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Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya’s Surf Collection will make its official debut on April 1st, and each shade retails for $8.00 for 0.50 oz. All six shades have a foil metallic finish: Carly (thalia purple foil metallic), Kimber (magenta pink foil metallic), Rory (lotus pink foil metallic), Myrta (coral orange foil metallic), Meg (mermaid green foil metallic), and Zuza (aquamarine foil metallic).

  • Carly is a rich eggplant purple with strong magenta-red undertones and magenta-pink and violet shimmer. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I used two for swatches. SpaRitual Shooting Star is actually very similar, but the shimmer is sparser and more golden. Milani Hot Metal is purpler, lighter. MAC So Rich So Pretty is less shimmered and purpler.
  • Kimber is a coral-red with warm orange-gold shimmer. It’s opaque in two coats, though almost a one-coater. SpaRitual Lustress is similar but has pink shimmer. It reminded me of Zoya RIca, but it has a lot less gold shimmer, so the two do not look so much alike as they would seem. OCC Extravaganza is several shades lighter.
  • Rory is a silver-shimmered cotton candy pink with strong blue undertones. It was opaque in two coats. The only previously reviewed shade that is similar is MAC Ice Cream Cake, which is darker and has no shimmer. Zoya’s Shelby from this launch would also be close but without shimmer.
  • Myrta is a medium-dark orange with lighter orange shimmer. It was opaque in two coats. There’s a slightly dusty quality to this shade that isn’t present in a lot of other orange polishes. China Glaze Riveting is much brighter. MAC Oriele Orange is similar in base color, though a bit more intense, but it lacks shimmer. MAC Kid Orange is a bit darker and has no shimmer. Zoya Tanzy has a lighter orange base and way more gold shimmer. China Glaze Life Preserver is a bit darker and has no shimmer.
  • Meg is a warm, lightened grassy green with chartreuse shimmer. It was opaque in two coats. This shade reminded me a lot of MAC’s Swimming eyeshadow. I couldn’t think of great dupes for this shade–it’s green, not chartreuse, and a lot of shades that might be similar ended up being chartreuses. Chanel Peridot will hint this shade at certain angles. Milani Hi-Tech is the closest I could think of, but it’s a bit lighter and has multi-colored shimmer. Nubar Meadow Sparkle is a bit darker and more translucent–more like a glitter top coat.
  • Zuza is a blue-based aqua with silver shimmer. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I used two coats for swatches. Like Meg, this also reminded me of a MAC eyeshadow–Aquadisiac (though way better). MAC Salad Dressed is similar but less bright. MAC Ocean Dip is deeper, less blue-based.

The foil metallic finish is always fun, because it dries down faster than your average polish. It does dry down to a more matte finish, though, so you’ll want a shiny top coat to finish it off.  Like the Beach collection, the pigmentation on these was excellent.  You could almost get away with one coat on some of these shades, though all swatches are with two.  These were not as thick as the Beach collection; not watery (because it wasn’t streaky or sheer), but the consistency was thin.

The Glossover


Zoya Surf Collection Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Gorgeous shades for summer! These all had fantastic color payoff--all were opaque in two coats--and application was so easy. I loved that the drying time on these is a little quicker, too!











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Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya Surf Collection

Zoya Carly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Carly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Carly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Carly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Kimber Nail Lacquer

Zoya Kimber Nail Lacquer

Zoya Kimber Nail Lacquer

Zoya Kimber Nail Lacquer

Zoya Rory Nail Lacquer

Zoya Rory Nail Lacquer

Zoya Rory Nail Lacquer

Zoya Rory Nail Lacquer

Zoya Myrta Nail Lacquer

Zoya Myrta Nail Lacquer

Zoya Myrta Nail Lacquer

Zoya Myrta Nail Lacquer

Zoya Meg Nail Lacquer

Zoya Meg Nail Lacquer

Zoya Meg Nail Lacquer

Zoya Meg Nail Lacquer

Zoya Zuza Nail Lacquer

Zoya Zuza Nail Lacquer

Zoya Zuza Nail Lacquer

Zoya Zuza Nail Lacquer

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Zoya on April 1st, $8.00 each.

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See individual shade review! :)

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55 thoughts on “Zoya Surf Collection Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. they’re all really beautiful!

  2. GUSnail

    Love them all! What a great summer collection. Do they sell in any brick and mortar stores?

  3. Thanks for being so fast! :)

  4. Eashanna

    Zuza and Kimber are gorgeous!

  5. Raindrop

    O M G ! These looks so pretty <3
    Seriously, these make me wish I could buy Zoya polishes in Germany. I love all of them, but Carly, Kimber and Zuza are my favorites.

  6. Zuza & Kimber are REALLY pretty!

  7. Yup, I just died 😀

  8. Alli

    I NEED Zuza!

  9. I love Carly & Myrta!

  10. Karlie Tipton

    Guess Carly is as close as I’m ever going to get to having a nail polish named after me X)

  11. They are all so pretty! Especially, Zuza :)

  12. Veronica

    I think you have picture links swapped on this post.

    These are gorgeous colors, though! I might have a grab a few for my sister.

  13. Wish Zoya shipped to Canada. :( The salons here only sell the same shades of nudes and pinks from Zoya.

  14. Cat

    These are all drool-worthy and gorgeous. Perfect for summer! My faves are Kimber and Zuza, and maybe Carly. They’re all so pretty! Can’t wait for them to be released!

  15. Nicole

    must have Kimber! I’m wearing Rica right now.

  16. Quinctia

    I had only seen the preview pics of the first collection, and I was disappointed they were like all creams. This makes up for it! (I don’t know, I need at least a little shimmer in my nail polish, or I won’t wear it.)

  17. These are so pretty! Delighted that we can get them in Ireland now, I’ll definitely be picking up one or two.

  18. Morgan

    So, would you choose to buy Zoya Nail Polishes or Butter London? I am in the market for new polishes and I am stuck between both of them. I like the price of Zoya so much better! Lol.

  19. Lena

    I love Kimber and Zuza. SO vibrant and pretty.

  20. Terri

    Loving these!!! I am probably too old for these but I am getting them anyway….my two teenagers will love them for sure….such fun, happy colors.

    • Quinctia

      Nah, I get why some folks don’t want to use certain finishes on their skin if they make pores/wrinkles/etc stand out more, but I don’t think there’s any age limit on bright, shimmery nails!

      You can always do a pedicure with it first and work your way up to rocking it on your fingertips! :)

  21. Abby

    Gorgeous! I think I might need to get Zuza and Kimber at least.

  22. t_zwiggy

    Not a fan of this type of glitter at all. It’s way to chunky for my liking. Colors are very pretty though.

  23. Love the colours, just not a huge fan of the frost. Wish they’d done some with a cream finish!

  24. Nikki

    I’m going to pretend the blue one is called Zazu <3

  25. Keara S.

    I noticed you dont really review OPI polishes. Is there any particular reason why? :) just thought I’d ask.

    • Hey Keara!

      I answered this recently on YouTube, so I’m copying and pasting that response:

      Regarding OPI: A couple of years ago, OPI had their lawyer contact bloggers to remove promo photos. There is nothing wrong with this, but I took exception to the manner they used. Usually, PR emails, asks to remove, &it’s done-no lawyer. OPI instead threaten legal action-I got bloggers emailing freaking out. Blogging = personal, labor of love; brands need to appreciate+respect that. Nail in coffin was when OPI told fans they apologized to me-they hadn’t. Why promote a brand that doesn’t get it?

      Bottom line: I never worked with OPI, and I do not currently work with OPI. The last straw was lying, and it was just icing on the cake. There are numerous polish brands–more than I can cover–that respect and support the blogging medium. I don’t ask readers or viewers to boycott OPI; enjoy their colors, because they surely have some gorgeous colors and interesting collections! I can’t, in good conscience, post and promote the brand myself at this time. I hope you understand! :)

      I have seen the story twist a lot in the community – from people saying it’s because I don’t get free samples (but I never did, actually, and I always liked OPI before, so I could certainly afford to buy OPI polish–there are many products that I buy to review and do not receive from the brand) to OPI asking me to remove reviews (not true — they were promo photos posted on literally hundreds of blogs and had been up for a few weeks). Not covering OPI doesn’t garner me any benefits – it’s a very popular brand and I do get requests for it – but there are always certain things that leave a bad taste in our mouths, which is what OPI did with me.

  26. Kara

    Kimber and Rory. Me likes!

  27. Anita

    I only like Rory and Zuza.

  28. Anita

    Also kimber.
    But anyways I think they’re just a bit too glittery for my taste.

  29. Kat

    I feel like a little bit of my soul would die if I didn’t pick up Zuza!

  30. These are all awesome!

  31. Katrina

    Wow! Carly, Kimber, Meg, and Zuza make my heart beat faster.

  32. beachgal

    I will probably get this entire side of this collection. I do have some that remind me of a few of these and not thrilled with the cotton candy pink one – but I won’t let 1 bottle alone keep me from getting the whole let -that 1 bottle is free anyway when you buy the full set at $48. Good swatches. Thanks. My first look up close at these.

  33. Thalie L

    Carly looks like Jem,and Meg is the same color as last summer’s Apple. Zoya is duping themselves more these days.It’s such a turnoff.

  34. Jennifer

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying almost this entire collection! :)

  35. Sam

    Oh my god Rory looks AMAZING!

  36. evangelia

    can you compare kimber to essie ole caliente(i know the finish is different, but the actual shade?) and CG strawberry fields?

  37. I like Zuza, but for some reason I really dig Rory–not like me at all!

  38. CupK8

    I was really looking forward to swatches of this collection and I am NOT disappointed! Very summery, bright, and fun!

  39. Ruthless

    The first thought that popped into my mind while reading was “Shut up, Meg”

    Beautiful collection I may have to buy this one

  40. blahitslizz

    these are all so pretty. I need to get them for this upcoming summer 😀

  41. miniprincess02

    Hey, I love these colors but I want to know if they carry them at drugstores?! But I have to say my faves out of all of these are: “Zoya Zuza, Zoya Rory! Thanks :-)

  42. miniprincess02

    I think everybody needs it! (Counting me)