, Browns, and nude – maybe a plum that came in my Ipsy! No cushion formulas – wait, I have a Wet n’ Wild cushion peach color corrector, but no cushion foundations or mineral products. No cream blushes – I want to try but am kinda scared! I think that’s it for my gaps!

The only product that I am missing is a liquid eye liner. I use a pencil or a dark powder shadow to line with, so it is not an urgency, but it would be nice to try one.

No gaps – in some areas I have a little excess going but I’ve been focusing for over a year now on consolidating and/or upgrading my stash. I’m trying to land on fewer products and all B+ or better. I normally look to upgrade during major sales and find your site incredibly helpful. I use the Vanity and Wishlist features often along with dupes. I love the dupes listing because I can see the rating and percentage of how close the dupe might really be. I also love that I can prioritize my Wishlist and add notes (drives me nuts that I can’t do the same with my Ulta and Sephora lists).

Like other subscribers you may not find something specific in my stash and if you don’t it’s because I don’t use at all. I have short but very curly lashes therefore no lash curler etc.

What i have is the Bermuda Triangle full of all kinds of goodies in every color of rainbow suited for my cool skin. But ut us all extremely organised and can find items fast. But no i don’t have a gap. I’m trying not to but anything at all this whole year. Is that possible? Hmmmm? Only if put in a straight jacket. Lol!

No, not at all! For a simple reason that they would have been immediately filled in, since all I need is a slightest excuse to go and buy more makeup 🙂

A good liquid foundation. I never seem to get it perfectly right. If the tone isn’t wrong it is the coverage which is too weak for my taste…

An under eye concealer for winter. I use Nars creamy concealer in vanilla religiously since 3 years but I always have to mix or use very little because it is really too dark and too peachy in the winter.

A good eyelash curler.

Peachy eyeshadows… Never bought any of the peachy palettes because they often have too many shades I wouldn’t use.

I don’t have any contour products. And I haven’t found a concealer yet (though I haven’t been searching). I bought one fromUrban Decay which ended up being the wrong shade, and I haven’t looked since. I recently bought a highlighter (Laura Geller Baker Gelato), which I didn’t have before, and I’m very happy with it.

The smallest category in my collection is Blush. I want to collect more Mac blushes. I only have one right now: The Perfect Cheek from the Marilyn Monroe collection. I would also like a Nars blush. Just 1 would be fine by me. I wanted a Too Faced love blush but i think they are discontinued. at least the colour I wanted

I really, really want a warm orangey highlighter (like Lyra in the ABH Aurora palette) that shifts gold/yellow instead of pink! If anyone knows of any, do share!

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