18 Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Inspire You

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial by Julia Graf

My favorite part about Halloween is actually seeing all of the insanely creative people in the beauty community showcase their talent and skills with really over-the-top makeup, complete with tutorials. Really, I just like seeing the transformation. I highly recommend checking out the robust Halloween tutorial playlists of the likes of Julia Graf (aka MissChievous), Kandee Johnson, GoldieStarling, Pixiwoo, and the classic Petrilude. For great DIY costumes in addition to makeup, Macbarbie07 has your number!

I invite you to share your favorite Halloween tutorials (but they can’t be your own, it’s about sharing the love!) in the comments below!  If you find a new favorite, don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and like their video! 🙂

Check out 17 more of my favorites! 

Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland Edition) Makeup Tutorial by Kandee Johnson

Despicable Me Minion Makeup Tutorial + DIY Costume by Macbarbie07

Masquerade Venetial Ball Tutorial by Julia Graf

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial by xSparkage

Easy Comic Book / Pop Art Makeup Tutorial by sccastaneda

Wolf Makeup Tutorial by Kandee Johnson

The Zombie by Dustin Hunter

Sad Clown Makeup Tutorial by NikkieTutorials

Vampire(ss) Halloween Makeup Tutorial by GoldieStarling

Little Miss Muffet by KaliredelysArt

Beetlejuice’s Miss Argentina by Pixiwoo

Pencil Face SFX Makeup by Shaaanxo

Night Before Christmas’ Sally by Rick Baker

Sea Witch Makeup Tutorial by vintageortacky

Out of a Black & White Film by anaarthur81

The Joker Halloween Makeup by iwanted2c1video

Wicked Witch of the West by LetzMakeup