60th Primetime Emmy Awards Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Bruce Grayson

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to interview celebrity makeup artist Bruce Grayson, the makeup supervisor, for the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards. He had so many tips to share with you all, and I hope you find a few to add to your beauty routine!


Temptalia: What should you do if you know you’re going to be photographed a lot? How do you start preparing in advance? What would you recommend us doing a month in advance? A week?
Grayson: If you’re a month out, going to the prom, starring on a Broadway show… It’s always good to get your skin in shape. That means not eating too much salt, using a great moisturizer that’s anti-aging daily, getting the full benefits of it — six weeks at least. If you’re a week out, you can still drink a ton of water, get your skin in shape with moisturizer cream, eye cream, intense moisturizing cream at night. It’s a 24/7 operation. Double up on the things you would do. UV protection always. Exfoliate everyday if you know you have an event.

Temptalia: How can one achieve the flawless skin of red carpet starlets at home?
Grayson: Get the skin in shape again, start using anti-aging moisturizer everyday daily. I love Olay Definity Color Tinted Moisturizer. It’s great for the day time, hads SPF, gives you a “dewy fresh” appearance with more coverage than a regular tinted moisturizer. It gives you the glowy effect instantly. Less is best–less eyeshadow, less contouring.

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Temptalia: What are the makeup trends you’re seeing right now?
Grayson: Lots of bright eyeshadows, neutral beiges, pearl, little shimmer on the lid, neutral or beige white or bone. Lots of lashes, instead of eyeliner, people are using flare lashes, individual lashes, or just three and four coats of mascara and curls.

Temptalia: Do you do anything different for older clients than younger ones (like teenagers)?
Grayson: Tinted moisturizer that has anti aging benefits in it. Olay Color Recapture works well on older skin, doesn’t create that texture you want to stay away from oil free makeup, mattifying makeup, shimmer products on cheeks and lash lines they will accentuate the lines. Keep it simple.

Temptalia: What’s a great way for someone to wear the dark lip trend if they’re not comfortable with the full on vampy lip?
Grayson: Sheer lipsticks in dark tones that will allow the natural lip color to shine through, and it gives you the effect, without the full commitment.

Temptalia: What are common beauty mistakes women make?
Grayson: Never ever try to pick at your face! It’s the most dangerous, because it can scar your face. If you have problematic skin, see a facialist. When it comes to makeup, you can do really great smoky eyes, but too many elements become overbearing – like smoky eyes, red lips.

Temptalia: What are your five must-have products?
Grayson: Mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, moisturizer, undereye moisturizer.

Temptalia: How do you keep your lipstick wearing for as long as possible?
Grayson: Draw the whole lip over with a pencil, then blot it off. Take the pencil and tap it on a second time where color didn’t stay then apply lipstick again. Apply powder, then a coat of lipstick, blot with tissue paper, and do another layer of lipstick.

Temptalia: Is it possible to find good skincare on a budget?
Grayson: Skincare on a budget is great. Most of the Olay Definity line is under $29.

Temptalia: What’s a great way to conceal problematic skin?
Grayson: Laura Mercier Camouflage is great, it gives you dual coverage. The formula is very emollient, it sticks to skin. It doesn’t work under the eyes, though.

Temptalia: Do you have any at-home/DIY tips or recipes you love?
Grayson: Steam and a hot cloth works wonders for unclogging pores! It gives a lot of moisture into the face, pores widen up. Afterward, take a cool cloth to close up pores.