A Look Into Temptalia’s Shower Space

A reader recently asked me to do a post of what I keep my shower caddy, and I’ve been meaning to do a post like that for awhile now, so what better incentive?

To be honest, I’m currently operating using all available tub-rim space possible, rather than a shower caddy. Partially because we nixed our previous one when we moved to the new apartment, and partially because I can’t stomach $20 for a new one (and thus have been waiting to snag one at a discount store, but haven’t gotten around to it yet). But even so, I’ve never been able to cram all my shower goodies into a single caddy.

So below you will find all of the buddies I currently keep in my shower. If there’s a link, that means I’ve done a full review on the product in the past, and you can read it by clicking the link!

Face Care

  • Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Skin Wash | This is part of Dermalogica’s mediBac line, which is basically an anti-acne or acne clearing range. I’ve always been happy with Dermalogica products in the past (particularly for sun care), and this is actually a product I’m currently testing. It may or may not end up having a permanent home in my shower, though (you can expect a review when I’m done testing!).
  • Clean & Clear’s In-Shower Facial (Steam) | This is my favorite budget beauty product. I just LOVE the way your skin feels afterwards. I really do compare it to Prescriptives’ Instant Gratification (love, love, love!), but the In-Shower Facial is a great substitute. I was using Instant Gratification once every week or two, because it’s pricey and though it’ll last you awhile, I hoard it. Now, I can use this during the week and at my leisure, without worrying about breaking the bank.
  • MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator | I’ve been meaning to do a review of this for a week or two now, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. This exfoliator is daunting because it really is ashy. It’s black and goopy and looks kind of gross/cool. It’ll make your face look… well, ashy. It has small exfoliators in it, which dissolve as you massage it into your face. If you add more water, there is some foaming action to be had, too. I pretty much only use this in the shower, because it is a bit messy, and I can be sure to get it all off this way. You can also use this on body parts, but I’ve tended to just use it on my face. It feels gentle to me, compared to other facial exfoliants, and I usually use it every other day since I’ve gotten it. (Which means, as much as I love the In-Shower Facial, it hasn’t been getting as much love as of late, plus my tube is almost gone anyway.)

Body Care

  • Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish | This is my new favorite body product. The Soap and Glory line is available at Target (it was originally intended for mass market in the UK, thankfully it’s made its way over to the US). It was actually founded by the same founder of Bliss (which is a line I love). It’s a salt scrub that reminds me of kosher salt flakes. I wish I could describe the scent to you, it’s just this oddly semi-sweet scent that’s not unpleasant, but it doesn’t necessarily make you want to bathe in it. I don’t find that the scent is overpowering nor does it last past the shower, so I don’t think it’ll matter. I believe you can get this for about $10-15 at your nearest Target (couldn’t find it online, unfortunately), so it should fit into most people’s budgets. The big tub will last you a few months, at least.
  • Burberry The Beat Shower Gel | After hearing all of my rave reviews about Burberry The Beat, the lovely folks at Burberry PR sent me the shower gel and body lotion because they knew I loved it so (thank you!). And I do. I wear this scent nearly everyday, because it is great for summer (well, probably more suitable to spring, but whatever!). I alternate between shower gels (I have never been loyal to any brand for this kind of product–I just use whatever’s on hand), and this is my current favorite.
  • Verikira Naturals Cucumber Hand & Body Wash | Who wants to make a salad while they shower? I always think of eating right when I use this stuff, which is probably a good thing. My boyfriend’s been using this lately, which means it’ll be empty soon enough (I swear, I can get a shower gel to last me MONTHS, but we’re lucky if he doesn’t go through a bottle/tube in a few weeks!). He loves it because it smells very “clean” to him.
  • cake beauty sweet cheeks sugar scrub | This is one of the first non-MAC products I reviewed on the blog, and it was some time ago. I still have it kicking about in my shower, because it is a great product, and it lasts you forever. It’s a heavy sugar scrub that smells like brown sugar (yum!), and it really makes your legs feel silky smooth.
  • cake beauty creme de la creme | Again, I reviewed this with cake’s sugar scrub, and this is a great alternative for those who find most body scrubs too gritty. The exfoliating bits in this product are very gentle, hardly abrasive, and it does a great job of sloughing off dead skin and leaving you feeling soft.
  • Loofah Poof | Hey, doesn’t everybody have one of these? I use these to apply my shower gel/body wash of choice for the morning. ‘Nuff said.
  • Molton Brown Intoxicating Davana Blossom Foaming Bath Oil | If I don’t have any LUSH bath bombs on hand, I’ll often opt for this pricey treat. I received it several months back, and it’s such a lovely scent. It also feels really great when you sink into a hot bath with a little bit of this in it.
  • Lancome Resurface Microdermabrasion Body | I love this exfoliator because of how fine the grains are. It is an ultra fine exfoliator for the body (it feels so gentle that you might think you could use it on your face!), and I like this for more luxurious showers, just because I like to spend time massaging it into the skin.


  • Schick Quattro For Women Razor | When I received this razor, I was pretty excited to try out a Schick one. I’ve had an old Venus razor (seriously, it’s ancient, I think it has three blades–blasphemy!) in my shower forever, though it has served me fairly well. Anyway, the Schick is pretty awesome, as I’ve told you earlier this month. My favorite part is that it comes with a holder that you can place on your shower wall. No more razors falling into the tub! (My boyfriend probably loves this feature more than me, for that very reason.)
  • Venus Embrace | Five blades, a huge razor head, and the razor head bends and moves pretty well. So I test out the Schick, it’s only fitting I try out its competitor, Venus Embrace. I get a very close shave with the Embrace, and I like the curve of the razor head, because it is especially easy to get to the underarms. My full review is forthcoming (like a lot of things, sigh). Β It also has a shower caddy for itself, like the Quattro.
  • Gillette Daisy Disposable Razors | These have been a staple in my shower for the past three years. I’ve generally opted to shave my bikini line, and one of the best ways to avoid razor bumps, razor rash, and in-grown hairs is to use a sharp blade every time. The way to do this (cost-effectively) is to invest in disposable razors. I love the Daisy since it’s small, cheap, and pink. It works incredibly well, and I never get nasty bumps or in-grown hairs after using it.

Hair Care

  • Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo & Conditioner | I’m actually almost out of the conditioner (I seem to get through conditioner a bit faster than shampoo), but I’m not too much of a shampoo loyalist, to be honest. I usually get what’s cheap and smells decent. I have really enjoyed my time using the Long Term Relationship set, though. I love the raspberry scent, I don’t find it cloying or too fake personally.
  • Terax Crema | Whenever I feel like my hair needs a pick me up, I opt for this conditioner. It really does rejuvenate my strands and leaves them silky soft and ready for the week.

I try so many products, so it’s easy for my shower space to get filled. I’m constantly rotating products in and out, especially when I’m testing different bath products. You never know when a current staple might get replaced! (It’s pretty hard, but it does happen from time to time.)

What’s in YOUR shower space?