10 Things I Learned from Beauty Blogging

10 Things I Learned from Beauty Blogging

Charlotte over at Lipglossiping had an excellent post on five things she learned from beauty blogging. I absolutely loved it, and I tweeted out five of my own – and then I asked for people to share theirs… and it was amazing to read all the answers. Would love to hear yours, and I’ve included five more of mine!

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  • You learn to see shades of color you never knew before. 2 colors are identical, but you will see the nuance that makes them different.  Your boyfriend will look at photos of five red lipsticks and say they’re all the same, but you will see that one is a little bluer, one isn’t as opaque, while two have a sheen.
  • You learn that no matter how perfect your makeup looks, macro mode will always show you something different!   Eyeliner might look on point in real life, but then you see it in high-res and it’ll tell a totally different story.
  • You learn to forget about price tags. $14 used to be expensive, $20 used to be your “max,” and now $60 doesn’t seem outrageous.  And it gets easier to justify an indulgence.  “But it’s for the blog! For readers!” Even if it’s really because you just want that bad boy…
  • You learn the art of micro-organization. How to store and store and store. And re-do it all. And get sick pleasure from it!  The Container Store will become your best friend.
  • You learn that products actually have “good sides” and “good angles” to photograph. And that some products are divas!  You’ll love to photograph some products and loathe others.  You’ll look at them and just know they’re going to be difficult on the set.
  • You learn that there are some really weird products on the market. Like the Vajacial.  And hair dye, post-Vajacial.  You will even consider testing one of these really weird products all in the name of blogging.
  • You learn that you can’t play ultimate frisbee because it will annihilate your swatching hand! NOT THE SWATCHING HAND!  (No, seriously, I broke a bunch of nails on the hand that I use for nail swatches.  Sucked!)
  • You learn that there are fifty different ways to describe a finish, texture, color, etc.  And you’ll still opt for generic words like beautiful, stunning, pretty, gorgeous.
  • You learn how to do five things at once… and get them all done on time.  Sometimes with the help of ample amounts of caffeine.
  • You learn that until you can get your grubby little swatching paws on a product to swatch it for yourself, promo photos are pretty to look at but don’t tell the real story.

    Here are lessons learned by some friends on Twitter! Would also love to hear yours 🙂 (As readers or bloggers!)


    • @happyheart_29 How sweet everyone is in this community! Who knew you could have so many lovely friends that you’ve never met!
    • @RockSlam discipline-how not to tear open packaging & use the product the minute you exit the store *must keep intact for photographs*
    • @cutegingerbread common interests can make people bond so much that live all around the world of all ages, like the beauty community =] also, every person is unique, different hair/skin/nails/etc..what works for one may not work for all
    • @BigFashionista Ive learnt that what someone else LOVES, you may hate. &Thats OK, we don’t all have to love or hate the same product x
    • @callitbeauty_ don’t bother doing the right eye when creating a look b/c out of every 10 photos taken, only one will turn out remotely ok.
    • @MUByM Ive learned not to be so modest and shy when it
    • @VampyVarnish It’s way more time consuming that you think it will be! comes to makeup!
    • @Ce_esenciales I recognize MAC e/s and brushes without having one single item from that brand and living 1400 km away from the nearest store. 🙂
    • @eaumg I have learned that shimmer swatches are difficult to photograph, never enough time to try everything. And if you talk about Kim Kardashian then you’ll get tons of spam! And it really is like a full-time job.
    • @FabDiva20 What I learned is to be yourself and how to do put more detail in product reviews.
    • @Alliebunni How to use more adjectives than just “nice” or “pretty”
    • @shesonthemove that smokey doesn’t necessarily mean black eyesadow all the time!
    • @lazybeautiful It’s a lot more work than it seems, but more fun than I could imagine!
    • @tina_mbc That it’s impossible without a camera!!!
    • @TheGlitterGeek That not only do readers want to read beauty-related stuff, but also what’s going on in your pet’s life. 🙂
    • @mvogt I’ve learned that I am not the only one who spends near entire paychecks in an entire month/week(ssshhh) on makeup and products
    • @Catanya What I’ve learnt about beauty blogging is that: There’s so many pple around there crazy about makeup & beauty stuff just like me!
    • @LadyMerencara glitter can be fabulous as an everyday look if you are over 30.
    • @cateyez713 that it can be extremely difficult to get a picture with accurate color – but it’s imperative that you do
    • @annabellemakeup that its impossible to try and own every item that you wish you could review. Love all that you have 🙂
    • @Vixen381 I have learned NOT to use a pigment brush to blend eyeshadows lol!
    • @PhuongK i’ve learned that even if you don’t buy the LE stuff, the world won’t end. there will be even better stuff in the future!
    • @kimhaeyung that u can be inspired by anything.
    • @OxfordJasmine A review will never be complete, a year later I still find out something new and interesting from a product I thought I knew!
    • @bowsandwhistles you can actually remember the names of about 50 different MAC eyeshadows!
    • @Wiccakat19 that its amazing what so many people will be in love with,how contagious it can be and will always have at least one enabler
    • @agirlsgottaspa I’ve learned a lot about the industry itself and behind the scenes stuff I never knew existed.
    • @danielleninaa I’ve learned that youtube can teach you alot about makeup, but in the end, you have to learn through experience and expiriments.
    • @KarlaScarpiera i have`d learn to love more and more MAC products and make in general, and so many ways to mix the colors with the tutorials =)
    • @beauty411 Beauty blogging can be alot of work, but you make great friendships!
    • @BigFashionista Most important thing I have learnt? Its only make up. since blogging Ive learnt about Juarez, animal cruelty & other atrocities
    • @pochahotness honestly I’ve learned confidence…just get a little braver each day!
    • @misscarlyy_ there’s always a better beauty product out there!
    • @SCforM That guys read them too! (I’m talking to you, @shauntechguy – come visit!)
    • @cuteyiota92 I’ve learned how amazingly friendly the beauty blogging community is! And that eyeliners that don’t disappear really do exist..
    • @saucyfbabya I’ve learned to embrace my features & improvise w/ affordable products. Makeup is fun & meant to be played with. =]
    • @kanadian00797 i’ve learnt that people might give you slack about how much makeup to wear/own, but what matters is your opinion of yourself 🙂
    • @PrimeBeauty50 I’ve learned that blogging is damn hard work and a lot about the beauty industry. Also meet some wonderful women!
    • @Nancy_Siledhel That if my guy laughs at my obsession with makeup… that’s a deal breaker
    • @XxXThundaKatXxX beauty blogger tip #1: never throw away your receipts!!!
    • @makeup_blogette enjoyed making friends who are as crazy about MU as you do, and knowing exactly which product or color you are talking about~ also gave me a tiny glimpse into all e tough work that goes on bhd e scenes of a photoshoot, it can be so hard to get a good pic!
    • @makeupbyCrystal There is so much love & sisterhood in the beauty community. I love it all; the interaction, sharing, learning, & touching lives.


    • @anachronistique As a reader? To be more adventurous!
    • @HovercatMittens I’ve learned swatches are super helpful!
    • @MMunoz07 I’ve learned you can’t always afford the items what are hot right at that moment
    • @iKristen I’ve learned as on observer/reader that MAC is not the most expensive makeup, it’s actually affordable
    • @bellyrockin I’ve learned from reading blogs and seeing swatches that colours shown on the MAC website can be very different from the reality
    • @missdjm I’m not a beauty guru but I <3 them. I learned that Im not the only 1 w/ blemishes, gurus make it ok to be imperfect & luv urself