AG Hair Cosmetics Colour Savour Shampoo & Conditioner

AG Hair Cosmetics is a family-owned company founded by John and Lotte Davis. John started his haidressing career in England back in the mid 1960s, while Lotte has a marketing and design background. Together, they created AG Hair Cosmetics, which is all about using high quailty ingredients for high quality products. And for my Canadian gals, this line is based out of Vancouver, BC; but it is available at over 10,000 salons in North America.

AG came at the perfect time for me, because I’ve only just started to style and use heat styling tools on my hair, so it’s imperative that I really make sure I turn up my hair care routine. Determined to look into better hair care products, I turned to AG, and it has been working out fantastically!

Their Colour Savour Shampoo ($20.00) is a sulfate-free shampoo that’s color-safe, as well. You get amazing lather–something I find lacking in higher end shampoos, especially ones purported to be natural/organic–and you don’t need a ton. There’s a citrusy-scent to it. I’m reminded of vitamin C powder every time I use it (or the coordinating conditioner). The shampoo also has sunflower seed extract, which is supposed to protect your hair color from UVA degradation.

Don’t forget the conditioner!

The Colour Savour Colour Protection Conditioner ($20.00) is a very thick, rich conditioner that makes your hair feel silky soft and smooth. Again, it has the same citrus scent (perhaps a touch stronger, actually) as the shampoo, and you know what? There’s some LATHER to it. I’ve never had a conditioner that’s remotely lathered for me; it always seems to disappear in my hair. It’s not the lather you’d get from a shampoo or anything, but it lets me go from roots to tips (because I like it that way). My only gripe is you get less (6 oz.) than the shampoo, and I always seem to run out of conditioner before shampoo no matter what.