Does anyone ever borrow your beauty products?

Does anyone ever borrow your beauty products? Does a significant other borrow your moisturizer? A sibling that borrows from your stash? Share!

My husband will pretty much try anything I give him, so I think I preempt any ability of his to borrow, LOL!

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May Avatar

Not unless I know about it and can supervise them. People’s personal hygiene when it comes to beauty products might not match mine and my skin crawls just thinking about someone touching my stuff without allowing me to sanitize everything before and after.

Every time I’ve let someone (be it friend or family) borrow my makeup, they did something gross and I just couldn’t stomach it so my stuff is off limits unless I’m doing their makeup.

I might be a touch neurotic haha

artemis Avatar

You’re quite right about that. I don’t fuss much when it comes to mom and lipsticks/eyeshadows cause we already sometimes drink after eachother or idk, kiss before going to sleep, lol, and nothing happened. I no longer borrow mascara, though, cause she gave me one that she used a bit and then I got a little bump on my waterline(sadly, those bumps appear even without that, like if I scratchs my eyelids too much when it’s itchy cause of a hair or shimmer).

May Avatar

At least with lipstick and eyeshadows, you can always give it a thorough wiped down with alcohol to be sure, but stuff like mascara and lipgloss? Hell nah! Once that wand gets pumped back into the tube, it’s a goner for me.

xamyx Avatar

My daughter has taken to “borrowing” my lipstick-at least I know if I can’t find something, it’s likely innher bin, LOL! Fortunately, she gravitates towards shades I don’t really care for, so I ended up letting her keep several.

Alice Avatar

My husband and I share some basic stuff (shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, body wash) but he doesn’t touch anything that’s just mine like my lotion or pomade.

When I lived in a sorority house for a semester my stuff would randomly go missing, including makeup, school supplies, clothes, my hypoallergenic laundry detergent, random personal belongings, extra razors, supplies like tampons & q-tips… It was the main reason I moved out.

artemis Avatar

Those were quite the bi*ches! I lost one eyeliner at school(and I didn’t sleep there, just stood in that classroom 6 hours a day). I suspect 2 losers, part of the stupid bossy group. I also lost pencils, a scarf, i think some gloves, too, and some ate some of my food without even asking me. I hope karma will get back at them cause I couldn’t, not having strong muscles and stuff to beat them up.

Maria Avatar

The usual suspects are my mother and my sorority sisters…Thank goodness I have separated my pro kit items from my personal ones so my clients do not suffer.

Amanda Puckett Avatar

Very rarely. The only situation where I let someone use my makeup is if I need them to model for a shoot, but don’t trust that they have good enough products of their own haha. And even then I’ll usually have a friend that I trust apply it for them while I’m setting up lights and getting ready to shoot
My boyfriend has been using my Philosophy cinnamon buns shampoo/body wash lately, so I think he’s the only real exception to my paranoia

Madelyn Avatar

No way! A few friends may wash their hands and swatch a pallet I just got, or something like that, but I am picky about my beauty products. I would be worried that they would ruin it, or not return it and then I would be very crabby. I have created samples for people out of my stash, that’s different. I would rather do that, and have no expectation of seeing it again. ;>

Kelly Avatar

Only if I let them and supervise! Just last week my friend and I were getting ready for a night out and she tried to use my mascara, I was in shock! Had to explain to her that you should NEVER borrow someone’s mascara/eyeliner, it’s a very easy way to get an eye infection. Of course, she then told me how she borrows all of our other friends’ mascara all the time, including mine. Cue the excessive cleaning and sanitizing the next day! Sometimes I’m so deep in this makeup game I forget others don’t know about proper usage, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do let my family borrow some specific products, but only once they are educated about how to use it, haha.

Lizzi Avatar

No, but that’s because I live with my husband. If I still lived at home my little sisters, 14-year-old twins, would be helping themselves to whatever.

artemis Avatar

Awww, it’s so cute that he does that ๐Ÿ˜€ My boyfriend would try any skincare, indeed, and maybe let me put make-up on him for fun after a lot of begging from my side lol. He let me put lipstick and lipgloss on his lips and some foundation and powder on his little red spots 2 times <3 He doesn't need any, though <3

artemis Avatar

My mother always borrows from my huge make-up stash :)) They’re actually bought with her money, but I still mind sometimes cause she forgets to give them back and keeps them for a month, lol. She mostly borrows lipsticks and eyeshadows.

My father sometimes uses my urea cream for his dry elbows(I forget, lol).

ilovemakeup Avatar

My husband uses my skin care sometimes (he really likes my scrubs!), and occasionally my mom will use something of mine or vice versa, but otherwise I don’t share. Not because I don’t want to, but because of germs!

kjh Avatar

Only one coworker. She’s a semi-pro. If I get something before she does, i bring it in for her to try, with her own brushes. She pre + post sanitizes l/s. One bag of bronzers got lost @ that work + the Scott Barnes trio was lifted…not by her. And Barnes doesn’t do those or blushes anymore. Also had a Nyx l/s lifted there. TGIN: thank god it’s nyx. If it had been Nars, I would have had a breakdown. Also, i lent the Stila best of kitten collection + gave some minis to another coworker there…she had a dress up gig + she doesn’t wear m/u. Guess what happened to her? Unbeknownst to me, she was a drunk, wound up in a halfway house, never back to the job, + I lost it. What I miss is the starfish eyeliner, but sepia is close. Now only Jack Black goes to that setting, the tube with the tape on it, due to dog tooth marks….

Allie Avatar

I often buy makeup with the intention that both me and my girlfriend can use it and vice versa. Of course we don’t share everything, but she is more than welcome to use my beauty stash. We usually check with the other first but it’s never been a problem. It would get ridiculously expensive and take up way to much space if we had completely separate beauty/makeup collections.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

My daughter, all the time. She’s a big fan of my UD Naked palettes to the point where she doesn’t use her own eyeshadow anymore. Stuff like eyeliner and mascara aren’t shared.
She also borrows my skin care a lot. I’ve done my research when it comes to acne products as I’ve had a serious reaction in the past, and I encourage her to use them when her skin is breaking out.

Jillian Blair Avatar

My boyfriend uses my hair and bath products (like lush bath stuff) but thats about it. I’d let someone use my makeup as long as the brushes are clean and they don’t have any kind of infection that could be passed on through the makeup. I couldn’t let them do it if it was a lipstick though. They’d have to use a lip brush. The thought of someone else using my lipstick or lipgloss straight from the packaging (or me using theirs to be honest) is horrifying to me!

Alexandra Avatar

Nope! My sister would be the only person I’m willing to loan my things to, but she uh … pretty much rejects anything and everything I purchase at all outright! She’s one of those “drugstore is fine and high-end is pointless and why can’t I just buy Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks and eyeshadows GEEZ” people, and she’s so dead set on it that she refuses to even attempt anything that costs more than five bucks. So, it’s ALL MIIIIIIIIINEEEE.

Marieke Avatar

My friends always grab some of my stuff for touch-ups. I’ve got plenty, so I let them go ahead. After aquarobics my friend and I usually have diner at my place and that gives me the opportunity to practice my MUA skills on a fresh clean face.

Mariella Avatar

Rarely. One of my best friends will often try a new lipstick I’ve purchased (with my permission, of course) and my daughter loved one of my Dior eyeshadow palettes so much that I gave it to her (it was LE so probably wasn’t available any longer and as a student, it was something she’d have found pricey to buy for herself so I was happy – painful happy but still happy – to maker her day by giving her mine…it was that Golden Savannah one, I think).

April Avatar

My sister did all the time! Then, she left for college. But I would go through and think, where did my MUFE mascara go? Where did this product go? Where is this? Did you borrow this? Etc. She would get so angry at me every time I ask. But she borrowed my stuff not me borrowed hers.

Meghan Avatar

No, my boyfriend has his own lil stash of stuff – but it’s mostly stuff I’ve given him! Like a facial cleanser or moisturiser. He likes getting his own particular shampoo/ body wash etc. & I’m particular about mine too so it all works out haha.
Otherwise – I really dislike it when someone wants to try out my beauty products. It just seems so unhygienic. A few weeks ago, a coworker commented on my lipstick & I showed her the Bite Beauty matte lip creme… Then she swatched it on her hand. I was mortified & needless to say I won’t be handing stuff over to people very easily again! ๐Ÿ˜

Catherine Avatar

My boyfriend and I share shampoos, soaps, some body lotions, and occasionally he borrows my facial cleansers but we never use the same loofah! As for the makeup, I don’t mind letting my mother or close friends borrow some of my eyeshadow palettes or lipsticks, those are quite easy to disinfect but I never share mascara, glosses, and my brushes, especially eyeshadow brushes. I do not trust anyone to clean my brushes thoroughly, and carefully lay them out to dry. They didn’t buy them, so usually they don’t value them as much haha

Jeanette Avatar

I don’t have a problem with sharing some bathroom products with family members, but for some reasons sharing a cosmetic item creeps me out. Anything product that I put on my mouth (gloss, lipstick) or close to my eyes I would not share. Thank goodness I’m surrounded by little boys and my husband. No one snagging my makeup.

Maggie Avatar

My mom sometimes borrows foundation from me when she travels so I would usually make her samples. She doesn’t care if I borrow/use her stash so long as I put everything back where I found it. I grew up with a brother but I usually just give him stuff if he has a skincare issue. Most of my skincare is in tubes or in pumps so I really don’t care if he uses my stash.

Friends who borrow makeup are usually quite close to me (we’ll sip the same drink and stuff) so I typically don’t mind: but “borrowing” usually means showing up at my place to get ready–not take stuff with them. I would have a set of clean brushes ready and sanitize everything afterwards. If they want to take the lipstick with them for reapplication–I just give it to them. I typically have a new tube of mascara on hand too so I would just gift those if they need any.

If my friend wants to borrow my lip balm, I’ll lend it out but sometimes I’ll chuck it afterwards.

Christy Avatar

I have six sisters! Growing up, there were 4 girls at my mom’s house and 5 at my dad’s. At mom’s we all went into each other’s stashes at will, the steps at my dad’s were pickier but my real sisters and I shared there too. So, it wouldn’t gross me out to share anything, but I live in northern New England now; no one here outside of family would ever be so forward as to ask–it’s just not done. ๐Ÿ˜€ My 13-year-old will borrow things, though. She loves my shadows and–sigh–has discovered my Hakuhodo brushes. (I have her spot-clean them if she uses them.) I certainly know what she will be getting for Xmas now! Thankfully, she is quite conservative in her eyeshadow choices.

Kitty Avatar

Once a coworker asked me to borrow my mascara. I went speechless, let her borrow it and then threw it away..

I have no problem letting my husband borrow my body lotion, conditioner and stuff like that. And if I run out of cleanser or moisturiser I know I can borrow some from him. I buy all of it, so itยดs good products ๐Ÿ™‚ But my makeup – nooooo.

Karen Avatar

My son is not interested in using what he calls my “girly” things including body wash. Oddly the only people that ever ask for any of my makeup are coworkers either to look at a shade or see packaging. Every time someone asks they sample it on their hand or go ahead and use it so I usually end up letting them keep it or throw it out. I wouldn’t share eye make up with anyone unless they sanitize like I do. Face and lip products not a problem.

kellly Avatar

my husband uses up my nice shower gels and they’re usually either the expensive stuff or special stuff. He says he’ll replace them but then I guess either forgets or sees the cost and just conveniently forgets so if I want more, I have to replenish them myself. >:(

Sylirael Avatar

My husband will use any skincare that’s going (we both have dry skin), but he hasn’t asked to borrow any of my makeup yet, LOL! My mum and my sister have stashes of their own, and we have quite different tastes, so in general: no, not really!

Can you co-opt your husband into helping you test lipsticks and blushes during peak collection release time, Christine? If he’ll try anything you give him? ๐Ÿ˜€

Erin Avatar

My sister used to do so all the time. My husband wont even let me slather him in product. Though he called me the other day to bring him lotion at work ” I don’t know if I got something on my hands or I’m getting old but my hands are so dry they hurt, please bring that new lotion when you bring me dinner”… He’s got oily skin and he’s about to turn 30. The new lotion is the Sibu one I reviewed for the blog. He’s been using it frequently now.

Genevieve Avatar

No – no-one borrows from my stash, but sometimes I will encourage my daughter in law to try some different makeup looks from my stash. Being on a very limited budget, it helps her to find out what works for her. It is lucky that we are both the same skin shade – NW20 from MAC.

Terri Avatar

I am aware of hygiene practices as I am a nurse and I do tend to share with my daughters, mostly my youngest one who intends to become a MUA and is very careful with everything. For anyone else, I generally have enough samples to go around to keep everyone happy and if not, I just use disposable wands/applicators and then spray clean the makeup afterwards. The funniest thing that ever happened to me about makeup was when I was on a trip with my boss who is an ophthalmologist and asked to borrow my mascara as she had forgotten hers. I looked at her quite shocked and told her my whole life I had been told not to share it but she just laughed at me and used it and gave it back. Neither one of us got an infection. i have been pretty chill about things since then I guess!!!

Pteetsa Avatar

My husband has borrowed my tweezers, nail clippers, and contact lens solution. That’s about it. I had him try my moisturizer (Cetaphil oil-control – we have the same skin type) and he liked it so much now he gets his own. Well, we pretty much buy it in bulk!

I probably wouldn’t let anyone borrow my makeup. I’m pretty fussy – I wash my hands before and after I use my own makeup. I can’t imagine anyone asking anyway. I would share most things with my mom, but she doesn’t wear much makeup, and she lives on the other side of the country.

fancie Avatar

My mom does sometimes. I thought I was finally going to catch a break from my bff raiding my stash when I had to move back home but not quite lol. My mom is hooked on my Marc Jacobs eyeliner so she comes in my room everyday looking for it. Sometimes she searches for lippies too. I don’t mind it too much. Except when she’s trying on my new stuff before me. Then I have to quickly kick her out lolol

tova Avatar

My mom borrows lipstick from me sometime, and my sister (who’s 5) asks me for eyeshadow and lipstick a lot! Otherwise I don’t share anything except stuff like bodywash and shampoo, I just don’t think it’s very hygienic.

Tiff Avatar

Unless it comes in a pump or hygienic dispenser I am always disinclined to have someone borrow my stuff.

It’s why I go sanitizer crazy whenever I test something at Sephora. Is that weird? I just really don’t want to compromise something that goes on my face.

Amara Avatar

i have finally convinced my fiancรฉ to start using moisturizer, but he has never borrowed mine. i let my best friend, my cousins and my mom try stuff out if they have interest. haha usually my mom likes what she tries so i get good ideas for christmas gifts. =]

Johnna Quick Owens Avatar

My wife and I use the same shades of foundation, so we share several different products in that area, but we each keep our own mascara and eye products. We share skin care products and bath products frequently, but have different tastes in scents so we each have our favorites. I tend to buy a lot of products that I may not end up liking or it isn’t what I thought it would be, so I pass those along to my sister or a friend that doesn’t have as much makeup budget as I do. My sister only really likes the basics, she’s a nurse and says that she can’t get too fancy, but that is really just her personality. But my friend is more open-minded, so she tends to love the hand-me-down products that would otherwise go to waste. I don’t like sharing, but if I am not going to use it I would rather someone was able to enjoy it!

Emilie Avatar

I let my mom borrow my beauty products sometimes and she lets me borrow hers sometimes, but usually my general rule is no one uses my makeup but me (for hygiene reasons and it’s my stuff that I paid for). When someone wants me to do their makeup I have a palette specifically for that (which I do occasionally use on myself), but I did use my beloved Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette on my grandma once because she’s special. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even when my best friend and I were getting ready for Prom together, she asked to use my Naked2 and I let her because it might’ve been weird to say no but I was totally subtly hovering the whole time to make sure she didn’t mess it up.

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