Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette Launches August 26th

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Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette  Launches August 26th
Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette Launches August 26th
Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette  Launches August 26th
Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette Launches August 26th
Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette  Launches August 26th
Anastasia Norvina Vol. 1 Pro Palette  Launches August 26th

Release Date + Collection Info

Introducing Norvina, Vol. 1. It features purple, which is Norvina’s “soul” color along with transition shades and different intensities for a more cohesive and versatile palette.

August 26th

Products Available

Norvina Pro Vol. 1 Palette, $60.00 (Online Only)

25 shades across matte and shimmer eyeshadows and pressed pigments.


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xamyx Avatar

I’ve second-guessing myself about skipping Riviera & Alyssa Edwards, but some of the shades in here look at least similar to the ones that caught my eye in those 2.

Stephanie Avatar

I feel like overall this is a lovely palette and it definitely builds on the colorstory of the 14-pan Norvina palette, but a couple of the shimmers look super close to shades in that palette. Also, I am done buying anything that says “pressed pigment” just because I feel like it seriously misses so much about the beauty community. Makeup lovers are a very critical, smart, well-informed group, so companies either do not know us or they think we don’t care about what goes onto our faces and into our eyes.

Truth in Beauty Avatar

I’m curious what you have against pressed pigments. You are correct in that I am quite educated about cosmetics, and the primary reason they are marked that way is because the US government deems items which are known to dye the skin not to be eye safe, despite there being no other danger, beyond what any other eye make-up poses. This includes most pure pigments, and all vegan red dyes in a high enough concentration to be vibrant.

Staining can be avoided by 1: in the case of reds, not caring about cruelty-free/vegan formulas and being more comfortable putting Carmine, (which is made from crushed bugs) on your eyelids; than plant based dyes which stain. 2: not wanting vivid colors and simply foregoing pressed pigments as you stated in your post. 3: using a primer such as Mac paint pot and allowing it to fully dry prior to applying the make-up.

It’s also worth noting that the US Is the only country which deems these “unsafe” for the eyes, based strictly on the likelihood to stain. Companies put it on their packaging to avoid legal ramifications, not because there is anything inherently wrong with the formula.

Christine Avatar

I’ve not had any brand or seen any research/study that actually indicates that’s the ONLY adverse result, so if you could please cite your sources, that would be fantastic!

In general, people can have a much wider variety of reactions to ingredients, period, including ones that are approved as safe for an intended purpose, so the idea that they there’s no potential for anything but staining doesn’t jive with what we see at top down view of ingredients as a whole.

Please also keep in mind that every individual should do what feels comfortable for them; you may find that you trust non-US regulatory bodies more but someone else may not or someone else may want to err on the side of caution. I welcome sharing of facts and differences in opinions, but I think we need to appreciate that these are choices that have to do with our own skin/eyes.

Rachel R. Avatar

It was my understanding that some dyes used in pigments, especially reds (which may be used in reds, pinks, purples, oranges, warm browns, even light warm nudes, and others), can be irritating and cause allergic reactions for some people when used on the eyes. Articles and blogs mention this, but I haven’t found any studies myself, so the evidence may be anecdotal. It’s usually recommended to keep pressed pigments off the waterlines. These pigments are deemed eye-safe in the EU.
This article explains the situation pretty well:

Traca Williamson Avatar

Purple eyeshadow is my favorite. Unfortunately i suffer from this allergy. i was floored when a cream eyeshadow actually closed my eyes from swelling. Read the ingredients, red dye. In a cream eyeshadow? yep!!

Xina Avatar

I don’t have anything to add to the conversation except that I am one of those people who has allergic reactions to certain pinks/reds/purples/browns.

My reaction can vary from slight red and puffy eyelids to super puffy eyelids with copious amounts of green eye boogers being churned out by my eyes. It’s the kind of eye booger that seals your lashes shut in the morning. In the most extreme case I saw the inside of my lids (the membrane parts) had extra large blood vessels going to them.

That being said, I’ve learned nothing, and I still will test things on myself to see if I can wear them or not. Bought a purple YSL eye pencil that I love the color of, but it always gives me a mild reaction. I can use it on the outside of my waterline but not on my waterline. ND lila palette also gives me a reaction with certain shades. So far my best bet has been the round MUFE eyeshadow pans, but those are discontinued now. I got to wear some extra purple/pink colors without any pain, so I love them!

Alecto Avatar

Pressed pigments may or may not be eye safe – in the U.S. the term “pressed pigment” can be used to mean the shade doesn’t have fillers and binders like standard eyeshadow (i.e. it’s the “pure pigment” without additives), or it can mean it’s not intended to be used around the eyes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean both at the same time.

strawberryred02 Avatar

I’m an avid ABH fan, but this is really getting a bit repetitive. Forget the Jackie palette, the blue shimmer looks like the one from Riviera, purples from Norvina (which I love! but already own), what looks like two pinks from the Jackie palette, the yellow from the Alissa Ashley one… do I need to keep going? The only completely new ones seems to be the red-oranges, which are beautiful, but I’ll barely use.
Totally skipping this one. Other than that, this is not an inspiring color story to me at all. I’m really disappointed.

Amanda Avatar

The Alissa Ashley one? Do you mean the Alyssa Edward’s ABH palette? Thankfully, I passed on that one but not sure if I’m going to get this Norvina Vol. 1. We’ll see! ?

Holly Avatar

the top 3 rows are pretty, the bottom 2 have nothing to do with them, this is a strange color story. Also, do we really need 2 gold shades in every palette ? and what do the blue shades have to do with anything

Ashley Deldebbio Avatar

I agree with you! If it had just been the top 3 rows I would have bought question or hesitation. I love red shadows but more berry leaning reds and yellow/blue shadows go completely unused in my collection. It’s a shame she went for the larger palette with all those oddball shades at the bottom.

Kuávsui Avatar

Mega palettes seem to be getting more and more popular. I’m typically not checking for palettes in the first place, aside of the Jackie Aina palette which I just ordered, but I do prefer a smaller more curated collection than a larger selection with a lot of similar shades, like this one. It does look pretty though!

Jessica Avatar

I like the first 3 rows, minus A5 and C1. I wish this would have been A1-A4, B1-B5, C2-C5, and maybe D5 or a deep aubergine color, I would have been very much in love with this. The older I get, the less I’m into huge palettes. 15 shades is my max in a palette. But the good thing is it releases while the Sephora sale is still happening, so those interested can get it at a discount.

Seraphine Avatar

I’m not a fan of big palettes, but those purples are screaming to me! The only ABH palette I own is Modern Renaissance because I’ve managed to restrain myself from buying any others. But if I look at ALL the palettes and singles I own, do I really need this palette? No, I don’t.

Kelly Avatar

6 purples in a purple palette. Mnnn… I’ll wait for the singles.

I’m not a fan of shimmer shadows either so it’s an easy pass. Though I do love the mustard shades included.

Alecto Avatar

The marketing photo is staring into my soul — too bad the eyeshadows don’t seem to fit that feeling. Now … if they were selling an empty magnetic palette without the word Norvina on it, but WITH the purple/black image of the roses, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Tammy Avatar

I hate the look of this palette. Those neon reds & the blue together are just sickening to me, and that 70’s Harvest Gold- N0. I have to look away whenever I see this thing.

Drea Avatar

I would’ve like this better if it was purples, greys, mauves, champagne, gold and bronze. Meh about the last two rows. Pass. Just bought the Jackie collab and it’s great.

Justjamey Avatar

I dont see this at sephora online and have been looking all day, then seen trendmood says the 27th now. Yet usually before sephora launches something you can see the picture, etc and its “not live” yet its still not on sephora…if it was supposed to launch today and now tomorrow, yet no where to be seen, when is it going to be released?!

Tamara Avatar

I usually come here to find honest reviews from a professional standpoint and I am never disappointed; thank you for that! I also appreciate all the feedback and opinions shared in the comments. With all that has been said, I am still very much a fan of this palette and plan to purchase it. I am new to the ABH line, opting more often for indie brands or drugstore, and I’ve waited a long time before diving into this particular higher end brand. I’ve never owned an ABH palette and I think this one would be nice to start with, especially since it shares so many colors from previous palettes that I’ve seen released by them. I’ve been on the hunt for good quality matte purple eyeshadows and this may actually be it. *fingers crossed*

Emilie Avatar

Eeeeek…! I feel like purple is one of the most difficult shades to formulate, and one of the most difficult to pull off. I rarely feel bold enough to attempt a “purple” look, so I certainly won’t be needing 6 in one palette (although I get that it’s like, Norvina’s thing). Pass for me!

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