6 Must-Have MAC Blue Eyeshadows

6 Must-Have MAC Blue Eyeshadows

Electric Eel eyeshadow is a ridiculously bright pop of blue. It’s a satin eyeshadow, but it’s smooth, though it almost feels more matte since there’s no real shimmer to it. It is also ridiculously pigmented! If you find the texture too difficult, try Clarity eyeshadow instead, which is similar, but has a Matte2 texture, which is smoother, butterier.

Freshwater eyeshadow is the perfect medium blue. It’s not light, but it isn’t too dark. It has a veluxe pearl finish, which means it has shimmer in its texture, but it looks gorgeous because it is so richly pigmented. This is one of my favorite eyeshadows!

Prussian eyeshadow is a dusty dark blue, and it has a matte finish (it is a Matte2 by definition). It’s smooth without being chalky, and it can add so much dimension to your look (as mattes often do).

See three more must-haves!

Deep Truth eyeshadow is a rich dark navy blue with a frost finish, so it does have a good bit of shimmer in it. Like Freshwater, this is another one of my favorite eyeshadows that I constantly use in blue, green, and teal looks. It also makes an amazing smokey eye when used with blues, grays, or silvers. I love the pigmentation of this particular shade.

Plumage eyeshadow is a gorgeous shade of dark teal-blue with a matte finish. It’s an absolute must, because it offers a shade of blue that’s muted by a bit of teal, and yet it isn’t a teal.

Tilt eyeshadow is a shimmery periwinkle blue with reflection of green. I love this color because it has so many characteristics to it, so it be very versatile when used in looks.

What are your must-have blue eyeshadows?