Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette for July 2018 + Inspiration + Official Swatches

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Release Date + Details

From @norvina on the inspiration behind the palette…  “The key to this palette is the shimmers and accompanying mattes,” which pairs the “cool tone” shades Norvina loves with a “deep blue-tone[d] berry” with the “dark squash” color of “a shade like Eccentric.”  (Eccentric is the shade she has hit pan on the most!)  She finds that it helps “to create so much dimension & contrast[,] which gives [her] eyes the intensity [she] likes” so that she achieve a balance between intensity and whimsy, as she “love[s] the fantasy of color that allows [her] to look like [she’s] walking in a Disney parade.”  Norvina wanted to ensure that the palette was wearable by many, which considered “truly important.”

The Norvina palette includes three purples–Soul, “a matte deep periwinkle;” Celestial, “combination of pearls [for] cool-tone[d] violet;” and Drama, “a deep aubergine or deep violet shimmer” that she says will “pick up warmth or coolness depending on skin tone” as it has a black base.

On her purple-hued inclusions, she says, “Purple is my absolute favorite color, but I love purple shadow to a limit personally,” and so she needed a “variety” in shades to complement the purple shades, like Love, described as a “matte, cool-tone[d] pink” and Wild Child, another “duo-chrome, cool-tone[d] pink.”  She continues to explain that “Harmony and balance is important when considering [her] features, skin tone, hair color and the makeup [she wears], [as it’s] a way to elevate [her] look and not overwhelm people by wearing too many colors.”

Norvina loves colors like bronzes and golds but has had “trouble” with the two hues being “too yellow or [too] copper” for her skin tone, and she finds that Summer, a “cool-tone[d] bronze” along with Glistening, a “cool-tone[d] gold” lean cooler, and these two metallic hues will work across all skin tones, not just fair and lighter ones.  Rose Gold is supposed to be a cool-toned iteration of a common shade, as she finds most are “too red” for her skin tone.  She created Base, a “neutral eggshell” as a brow bone shade and Incense, described as an “ideal balance between a warm and cool transition” that its a “mid-tone taupe.”

She enthusiastically states how Volatile, a “violet gray,” was an absolute “MUST!” inclusion in the palette as it’s not a shade she’s seen often in the past.  The last shade in the palette, Passion, she describes as a “deep plum” that is cooler-toned than Mulberry (in Soft Glam) and picks up on the blue undertones in her complexion.

7/17 at Anastasia, 7/29 at Ulta, 8/7 at all other retailers, 8/8 international

Norvina Eyeshadow Palette, $TBA

  • Dreamer Shimmery beige
  • Summer Cooler-toned, shimmery bronze
  • Wild Child Duo-chrome, cool-toned pink
  • Rose Gold Cooler-toned, shimmery rose gold
  • Celestial Multi-dimensional, cool-toned violet
  • Dazzling Shimmering taupe
  • Drama Shimmery, deep aubergine
  • Base Matte, neutral eggshell
  • Soul Matte, deep periwinkle
  • Incense Matte mid-tone taupe brown
  • Love Matte, cool-toned pink
  • Volatile Matte violet gray
  • Eccentric Matte dark squash / yellow brick
  • Passion Matte dark plum

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette


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Zoe Avatar

Super interesting! Seems to be the answer to some subreddit’s dream palette posts. A shame UD didn’t jump on this sooner, considering purple is their color. Though, to be honest, these ABH palettes are becoming as played out as the Naked line. Will still need to swatch to know for sure.

Kiran Avatar

I saw the swatches online and it reminds me of viseart tryst. It’s pretty but I will pass. I already have the viseart version.

Matthew Carrasco Avatar

I’m sure this will be a great take on this color scheme, but my desire for these kinds of palettes has cooled a lot. I’d rather get interesting singles or a focused palette (like a viseart 12 pan) instead of these somewhat bloated releases that are designed to be visually appealing rather than to be used as tools.

Andy Avatar

I don’t know if it’s the purple packaging (my favorite color) or the shades themselves but I loooove it at first glance! Can’t wait for swatches and review!

Nicole D Avatar

Saw the swatches posted by Norvina on Twitter and they look amazing. That shade “Soul” – what a beautiful periwinkle, so difficult to obtain. I will use each and every shade from this palette! For me this palette is perfection, something I was awaiting for a long time. Hope they perform well 🙂

Christina Avatar

I agree with you. It is so pretty. It reminds me of Easter and spring. I feel like it just screams happy and is very romantic looking also. I think it will be a winner as it looks very wearable and their last palette Soft Glam was wonderful quality. Yay!

miska Avatar

Oooooh Christina your comment on the SG palettes performance gives me hope! If not for the repeats in that palette (from the MR one) I would probably have bought it. I am so happy to hear the quality has gone back up. My fingers are crossed that this preforms as well as the MR palette. Their SC palette was a huge disappointment to me.

kjh Avatar

Why does this say ‘You need makeup rehab ‘ to me? This looks eminently usable, soft, and subtle. But surely it’s duped. Do I have these shades?… probably. I hope Norvina has taken drama lessons, and will release formula descriptions/usage tips, if needed. The last thing ABH needs is another Subculture fracas. It certainly is pretty. I can wait for your opinion and dupes. (and hopefully resist.)

Sarah Avatar

Really like the pink/purple theme for starters.

Wild Child, Rose Gold, Love, and Passion stand out to me, at least in these promo pics. I think I would’ve liked this a bit more if there was another pink or purple matte instead of a brown.

Mariella Avatar

It strikes me as odd that a palette of these shades and with a shadow called “Summer” wouldn’t have been released earlier; summer will be half way over and the fall releases will be starting by the time this hits stores near me that will carry it.

Liz Avatar

I love ABH shadows. One of my faves. I think they’re great quality for the price. This looks like different colors since everyone complains when there’s a warm palette released. Looking forward to swatches.

Laurie Avatar

This is the first ABH palette to interest me. Too bad I’m on a low-buy. I probably missed this piece of information, but is it Ltd edition? If not, I would love to pick it up at the Sephora sale this November.

Tracy Avatar

I cannot figure out if this is limited edition or not?! I’m dying to know! I’ve reached out on Instagram on so many accounts, and I’ve googled it and can’t find it anywhere! I hope it’s permanent!!!! If someone knows this info, please let me know because I’ve been searching!

AB Avatar

I’m all about pinks these days. To me, this palette reads a bit on the cool side, which doesn’t flatter me. I’m happy with Tryst Viseart, sticking with that.
I hope for the brand’s sake this is the better formula, since it’s named for the brand owner.

Anne Avatar

Oh my gosh! I’d almost give a kidney for a palette of rose gold, celestial, dazzling, base, soul, love, volatile and passion. The rest of them I could do without. That rose gold is sooo pretty for green/hazel eyes — lid color for me.

Tigerlaf Avatar

I fail to see this palette as a “purple palette”. The only purple in this palette is the packaging. The color Soul is a lilac, Celestial is a cool toned pink- magenta, Drama is eggplant brown, which will turn just brown on the skin. There isn’t a single true purple color here, just some weak variations of purple. The rest of the shadows are brown, orange, pink, rose gold, and everyone has these colors in dozens. I find the teaser advertisement for this palette especially manipulating, the one where Norvina is driving in purple haze, making a consumer speculate that the palette would consist of bright neon purple colors, but it is yet another rose gold neutral palette. (I refer to the photo on Trendmood). I hope that someone releases a true interesting purple palette in the future, but Norvina isn’t it.

Sue Avatar

I agree. It’s like Tarte’s recent palette that had pink packaging to make the shadows look more pink and less brown. ABH calls Volatile “violet gray” but it looks taupe to me. Will wait for third-party swatches plus reviews. Also, it’s reminding me of Nabla Cosmetics’ Soul Blooming palette, which I have and love, so…. probably not gonna bite.

Daniell Sanfilippo Avatar

I’m so curious about Nabla specifically the Soul Blooming palette…..what would you compare the formula too? Is there another brand/palette is performs like? Thanks!

Anne Avatar

I looked at the colors on trendmood. I have no earthly idea why summer, incense and eccentric are in this palette. This should have been a strictly cool palette, imo. There are so many colors using only red and blue on the color wheel, and yet they all want to throw in some warm yellow-based colors, and suggest to us that anyone can wear them because they’re ‘neutral’, or worse yet, tell us they’re the cool version of the warm yellow-based shade. (There’s nothing ‘cool’ about the above 3 colors I mentioned.) If she wanted to throw in some ‘brownlike’ transition shades, there are plenty that are greyed or silvered or blued or even purpled. (LM’s Artist Palette has some, for example.) Perhaps better swatches, either here or in store, will change my mind, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anon Avatar

Glistening isn’t in this palette, was she just saying she created it, or is it supposed to be referring to a different shade in this palette?

Eva Avatar

I love that [fill in the blank with a name of a random @influencer] suppose to tell us everything we need to know about this collection. I’ve never heard of that person, so Anastasia, please do introduce them to the consumer. It has this “if you don’t know, then it’s not for you” air. Ok, then. As an old late-thirties wench not hip enough without fillers and “preventative” botox, clicking on the Instragram link made me feel the generational gap more than ever.

It’s more so apparent from an earlier discussion where Estee Lauder’s items were dismissed as being “too old and mature” while simultaneously being commended for its quality. So, is it a good product or not? How can a colour or a lipstick be too mature? You can use an item a dozen different ways to suit your needs, regardless of your age. Or do we need a permission from a plastic @influencer to allow us to think that it’s good.

I’m too old, I’m gonna get me some Advanced Night Repair to address those lines on my forehead from thinking about it.

Christine Avatar

Norvina is the owner’s daughter and president of the brand… it’s not a random influencer.

Please be respectful of our community rules – you can get your point across without insulting people simultaneously. Just because you’ve opted not to do certain things to your body doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong if someone makes that decision for themselves. This is a community that encourages interest in beauty without judging people for what they like (or don’t like).

Eva Avatar

Hello Christine. I apologize for making an inflamatory post. I apologize for using the term “plastic” and coming across that I’m insulting anyone or anyone else’s appearance. I trust that was the main culprit. I apologize for BEING insulting. I’m more than happy to agree that anyone can look like anyone else, but the idea of an influencer is exactly that – to influence. And as such, I do think it’s not off limits to discuss body modifications and its place in beauty. The thing is that we all pretend that we don’t see it over the shiny gloss of marketing. It’s my own personal bias and I admit it. My question about what makes a brand that produces quality products worthy of attention stands, however.

Also, I have to politely ask to delete my initial and subsequent posts as I no longer want to participate and appear insulting to any of your readers or yourself. Disturbing the peace is not what I’m after. Thank you.

Christine Avatar

What people do their bodies is their choice – sure, we can discuss the impacts of plastic surgery or fillers on the community, how it may effect reviews or whether transparency is needed, but it is point blank, a personal decision and there’s a very, very fine line between talking about it generally and vilifying people who opt in or opt out. Your statement about “anyone can look like anyone else” doesn’t invite a civil discussion about the impact of greater access to fillers and plastic surgery has on people on the community as it’s quite loaded with implications already.

Your comment has already been responded to by multiple readers, so it won’t be removed as it would result in confusion or having to delete other people’s comments, who have all responded respectively to your initial comment. Your follow-up apology will be here so that those who have already your read or engaged with your comment can view your clarification.

Anne Avatar

You didn’t insult me. As a mature woman, I find it a bit silly to market age preventive skin care and use 18-year old models in their advertising campaigns. I took your comments as intending to be in the same vein. As for women who want to influence and also have had medical surgeries, fine and dandy. Just don’t ask me to believe the products you’re using to ‘influence’ caused the results you achieved with the medical procedures.

Christy Avatar

Norvina, Anastasia’s daughter, has been the face of the brand and deeply involved in the company for quite some time. I’m almost 50, and that’s been quite apparent to me (in fact, I know what Norvina looks like but not Anastasia). I can certainly understand that a person who doesn’t spend much time reading or watching YouTube videos about beauty products or who doesn’t have a particular interest in ABH products wouldn’t have a reason to know that, though. With all the influencer-related products coming out, it makes sense that you would assume Norvina is an influencer rather than the company president.

I don’t use fillers or Botox, and I feel quite included and welcomed here. (I have nothing against those things, to be clear!)

I’ve felt that Estee Lauder was marketed toward better-off women (thus probably older than mid-20s), and certainly not teens, since I was young myself. Calling it “mature” doesn’t seem insulting to me but rather just a description of the fact that it seems to be marketed toward folks more established in their careers, and that it has done this for so long that marketing toward women in their early twenties or younger while using the same brand name is really going to be a stretch for them. I certainly associate the brand with elegance.

Rebekah Avatar

“Norvina” is the online username of the president of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Anastasia Soare’s daughter, Claudia Norvina Soare. She’s behind basically all their color cosmetics. You might not know her name offhand, but a little googling turns up quite a few details.

I’ll be 40 in December, FWIW. I don’t feel comfortable in crazy bold looks, but I do love some beautiful eyeshadow! 🙂

Lea Avatar

Personally, the idea of walking around looking like I’m in a Disney parade is cringe inducing and instantly brings to mind visions of bad blue eyeshadow. I’m still over the ubiquitous orange transition shadow obsession and can’t imagine touching Eccentric with my coloring. I think I’ll wait to see if they release any of these as singles like MR and then pick and choose.

I also know we’ve also been burned by ABH PR photos enough to wait to see real photos or in person.

Valerie C. Avatar

It looks beautiful. I love the shades for both summer and fall. I think this may be my first palette from this brand.

Susan Nevling Avatar

Oh nooooo! I really needs this. My eyes are happy seeing these colors.
It will be released at Sephora very close to my birthday.

Snow Avatar

Am I going colorblind or is Love not really a cool-toned pink? In fact, the swatches all seem to lean very warm with the neutrals, like the Lila palette.

Stacy Avatar

To me this seems like the cooler toned, more focused version of Huda’s Desert Dusk, and I’m definitely here for it! I skipped soft glam because between modern Renaissance and every other palette it was way too easily duped to justify the cost, but this one is just a really special color combo!

Bonnie Avatar

I’m super excited for this. Like many of you, I would have liked to see this palette be at least half purples, with both mattes and shimmer/glitter shades. It kind of reminds me of a Huda palette, like Desert Dusk, which I have. But that’s not stopping me from buying it asap.

Joy Knudson Avatar

I am really looking forward to your swatches and review, Christine, as your honesty has saved me from many a purchase. I’m very cool-toned and while her description of the colors is exciting, the arm swatch pictures look less so – first impression is that at least 7 of them will turn out too warm for me, which makes the palette impractical for my budget. It’s been so difficult to find a “truly” cool-toned palette and my makeup drawer contains too many past impulses that I regret.

Adriana Avatar

In reading Eva’s comments I was struck by her choice of words, being made to feel a generational gap. I’am 71, and love my age! Would I like to look 35 again, you better believe it. What I have now though is a wisdom and peace I didn’t have in my youth. We all have our moment in the sun and then it’s gone. And, yes, age is a state of mind. My friends daughters find me funny, smart and stylish. I love young people and their particular point of view, plus, they keep me young. I love the beauty blogs, there a momentary escape into a world of, if you will, fantasy and learn something new all the time, my favorites being Temptalia and Lisa Eldridge. There’s plenty of ugliness in the world and beauty blogs isn’t the place for it. Bravo Christina for defending the rights of others in the freedom of choice.

Sue Avatar

Was Googling for more info, when I saw L’Oreal’s new “Berry Much Love” palette on Instagram. Lots of similar shades to this new ABH one, but not sure it’ll be available in the U.S. Hope so!

Aja Jade Avatar

Finally! A purple palette. Still not enough purple, but at least it’s not as daunting as the $200 one. I’ve been hoping for a nice palette that can rival my go-to Innerstellar palette.

Anita Avatar

The lavender looks very similar to the one in Nabla’s Soul Blooming palette, which I was sad to discover looked way more grey and bruisey on my than purple. I’ll be looking for your review in this if you do one so I can compar those two purples!

miska Avatar

This palette is giving me Spring vibes. I’m hopeful but due to past palettes being vastly different formula/performance wise, I need to see the swatches in person on my skin. Really hope the formula is akin to my beloved MR palette. I’m excited to see the swatches/looks/reviews on here. Until then, I remain cautiously optimistic. And I do believe that this palette doesn’t have any repeats from previous releases, yay!

Amanda Avatar

Thanks for the post and swatches! Does the Norvina palette have talc in the ingredients? Does anyone have a snap of the list of ingredients. I love MR and Soft Glam and they’re not made with talc but Prism and Subculure are so I don’t have them.

Chris Avatar

I’d love to see the “Walking in a Disney parade” look. I have no doubt Norvina has her amazing secrets viewing her lovely hair color experiments..I might have to get it if she shows her favorite contrasts especially with that squash color. I don’t have the imagination to think of how to use it!

Elizabeth Heiss Avatar

Do you know if Soul is going to be released as a single? On temptalia if I look at the page for the swatch for just Soul, it says limited edition and retails for $12., so I was just wondering if I can buy it as a single yet!! Please answer thank you!!

Christine Avatar

Hi Elizabeth,

ABH’s eyeshadows are sold as singles (in general) and those cost $12, so that’s why – we don’t have a special listing for just palette eyeshadows, as they are the same formula (just eyeshadow). Soul is exclusive to the palette at this time.

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