11 Prom Hairstyles for Your Prom!

11 Prom Hairstyles

1. Voluminous, loose curls with side swept bangs. Romantic, sultry, and a little bit sexy. Hair by Aesthetics Salon with make up by Danielle Smith.

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2. Braided. Try a variation on the style pictured, where you utilize braids to create your overall look. This look was designed ands tyled by Anne Veck.

3. Hair curled and pinned up. Create volume by pinning a pile of curls to the top or side of your head–you need not go quite as top heavy as pictured! Hair by Asif Yvette.

4. Accent your hair with jewels. I’ve always loved the addition of a jeweled hair clip or even a necklace strung strategically through hair as a way to create a dazzling look. Hair by Anne Veck.

5. Messy, loose curls. Look effortless with big, loose curls that have been brushed out a bit to make them messier. Hair by Gillis Rowland Artistic Team.

6. Victoria’s Secret Sexy. Big, sexy hair with enormous volume and fun-lovin’ waves. Hair by Emma Steven.

7. Cute and feminine. If you have a nice fringe going already, consider bundling up the rest of your hair in tight curls and pinning up.

8. Braided and elegant. Try this elegant look with blinking jewels weaved into it. Hair by Balmain Paris Salon.

9. If you love big hair… Pouf up your pouf with lots of hair spray and volumizer. Fit with a dazzling tiara if you see fit!

10. Tousled up. Create ringlets and pin up, allowing a few to fall. Use hair clips to accent your ‘do.

11. Fun and flirty. Curl and voluimize bangs, and then curl the rest of your hair. Add feathers, as pictureda bove, for a fun look. (Or go with another accent, like jewels or glitter.)