10 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides To Be

10 Bridal Hairstyles for Brides To Be

Royston Blythe styled this model’s hair into a modern up-do by crimpnig hair, lighting backcombing it, and adding extensions by Racoon International. Try this voluminous up-do that’s both feminine and romantic. Allow a few tendrils to escape the ‘do to frame your face. If you have bangs, you can add a volumizing product and lightly blow dry them to give them some height. Using a glittering hair pin helps to accent the entire hairstyle.

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The Royston Blythe Salon created this “vintage bride” look by adding hair extensions by Racoon International. They styled the hair by pinning it loosely in place for a “sexy in the city” look.

Go sexy and youthful with this twist on a ponytail. Royston Blythe used Racoon International hair extensions to add additional pieces to complete the look. Hair was tonged with large barrel tongs, then pinned into a loose ponytail.

Look like a princess on your wedding day! Royston Blythe recommends this look for a classic bridal look with a fringe and lots of messy curls in the back. To add volume and create the “puff”, take a large section of hair from the top of your head, tease it, and pin it into a bun. The addition of a glitzy tiara completes the look.

The Royston Blythe Artistic Team modeled this look after sexy model Bridget Bardot. Create tousled height, then pin into place at the crown leaving the rest of the curls to fall onto the shoulders.

Stylist Richard Ward created this classy up-do/twist by weaving hair together in pieces, then holding together with well-placed bobby pins.

Bernard Connolly styled this model with an image of elegance in mind. With a sleek swept up bang on one side and shiny, pinned up curls on the other side. Make sure you blow dry hair with a round brush to add volume. You’ll likely want to use hot rollers or regular rollers and let your hair dry, then define your curls with a large barrel curling iron.

Stylist Patrick Cameron used a simple braiding/twist technique to create this elegant look. He added glamour by placing jewelled hair accessories on the lower part.

Claibornes Salon swept up all of the model’s hair into an easy up-do. They pinned and piled loose curls on the top of the hair, and they let a few tendrils fall. The insertion of a glittering flower intensifies this hairstyle.

Hair stylist Anne Veck wanted bridal elegance, and she did so with these sleek, vintage curls kept close to the scalp.

Note: Not every hairstyle will work for you, and not every hairstyle would suit your personal style. These are hairstyles on models for wedding/bridal photoshoots for salons, and on that count, they may be more dramatic than your typical bride would prefer.