4 x Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes Ideas

Here are “palettes” that I put together using existing (permanent) shades of eyeshadows from Anastasia. Each one contains 12 shades (which is more typical of a larger palette size). Hope they provide you with some inspiration on arranging and putting together some eyeshadow shades!

Here are some observations I had after trying to put together palettes from the range (which was more challenging than anticipated!) —

  • Brand is in severe need of more mid-tone and dark mattes that aren’t brown (seriously, how is there no navy blue?)
  • Lack of greens, taupes, grays, teals
  • Easier to create palettes with a balance of shimmers and mattes when dealing with warmer neutrals but challenging whenever color gets incorporated (ended up defaulting to black as a result)

Field of Dreams

Anastasia Eyeshadows

Soft Gold, Orange Soda, Fawn, Chai, Gold Rush, Tiger's Eye, Emerald, Venice, China Rose, Gemstone, Brownie, Night Sky

A Night at the Ballet

Anastasia Eyeshadows

Macaroon, Not Today, Buon Fresco, Beauty Mark, Pink Champagne, Chocolate Crumble, Smoke, Deep Brown, Gemstone, Enchanted, Love Letter, Noir

Warmest Comforts

Anastasia Eyeshadows

Metal, Chiffon, Chocolate (Titanium), Rich Velvet, Peach Sorbet, Gem, Sunset, Love Letter, Soft Peach, Intense Gaze, Sangria, Realgar

Far from Space

Anastasia Eyeshadows

Metal, Truffle Glitter, Sunset, Rosette, Custard, Warm Taupe, Chocolate Crumble, Deep Plum, Tiger's Eye, Opaline, Mermaid, Noir

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This is fantastic Christine! Thank you so much – what a lot of work to do this too. As you say, by doing this kind of exercise you do get to see what shades are over prepresented in a collection and what is missing. Definitely some good navy shades and those along the blue-green spectrum. I think the palette I would use the most would be Far from Space.

Thank you for pulling these together , it’s so helpful to see possibilities. not only do I love these but also appreciate the names lol…. I love “Field of Dreams” and “Far from Space” and don’t have many dupes for these.
Thank you for the inspiration .

Great ideas! I like “A Night at the Ballet”, and love “Field of Dreams”, which surprises me, because these are not colors I’m not normally drawn to, but the cohesiveness of these colors pull me in somehow!

2 cool shades of 12 in palette #1
4 cool shades of 12 cool in palette #2
1 cool shade of 12 cool in palette #3
1 cool shade of 12 cool in palette #4

I think there’s another problem to add to your list. I wonder what eye look you could create, Christine, if you used only those 8 shades. I think you should take it as a challenge and show us cool-toned girls what it would look like. The look per palette, on the other hand, would be rather simple for 3 of them.

This truly must have been difficult! Try as I might, I was never able to choose fours, when Ulta had the special last year, or the eight special, when ABH did it. I kept saying, insufficient grays and taupes. You’ve got better and more varied greens already. Jewels, covered. Tbh, I only have MR and Aurora, both through Ultabucks. You put my thoughts far more succinctly than I could muster. Some brands just aren’t you. In my case, that’s CT and ABH. I can appreciate them, but not easily wear them. They both excel at aspects of color cosmetics that are not me. Thanks for cristalizing that for me. I can remain more an appreciator than a consumer, without thinking, What’s wrong with me?

12 is definitely hard, I think, to visualize and hold that visual while pulling shades – I think it would be easier if I had, quite literally, all the shades in front of me at once! But it’s interesting to see what shades I kept wanting but couldn’t find!

It happens – brands might be interesting at a high level but when you get into the product lines, there just isn’t what you’re looking for or too much overlaps with what you already have!

Would love to see you ‘design’ similar palettes using Sydney Grace shadows. I have purchased so many but still can’t get an arrangement in my z-palettes that I’m happy with. I’ve even thought of ordering the ABH 4 pan palettes and arranginging simple quads.

I just love Far From Space. It has a lot of the Autumn Reign colors/tones. So lovely. I just snagged the brief reissue of her Holiday collection (4 palettes), as I own none of them. Look forward to playing!

A Night At The Ballet and Far From Space *need* to become real ABH palettes! I would happily buy both and have a deep sense of satisfaction using them. They speak to a need for something other than neutrals. Something that sparks one’s imagination and motivates them to stretch beyond their comfort zone or the “safe” looks.

Wow Christine! They should hire you to create palettes. I would buy Field of Dreams and Far From Space in a heartbeat, and I would have a really hard time not picking up A Night At The Ballet also! Thank you for taking the time to put these together. Definitely gives me so inspiration! I would adore for you to do this Urban Decay shades

I really like what you made with A Night at the Ballet. I love pink-purple-neutral color stories!

Sephora is the only place where I can get ABH and in-store (and even online) they only carry a limited amount of the singles. Bearing this in mind, I find them very lacking in ivory/beige shimmery or satiny brow bone highlight type shades. I don’t even know if they carry Soft Gold and they had the GALL to drop Smoke from the range too (I think it’s still available from ABH, though). I love the colours you’ve put together for “Far From Space” and I love the names you’ve come up with for all of the “palettes”.

I’m not wholly surprised given the amount of space singles can take up, though it’s a total bummer not to be able to see them all in person. I definitely think it’s easier to pick shades that way!

Love this!! I especially love A Night at the Ballet and Far from Space 🙂 These really highlight the depth of the ABH shadows line.

A Night At The Ballet is my favorite. I think that could make a lovely collection. Maybe make A Night At The Opera and that can be a darker skewed palette. It would be such fun to name those shades!

I love how you put these together. All of the color schemes are laid out so nicely and you can tell how much thought was involved.

Christine, what are the shadows that are now in the quad that only shows on the “blog” page but not when I actually click on it to come to this entire thread? It’s 4 lovely shadows (a peacock blue and a rich green are the bottom 2 shades). Do you remember what colours those 4 are?

Thanks, Christine. I have 2 of the 4; might buy the other 2 but considering how little I use colours like those (I love them but just rarely wear them), I might just search for dupes that I already own.

I adore the plum shades of A Night At the Ballet. All of these are really pretty, though. The lack of navy and gray is really weird. One would think they’d be “must-haves” in any eye single line.

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